10 Best AI Music Generator Apps (Free & Paid)

Here are the best AI music generator apps available online to make music faster and spark your creativity like never before. Save time and make hits!

Picture this… a world where melodies form seamlessly, rhythms sync, and harmonies align without you lifting a finger. Introducing the world of AI music generator apps, where tech meets tunes to produce a symphony of possibilities.

Think about the hours you could save fine-tuning tracks or exploring fresh and experimental sounds. So check out these AI tools that can help your music creative process.

Best AI Music Generator Apps

  1. Soundraw
  2. Boomy
  3. BeatBot
  4. Loudly
  5. Ecrett Music
  6. AIVA
  7. Soundful
  8. Beatoven.ai
  9. Mubert
  10. Splash Pro
Best AI Music Generator Apps
Best AI Music Generator Apps

What Are AI Music Generators? AI Music Generator Apps are software applications that use artificial intelligence to create, change, or enhance music. By leveraging complex algorithms and deep learning models, these apps can generate melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and even complete compositions without a person’s help.

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1. Soundraw

Soundraw | AI Music Generator Online
Soundraw | AI Music Generator Online

SoundDraw is an AI-driven music generator tailored for creators and artists.

This platform makes creating beats, customizing tracks, and even monetizing musical compositions seamless.

With its vast selection of genres, moods, and themes, Soundraw ensures that artists have a unique track tailored to their specific needs.

  • Allows creators to generate beats using AI.
  • Users can monetize and distribute their songs without any restrictions.
  • Offers a simple license, ensuring unlimited audio streams, music video rights, and broadcasting privileges.
  • Provides a worry-free experience with no risk of copyright strikes.
  • Offers music fit for videos, podcasts, apps, and games.
  • Includes a vast selection of genres, moods, and themes for custom-tailored music.
  • Allows customization of songs, like adjusting intros or the position of the chorus.
  • Supports both creators and artists with specialized plans.
  • Offers plans with unlimited music generation and download options.


  • Soundraw eliminates copyright concerns for creators and artists.
  • Users keep 100% of recording royalties from their streams.
  • Even after canceling a subscription, downloaded music can still be used.
  • The music is genuinely royalty-free, meaning no hidden fees or charges.
  • Offers a wide range of music genres, moods, and themes to cater to various projects.
  • Customization options for tracks.
  • Offers many pricing plans suitable for different needs.


  • Soundraw restricts account usage to one device at a time.


2. Boomy

Boomy | Make Generative Music with AI

Boomy is a creative AI-driven music generation platform designed to empower creators from all corners of the world.

With its advanced artificial intelligence and music automation systems, Boomy can produce original compositions for users without a background in music or high-end tools.

The work of pioneering generative artists inspires the platform and ensures that every piece of music produced is unique and copyright-free.

  • Boomy utilizes AI to generate and tailor songs based on user preferences.
  • Users can personalize the AI-generated music using Boomy’s intuitive editing tools.
  • All Boomy-generated songs are unique, ensuring no two tracks are exactly alike.
  • Boomy provides three membership tiers, including a free version, to cater to various needs.
  • The PRO and CREATOR plan offers an expedited release review.
  • Each membership tier comes with varying limits on song saves, releases, and downloads.


  • Boomy allows even those without musical training or expensive tools to create music.
  • The AI ensures that every song is distinct and original.
  • Boomy’s plans are flexible, catering to different user needs and budgets.
  • The platform respects intellectual property, avoiding third-party copyrighted content.
  • With Boomy, users can easily customize their AI-generated tracks.


  • The free plan has limitations on song saves and releases and does not allow downloads.
  • Some creators might find the song download limit restrictive.
  • AI-generated tracks might not cater to all musical tastes or needs.


3. BeatBot

BeatBot AI Music Generator | Free AI Music Generator | AI Music Generator with Vocals
BeatBot AI Music Generator | Free AI Music Generator

BeatBot is an exciting AI SongMaker developed by Splash, designed to transform simple text prompts into original short songs.

This state-of-the-art app combines Splash’s proprietary AI technology for vocals and music and the famed GPT3’s prowess for lyrics.

Through this blend of advanced technology, BeatBot crafts unique musical compositions that resonate with the text prompts provided by users.

It is an excellent tool for music creators seeking fresh and innovative tracks with minimal effort.

  • BeatBot creates original songs based on the user’s text prompts.
  • Employs GPT-3 technology for creating song lyrics.
  • The AI system is trained on data both owned by Splash and sourced from Creative Commons licenses.
  • It provides an easy and interactive way to generate songs through text descriptions.


  • BeatBot offers a unique way to create original music based on personalized prompts.
  • The combination of Splash’s AI and GPT-3 ensures high-quality vocals, music, and lyrics.
  • It’s user-friendly, catering to both amateur and professional music creators.
  • Songs generated are unique, reducing the risk of copyright issues.
  • Provides a fresh and innovative approach to music creation.


  • The app creates short songs, which might only be suitable for some musical projects.
  • Reliance on text prompts might limit the depth and complexity of the generated song.


4. Loudly

Loudly | AI Music Creation

Loudly is an innovative AI Music Generator that empowers music creators by producing AI-generated music within seconds.

With a focus on flexibility and quality, the platform allows users to build their song formulas, generate tracks, and instantly save and download their AI-powered compositions.

With Loudly, the fusion of creativity and technology produces unique soundscapes suitable for many applications.

  • Create AI-generated music in seconds.
  • Offers access to a rich catalog of 2,500+ free songs.
  • All music produced is high-quality and 100% royalty-free.
  • Licensing includes usage on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Provides unlimited AI music recommendations.
  • It features an audio-video customizer tool for easy music modifications.
  • Compatible with the Loudly mobile app.
  • Sourced from a vast pool of 200,000+ audio sounds crafted by professional producers.
  • Music stems are available for download, making mixing and editing easier.
  • Users can select genre, duration, energy, and instruments for a tailored experience.
  • Ensures music and beats that cater to a broad spectrum, from Techno to Trap.


  • Produces unique and royalty-free AI-generated music, eliminating copyright concerns.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface suitable for both novices and pros.
  • Loudly’s vast sound library spans a diverse range of genres.
  • It is designed to be interactive, making the music creation process fun.
  • AI music generated is perfect for various media, including videos, podcasts, and social channels.


  • The vastness of options could be overwhelming for some.
  • Quality might vary depending on the chosen parameters.


5. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music | AI Composed Music
Ecrett Music | AI Composed Music

Everett Music is a revolutionary AI-driven music composing software tailored for content creators.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Ecrett Music effortlessly crafts melodies and harmonies, eliminating the tedious process of choosing and creating music for your projects.

With Ecrett Music, soundscapes that perfectly complement your content are just a few clicks away.

  • Offers royalty-free music suitable for both personal and commercial use
  • Provides easy customization of music tracks.
  • Generates over 500,000 musical patterns monthly.
  • Allows users to select music based on scene, mood, and genre.
  • Offers options to adjust the structure, length, and instruments of any track.
  • Capability to upload videos to check music compatibility.
  • An intuitive user interface ensures easy navigation, even for those unfamiliar with the music.
  • Includes features such as “Favorites” and “Download History” for effective music management.
  • Delivers a simple licensing model for various projects, from games to podcasts.


  • Provides an affordable solution thanks to AI-driven music creation.
  • Every musical creation is unique, ensuring diversity in choices.
  • Allows for deep customization, granting control over melody, backing, bass, and drum instruments.
  • The platform’s UI is designed for ease of use, requiring no prior musical knowledge.
  • Broad licensing options encompass a range of project types.


  • Some creators might want more customization options.
  • As a developing platform, there might be occasional software hiccups.

Ecrett Music


AIVA Technologies AI Music Generator
AIVA Technologies AI Music Generator

AIVA is an innovative Artificial Intelligence music composer designed to breathe life into your projects with its captivating and personalized soundtracks.

Drawing from the power of AI, AIVA crafts musical compositions that not only resonate with emotions but also add depth to any project, be it a video game, film, or any other creative project.

  • Creates original and tailored music suitable for a variety of projects.
  • Offers a free plan for beginners that includes three downloads per month and tracks up to 3 minutes in length.
  • Provides download options in both MP3 & MIDI formats.
  • Allows users to buy copyrights to music for commercial use via the Pro Plan.
  • Facilitates the upload of MIDI files to guide AIVA’s composition process.
  • Designed to serve a wide audience, from novice music enthusiasts to professional composers.


  • Provides a user-friendly option for those new to music with its free plan.
  • Eliminates concerns over licensing with the Pro Plan, granting users full copyright of compositions.
  • Empowers creators by allowing them to influence compositions through MIDI file uploads.
  • Offers a broad selection of preset styles, catering to diverse musical tastes.
  • Speeds up the music creation process, ideal for tight project timelines.


  • The free plan requires users to give credit to AIVA and prohibits monetization.
  • The track duration for the free plan is capped at 3 minutes.
  • Some might prefer more than the offered preset styles for more advanced creations.


7. Soundful


Soundful is a cutting-edge AI Music Generator platform crafted for content creators and music artists. Its intuitive platform empowers users to produce a vast array of tracks, making the daunting task of music creation a breeze.

Great for a wide range of creative projects, including videos and streams to podcasts, Soundful ensures you have the perfect soundtrack for your projects.

  • Offers plans tailored to varying needs: Music Creator Plus, Content Creator, and Standard.
  • Music Creator Plus provides 300 downloads and ten monthly STEM packs with exclusive licenses for created tracks.
  • Content Creator focuses on royalty-free background music with 100 monthly downloads and 1 STEM pack.
  • The Standard plan, suitable for personal projects, is free with three downloads and 1 STEM pack monthly.
  • Premium content and template access vary by subscription level.
  • Extensive variety of theme and mood templates for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Comprehensive licensing ensures creators can monetize content without fretting over copyright issues.


  • Provides a budget-friendly solution for obtaining high-quality music.
  • Helps creators sidestep copyright complications with royalty-free tracks.
  • Broadens creative horizons by generating unique tracks at a button’s push.
  • Flexible licensing suitable for both personal and commercial use.


  • Limitations on downloads and stem packs for the free standard plan.
  • Licensing is non-exclusive for the Content Creator plan.
  • It might need some learning curve for absolute beginners.


8. Beatoven.ai


Beatoven.ai is a dynamic AI-powered music generator designed to elevate content with bespoke, royalty-free background music.

Tailored for videos, podcasts, games, and more, Beatoven is the creative partner every music creator needs.

  • Uses advanced AI techniques for mood-based music composition.
  • Offers unique music, combining music theory and production concepts.
  • Allows unlimited customization of track length, genre, mood, and instruments.
  • Delivers production-ready music.
  • Curates unique music for various themes, moods, and content types: indie game developers, audiobooks, Web3 & metaverse companies, production houses, YouTube creators, and podcast creators.
  • Simple 4-step process: pick a genre, make cuts, choose a mood, and hit compose.
  • Free trial available with comprehensive access to features.


  • Generates unique, royalty-free music effortlessly.
  • Enables deep customization to fit the specific mood and theme of content.
  • Streamlined, production-ready output minimizes post-production efforts.
  • Versatile application across different media types.
  • Intuitive step-by-step music creation process.


  • All copyrights of the created music belong to Beatoven.ai.
  • Some experimentation may be needed to achieve the best results.


9. Mubert


Mubert is a great music platform that offers royalty-free music for content creators, brands, and developers.

It integrates artificial intelligence’s capabilities with musicians’ creativity to produce adaptive music tailored to users’ requirements.

  • Offers an extensive collection of staff-picked royalty-free music tracks suitable for various content.
  • Mubert Render facilitates quick and precise creation of soundtracks based on mood, duration, and tempo.
  • Built as a bridge connecting musicians, creators, and brands in a transformative music landscape.
  • Developed a unique collaborative platform that pairs human musicians with AI for music creation.
  • Mubert Studio allows musicians to monetize their riffs, loops, and samples, reaching a broader audience.
  • Music generation is prompt, based on selected parameters, making it apt for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and podcasts.
  • Artists can collaborate with AI in Mubert Studio to produce unique tracks.


  • Provides a vast array of royalty-free music, making it convenient for content creators.
  • The platform is user-friendly and designed for immediate music generation.
  • It presents a unique blend of AI and human creativity.
  • Artists can monetize their unused tracks, samples, and loops.


  • Music produced by AI may not cater to all musical tastes.


10. Splash Pro

Splash Pro | AI Music Generator from Text
Splash Pro | AI Music Generator from Text

Splash Pro is an advanced AI-powered music generator that transforms simple text prompts into full-fledged songs in seconds. With its innovative features, both beginners and seasoned music creators can harness the power of AI to craft unique compositions.

  • Contains an extensive loop library with over 100,000 loops spanning a range of instruments.
  • Offers genre versatility, covering popular genres like hip hop, pop, EDM, and more.
  • Utilizes an AI-trained search model to match music loops with user text prompts.
  • Employs music expansion heuristics to grow short sequences into longer songs, maintaining listener engagement.
  • Features a Text-to-Vocals AI system for adding singing or rapping vocals to compositions.
  • Utilizes an LLM for generating lyrics based on user input, which can be synthesized into vocals.
  • Allows users to create entirely original songs tailored to their tastes.


  • Simplifies the music creation process without compromising on quality.
  • A versatile genre library appeals to a broad spectrum of music tastes.
  • The innovative Text-to-Vocals feature enhances song depth and appeal.
  • Offers various pricing tiers, including a free version for newcomers.
  • Supports both lyrics generation and customization.
  • Many package options cater to different user needs, from beginners to professionals.


  • AI-generated music may need more than the human touch some purists seek.
  • Song length limitations vary by subscription tier.
  • The free version is limited to 15-second songs with fewer AI vocal options.

Splash Pro

I’ve taken you on a journey through the world of AI music with our list of the 10 best AI music generator apps, both free and paid. These music generators use the magic of artificial intelligence to help you create unique tunes that are truly yours.

These apps offer a range of options for all your music creation needs, from a simple text prompt to advanced AI tools. Whether you’re new to music production or an expert, there’s something here for everyone.

I hope that with the help of these AI music generators, your music creation journey becomes even more exciting and fulfilling. Remember, with AI-generated music, the possibilities are endless. Dive in and let these free AI music tools inspire your next masterpiece. Happy music generation!

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

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