15 Best Free Delay VST Plugins

Here are the Best Free Delay VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Free Delay VST Plugins for FL Studio - Best Delay VST Instruments

Best Free Delay VST Plugins

1. Rubbadub

Rubbadub VST Plugin

Rubbadub is a delay vst effect plug-in designed with versatility in mind.

As a dub delay, it can be tempo-synced and offers a state variable filter in the feedback line. At the lowest extremes of delay line lengths, Rubbadub becomes a through-zero flanger with a variety of modulation options.

Time is split up into three modes (H, M, L) to provide detailed control over delay time, and even finer control is possible with the command key. When modulation is pushed to the limit your sound transforms into a rubbery gelatinous substance that defies description.

OS: Windows / Mac

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2. ATK Stereo Universal Delay

ATK Stereo Universal Delay VST Plugin

ATK Stereo Universal Delay is a dual stereo delay vst plugin based on the Audio Tool Kit.

OS: Windows / Mac

3. Hysterisis

Hysteresis UI VST Plugin

Hysteresis is a free glitch delay vst plugin geared toward creating robotic artifacts and abstract musical malfunctions.

Hysteresis features a delay effect with a stutter, low pass filter, and modulation effects thrown into the feedback signal path.

Process anything from drums and percussion to synth lines and sound effects. On top of being able to create incredibly wild signal mutations, it can also be used to generate classic delay effects.

  • Feedback-based delay effect with tempo sync
  • Reversible stutter effect in the feedback path
  • Low pass filter in the feedback path
  • Modulation with rate division/multiplication
  • Over 100 presets from our top sound designers
  • Cross-platform compatibility (PC/Mac – VST/AU 32bit & 64bit)
  • OS: Windows / Mac

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4. Lagrange

Lagrange - Free Delay VST Plugins for FL Studio

Lagrange is a unique stereo delay system producing otherworldly echoes using granular techniques, where each grain is from a different point in the delay buffer

  • Use basic settings to create immersive stereo imagery with clean early reflections to give instruments a clear place in the mix.
  • Use the feedback control to transform your sounds into droning evolving soundscapes.
  • Shorten the delay time to create unusual metallic chorus effects.

OS: Windows / Mac

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5. Spaceship Delay

Spaceship Delay - Best Delay VST Effects

It can be used as a typical delay for mixing vocals, adding some depth to drums, guitars, synth sounds, but also as a more creative effect, thanks to the attack control, even as a looper thanks to the freeze switch and the very long maximum delay sizes. 

Spaceship Delay includes finally a few presets and an embedded tutorial feature, available from the about tab (by clicking on the logo in the user interface) where you can learn how to use properly the plug-in, with live tutorials, and how to do some classic delay tricks like doubling vocals, slapback rockabilly guitars, ambient sounds, etc. 

Spaceship Delay is free and available on VST, AU, and AAX formats (32/64-bits, Windows & Mac OS X).

  • Three delay modes: single, ping pong, and dual / stereo.
  • Standard delay effects control such as the delay time in ms and in time subdivisions, the feedback (up to 110 % !), a tap tempo button, etc.
  • A modulation section acting on the delay times and the filter cutoff frequencies.
  • An attack control allowing the user to feed the delay line only when the input volume is higher than a given threshold.
  • A spring reverb modeled from a famous tape machine (not that one, another one).
  • An advanced filtering section including standard low pass and high pass filters, shelf filters, and the simulation of two famous synthesizer filters (not these ones either, other ones).
  • A specific “modeling” section giving access to different kinds of delay lines and saturation colorations, featuring a bit crusher and a tube preamp simulation.
  • A “Freeze” switch can be used for some creative effect or to transform the effect into a looper with high delay values.
  • Post effects such as extra filters, a tremolo, and a vintage phaser

OS: Windows / Mac

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6. Delayizer

Delayizer VST Plugin

Delayizer is a modulated delay unit, featuring a chorus section.

OS: Windows

7. Retro Delay

Retro Delay - Free Delay VST Plugin

Retro Delay is a flexible all-around delay effect in VST format. It has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit but features many modern options. Besides delays, it can produce a wide range of modulation, chorus, flanger, and phaser effects

  • Independent left and right channel delay lines
  • BPM synced or manual times (up to 6 seconds)
  • Forwards or backward delays
  • X-feedback
  • Ping-pong delays
  • Optional negative feedback for phaser/flanger effects
  • Optional short delay times for phaser/flanger effects
  • Integrated automatic limiter
  • 4 LFO modes, sine, triangle, ramp, envelope follower
  • LFO, left/right channel inverse options
  • 24dB/oct resonant filter placed in the feedback path
  • Switchable low pass, bandpass, high pass, low shelf, and high shelf mode.
  • Saturation
  • Saturate and limit parameters
  • Old-school spring reverb
  • Size, color, and mix parameters
  • Optional mono mode
    Fade out option, when using high feedback settings
  • Fade out time parameter
  • Pitch bend wheel, for smooth delay time changes

OS: Windows

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8. Fusion Delay

Fusion Delay - Free Delay VST Plugins for FL Studio

Fusion Delay is a unique unit that offers a wonderful acoustic dispersion effect, ideal for trance, house, dub, and other modern genres of electronic music.

Acoustic dispersion offers musicians a new option for creating interesting delay processing. You will not have much luck finding a similar effect unit at your local music store.

Fusion Delay is designed to create syncopated and evolving delays to any signal. What makes Fusion Delay special and unique is the Plasma section that can be fused with the built-in delay signal chain.

To our knowledge, Fusion Delay is the only delay VST Plugin to use sonic “Acoustic Dispersion” effects. Acoustic dispersion is the phenomenon of a sound wave separating into its component frequencies as it passes through a medium.

The “Plasma” section utilizes our acoustic dispersion modeling technology. It can be fused (mixed) with the “Delay” section by using the “Fusion” controls.

OS: Windows

Video Preview

9. Liquid Delay

Liquid Delay VST Plugin

Liquid Delay is a re-creation of a Modulated Delay effect found in high-end studios.

Modulated Delay is a delay effect where the stereo delay signal is subsequently modulated to create additional sonic interest (e.g., pitch fluctuation, frequency fluctuation, or volume fluctuation). In Liquid Delay, the stereo delay signal is processed with a flange effect and a filter. For added dynamics, the filter is connected to a programmable step Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO).

Liquid Delay allows musicians to experiment with the Haas effect and the Doppler effect (e.g., rotating speaker relies on these scientific principles). However, the Liquid Delay has its own little tricks up its sleeve due to how the signal chain is internally routed. Like its cousin the Liquid Verb, Liquid Delay is designed to inspire knob tweaking and experimentation. They both compliment each other to provide even more sonic punch.

  • 128 user presets
  • Midi automation
  • Echo
  • Modulator- Flange type effect
  • 24 db filter
  • Step LFO

OS: Windows

Video Preview

10. Speculumfree

Speculum Free VST Plugin

Speculumfree is a delay/comb filter effect plugin. Speculum’s state can be switched between delay and comb filter. The resulting sound is fed through a resonant low pass filter.

The delay rate can be finely adjusted through the divide function. This gives the speculum the ability to produce flanging, chorus, and phasing effects when automated.

OS: Windows / Mac

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11. TAL-Dub III

TAL Dub III VST Plugin

TAL-DUB-III is an easy-to-use delay device with some special features.

Its no tape delay emulation and has its own sound. It has an alias-free saturation stage, a non-linear 6dB low pass, and a 3dB high pass filter that are included in the feedback path of the device.

An input drive knob allows adjusting the saturation level. Pop-up menus show the current values of volume, delay-time, and feedback knobs. A tab button allowing to adjust the delay time for live sessions.

  • Delay time up to 4 seconds
  • Nonlinear 6dB Low-Pass filter
  • 3dB High Pass filter
  • Alias free saturation, adjustable with the input drive knob
  • Delay x2 for each channel
  • Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and tripled and dotted notes)
  • Pop-ups show the actual values dB (input drive, dry, wet), ms(delay), 0..2 (feedback
  • Led-meter shows the saturation level
  • Tab button for delay time
  • Midi Learn for all knobs
  • The feedback knob is specially optimized for doing infinite delays

OS: Windows / Mac

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12. Tempo Delay

Voxengo Tempo Delay VST Plugin

Tempo Delay is a multi-mode stereo delay vst plugin for professional music production applications.

Tempo Delay is based on tempo, incorporating filter and tremolo sections with separate controls for each stereo channel.  Instead of a single “delay length” control this plug-in features separate “delay”, “repetition period” and “delay panning” controls which allow you to create evenly sounding “ping-pong” stereo echoes.

  • Filter section
  • Tremolo section
  • Delay signal panning
  • Stereo processing
  • 64-bit floating-point processing
  • Preset manager
  • Undo/redo history
  • A/B comparisons
  • Contextual hint messages
  • All sample rates support
  • Zero processing latency
  • OS: Windows / Mac

13. Violent delay

Violent Delay VST Plugin

Violent delay is a delay unit featuring a filter, a phaser, and a chorus.

OS: Windows

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YSD-dELAY is a delay vst plugin effect with a twist.

  • 2 State Variable Filters (for left and right channel)
  • 2 Multi LFO’s
  • Dry/wet
  • Amp
  • Simple EQ
  • Preset manager with 30 factory presets
  • Waveshaper
  • Normalizing option
  • OS: Windows

15. WatKat

WatKat VST Plugin

WatKat is a digital clone of a Wem Watkins Custom Copicat tape echo unit. It sounds very lo-fi, noisy, irregular.

When you turn it off and leave the tape loaded, the tape bends in the proximity of the capstan, and this turns into a periodic pitch fall during echo playback; plus, it gets hot and the background hum gets worse in time… you should turn it off now and then; the tape is never completely erased, and the capstan motor flutters… and it gets worse if you touch it while it’s spinning; heads tend to get dirty very soon, in fact, you should clean them often. This is true for the actual hardware unit, and for the digital simulation as well!

  • Swell: adjusts the volume of the repeats.
  • Sustain: adjusts the number of repeats; be careful with this knob!
  • Gain 1: volume of input 1 (left channel).
  • Gain 2: volume of input 2 (right channel).
  • Head 1, Head 2, Head 3: use these switches to select the playback head(s); each head gives a different delay time.
  • Very light on CPU and memory.
  • OS: Windows / Mac

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I hope you enjoy these free Delay VST plugins.

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