How to Make Lo-Fi Beats – 7 Lo-Fi Tutorials

How to Make Lo-Fi Beats - LoFi Music

Here’s a beginner’s guide on How to Make Lo-Fi Beats. We cover the basic instruments to use, audio effects, and video tutorials on creating Lo-Fi Music.

What is Lo-Fi Music?

Lo-Fi stands for “Low Fidelity”. Lo-Fi Music has seen a huge rise in popularity on the internet in the last few years with calming instruments and melodies.

This music genre is popular especially on Youtube radio and is in constant demand.

It is commonly used to help people focus, study, and exercise.

Here are a few examples of Lo-Fi beats to help give you a better understanding of the calmness of the music genre.

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How to Make Lo-Fi Beats ( Tutorials )

Here you will get a brief history of Lo-Fi music, and steps to follow to make a Lo-Fi beat in FL Studio.

How to Make Lo-Fi Music in FL Studio

Covers how to make a Lo-Fi beat without samples in FL Studio.

Lofi Emo Trap FL Studio Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial on making a Lo-Fi Trap beat.

Lo-Fi Music Instruments

Break down of common instruments, effects, and song structure.

Lo-Fi Music Basic Instruments

How to Make Lo-Fi Beats - Piano Piano

Most Lo-Fi Music features pianos, electric pianos, and ambient synths.

Jazzy-sounding guitars are a great choice for the melody.

Depending on what plugins you have and want to use it’s a great idea to search for presets using these keywords.

Popular Free VST Plugins:

This video showcases a great plugin called Tape Piano, made especially for lo-fi music production.

Lo-Fi Drums

Most lo-fi drums tend to follow the basic boom bap hip hop structure.

Make sure you listen to and learn about Boom Bap. It’s a great source of inspiration.

Be creative with your samples and sounds. Use acoustic drum kits and even electronic kits to make your beats.

A great trick is to mix an acoustic drum kit with lots of room reverb with a more focused electronic kit to make it more powerful.

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Check out this video about creating drums for lo-fi music, specifically lo-fi Hip Hop.

Lo-Fi Music Effects

14 Free Compressor VST – Best Compressor VSTs

One of the most important things about lo-fi music is the effects to make your music sound lo-fi.

Use saturators, compressors, and plugins designed for making things sound lo-fi.

With the drums, a common practice is to make it sound crushed with very aggressive compression.

Make sure you include a vinyl crackle loop in your song to make it sound more organic.


A muffled bass guitar sound is often ideal.

A lot of lo-fi music producers use upright bass sounds. There are a lot of free plugins that simulate this instrument.

You can also try using sub-bass synthesizers with slightly distorted harmonics.

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Harmonies in lo-fi music are often done using lo-fi sounding pianos and electric pianos.

On the more technical side, make sure to include a lot of Jazz chords such as 7th and 9th chords. These are the fundamentals of most Lo-Fi music.

Check out the video below for an in-depth tutorial about making microtonal chords for lo-fi music and lo-fi hip hop.


In lo-fi music, melodies are often blended together with the harmony using the chords’ notes.

Try to slightly detune your instrument via your DAW, it will make your melody instantly sound lo-fi.

Make sure to keep it simple when creating lo-fi music melodies. Don’t use huge gaps or steer too far from the main idea.

You can also use instruments such as guitars for the melody. Let your creativity run free.


You don’t want to make any subtle or dramatic changes. It’s best to let the music build slowly.

Typically, lo-fi music in its most calm form doesn’t have a chorus. This is the typical structure in this case:

Intro – Verse – Bridge Verse

If your lo-fi song is more on the uplifting side, you can try fitting a chorus between the verse and the bridge.

Do you tips on how to make lo-fi beats?

Please share with us in the comments section below.

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