How to Make R&B Beats – R&B Music Tutorials

Here is a guide and tips on how to make R&B beats. Crafting your own R&B beat might seem a bit challenging, but with practice and guidance, you can create captivating R&B beats that capture the heart and soul of this popular music genre.

Creating your own R&B beat starts with understanding some basics. You’ll need some essential music equipment, the right software, and a collection of sounds or samples to start crafting your beats.

The process begins with the backbone of your beat – the kick drum. This is the deep thump that sets the rhythm and gets your foot tapping. But a good beat doesn’t stop there. You’ll add in other instruments, each adding its unique flavor to the overall mix. The hi-hat, for instance, brings a crispness to the rhythm, meshing perfectly with the deeper tones of the kick drum.

Creating R&B beats, like any form of music, is a journey. It’s not just about crafting sounds, it’s about expressing yourself and your unique artistic vision.

How to Make R&B Beats - R&B Beat Tutorials
How to Make R&B BeatsR&B Music Tutorials

The 3 basics you need to make beats:

  1. Music Equipment 101
  2. Music Software 101
  3. Sounds: 18,000 Free Loops & Free Drum Loops

How to Make R&B Beats

  1. Select the right tempo. The average BPM for R&B beats is 70 to 85.
  2. Play a memorable melody or chord progression.
  3. Add bass and drums.
  4. Add additional sounds and melodies to make the song sound fuller.

The videos below will show you how to make R&B beats in Reason, FL Studio, Logic, and more.

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Making R&B Beats in Reason

Kevin Barnes shows a couple of tips and tricks for creating an R&B beat in Propellerhead Reason.

Gnyus Makes an R&B Beat

How to Make an R&B Trap Beat FL Studio

Step-by-Step Guide on Crafting R&B Trap Beats. Learn how to create your own R&B trap-style beat with this comprehensive walkthrough. This tutorial, provided by The Beat Majors, explains the process using FL Studio and offers an in-depth look at crafting an R&B trap beat similar to those of Chris Brown, Quavo, or Bryson Tiller. The guide includes a breakdown of each musical component, from the simple loop to the synth bass, with tips and tricks to help you make your beat sound professional.

Learn Music Production Techniques

How to Make an R&B Trap Beat in Logic Pro

Explore the creative process of making an R&B Trap beat in Logic Pro X with Pat Ryan. Pat demonstrates how to construct a slow jam beat from scratch. This video provides a detailed look into the artistic workflow, from using iZotope’s mixing and mastering plugins to outlining how he manipulates MIDI and sound waves.

Learn How To Make a Mix of R&B & Hip Hop Beats

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Making an R&B Beat

How to Make a Weeknd Type Beat in FL Studio

Join Servida Music on a music production journey as he creates a dark RnB beat from scratch in FL Studio, inspired by The Weeknd’s songs like “High for This,” “Often,” and “Wicked Games.” Learn how to maintain the balance between the different instruments, create a basic pop chord progression, and effectively use reverb for a unique sound. The video also emphasizes the importance of maintaining space for the lead singer when making beats. Perfect for aspiring music producers and fans of The Weeknd alike.

How to Make an R&B Beat in FL Studio

Watch this step-by-step guide to creating a fire RnB type beat from scratch using FL Studio 12, a popular music production software. Perfect for budding musicians and beat makers.

PARTYNEXTDOOR Producer Makes an R&B Beat

Watch as music producer Gumbo, known for his work with big names like Partynextdoor, Eric Bellinger, and Fetty Wap, shows off his incredible talent in this video. In the ‘On The Spot Sessions’ Season 6, Gumbo takes us to The Rechordium Studios in Dallas, Texas, where he uses Reason 9 to create a melodic R&B beat for artist Daisha Miles. This video gives a fascinating, real-time look at the creative process behind making a beat.

R&B Beat From Scratch

Join Daniel Pinero in his YouTube video as he takes you through the process of creating a chill R&B beat from scratch. Starting with a simple melody, Daniel adds layers of strings, percussion, and his favorite loops to craft a soulful, Bryson Tiller-type beat. He delivers an engaging session, culminating in a final product he’s eager for you to hear. Follow along to get inspired and maybe even start making your own beats!

In wrapping up our journey through the creation of R&B beats, we have dived into the heart of music production.

From the kick drum’s deep thump that forms the beat’s backbone, to the smooth sway of the bass line that carries the rhythm, I’ve seen how each element adds its unique flavor to the mix.

Remember, it’s your digital audio workstation (DAW) – whether it’s Ableton Live, Pro Tools, or another tool – that is your canvas. This is where you draw your catchy melodies, add your vocal chops, and assemble the pieces of your sonic puzzle to create new beats.

One essential tip for any budding music producer is to never stop learning. The world of music production is vast, and the more you explore, the better you get.

So, never limit yourself to just R&B. Dive into other genres, pick up their unique elements, and incorporate them into your beats. This will not only enrich your knowledge but also give your music an edge.

Another bonus tip is to explore the world of royalty-free samples. They are a great place to find inspiration, and can serve as a starting point for a new song.

Additionally, they have the capability to save you a significant amount of time. Remember, great music is not just about making beats from scratch. It’s also about knowing when and how to use resources that are already available.

Remember, creating great music is a journey. Every new beat you make is a stepping stone, a lesson learned. So, don’t be disheartened if your first few beats don’t sound like the hits on the radio.

Keep experimenting, keep learning, and most importantly, keep enjoying the process. Because at the end of the day, making beats is not just about crafting sounds, it’s about expressing yourself.

In conclusion, the world of R&B beat making is an exciting and rewarding one. With the right tools, a little patience, and a lot of creativity, you’re well on your way to creating your own signature sound.

Stay true to your artistic vision, keep pushing your boundaries, and always remember – your next great beat is just a melody away.

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