100 Free Sample Packs For Music Producers, DJs, & Musicians

Here are the best free sample packs for music producers, musicians, and music creators looking to elevate their tracks without breaking the bank. These free samples add up to over 3GB of samples.

With a diverse range of free samples, including drum kits, synth samples, atmospheric pads, and even farm animal sounds, there’s something for everyone on this comprehensive list.

Whether you’re crafting hip-hop beats, producing electronic music, or experimenting with cinematic scoring, these free sample packs will provide endless inspiration and fuel your creativity.

Dive into this treasure trove of free audio resources and start creating your next musical masterpiece today.

If you are looking for more free music samples, we have tons of helpful articles available.

Best Free Sample Packs & Free Samples
Best Free Sample Packs & Free Samples

Free Sample Packs to Download

Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the free sample pack download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

All the links combined add up to 100+ free sample packs. A few links offer multiple sample packs.

1. Drum & Bass Pad Samples – Get ready to create some amazing beats with Hipstrumentals’ Drum and Bass Pad Samples Sound Kit. This kit is packed with over 70 unique sounds designed to inspire your next drum and bass masterpiece.

3. Im A Music Mogul ( 20+ Free Sample Packs ) – Get your hands on IAMM’s incredible collection of archived sample packs! These packs, available for download on their website, feature over 20 sets inspired by major music artists like Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Big Sean, Post Malone, and Justin Bieber, among others. Whether you’re creating hip-hop beats or crafting pop melodies, this diverse selection offers something for every music creator. The sample packs are located on the lower half of the page, ready for you to explore and integrate into your music.

3. Karoryfer ( 20+ Free Sample Packs ) – Expand your music-making arsenal with Karoryfer’s free sample libraries, offering over 20 free sample pack options that cover a wide range of instruments and sounds. From the unique tones of the ‘Big Rusty Drums’ and ‘Unruly Drums’ to the soothing pizzicato of ‘Sneakybass’ and the eerie notes of ‘Scarypiano’, this collection has something for every music creator. There are even more eclectic sounds, like ‘Squidpipes’ made from a squid, and ‘Caveman Cosmonaut’ featuring analog keys from the 80s. These sample libraries are released under a Creative Commons Zero license, making them free for you to use in your musical projects.

4. Game Boy Drum Kit – A unique and free sample pack inspired by the classic Nintendo Game Boy. With 64 original 8-bit drum samples, all recorded through a compact tube preamp, this pack captures the vintage essence of the Game Boy’s sound. Alongside the drum hits, there’s a bonus collection of special effects, arpeggios, and some catchy pulse wave bass sounds.

5. Percussa Toolbox 348 MB – Explore the captivating world of sound with the Percussa Toolbox free sample pack. A free collection of high-quality percussion samples meticulously crafted by a renowned sound designer. This impressive library features 89 royalty-free percussive hits, including traditional instruments like shakers, cymbals, and chimes, as well as some unique sounds from rare percussive instruments like the ocean drum and thunder tube. In addition to classic percussion, you’ll find a variety of special effects sounds created using innovative techniques. The samples are provided in 24-bit WAV format and include an NKI instrument patch for NI Kontakt. Support Richard’s future work with a donation, and don’t forget to browse more of his outstanding sound collections available for free download. Dive into this rich and versatile sonic universe to enhance your music or sound design projects.

6. Samples of Tenalach 219 MB – Embark on a sonic adventure with Samples of Tenalach, an extraordinary toolbox filled with futuristic sound effects and otherworldly sonic textures. This captivating collection is the third and final installment in a trilogy of free sci-fi SFX libraries created by Johan Ekelove, aka Introspectral. Perfect for electronic music transitions, video game backgrounds, and film trailers, these mesmerizing sounds evoke a deep connection to the Earth. The library contains 91 individual sounds, organized into four categories and accompanied by instrument patches in both NKI and SFZ format. Discover the magic of Introspectral’s innovative soundscapes and elevate your projects with these truly unique audio experiences.

7. Techno & Tech House Samples – This free sample pack offers over 70MB of high-quality audio elements, including drum grooves, synth lines, chords, vocals, and sound effects. Inspired by renowned labels and artists, these sounds will give your music a professional edge. The collection includes drum loops recorded at 126 BPM and MIDI files for each melodic loop, sound effects, and a batch of one-shot drum hits. Best of all, the content is 100% royalty-free, copyright free, and perfect for music creators at any level. If you enjoy the taster pack ( free version ), the link offers access to the full collection.

8. OVO Sound Kit – Get inspired with the OVO Sound Pack, a free drum kit influenced by the unique styles of popular artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Party Next Door, and Lil’ Wayne. This sample library offers a variety of sounds for your beat-making endeavors, including 808s, sound effects, claps, hi-hats, crashes, cymbals, kicks, percussions, snaps, and snares. If you’re aiming to bring a touch of Drake’s distinctive sound to your beats, this sound pack is a great place to begin.

9. Simply Space 408 MB – A free collection of atmospheric pads and melodic hits crafted by the talented electronic music producer, Nigel Good. This royalty-free sound library will transport your music to new dimensions with its diverse set of spacious melodic pads and emotional synth stabs. Perfect for adding depth and lively background textures to your compositions, these free sounds blend seamlessly with chords in any key, instantly imbuing your mix with a sense of depth and space.

10. Free Synth Sample Pack – Boost your music production with this free sample pack from Hip Hop Makers. This pack offers 20 unique synth samples and loops, ready to download and enrich your music collection. Whether you’re working on a personal or commercial project, these royalty-free synth sounds are available for use across different genres. This free sample pack includes WAV files with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, a bit rate of 16, and a stereo audio channel. With a total file size of 20 MB, these versatile synth sounds are exclusively available on Hip Hop Makers.

Synths Samples | Free Sample Pack

11. Farm Animal Sounds Sound Pack – 90 MB – Farm animal sounds in this sound pack are the ones you will find on most farms in middle Europe – no exotic animals like Llama sounds or crocodiles sounds.

12. Korg Triton Drum Kit – The Korg Triton is a world-famous keyboard used in thousands of studios and live performances around the world. This drum kit is sampled from a Triton for your enjoyment.

13. Project Pegasus 298 MB – This free sample pack offers a rich palette of over 100 dreamy analog arpeggios, lush strings, and ambient soundscapes, crafted by renowned composer and sound designer, Bryan Lake, also known as Sound Author. Offering an extensive range of cinematic and ambient sounds, perfect for cinematic scoring, ambient soundtracks, and various music genres. From majestic soundscapes to powerful bass samples, you can experiment and layer these sounds to create your unique auditory experience. The pack also includes a custom script for Kontakt 5 patches and comes in a 24-bit WAV format, neatly organized into three different folders for convenience.

14. Yeezus Inspired Samples – Dive into the world of Kanye West-inspired music with Producer Grind’s free sample pack! This unique collection contains 22 carefully selected samples that resonate with Kanye’s distinctive ‘Yeezus’ sound. The pack is lightweight at only 13 MB, and it’s all set for your next music project.

15. Rekkerd ( 60 Free Sample Packs ) – Dive into the world of sound with Rekkerd’s extensive collection of sample packs, designed to bring your music production to life. This resource offers an array of sounds, from the analog drum kits of ‘Boom Boutique’ to the unique field recordings of ‘Prism House.’ Explore loops, one-shots, vocals, and instruments from various genres and sources. Whether you’re producing Techno, Psytrance, or exploring sound design, Rekkerd offers a wealth of options. With continual updates, there’s always something new to discover. Enhance your audio experience with Rekkerd Sample Packs today.

16. HItz N Stabz – 35MB

17. Big Samples – Drums, Bass, voices

18. Punching Percussion – 105 audio samples 26.5 MB

19. Roland Fantom Drum Kit

20. Free Guitar Bass Sample Pack – This free sample pack includes 25 free live bass samples.

21. White Noise SFX – Free collection of white noise sound effects.

22. Music Machines – Akai MPC sounds,  Roland TR samples, Yamaha samples, Minimoog, and more.

23. Mangling Audio – 149 glitch samples – 547 MB size on disk

24. Rhythm Lab – You have to look through their many articles to find free downloads.

25. Free Music Loops – Free-Loops.com provides free drum loops and audio clip downloads to the music production community.

26. Machine Samples – Drum WAV samples.

27. Beats & Samples – Free drums sample pack.

28. Ultimate Production Kit – Over 10,000 high-quality samples and sounds. Click the Google Drive link under the title.

29. Brass Samples Sound Kit – Over 70 different free samples.

30. Free Vinyl Fills – Hip Hop Drum Pack By DJ Pain 12MB

31. Free Drum Loops Sample Pack – These royalty-free sounds can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

32. Piano Loops Kit – This free sample pack contains 3 smooth piano loops, bass samples, and snares.

33. Scream & Die FX  – Free sample pack of vocal samples.

34. 673 Samples Drum Kit – This drum kit contains 673 one-shot WAV samples split between 6 folders: Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hats, Cymbals, and Percussions.

35. Church Bells – One WAV file.

36. Free Lo-Fi Samples – This free sample pack includes 20 free Lofi samples.

These are some of the best free sample packs online for music producers and DJs that offer an abundance of resources for your music projects.

With tons of royalty-free free sample packs and compatibility with most DAWs, you can easily incorporate hip-hop samples, melody loops, and drum loops into your tracks.

The availability of one-shots and free samples in these sample packs allows for endless creativity and experimentation.

Don’t hesitate to explore free sounds and free sample pack options online, as they can significantly enhance your productions and performances.

We hope you found this list of free sample packs and free samples helpful.

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