How to Make Your Own Beats

We cover the basics of How to Make Your Own Beats. Learn the basic elements of a beat, tempos, and music genres.

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How to Make Your Own Beats

Making beats may actually be easier than you think if you have an ear for music. Beats are essentially loops that are rearranged and repeated.

How to Make a Beat

Beats can be simple. Beats can be complex. It’s all about giving the music artist a good foundation to make a great song.

Basic Elements of a Beat

  • Drums – Songs usually consist of kick drums, a snare or clap, hi-hats or shakers, cymbals, and other drum sounds.
  • Melody – The melodies are the instruments that are played over the drums. The instrument can be a piano, synth, bass, strings, live instrument, and more.
  • Samples ( Optional ) – A lot of Hip Hop beats feature a sample that has been chopped and reorganized to fit a drum pattern.

How to Make a Beat Video

Here is an example of how to make a beat. Even though the beat below is made in Propellerhead Reason, the same thought process can be applied to other music programs and hardware. Lay out your drums, add instruments, and arrange your beat into a full song.

Please Note: The beat below isn’t great. Just try to learn from the process.

Beat Making Video Examples

The beat link examples below are made with different music equipment and software, but the process is very much the same for all the different music genres.

Beat Making Inspiration

Beat Making Tips

Here is a collection of beat-making tips to use when making your own beats.

Music-Making Tips

  • Focus on mastering the one program you choose to use. Don’t try to learn everything at once.
  • Study your favorite music producers. Try to recreate some of your favorite beats to understand how beats are made.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Beats should usually stay under 3 1/2 minutes.
  • Import MIDI. If you don’t know how to play the keyboard well, try importing MIDI files and edit the notes in your music software.
  • When you need inspiration look at beat-making videos.

Music Tempo Guide

Here are a few of the suggested tempos for different music genres.

  • Hip Hop: 76 to 95 BPM
  • R&B: 72 to 110 BPM
  • Dance: 112 to 145 BPM
  • Dubstep: 138 to 145 BPM
  • Rock: 72 to 95 BPM
  • Trap: 130 to 140 BPM
  • Techno: 220 to 125 BPM

Beat Making Helpful Links

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