25 Free Drum Sample Packs

Here is a collection of free drum sample packs to add to your music-making collection.

Having a diverse library of sounds is great for producers to create high-quality music. I have found an assortment of free drum samples from various genres, styles, and producers. This includes packs from legendary music icons, vintage drum machines, and percussion libraries.

I have downloaded and tested many of these free drum sample packs and created a few video demos so you can hear the samples.

Free Drum Sample Packs

  1. 9th Wonder Kit
  2. Producer’s Elements
  3. Giant Vinyl Drums Pack
  4. Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack
  5. Slightly Cracked Drum Sample Packs
  6. Southside Kit
  7. Jahlil Beats Sound Kit
  8. Cool & Dre Drum Kit Vol.2
  9. MMG Drum Kit
  10. The Ultimate Producer Collection
  11. 1,000 free drum samples
  12. And More

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Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

9th Wonder Kit

9th Wonder Drum Kit
9th Wonder Drum Kit

The 9th Wonder Drum Kit is a free drum sample library for music creators. It draws inspiration from the iconic hip-hop producer 9th Wonder.

This collection includes a wide selection of kicks, snares, hats, percussions, and other samples perfect for creating classic hip-hop and boom-bap beats.

With 515 samples and a file size of 22.44 MB in WAV format, this drum kit caters to hip-hop genres, offering unique sounds for your music projects.

  • 515 high-quality samples
  • 22.44 MB in size
  • Available in WAV format
  • Inspired by 9th Wonder
  • Includes kicks, snares, hats
  • Perfect for hip-hop, boom bap
  • Created by Beatsmith

Download Here

Producer’s Elements Free Sample Pack

Producers Elements Free Sample Pack
Producers Elements Free Sample Pack

The Producer’s Elements Free Sample Pack by Piggysounds offers 128 high-quality, versatile audio samples for music creators of all genres.

These samples include kick drums, snare drums, analog basses, Rhodes elements, and sweeps & raisers. They were recorded at Piggysounds using professional instruments, microphones, preamps, and A/D converters.

The pack, with its variety of sounds, is designed to improve your music production. It is available for free download.

  • 128 high-quality samples
  • Recorded with top-quality gear
  • Includes kick and snare drums
  • Analog basses from classic synths
  • Rhodes elements with effects
  • Sweeps & raisers for transitions
  • 48 kHz @ 24 bits quality
  • 160MB

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Giant Vinyl Drums Pack

Giant Vinyl Drums Pack
Giant Vinyl Drums Pack

The Giant Vinyl Drums Pack offers a large selection of one-shot drum samples. These samples are recorded from old jazz, funk, soul, and disco records.

With 282 samples in total, this pack is perfect for music creators looking to add a vintage touch to their tracks. 

The files are in WAV format, 16-bit, 44100 Hz, stereo, and the entire pack is a compact 15 MB download.

  • 282 drum samples
  • Recorded from jazz, funk, soul records
  • Authentic vintage sound
  • WAV format, 16-bit quality
  • 44100 Hz, stereo
  • Compact 15 MB download
  • Perfect for vintage music tracks

Download Here

Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack

Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack
Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack

The Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack offers sixty-five free kick drum samples from the Jomox MBase 01. This collection captures the unique tones of a notable analog drum synthesizer.

After recording the sounds, they were processed and organized into a user-friendly sample pack. These free samples are available in 24-bit mono WAV format and are ready to improve any music project.

The pack is licensed under Creative Commons, allowing for universal use.

  • 65 kick drum samples
  • 24-bit mono WAV
  • Processed with effects
  • Labeled for easy use
  • 3.85 MB download size
  • Creative Commons license

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Slightly Cracked Drum Sample Packs

Slightly Cracked
Slightly Cracked | Free Drum Sample Packs

Explore the “Slightly Cracked – 18 Drum Kits” on Hipstrumentals. This rich soundkit includes everything from the 9th Wonder Drum Kit and Scott Storch Sounds to a West Coast Sounds package and even a Whoo Kid Gun Sound Library.

Perfect for music producers or anyone interested in sound design, this link takes you to an impressive array of drum kits and extra effects for your audio projects.

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Southside Kit

Southside Kit
Southside Kit

Sound Kit Contains: Trap Bellz, Soundfonts, Kicks, Hi-Hats, Crashes, Claps, and more.

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Jahlil Beats Sound Kit

Jahlil Beats Sound Kit
Jahlil Beats Sound Kit

The Jahlil Beats Sound Kit offers a great collection of sounds designed for music creators who want to add Jahlil Beats’ unique style to their tracks.

This kit includes deep 808s, crisp claps and snares, sharp hats, and powerful kicks. It also features percussion sounds, unique soundfonts, and a wide selection of sounds and instruments that can improve any project.

  • Deep 808 samples
  • Crisp claps and snares
  • Sharp hi-hats
  • Powerful kick drums
  • Versatile percussion sounds
  • Free soundfonts
  • Wide selection of sounds & instruments

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Cool & Dre Drum Kit Vol.2

Cool And Dre Drum Kit Vol 2
Cool And Dre Drum Kit Vol 2

A free sample pack inspired by the production group Cool & Dre.

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MMG Drum Kit

MMG Drum Kit
MMG Drum Kit

This is one of the best free Maybach music drum kits online. This is another free kit made by drum kit supply.

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Drummer’s Paradise

The whole thing adds up to 216 WAV files, adding up to 28.9 MB.

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The Ultimate Producer Collection

The Ultimate Producer Collection
The Ultimate Producer Collection | Free Drum Sample Packs

1Gb Free Drum Kit Over 1 Gigabyte Of Free Drum Kits, Sounds, And Samples By Major Industry Producers From Their Chart-Topping Hits! This Is A Perfect Sound Collection For Starters!

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1,000 free drum samples

1000 Free Drum Samples
1000 Free Drum Samples

SampleRadar offers a huge selection of drum samples for music creators. This package features 1,000 drum samples, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, and crashes.

The samples are sorted into three categories: Assorted Hits, Drum Kits, and Rex Loops. There are sub-folders for various types of hits and kits, covering both acoustic and electronic sounds.

All samples are in WAV format for easy use in any DAW or sampler.

REX format loops are also included and are compatible with any software that supports them.

These royalty-free sounds can be used in your music projects without any restrictions except for redistribution.

  • Features kicks, snares, hi-hats
  • Ready-to-use loops
  • Samples in WAV format
  • REX format loops included
  • Royalty-free for music use

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Rock Drum Kit – Scott Drums is a sample library of a rock drum kit, available for Native Instruments Kontakt. This library is provided free of charge for personal or commercial use.

Dr. Dre Kit – Over 150 free drum samples. Drum kit inspired by Dr. Dre.

Hi Tek Drum Kit – Over 120 free samples. Inspired by the two music producers, Hi-Tek and Nottz.

J Dilla Kit – Over 400 free drum samples.

Jazze Pha Drum Kit – Over 200 drum samples.

Kanye West Sample Kit – 100+ free samples.

10+ Sample Packs – The Best Free Drum Kits For Download

Kanye West “One Day Legendary” – Free drum kit to download.

Rick Ross Sample Pack – This is a free Ludacris & Rick Ross drum kit by DJ Pain 1.

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To sum up, drum samples, sample packs, and drum sample packs are all essential tools in music production, especially for genres like hip hop.

The world of free drum samples is vast, with a wide selection of free drum kits and vintage drum machine samples readily available for download. Free samples from these drum libraries can help you achieve the best drum sound, whether you’re looking for real drum samples or electronic music tones.

This ultimate collection of drums and samples can help you create distinctive drum patterns and melodies.

Now, let’s dive into 10 bonus tips on how to use Free Drum Sample Packs to create music:

  1. Experiment – Don’t be afraid to try different sample packs. The variation will bring uniqueness to your sound.
  2. Layer Sounds – Use multiple drum sounds to add depth and richness to your beats.
  3. Pitch Shift – Alter the pitch of your drum samples to create new, unique sounds.
  4. Slice and Dice – Cut up drum loops to create your own unique rhythms.
  5. Mix and Match: Use samples from different drum kits to create a unique sound. Don’t limit yourself to just one sample pack.
  6. Reverb & Effects – Apply effects like reverb or delay to your drum sounds for extra depth and atmosphere.
  7. Tune Your Drums – Make sure your drum sounds are in tune with the rest of your track to ensure cohesiveness.
  8. Quantize with Care – While quantizing can make your beats sound great, a little swing can add a human feel to your rhythms.
  9. Make Use of One Shot Samples – One-shot samples are great for adding unique hits to your drum patterns.
  10. Learn and Recreate – Try to recreate your favorite beats to understand how they were made. This will improve your drum programming skills.

In the realm of music production, the best samples are often free downloads, and there’s a wealth of free stuff out there to help you craft your sound.

Whether you’re looking to create your own drums or compile an extensive sample collection, the world of free packs is your playground. So why wait? Dive in and discover the best drum sounds for your music today. I hope you enjoy these free drum sample packs.

We also have tons of free music samples to add to your music collection.

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