70 Best FREE Guitar VST Plugins

Here are the best free guitar VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST-supported software.

This is the ultimate collection of free guitar plugins. You will find VST plugins including around guitars: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, guitar amps, guitar effects, synth guitars, and more. ALL FREE!

These virtual instrument plugins are great for all music genres, including Rock, Pop music, Hip Hop, LoFi, and more. We’ve included video demos with most of the plugins to understand better how the plugins work and sound.

What Is A Guitar VST Plugin?

A guitar VST plugin is a virtual instrument that you can use to simulate the sound of a guitar. Guitar VSTs are often used in music production to provide the sound of an electric guitar or acoustic guitar.

This list includes different types of guitar plug-ins, such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amps, and guitar synthesizers.

There are many free guitar plugins, and they all have different features. Some may have various effects, such as delay, reverb, and distortion.

Add some new sounds to your music production setup by visiting the best free VST instruments.

Best Free Guitar VST Plugins
Best Free Guitar VST Plugins

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Guitar VST Plugins

We have included guitar plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

  1. Ample Bass P Lite II
  2. Ample Guitar M Lite II
  3. Classic GTR Lite
  4. Shreddage 3
  5. Labs Peel Guitar
  6. Vinyl Guitar
  7. Guitar Harmonics
  8. Monster Guitar
  9. Voxengo Boogex
  10. Suburban Guitarist
  11. Revitar 2
  12. LABs Electric Guitars
  13. FabBass
  14. Pedals
  15. Bass Module
  16. FS Blues Steel Guitar
  17. DSK Electrik GuitarZ
  18. Lethality
  19. Bassline
  20. OMB1
  21. AkoustiK GuitarZ
  22. DVS Guitar
  23. Dirthead
  24. Nick Crow 8505
  25. HyBrit Head
  26. Additional Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each free guitar plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Bass P Lite II VST Plugin
Ample Bass P Lite II (ABPL) – Best Free Electric Guitar VST

Ample Bass P Lite II is the free lite version of ABP, which was recorded on a Fender Precision Bass and Les Paul Gibson by Ample Sound.

It provides realistic guitar sounds and uses rhombic sampling structure and velocity layering.

The Auto Buzz system ensures accurate performances with customizable parameter control and MIDI automation.

Other features of this virtual instrument include poly legato, slide smoother, open string first function, and a vibrato wheel.

One of the best electric guitar VSTs online.

  • Includes Fingering Noises
  • Realistic Guitar Sounds
  • Rhombic Sampling Structure
  • Velocity Layering
  • Auto Buzz system
  • Customizable Parameter Control
  • MIDI Automation
  • Poly Legato
  • Slide Smoother
  • Open String First Function
  • Vibrato Wheel
  • Load & Play Guitarass Tablature Files
  • Tab Player Supports Fingering, Looping, Chords, & Articulations
  • Supported Articulations Strum, Legato Slide, Natural Harmonic, Artificial Harmonic, Hammer, Trill, Bend, Tremolo Bar, Slide In/Out, Vibrato, Tremolo Picking, Palm Mute, Slapping, Popping, Tapping, Staccato, Dead Note, Ghost Note, Accentuated Note

Plugin | Windows / Mac / AU

Ample Bass P Lite II Preview

Best Guitar VST Plugins

Ample Guitar M Lite II

Ample Guitar M Lite II
Ample Guitar M Lite II – Realistic Guitar VST

The Ample Guitar M Lite II is a plugin for music production that provides an incredibly realistic sampled acoustic guitar.

It consists of 866 samples of 16-bit resolution and 44.1kHz quality, as well as DFD (Direct from disk) technology.

Adding to its realism, the plugin offers controllable resonance and rich fingering noise to make it even more vivid and lifelike than before. This plugin mimics a real instrument.

With various finger instrument libraries available that fit different user needs, you can rest assured knowing this plugin will provide a broad range of potential.

The plugin utilizes both cycle & rhombic sampling structures to ensure outstanding sound quality in all programs.

  • 866 Samples ( 16bit 44.1khz )
  • Rich Fingering Noise
  • Vivid & Realistic
  • Slide Smoother
  • Natural Sound
  • Open String First for Arpeggio
  • Sampled From Real Guitars
  • Tweak All the Parameters
  • Real Guitar Sampled

Plugin | PC / Mac

Classic GTR Lite

Classic GTR Lite VST Instrument
Classic GTR Lite

Classic GTR Lite is a free multi-sampled classical guitar, available in VST, VST3, and AU formats.

These samples were captured at 24-bit 96 kHz from a primary guitar, processed with virtual effects, and then converted to Flac 24-bit 44 kHz.

Seven presets selected from the full Classic GTR version in this free version, which contains 38 presets and 1,634 samples.

  • 7 Software Presets
  • 301 Samples
  • Play Guitar Recordings
  • Big Sur Support (Intel-based macs only)

Plugin | PC / Mac

Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE

Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE
Shreddage | Electric Guitar VST Instruments

Here is the ultimate free electric guitar sample library for Native Instruments KONTAKT.

This instrument provides deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, and choke articulations with 3 octaves of playing range, up to 24 samples per note, and tons of performance options—a great free alternative to Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel for Kontakt.

  • Kontakt Sample Libraries
  • Articulations
  • Strumming
  • Picking Modes
  • Fretting Mode
  • Hammer on Range
  • Hand Position
  • Vibrato Amount
  • Polly Input
  • Dead Notes
  • MIDI Guitar Mode

Shreddage 3 | PC / Native Instruments Kontakt

Labs Peel Guitar

Peel Guitar
Peel Guitar

Recreate an indie guitar sound synonymous with British music. They are utilizing a Fender Telecaster fed through a 15w vintage tweed amp with tremolo, vibrato, and distortion. A Fender Telecaster run through a vintage amplifier with vibrato to create the Peel Guitar sound.

Plugin | PC / Mac / VST2 / VST3 / AAX / AU

Vinyl Guitar

Vinyl Acoustic Guitar
Vinyl Guitar | FL Studio Guitar Plugin

The Vinyl Guitar is designed to offer natural guitar sounds. It also has various options for controlling fret, string, and pick noises.

The resound knob on this plugin lets you add natural reverberation to the mix.

It also has a lot of other options for controlling how the acoustic sounds, like attack and release.

Plugin | PC / Mac

Guitar Harmonics

Guitar Harmonics
Guitar Harmonics | Top Guitar VST Plugins

Guitar Harmonics is a plugin that can be added to a guitar amp to reproduce the sound of guitar harmonies.

The guitar can produce a wide range of glitchy sounds, even if it is traditionally tuned and augmented with modulation effects like flageolet tones, frequency shifting, and more.

Plugin | PC / Mac

Monster Guitar

Monster Guitar
Monster Guitar

Monster Guitar is a plugin for acoustic guitars with installed presets. It covers various genres, from Reggae to Pop to Rock, making it perfect for any music production.

Plugin | PC / Mac

Voxengo Boogex

Voxengo Boogex - Free Guitar Amp Plugins
Voxengo Boogex

Boogex is a distortion effect plugin that can create heavy sounds. It also allows users to select speaker cabinet impulse responses.

Guitarists can use Boogex for their music because it has the lowest latency of any guitar processing software.

Boogex includes a built-in Emphasis EQ, input gate module, and reverberation module.

It can also clear up high frequencies quickly.

  • 10 Amplifier Modes
  • 61 Built-In Cabinet Impulse Responses
  • Built-In Reverb
  • Stereo Processing
  • Audio Preset Manager
  • Undo/redo History
  • Zero Processing Latency
  • Resizable User Interface
  • All Sample Rates Support

Voxengo Boogex | PC / Mac

Voxengo Boogex Preview

Suburban Guitarist

Suburban Guitarist
Suburban Guitarist VST

Suburban Guitarist is a virtual instrument for electric guitar. The instrument has two guitar modes: rhythm and lead. You can create your samples with the software, but it does not include any.

The software generates guitar sounds that sound different each time.

Guitarists’ fretting and picking hands are synced differently using humanization control.

  • Realistic Vibrato
  • Tone Control
  • Adjust Pick Position

Suburban | Windows

Revitar 2

Revitar 2
Revitar 2

The Revitar 2 is a plugin that can produce various sounds and playing styles.

It employs unique guitar pick, string, and body simulations to create a sound that’s always different.

The pick is adjustable to be customized to your desired tone, and it has 48 chords that can be programmed to create any chord you want.

The guitar has six body types, each with a different acoustic resonance.

The plugin is fully programmable, which means you can control the knobs and sliders with any MIDI controller.

Revitar 2 | Windows

LABs Electric Guitars

LABs Electric Guitars
LABs Electric Guitar

This plugin has a variety of styles for electric guitars, from dark rock tones to blues and pop. It’s perfect for creating music for indie films, rock, and 80s nostalgia. This plugin offers a quality, versatile ample sound.

  • Sampled Instruments
  • Labs Instruments

LABs Plugin | PC / Mac


FabBass Bass

The FabBass synthesizer is designed to produce a sound similar to a 1960s violin bass.

FabBass | Windows


Pedals VST
Pedals | Effects Pedals

Pedals is an effects plugin for Windows. It is designed for processing electric guitar and bass.

Pedals GUI allows users to make simple edits to audio recordings, like ‘cutting’ out unwanted parts of a recording.

There are 19 Guitar Rig like pedals, two amps, six speakers, and three rack units. These devices do not imitate the sound of real-life models.

This guitar amp plugin is an excellent alternative to Guitar Rig and IK Multimedia Amplitube.

  • Rhythmic Pedals
  • Great For Work & Modern Music

Pedals | Windows

Pedals Demo

Bass Module

Bass Module VST Instrument
Bass Module

There is a wide variety of bass sounds in the Bass Module, which can be used for various musical styles, from classic electronic to rock, metal, and more.

A total of 64 original bass sounds are included in this module, which comprises 100MB of sample data.

The Bass Module includes both acoustic and synthesized bass sounds.

Bass Module | Windows

FS Blues Steel Guitar

FS Blues Steel Guitar
FS Blues Steel Guitar

The FS Blues Steel Guitar is an easy-to-use guitar simulation.

The virtual guitar is a uniquely sampled and distinctive instrument used in blues and country music for generations.

FS Blues | PC / Mac

Sample Science Clean Electric Guitar

Sample Science Clean Electric Guitar
Sample Science Clean Electric Guitar

This clean electric guitar plug-in emulates guitar amps and effects racks with the help of samples.

Two electric guitars have been analyzed note-by-note.

  • Lowpass & Highpass Filters
  • Reverb & Glide Effects

Plugin | PC / Mac

DSK Electrik GuitarZ

DSK Electrik GuitarZ
DSK Electrik GuitarZ

This is an electric guitar plugin that includes a range of amplitude-envelope, fine-tune, and portamento control for each note.

This guitar effects plugin has various audio effects, speed response, and control over its settings through a MIDI system.

Plugin | PC


Lethality | Guitarist VST

Electric guitar plug-ins like Lethality can be used for any music genre. It’s an excellent tool for jamming because you can make it sound like an electric guitar by using its many articulations.

This will be a good addition to any electric guitarist’s toolbox.

Lethality | Windows


Bassline Wave Sample

EVM Bassline is a wavesample bass player.

Bassline | PC


OMB1 | Electric Guitar VST Amp | Amp Simulators

With this electric guitar VST, you can experience a realistic electric bass.

The plugin includes four bass samples, an octave switcher, and a distortion channel for electric guitarists of all skill levels.

Adjust envelope, attack, sustain, decay, and release settings.

You can adjust the sound of the electric bass according to your playing style.

OMB1 | Windows

AkoustiK GuitarZ Acoustic Guitar

AkoustiK GuitarZ
Free Guitar VST Instrument

This plugin has four acoustic guitar types. It includes an amp, envelope, fine-tuning, stereo spread, and portamento.

Plugin | Windows

DVS Guitar

DVS Guitar
DVS Guitar

The DVS Guitar plug-in simulates the sound of an electric guitar by using sampled guitar sounds, which are if you’re good at using a pitch wheel controller.

DVS Guitar is an excellent option for anyone who wants something that sounds like a real electric guitar. This plug-in will add a real electric guitar feel to your tracks.

  • Built-in Reverb

Plugin | Windows


Dirthead - Virtual Tube Guitar Amp

Dirthead is a free guitar tube amp VST plugin. It has three channels: clean, crunch, and ultra.

This makes it easy to find the right tones without messing with a bunch of knobs.

Dirthead | Windows

Dirthead Preview

Nick Crow 8505 Lead

Nick Crow 8505 Lead
Lead VST Amp

This is a guitar amp plugin with seven setting controls. It is an excellent alternative for Helix Native amp plugins and the Impact Soundworks paid plugins.

Nick Crow 8505 | PC / Mac / AU

HyBrit Head

HyBrit Head
HyBrit Head

HyBrit Head is a type of amplifier that combines aspects of two British amps.

The PLS channel is a mix of the two channels. It can be adjusted by adjusting the PLS MIX knob.

HyBrit Head | PC / Mac

HyBrit Preview

Guitar Rig 6 Player Free

Guitar Rig 6 Player Free
Guitar Rig 6 Player Free

This is one of the best free guitar Amp VST plugins online. It has everything you expect in a guitar rig.

This guitar amp offers an incredible drag-and-drop system for quickly creating custom effect chains.

Use the preset browser to find the perfect sound.

With its intuitive user interface, you’ll be able to get up and running in no time. This is an ideal software for all guitarists out there.

  • Based on the powerful Guitar Rig 6 Pro
  • Professional components

Plugin | PC / Mac

Labs Lap Steel Guitar VSTs

Labs Lap Steel
Labs Lap Steel | Guitar VSTs

Labs Lap Steel is an exciting alternative to the guitar. It features inspiring textures and plucks from a sampled vintage lap steel guitar run through beautiful delays and reverbs.

The sound design functionalities of this VST are good enough.

It can be used to create beautiful and dreamy music. This is a must-have VST for ambient music producers.

  • Different pluck types
  • Different textures
  • Built-in effects (delay, reverb)
  • Sampled from a vintage lap steel guitar
  • Classical Guitar Sound

Labs Lap Steel | PC / Mac

Shred Suite

Shred Suite VST Plugin
Shred Suite

The Shred Suite is a collection of six versatile amp heads, each with its unique sound.

The Shred Suite has you covered whether you’re looking for sweet, clean tones or hair-raising metal thunder.

  • 6 Amp heads
  • Gain, volume, and tone controls
  • Low & high pass filter

Shred Suite | Windows

Labs Guitar Harmonics

Labs Guitar Harmonics VST Plugin
Labs Guitar Harmonics | Best Guitar VSTs

Labs Guitar Harmonics is a virtual instrument plugin that offers several MIDI-captured sounds created using guitar harmonics. These include plucks, looped tails, and warps.

The instrument has a simple interface with sliders for expression and dynamics and a large, quickly tweaked control knob.

This makes it an ideal solution for those who want to create guitar-based music without dealing with the complexities of a traditional guitar setup.

  • MIDI-captured sounds
  • Simple Virtual Guitar

Labs Harmonics | PC / Mac

Labs Moon Guitar

Labs Moon Guitar
Labs Moon Guitar

This beautiful and intuitive plugin adds texture and beauty to your music.

It features solo, ensemble, and tremolo patches, perfect for creating atmospheric guitar parts.

Its simplified controls make it easy to use directly in your favorite DAW.

Its clutter-free interface keeps you focused on your playing. You can enjoy all of these great features for free.

  • Solo, ensemble, and tremolo patches
  • Simple and easy-to-use controls
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Real Guitar Sounds

Labs Moon | PC / Mac

Mercuriall MT-A

Mercuriall MT-A VST Plugin
Mercuriall MT-A | Heavy Guitars

This plugin is based on the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 effect pedal and delivers a wide range of distortion tones.

It has stereo and mono modes that allow you to create massive sounds.

This VST is perfect for those who want to create metal guitar tones. It can create both subtle and extreme distortion sounds.

There are only a few controls, but they are enough to get great results.

Plus, its audio quality is excellent, and the distortion is very convincing and can go from light to heavy. It’s a great free plugin for creating metal guitar tones.

  • Based on the Boss Metal Zone MT-2
  • Stereo width and mono modes

Mercuriall MT-A | PC / Mac

Ignite – Emissary Bundle

Ignite - Emissary Bundle VST Plugin
Ignite – Emissary Bundle

This is a clean and heavy channel with sonic capabilities that range from pristine cleans to slightly overdriven tones. This pair of channels includes fully separated controls for clean and lead.

Its tonal palette is vast, perfect for a versatile guitarist.

This guitar amp plugin comes with six free impulse responses, which can be used to add more depth and dimension to your sound.

It also supports mono/stereo processing, making it compatible with many setups. Furthermore, its controls are fully automatable, which means that you can easily tweak them to get your desired sound.

  • Clean and lead tone
  • Fully separated controls
  • 6 free impulse responses
  • Mono/stereo processing

Ignite – Emissary Bundle | PC / Mac

Modest Guitar Free

Modest Guitar Free VST Plugin
Modest Guitar Free

This is a simple plugin designed for acoustic guitars. It comes with three guitars (simple acoustic, flageolets, and psychedelic FX guitar), which can be enabled or disabled with key switches.

The idea behind this product is to be warm and organic-sounding with different types of guitars.

In addition, the user can also choose to have the guitar sampled in a round-robin fashion.

This plugin is the ultimate solution for those who want to produce realistic guitar tracks without spending a lot of money purchasing different types of guitars.

  • 3 Different types of guitars
  • Round robin sampling
  • Key switches

Modest Free | PC / Mac

Greed Smasher

Greed Smasher VST Plugin
Greed Smasher

This modeled circuit is based on the MESA/Boogie grid slammer overdrive. Low CPU usage and stereo or mono modes are some of its features.

Easily switch between the low (2x oversampling) and high (4x oversampling) quality with a tweak.

It is a great free way to add colored overdrive to your tracks.

  • Based on MESA/Boogie grid slammer overdrive
  • Stereo or mono modes

Greed Smasher | Windows / Mac

DSK Guitars Nylon VST Plugin

Free DSK Guitars Nylon Guitar
DSK Guitars Nylon

High expressive and dynamic sounds—clean and straightforward GUI.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

Amplifikation Lite

Amplifikation Lite - Free Guitar Amp VST Plugins for FL Studio
Amplifikation Lite

Amplifikation Lite is a program that can create realistic guitar amp sounds by plugging in a guitar to your computer.

Amplifikation Lite lets you create high-quality guitar tracks with a simple interface and a non-obstructive workflow.

Plugin | PC / Mac

SuperRiff Guitar

SuperRiff Guitar VST Plugin
SuperRiff Guitar

SuperRiff Guitar is a VST plugin designed exclusively for distorted electric guitar sounds.

These samples are ideal for rock and metal music producers who want to add some extra edge to their instrumentals.

This plugin includes palm-muted single notes, open-string single notes, and vibrated single notes. Great alternative for the Bias Amp sims and Positive Grid Bias VST plugins.

SuperRiff | Windows

Guitar Amp Sim 3

Guitar Amp Sim 3 VST Plugin
Guitar Amp Sim 3 – Free VST Electric Guitar Amp

A stereo guitar amp sim VST effect plugin was created in SynthMaker CM software.

Plugin | Windows

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Raspier – Bass Synthesizer

Raspier Bass Synthesizer VST Plugin - Best Free Guitar VSTi
Raspier – Bass Synthesizer

Raspier is a bass synthesizer. E-bass, acoustic sound, leads, slap, and ringtones.

This plugin uses modulation from the phase distortion oscillator as a pick on the guitar body.

There are also two shape selectors.

Raspier | Windows

Spicy Guitar VST Plugin

Spicy Guitar
Spicy Guitar – Free Guitar VSTs

Spicy Guitar is a free physical model of a guitar synthesizer.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

DSK BassZ – Bass Acoustic


This VST plugin has 24 bass acoustic and synth sounds.

DSK BassZ | Windows

TSE 808

TSE 808 VST Plugin
TSE 808

The TSE808 emulates a famous tube screamer pedal.

TSE 808 | Windows / Mac

3rd Bass – Bass Amp

3rd Bass VST Plugin
3rd Bass

Bass Amp Sim with multi-effects.

3rd Bass | Windows

Haunted Guitar Lite

Haunted Guitar Lite VST Plugin
Haunted Guitar Lite

Haunted Guitar Lite is a free VST/VST3/AU instrument created with Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar samples.

The presets contain 28 samples processed with various high-quality effects to achieve dark, spooky sounds.


  • 8 Presets
  • 224 Samples
  • HP / LP Filter
  • LFO Modulation
  • Filter type selector
  • Voice mode

Plugin | Windows / Mac

DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic Guitars VST Plugin
DSK Dynamic VST Guitars

Free guitar VST instrument by DSKmusic.

  • 3 Types of guitars: nylon, steel, and acoustic
  • Range control for amplitude
  • Velocity curve selector
  • Reverb fx included
  • Virtual Guitar
  • Dynamic velocity response

DSK Dynamic | Windows / Mac

Blue Cat Free Amp

Blue Cat Free Amp
Blue Cat Free Amp

Blue Cat’ssFree Amp is a free guitar amp simulator plugin that offers three of the best models made by Blue Cat’s Destructor.

The amp models in this program cover all sorts of tones. Clean, classic, and modern options are all available.

The electric guitar’s tone can range from a clean vintage sound to high-gain metal.

The frequency response of your guitar amplifier can be adjusted by using the EQ and increasing or decreasing the drive.

  • 3 Amplifier Models
  • Zero-Latency
  • Undo/redo Options
  • Presets Manager
  • Any Sample Rate Supported

Blue Cat Plugin | Windows / Mac

Blue Cat Preview

Mercuriall WS-1

Mercuriall WS-1 VST Plugin
Mercuriall WS-1

Mercuriall WS-1 is a high-quality guitar pedal plugin with unique features for guitar players. Its depth and speed can be customized, and the plugin can operate in stereo or mono mode.

The low CPU usage is another plus, making it an excellent option for those with older computers.

Mercuriall WS-1 | Windows / Mac

Mercuriall TSC

Mercuriall TSC VST Plugin
Mercuriall TSC

Mercuriall TSC is based on a real circuit of the Ibanez TS-808, which gives it an incredibly realistic sound.

The “Mod” switch allows you to get a cleaner sound with slightly more bass when “Drive” is at the minimum, and the “808” switch gives you the default sound of the Ibanez TS-808.

Moreover, the Low CPU usage and stereo/mono modes make it very versatile, and the low/high switch ensures that you can get the best sound possible.

  • Realistic sound
  • Stereo/mono modes
  • Low & high-quality switch

Mercuriall TSC | Windows / Mac


Strummer VST Plugin
Strummer | Virtual Guitars

Strummer is an intuitive and innovative guitar tool. For years, the best simulations of a strumming guitarist have been computer programs that imitated the sound of a real strumming guitarist.

But these programs have usually been either too simple or too difficult to use, and they haven’t been able to create the realistic sound of a real strumming guitarist.

This plugin is easy to use and sounds natural.

  • Realistic sound of a strumming guitarist

Strummer | PC

MF Concert Guitar

MF Concert Guitar VST Plugin
MF Concert Guitar

MF Concert Guitar is a lightweight, high-quality sounding guitar plugin. Some of the most notable features include an authentic nylon sound and realistic fret noises.

While the sampling may not be as deep as some of the other plugins on this list, the round robins and fret noises help to disguise this limitation.

  • Lightweight but high-quality sound
  • Authentic nylon sound
  • Realistic fret noise samples
  • Round robin sampling

MF Concert | Windows / Mac

Project16 Fingered Bass

Project16 Fingered Bass VST Plugin
Project16 Fingered Bass | Virtual Guitars

This plugin reproduces a sampled Rickenbacker 4001 bass played with the fingers.

It is designed to produce an excellent clean-sounding bass and is perfect for those who want to add a classic bass sound to their tracks.

If you’re looking for a free bass plugin with an authentic sound, it is sure to add a touch of class to any track.

  • Classical guitar bass sound
  • Sampled from a Rickenbacker 4001 bass
  • Perfect for adding a vintage sound

Project16 Fingered Bass | PC/ Mac

DSK Guitars Acoustic

DSK Guitars Acoustic VST Plugin
DSK Guitars Acoustic VST

This is an expressive, playable sampled guitar that captures a traditional folk guitar’s natural fabric and plucking. Its clean and straightforward interface makes it easy to get started.

A perfect partner for any DAW, this add-on is ideal for those who want to add a guitar sound to their tracks.

  • High expressive
  • Dynamic sounds

Plugin | Windows

Digital Nylon

Digital Nylon VST Plugin
Digital Nylon

This is a digital nylon guitar instrument designed for playing the nylon guitar. Its features include inbuilt delay and interactive help that labels all controls on the interface.

It produces soft and pleasant sounds and making it ideal for those who want to create calm and relaxing music.

  • Inbuilt delay
  • Interactive help

Digital Nylon | PC



BJAM is a Strat electric guitar rompler with three mixable pickups.

You can also choose between an acoustic and electric guitar, both of which have a playing range of C0-G8.

There are hammer-on/pull-off/slide modes. The noise modes include chucks, swipes, and pick taps.

MIDI key switches control the volume, and there are three fretting positions and two palm mute modes.

  • 3 Mixable pickups
  • Acoustic and electric guitar models
  • Slide mode
  • Harmonics 2, 3, 5,7
  • Noise modes: chucks, swipes, pick taps
  • 3 Fretting Positions

BJAM | PC / Mac / AU

Project16 Picked Bass

Project16 Picked Bass VST Plugin
Project16 Picked Bass | Classical Guitar Sound

This is a striking, unique take on an iconic instrument. The sound of the sampled Rickenbacker 4001 bass played with a pick is both classic and modern.

The UI is simple and easy to use, making it a great free bass guitar for those who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their bass sound.

Project16 Picked Bass | Windows / Mac


Ukulele VST Plugin

This guitar plugin produces a high-quality sound that is easy to use, making it perfect for Hawaiian guitar enthusiasts. It allows you to create beautiful Hawaiian guitar melodies with ease.

  • The realistic Hawaiian guitar sound

Ukulele | PC


SoloString VST Plugin

SoloString is a modeling synthesizer that captures the true essence of an acoustic guitar.

With its easy interface and wide range of controls, SoloString lets you create any acoustic sound you can imagine.

If you’re looking for a virtual guitar with a wide range of sounds, it is sure to add a touch of realism to any track.

  • The true essence of an acoustic guitar
  • Wide range of controls

SoloString | PC

DSK Guitars Steel

DSK Guitars Steel VST Plugin
DSK Guitars Steel

DSK Guitars offers a steel acoustic guitar plug-in with high-quality sound.

The clean and simple interface gives you everything you need to create a dynamic guitar experience.

DSK Guitars Steel sounds excellent, is easy to use, and is a good option for acoustic guitar plug-ins.

DSK Guitars Steel | Windows

Cute Emily Dirty

Cute Emily Dirty VST Plugin
Cute Emily Dirty

CuteEmilyDirty is a sampled electric guitar plugin that can be used to create grungy, distorted rock sounds.

It is a guitar that looks like an Epiphone SG, and it can produce dirty electric guitar sounds because it has a built-in plugin.

Cute Emily Dirty | PC / Mac / AU



Flextron is a guitar simulator that takes inspiration from the AXP pedal.

The pedal comprises two commercial tube amp emulation technologies, Flexwave by Crate and Cooltron by VOX.

The amp is hybrid, meaning it’s both analog and virtual.

Flextron | Windows

Flextron Preview


Extremist VST Plugin
Extremist | Amp Simulators

Extremist is a versatile guitar plugin that comes with a 15-band stereo equalizer, a reverb effect, and a delay effect.

It also has a built-in tuner, and it can be used in mono and stereo mode.

  • 15-band stereo equalizer
  • Reverb effect
  • Delay effect
  • Built-in tuner
  • Mono and stereo modes

Extremist | Windows

7170 Lead

7170 Lead VST Plugin
7170 Lead

This is a tube guitar amp VST plugin that captures the sound of a high-gain lead guitar amplifier.

This player can control the gain applied by the preamp, power amp, and tone stack.

This plugin is helpful for those who want to get a high-quality lead guitar sound. It is sure to add a touch of power to any track.

  • Tube guitar amp
  • High-gain lead amplifier
  • Preamp and power amp control
  • Guitar tone stack control
  • Output level

7170 Lead | PC

Amped Stevie T Free

Amped Stevie T Free VST Plugin
Amped Stevie T Free

This plugin offers a simple pedalboard that includes four effects: reverb, delay, drive, and noise gate.

You can use these effects to create a wide range of sounds, from clean and crystalline to thick and distorted, making this plugin perfect for those who want versatility in their sound.

  • Four effects: reverb, delay, drive, noise gate
  • Simple pedalboard interface
  • Wide range of sounds

Amped Stevie T Free | PC / Mac


Bassprofessor VST Plugin

This bass plugin enhancer gives you control of your sound like never before.

It is the ultimate tool for bassists with four bands of signal level control, automatic peak limiting, and a presence knob to add some intimacy to your sound.

The three-band EQ is tuned specifically for bass, and the asymmetric boost and cut allow you to shape your sound.

  • Four bands of signal level control
  • Automatic peak limiting
  • Presence knob
  • Three-band EQ

Bassprofessor | Windows


Amplistortion VST Plugin

Amplistortion is a powerful guitar effects processor that gives you a vast array of tones to work with.

Its features include a stereo source selector, compressor, tube distortion, amplifier, cabinet, mic simulator, stereo chorus, delay, and reverb.

  • Stereo source selector
  • Compressor
  • Tube distortion
  • Amplifier/cabinet/mic simulator
  • Stereo chorus
  • Cab Combinations
  • Delay
  • Create Unique Sounds
  • Reverb

Amplistortion | Windows

Cute Emily Guitar

Cute Emily Guitar VST Plugin
Cute Emily Guitar

This is an electric guitar plugin named Cute Emily Guitar which is a free download from Bigcat Instruments.

This is a sample of an SG-type Epiphone electric guitar by Karoryfer. After this plugin, you’ll need a guitar amp simulation, as the recording was dry.

Cute Emily | PC / Mac

Bass Grinder Free

Bass Grinder Free
Bass Grinder Free

Bass Grinder Free is the ultimate metal guitar bass machine, it can be plugged into any bass track, and it creates mix-ready tones that are not only powerful but also aggressive.

Bass Grinder Free has two amplifiers and three cabinets that you can mix in any combination.

Bass Grinder | PC / Mac

Bass Grinder Preview

OMB2 Amp Simulation

OMB2 VST Plugin

A studio-sampled electric bass guitar plugin, OMB 2 delivers stunning studio bass sounds. A realistic playing response is achieved with 128 presets, flanger, delay, tremolo, distortion effects, and tone velocity control.

OMB 2, an electric bass plugin with excellent sound quality and a wide range of features.

  • 128 Presets
  • Delay
  • Flanger
  • Distortion
  • Tremolo

OMB2 | Windows

Digital Acoustic

Digital Acoustic
Digital Acoustic

Digital Acoustic uses electronic technology to create acoustic guitar sounds. You can adjust the sound of the instrument with controls that help it resonate in a specific way.

Digital Acoustic | Windows


Strat-A-Various VST Plugin

Strat-A-Various is a plugin for electric guitars. There are 16 different presets that will get you started making ear-wrenching sounds that are perfect for blues, rock, and metal music.

The 16 presets of this plugin make it an excellent option for all types of music. It’s also possible to tweak the sound to your liking.

Strat-A-Various | PC


Juicy77 - Free Guitar Amp VST Plugins for FL Studio

The Juicy 77 amplifier is modeled after the solid design and sound of Fender’s legendary Twin Reverb. The goal is to give the user a clear, punchy sound.

Juicy77 | Windows

Knuckle Head

Knuckle Head VST Plugin
Knuckle Head

Used for distortion and also to lower the volume of the sound. Knucklehead is a high-powered sound reinforcement amp. Great for rock music!

Knuckle Head | Windows / Mac

Knuckle Head Preview

The Anvil

The Anvil VST Plugin
The Anvil

The Anvil is an emulation of a three-channel tube preamplifier for the guitar. It’s been designed to accurately model its natural hardware counterpart, built by Andy Zeugs.

The Anvil has three independent channels with different signal paths and separate tone stack controls. The clean channel provides clear tones even at high-gain settings.

The Anvil | Windows / Mac

Anvil Preview


Tribe VST Plugin

The Tribe is a clean amp and pickup simulator. It offers pure, crystal-clear sound with the potential for further customization.

The Tribe is a pedal that provides a smooth tone and allows you to load the impulse response file of your choice.

  • Load External Impulses
  • 24 Pickup Models
  • Built-In Stereo Imager

Tribe | Windows

LABS Charango

LABS Charango
LABS Charango | Virtual Guitars

LABS Charango is a plucked guitar-like instrument by Spitfire Audio.

Charango | PC / Mac

What Is The Best Free Guitar VST Plugin?

The top 5 best free guitar plugins are Guitar Harmonics, Ample Bass P Lite II, Ample Guitar M Lite II, DSK Dynamic Guitars, and Shreddage 3 Stratus Free. These plugins offer a variety of features and high-quality sounds.

What Is The Difference Between Guitar VSTs & Amp VSTs?

Guitar VST plugins are virtual instruments that mimic the sound of a physical guitar. They recreate classic amplifiers and offer a wide range of effects, allowing you to build your tone quickly.

Many virtual guitars also include models that will enable you to emulate different types of guitars as well as various pickup configurations. This can be very helpful in giving your mixes a unique sound.

Amp VST plugins are more specialized than plugins because they focus strictly on the sounds produced by an amp rather than those produced by playing the guitar through an amplifier.

Amp plugins provide users with realistic emulations of vintage and modern amps, speaker cabinets, microphones, preamps, and stomp boxes so they can faithfully recreate classic tones without actually owning or plugging in any hardware equipment whatsoever.

With many high-quality Amp Plugins available today, such as Waves’ GTR3 or IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 4 Max bundle, it is easier than ever before to get excellent-sounding recordings right out of the box without spending thousands on expensive studio gear.

We hope you find these free guitar VSTs helpful. These plugins are great free alternatives to paid plugins like Heavyocity Scoring Guitars, GTR3, IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX, MusicLab RealEight Electric Guitar, Spitfire Ambient Guitars, and more.

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