58 Best Free String VST Plugins

Here are the best free string VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST-supported software.

What Is A String VST Plugin?

A string VST plugin is a software plugin that musicians can use to simulate the sound of a string instrument. A string instrument can be a violin, cello, harp, or synthesized string instrument.

There are many different types of string VST plugins, but they all have one thing in common, they produce the sound of a string instrument.

String VST instruments are popular in classical music, film scores, and many popular music genres.

Want to find some awesome free VST plugins to enhance your music projects? Look no further!

Free String VST Plugins for FL Studio ( Best String VSTs )
Best Free String VST Plugins

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best String VST Plugins

We have included string plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

  1. DSK Overture
  2. Orchestral Strings One
  3. Labs Strings
  4. Total Composure Orchestra
  5. DSK World StringZ
  6. Labs Strings 2
  7. DSK Strings
  8. Section Strings
  9. Matnitron String VST
  10. LABS Frozen Strings
  11. Sample Science French Violin
  12. The Free Orchestra
  13. Serpo
  14. Labs Amplified Cello Quartet
  15. Orchestral Tools Layers
  16. VSCO 2 Free String VST
  17. Orchestra Discover
  18. One Track Orchestra
  19. Big Bang Orchestra
  20. Cellofan
  21. Etherealwinds Harp
  22. Edirol Orchestral
  23. Virtual Playing Orchestra
  24. More Strings

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each string VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

DSK Overture

DSK Overture - Best Free String VST Plugins
DSK Overture

DSK Overture is a great-sounding, full-featured string VST plugin that lets you play four different instruments simultaneously. With its 40 instruments, 1 drum kit, and 10 internal combos, it’s perfect for creating rich, detailed music.

The plugin also comes with an amp envelope, MIDI channel selector, panorama control, level, gain & mute control, advanced multimode filter, filter amp envelope, and FX (reverb, delay & chorus) controls.

It also supports MIDI automation and velocity response, making it easy to play your music with the perfect sound. So if you’re looking for a powerful and great-sounding string VST plugin, DSK Overture is a perfect choice.

  • 40 Instruments
  • 1 Drum Kit
  • 10 Internal Combos
  • Amp Envelope
  • MIDI Channel Selector
  • Panorama Control
  • Level, Gain & Mute Control
  • Advanced Multimode Filter
  • Filter Amp Envelope

Plugin | Windows

DSK Overture Demo

Best String VST Plugins

Orchestral Strings One

Orchestral Strings One VST Plugin
Orchestral Strings One

This string VST is a unique and innovative virtual string instrument that contains 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos, and 6 double basses. The makers used an advanced Neo Hybrid Modeling Engine to create such a large and realistic-sounding instrument. This engine makes the full strings section while only taking up 200MB of space.

The plugin also has an innovative Key Switch and Controller system, which makes it ideal for use in live performance. This system allows you to switch between Staccato, Pizzicato, Legato, Cresando, Decresando, PFP, Vibrato, Tremolo, Trills, and Sordino by Key Switches and MIDI Controllers.

Additionally, the user has full control over the legato system. There is also an Auto Rhythm Tool which helps with playing repeated notes quickly and efficiently. Another great feature of this VST is the built-in 64-Steps Sequencer. It enables users to compose their string phrases most quickly and efficiently.

  • 14 Violins, 10 Violas, 8 Cellos and 6 Double Basses
  • Key Switch and Controller system
  • 64-Step Sequencer
  • Orchestral Strings
  • Auto Rhythm Tool

Plugin | Mac / Windows

Labs Strings

Labs Strings VST Plugin
Spitfire Audio Labs Strings VST Plugin

The Labs String VST plugin allows you to playback string instruments recorded in a recording studio and played by fourteen string players. Several microphones were used to record this ensemble, including a vintage BBC AXB1.

It is a great free alternative to the Spitfire chamber strings and Spitfire symphonic strings.

Labs | Mac / Windows

The Total Composure Orchestra

The Total Composure Orchestra VST Plugin
Total Composure Orchestra

The Total Composure orchestra is an entire strings library created using only samples in the public domain.

Total Composure is the first to offer such a symphonic library exclusively for the Kontakt format, using Kontakt’s scripting capabilities to greatly enhance the playability, realism, and functionality of these public domain samples.

  • Symphonic Strings
  • String Library

Plugin | Windows

Total Composure Orchestra Demo

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DSK World StringZ

DSK World StringZ - Best String VST Plugins
DSK World StringZ

The DSK World StringZ plugin offers eight world-string instruments, including a Celtic harp, Cumbus, Dobro, Kanun, Koto, Dulcimer, Tar, and Turkish oud.

DSK World | Windows

DSK World Demo

Spitfire Audio Labs Strings 2

Labs Strings 2 VST Plugin
Spitfire Audio Labs Strings 2 | Best Strings VST Plugins

Labs Strings 2 offers new string sounds such as Pizzicato, Swells Ensembles, and Bartok Pizz, performed by London’s best string players.

These high-quality strings will add texture and vibrancy to your music projects. A great alternative to Spitfire Symphonic Strings.

Labs | PC / Mac

DSK Strings

DSK Strings
DSK Strings ( Best Strings VST Plugins)

DSK Strings is a powerful and versatile string VST plugin that provides you with all the tools to create realistic string sounds. It features two layers and 22 waveforms.

You can use the octave select and micro-detuner to create a wide range of sounds and effects (delay, flanger) to add even more depth and realism.

The included instruments (cello, contrabass, viola, violin) sound great, and the MIDI automation makes it easy to create complex and realistic string parts.

  • Two layers
  • 22 waveforms each
  • Octave select and micro-detuner
  • Effects (delay, flanger)
  • Included instruments: cello, contrabass, viola, violin
  • MIDI automation

DSK Plugin | Windows

DSK Demo

Section Strings

Section Strings Plugin
Section Strings VST Plugin

The Section Strings plugin includes 5 octaves worth of cello and viola samples, recorded across 61 keys, with controls for gain, panning, ADSR, and a built-in reverb effect.

Plugin | Windows

Plugin Preview

Matnitron String VST

Matnitron VST Plugin

Matnitron is a one-preset strings module with an amplitude envelope generator.

Matnitron is available as a string instrument plugin for Windows, and it is free.

Matnitron | Windows

Matnitron Demo

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LABS Frozen Strings

LABS Frozen Strings VST Plugin
LABS Frozen Strings VST Plugin

The library was recorded with six-string players in a completely dry setting. The result is a sound of stark beauty, which fits perfectly against low, grey skies. The uncluttered interface and easy-to-use controls make it a great choice for those looking to add a touch of beauty to their music.

If you’re looking for a string VST that’s beautiful and simple, this is a great choice. You’re sure to find a use for it in any music, from ambient to electronica and beyond.

  • Six-string players
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Uncluttered interface

LABS Plugin | Mac / Windows


Sample Science French Violin

Sample Science French Violin
Sample Science French Violin

With this free French Violin plugin by Sample Science, you get a multi-sampled violin with a lot of character. This instrument sounds very warm and natural when played as an authentic French violin.

It is the perfect violin plugin for adding strings to music projects without taking up a lot of space on your computer.

There are six articulations in the French Violin plugin, including arco vibrato, pizzicato vibrato, pizzicato non-vibrato, arco non-vibrato, tremolo, and spiccato.

Sample Science | Mac / PC

The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra VST Plugin
The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra is a plugin that is designed to simulate an orchestra. It has a variety of string instruments, and it can be used for anything from classical compositions to pop music. Great free alternative to the EastWest Hollywood Strings, Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Strings, and Audiobro LA Scoring Strings.

  • 12 Free Virtual Instruments
  • 1 GB Library Size String Library
  • Works with Free Kontakt Player

The Free Orchestra | Mac / Windows


Serpo VST Plugin

The Serpo plugin offers various virtual instruments such as Violin, Bass, Drums, Piano, guitar, and more. It includes samples recorded by musicians around the world.

Serpo | PC / Mac / AU

Labs Amplified Cello Quartet

Amplified Cello Quartet VST Plugin
Amplified Cello Quartet

The Amplified Cello Quartet plugin is one of the best Cello plugins available. Christian Henson and Harry Wilson recorded the cellos and amps in separate rooms.

Amplified Quartet | PC / Mac

Orchestral Tools Layers

Orchestral Strings
Orchestral Tools Layers

The Layers plugin is a free orchestral plugin with various string instruments to use with your music compositions.

  • 17GB of Samples
  • Includes Strings, Brass, & Woodwinds

Layers | PC / Mac

VSCO 2 Free String VST

VSCO 2 VST Plugin VST Plugin

The VSCO 2 plugin offers a variety of virtual string instruments such as Harps, Violins, Violas, Contrabass, Cellos, and more. It also includes woodwinds, brass instruments, percussions, and other popular orchestra instruments.

VSCO 2 | PC / Mac / Soundfonts

Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra Discover

Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra Discover
Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra Discover

The Symphony Orchestra Discover plugin includes 33 instruments, such as strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussions, and is compatible with most music programs.

This plugin is an excellent free alternative to the Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings, EastWest Hollywood Strings, Audiobro LA Scoring Strings, Output Analog Strings, and Cinematic Session Strings.

Spitfire Audio | PC / Mac

One Track Orchestra

One Track Orchestra - FREE Orchestral VSTi
One Track Orchestra

There are a variety of orchestra sounds included in One Track Orchestra VST plugins. These include strings, violins, brass, percussion, cellos, pizzicato, and flutes.

One Track | Windows

Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic String Library Big Bang Orchestra
Vienna Symphonic String Library Big Bang Orchestra

With the Big Bang Orchestra plugin, you will get 1.4 GB of free symphonic sounds, including virtual string instruments.

Big Bang | PC / Mac


Cellofan VST Plugin

Cellofan is a unique string VST plugin that emulates the sound of a classical cello. It features an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of options, perfect for beginners and professionals.

With its attack and release controls, you can create realistic cello sounds that will add a new dimension to your music. So be sure to check out Cellofan if you’re looking for a great-sounding and simple plugin.

  • Emulates the sound of a classical cello
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Attack and release controls

Cellofan | Windows

Cellofan Preview

Etherealwinds Harp

Etherealwinds Harp VST Plugin
Etherealwinds Harp

Etherealwinds Harp is a sampled diatonic folk harp that was recorded by the musician Etherealwinds on Newgrounds.

  • Diatonically sampled, 2x RR, three velocity layers.
  • Celtic Lever/Folk Harp with a delicate, warm tone.
  • Full Decays Sampled.
  • Samples are mono (Kontakt version includes faux stereo width option).
  • NKI version included.

Etherealwinds | PC / Mac

Etherealwinds Preview

Edirol Orchestral

Edirol Orchestral VST Plugin
Edirol Orchestral

Edirol orchestral is an orchestra plugin that houses an array of realistic acoustic sounds, such as strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, percussion, and keyboards.

The plugin can produce up to 16-part and 128-voice polyphony, which makes it ideal for creating complex and realistic arrangements. With Edirol orchestral, you can add realistic articulations to your sounds, such as vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato and spiccato.

This plugin also comes with fully assignable MIDI control. This means that you can customize your workflows to suit your specific needs.

Eventually, Edirol Orchestral will become one of your go-to plugins for creating realistic and beautiful-sounding arrangements.

  • 16-part, 128-voice polyphony
  • Realistic articulations such as vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato and spiccato
  • Fully assignable MIDI control
  • String Articulations

Plugin | Windows

Virtual Playing Orchestra

Virtual Playing Orchestra
Virtual Playing Orchestra

There are a variety of solo strings and section instruments for woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion in the Virtual Playing Orchestra.

With this library, you can choose from various articulations on most instruments for an authentic sound—a great free alternative to the Hein Solo Strings plugin.

Plugin | PC / Mac

Sonatina Orchestra

Sonatina Orchestra Module
Sonatina Orchestra

The Sonatina Orchestra Module is a complete orchestral instrument plugin that has everything you need to create an entire symphony with just a few clicks.

The module contains over 20 instruments, from violins and cellos to brass and woodwinds, all recorded in meticulous detail.

The Instrument articulations include pizzicato for the string sections, staccato for strings, flute, and brass sections.

Sonatina | Windows

Bigcat Cello

Bigcat Cello VST Plugin
Bigcat Cello

The Bigcat Cello is designed to be as expressive and flexible as possible, with controllable variations in vibrato and legato. These effect pads are close-miked, giving you precise control.

This plugin comes with sustains, staccato, and pizzicato samples, up to 4 velocity layers with round robins.

It’s also worth trying out the Native Instruments Kontakt version of this plugin if you’re looking for a string library.

  • Kontakt String Library

Bigcat Plugin | PC / Mac

Bigcat Cello Preview

Virharmonic Violin Freebie

Virharmonic VST Plugin

The team at Virharmonic has produced some free and beautiful violin instrument sounds. They’re called the Violin Freebie, and you need to download their free UVI player to host them.

  • All String Sample Articulations Were Chromatically Sampled
  • 4 Dynamic Layers & 4 Round Robins

Virharmonic | PC / Mac / AU / AAX

Virharmonic Preview

Sonatina Cello

Sonatina Cello VST Plugin
Sonatina Cello

Sonatina Cello is a sampled cello with an incredibly realistic sound. The four groups of samples (solo strings, celli sustain, celli staccato, celli pizzicato) have been edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library, and they sound fantastic.

Sonatina | PC / Mac

VSCO2 Violin

VSCO2 Violin & String VST Plugin
VSCO2 Violin & String VST Plugin

The VSCO2 Violin is a standalone violin instrument modeled after the sound of a real acoustic violin.

It features a range of articulations, including pizzicato, tremolo, spiccato and sul ponticello. It is an excellent choice if you want to add some violin parts to your song.

VSCO2 | PC / Mac

VSCO2 Preview

Sound Magic Strings One

Sound Magic Strings One VST Plugin
Sound Magic Strings One

String One is an amazing software that provides solo strings and string ensembles. Powered by the latest Neo Orchestra Engine, it gives you an incredible experience with string instruments.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can create beautiful music with ease. So, if you’re looking for a string VST with great features and an easy-to-use interface, this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Neo Orchestra Engine
  • String Ensemble
  • Solo Strings
  • Simple interface

Sound Magic | PC / Mac

Cello Freebie

Cello Freebie | Best Strings VST Plugins
Cello Freebie | Best Strings VST Plugins

The Cello Freebie is a free plugin that can be downloaded and used in any DAW. This is a cello plugin with 1,372 samples and 4 round robins. It is a simple instrument with a few controls, and it is capable of creating some exciting sounds.

Plugin | Windows

Karoryfer x bigcat Cello ( Kontakt)

Karoryfer x bigcat Cello | Kontakt String Libraries
Karoryfer x bigcat Cello | Kontakt String Libraries

This is a cello Kontakt sound library with an extensive range of features. The cello sounds realistic, and the sustains and pizzicato are convincing.

The plugin has four layers of velocity that respond to the degree by which they are plucked or struck.

Karoryfer | PC / Mac

DSK Virtuoso String Plugin

DSK Virtuoso VST Plugin
DSK Virtuoso

The DSK Virtuoso plugin is a must-have for music composers and producers looking for a string sound. You can control ADSR, level, and pan for 40-string instruments in six categories.

You can also assign each layer to a different MIDI channel, making it easy to create string parts that sound realistic and lifelike. It will quickly become one of your go-to synth VST strings plugins.

DSK Virtuoso also has two send effects: chorus and delay, and one master reverb effect, giving you even more control over the string sound.

The velocity response feature is also nice, ensuring that your strings sound natural and realistic.

DSK Virtuoso | Windows


Orpheus VST Plugin

Orpheus is a string and organ machine.

  • 2 generators with 3 strings type + organ.
  • 128 voices polyphonic.
  • Unison.
  • Drift.
  • Mono mode with portamento.
  • Vibrato.
  • 3 bands resonators with LFO and randomize button.
  • Low / High EQ.
  • Chorus.
  • Delay.
  • Auto-Pan.
  • Tremolo.
  • Fake LCD display for patch management.

Orpheus | Windows

Orpheus Preview

String Synthesizer

String Synthesizer VST Plugin
String Synthesizer

Emulation of string synthesizers from the late ’70s made famous by ARP and Solina.

It features a full ADSR envelope generator, a small effect section with a phaser, a delay, and the string ensemble effect.

Included are 40 patches by Tim Conrardy, UGO, Matthew DeMeritt, and Dr. Ambient.

Plugin | Windows

pocketBlakus Cello ( Kontact )

pocketBlakus Cello ( Kontact )
pocketBlakus Cello ( Kontact )

The pocketBlakus Cello is a free Kontact sound library.

PocketBlakus | Windows

Sonatina Violin

Sonatina Violin VST Plugin
Sonatina Violin

Sonatina Violin is a free, sampled violin that can be played with MIDI.

Edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library, this virtual instrument is a great free alternative to the Chris Hein Solo Violin plugin.

  • Solo Violin
  • Violins Sustains
  • Violins Tremolos
  • Violins Staccatos
  • Violins Pizzicatos

Sonatina | Windows / Mac

Sonatina Preview

Sonatina Harp

Sonatina Harp
Sonatina Harp

Sonatina Harp is a sampled classical harp. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls, Sonatina Harp is suitable for beginners and professionals looking to add a touch of elegance to their music.

It features a great selection of samples edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library. It is perfect for adding a touch of class to your music.

  • User-friendly interface
  • A wide selection of samples
  • Simple-to-use controls

Sonatina | Windows / Mac

VSCO2 Harp

VSCO2 Harp
VSCO2 Harp

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your music, look no further than VSCO2 Harp. This sampled harp is simple to use. A clear and concise interface makes it a breeze to add beautiful harp sounds to your tracks.

Versilian Studios recorded its samples, and they captured the true essence of this glorious instrument. So check out VSCO2 Harp if you’re looking for a top-quality harp VST.

  • Samples recorded by Versilian Studios
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple controls

VSCO2 | Windows / Mac

Crystal Harp

Crystal Harp
Crystal Harp by Sample Science

Crystal Harp is perfect for any musician who wants a beautiful, pure sound. The slow decay of the tone gives it a very calming effect, making it perfect for use in meditation or relaxation.

The low CPU usage means that it won’t tax your computer’s resources, and the amplitude range controls let you adjust the volume to suit your needs.

It also has three different voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato.

  • Low CPU usage
  • Adjustable amplitude range
  • Three different voice modes

Crystal | Windows / Mac

Stringy Stringazoide Stringer

Stringy Stringazoide Stringer
Stringy Stringazoide Stringer

This VST is a kind of virtual harp. It is based on high-quality multi-layer samples and comes with an ADSR envelope, an LFO engine, and a built-in reverb. It also features built-in presets to help you create your patches.

The instrument is fully automatable, and MIDI messages are recognized.

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting way to add some string sounds to your music, Stringy Stringazoide Stringer is worth checking out.

  • High-quality multi-layer samples
  • ADSR envelope
  • LFO engine
  • Built-in reverb
  • Fully automatable
  • MIDI message recognition

Stringy | Windows



This plugin gives you the power to control 13 different types of violins, each with its own distinct character.

You can adjust the sound of each violin using the instrument interface and manage the voices with the voice management interface.

The filter section interface allows you to control the X-Y pad. You can adjust the amp, filter, pitch, and user envelopes with the envelope interface.

You can also use the modulation matrix interface to control the sound.

At the same time, the step modulator interface allows you to record your performance.

The arpeggiator-recorder interface gives you the ability to play back your recordings. It is, without any doubt, a powerful tool for all your violin needs.

  • 13 types of violins
  • Instrument interface
  • Voice management interface
  • Filter section interface
  • Envelope interface
  • Modulation matrix interface
  • Step modulator interface
  • Arpeggiator-recorder interface

Plugin | Windows / Mac



Layers contains an entire orchestra plus individual string, woodwind, and brass sections.

The simple one-touch access to major, minor, and suspended chords with multiple inversions makes it easy to create beautiful-sounding music.

The unique layering capability allows you to create rich, full-sounding tracks. So if you’re looking for a plugin that can give you the power to create orchestral-sounding music, Layers is worth checking out.

  • One-touch access to major, minor, and suspended chords
  • Unique layering capability
  • It contains an entire orchestra
  • Individual string, woodwind, and brass sections

Layers | Windows / Mac

LDK1609 Violin

LDK1609 Violin
LDK1609 Violin

This is an excellent sampled violin with a user-friendly interface and amazing sound. You can switch between 6 groups: Arco no vibrato, Arco vibrato, Pizzicato no vibrato, Pizziccato vibrato, Spiccato, and Tremolo.

Its sound is very realistic and will add a new dimension to your music. If you’re looking for a good free string plugin, this program is worth checking out.

  • Excellent sound quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • 6 different groups to choose from
  • Realistic sound

LDK1609 | Windows / AU

Box Harp ( Kontakt )

Box Harp ( Kontakt )
Box Harp ( Kontakt )

Box Harp has a warm, distinctive sound that is perfect for adding an organic feel to your tracks. The finger-plucked layer has four round robins with two velocity layers.

In contrast, the picked layer has four round robins with one velocity layer and a velocity-based low-pass filter.

The FX layer features the finger-plucked layer with chorus and reverb added. It gives you even more sound-sculpting possibilities.

Box Harp is a great choice for beginners and experts alike with its straightforward interface.

  • 4 round robins
  • 2 velocity layers
  • 1 FX layer
  • Chorus and reverb effects
  • Simple to use

Plugin | Windows / Mac



This is a perfect tool for any musician looking to add some extra dynamics and texture to their sound.

It has a built-in reverb unit, 128 presets, and the ability to fine-tune the filter or harmonics across the keyboard.

It is simple to use and provides many options for creative musicians. Don’t let its simple interface fool you; this powerful tool can help you take your music to the next level.

  • 128 presets
  • Reverb unit
  • Filter or harmonic control across the keyboard

Plugin | Windows

Orch Strings

Orch Strings
Orch Strings

Orch Strings is a string machine synthesizer that makes it easy to create realistic analog strings and sounds. With 6 saw oscillators, you can create rich, full-string sounds.

It also features octave, semi-tone, and fine-tune controls for even more sound-shaping possibilities.

In addition, it has an ADSR VCA EG, keyboard tracking cut and resonance, chorus, reverb, and stereo width effects.

It is one of the best free string plugins available and is worth checking out. You’re sure to be impressed with its sound quality and flexibility, not to mention its easy-to-use interface.

  • 6 Saw Oscillators
  • Octave, semi-tone, and fine-tune controls
  • Bandpass and reject filters (Notch)
  • Keyboard tracking cutoff and resonance
  • Chorus, reverb, and stereo-width effects

Plugin | Windows



This is a 4-layer string section rompler that has over 150 presets. It also offers two LFOs and convolution reverb functionality. The controls packed in this plugin help users create beautiful and realistic string instruments.

With its simple and elegant interface, this is one of the best free string VST plugins for music producers. You’re sure to be impressed with how easy it is to use and its sound quality.

  • 4-layer string section rompler
  • Over 150 presets
  • 2 LFOs
  • Convolution reverb functionality
  • Simple and elegant interface

Plugin | Windows

Cheeze Machine 2

Cheeze Machine 2
Cheeze Machine 2

This vintage string machine features an expanded oscillator section, convolution reverb, and vintage ensemble chorus to add depth and richness to your string sounds.

You also get standalone applications, pitch envelopes, and performance controls to help you create realistic, expressive string parts. It is, without any doubt, one of the best free string plugins you can find.

  • 3 Oscillators
  • The vintage string machine sound
  • Ensemble chorus and convolution reverb
  • Standalone applications included
  • Pitch envelopes and performance controls

Cheeze Machine 2 | Windows / Mac

Free Piano 2

Free Piano 2
Free Piano 2

This is a unique hybrid piano/string instrument with over 600 samples. It features 3 velocity layers and 4 Round robin, making it an extremely versatile and realistic instrument.

The velocity-sensitive nature of the instrument allows for a wide range of expressions. With its wide range of features, this is an excellent choice for any musician looking for a high-quality piano/string instrument.

  • 3 velocity layers
  • 4 round-robin
  • Velocity-sensitive
  • 600 samples

Free Piano 2 | Windows / Mac

LABS Mandolin

LABS Mandolin
LABS Mandolin

The LABS Mandolin is the perfect way to add classic mandolin sounds to your tracks.

The audio was captured at Spitfire HQ, this plugin provides a range of options, from picked and fingered tones, to tremolo and ensemble effects. Whether mocking up guitar lines or enhancing orchestral elements, the Mandolin will give your music that extra touch of authenticity.

Labs | PC / Mac


Nabla VST Plugin
Nabla Synth String VST

The Nabla is a software instrument for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) simulating the KORG Delta DL-50 Strings Synthesizer from 1979.

  • Paraphonic synthesizer and string sections
  • Up to 64 voices of polyphony
  • Synthesizer section:
  • Four band-limited frequency divider-driven signal generators
  • Additional noise generator
  • 4-pole zero-delay feedback bandpass/lowpass filter
  • Strings section: Two band-limited frequency divider-driven signal generators
  • 2-band equalizer
  • String Ensembles
  • Flexible pitch/filter modulation by LFO or noise
  • Tweaks (not to be found in the original Delta):
  • “GOD Mode” to provide true polyphony
  • Panning for Synthesizer/Strings sections
  • Built-in phaser and delay effects
  • Double-precision audio processing
  • MIDI controllers can control all parameters
  • Plug-in supports Windows and macOS (32-bit and 64-bit)

Nabla | Windows / Mac

Nabla Preview

Deputy Mark II

Deputy Mark II VST Plugin
Deputy Mark II

The Deputy Mark II is the perfect polyphonic string and synthesizer for all of your retro needs.

It has a polyphonic section and a mono synth section, built-in ensemble and phaser effects, flexible keyboard assignment, and MIDI controllers for all parameters.

You can even exchange the graphics for making it your own.

  • 61 Voices Polyphony
  • Ensemble & Phaser Effects
  • Flexible Keyboard Assignment
  • 2 Band-Limited Frequency
  • Oscillator Banks
  • Sawtooth & Pwm Waveforms
  • Multi-Mode Filter
  • Ads Envelopes
  • Global ADSR Envelopes
  • Paraphonic Modulation
  • Resonator Bank
  • 3 Delay Feedback Filters
  • Sub Oscillator & Noise
  • Zero-Delay Feedback Filter
  • LFO Controls
  • MIDI Controller Parameters

Deputy Mark II | Windows / Mac

Deputy Mark II Preview


B Serrano : Selena VST Plugin
Selena by B Serrano

Selena is the simple string machine for anyone who wants the power of Horus in a smaller, more portable package.

With 32 voices of polyphony, two oscillators, and an array of modulation effects, Selena is capable of creating rich and vibrant sounds.

Thanks to the stereo placement capabilities, every note will sound amazing no matter where you play it on the keyboard.

  • 32 voices polyphonic
  • Two oscillators: 8′ and 4′
  • Phaser
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Notes are placed in the stereo field according to the keyboard tracking

B Serrano | Windows

B Serrano Preview

Horus mkII

Horus MkII VST Plugin
Horus mkII by B Serrano

Horus mkII is a polyphonic string machine that has been expertly crafted to provide 64 stunning voices.

It comes complete with waveform strings, an LFO, and a phaser speed coefficient for ultimate control. Mono mode with portamento is ideal for creating lush, vibrato-filled sounds.

Whether you’re looking for versatile sound design capabilities or classic string machine sound, Horus mkII will meet your needs.

The appearance is sleek and sophisticated, making it perfect for any studio or live setup. With its patch management view, you can easily keep track of your patches and settings.

  • 64 Voice Polyphonic
  • Waveform Strings & LFO
  • Phaser Speed Coefficient
  • Mono Mode with Portamento
  • Vibrato by Mod-Wheel
  • Patch Management View
  • New Appearance

Horus mkII | Windows

Horus mkII Preview


Horus VST Plugin

The Horus plugin is an excellent tool for creating fantastic synthesizer string sounds.

With its 64 voices of polyphony, four oscillators, and stereo delay, you’ll be able to create rich, full soundscapes that are perfect for any production.

The chorus and auto-wah effects add an extra layer of depth and dimension to your sound. And with the full MIDI learn function, you can easily control all of the plugin parameters with your favorite MIDI controller.

  • 64 Voices Polyphonic
  • 4 Oscillators
  • Stereo Delay
  • Chorus
  • Auto-Wah Effect
  • Static Formant Filter
  • LP Filter
  • 1 LFO (sine)
  • Phaser
  • Full MIDI Learn

Horus | Windows

Horus Preview

Surya String Synthesizer

Samsara Surya Strings VST Plugin
Surya Synth String VST by Samsara Cycle Audio

Surya by Samsara Cycle Audio is a versatile tool that comes packed with plenty of sound controls to help you craft the perfect string sound, whether you’re going for realistic or otherworldly sounds.

Filter envelopes, mod wheels, sync to host, pizzicato, and more are all at your fingertips.

You can even adjust the tune and octave of your strings. Plus, with ADSR controls, you can dial in the perfect sound.

And best of all, it’s super easy to use. So whether you’re a music producer, composer, or just a hobbyist, Surya is an interesting plugin to test out.

  • Filter Envelopes
  • Mod Wheels
  • Sync to Host
  • Pizzicato
  • Filter Envelope
  • Reverb Effects
  • Filter Presets
  • Adjust Tune & Octave
  • ADSR Controls

Surya | Windows

String Sculptor 2

String Sculptor 2
String Sculptor 2 by Fretted Synth

Shape your sound with the String Sculptor 2. This powerful plugin allows you to create smooth, mono pad and lead rhythms with ease.

With three VA-style oscillators, each with its own waveshaper, tuning, and filter routing, you can customize the sound.

With the noise section’s ten different noise waves, you can add even more depth and dimension to your soundscape.

Finally, take advantage of the three filter banks, each with a choice of seven different filter types, to really shape your sound.

  • 7 Filter Types
  • 3 Filter Banks

Plugin | Windows

Labs Scary Strings

Labs Scary Strings by Spitfire Audio | Strings VSTs
Labs Scary Strings by Spitfire Audio | Strings VSTs

Labs Scary Strings is a hauntingly beautiful collection of string sounds played by a small ensemble of highly skilled musicians.

These eerie, yet gorgeous string evolutions are perfect for creating shifting textures and ambiances in your music.

With three distinctive presets – Cool, Sustain, and Stretched – you can easily create the perfect atmosphere for your next track.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of chill to your music or want to create a genuinely harrowing listening experience, Scary Strings has you covered.

Labs | Windows / Mac

Free String Samples

  • Cyborgs – Comes with 224 WAV files and 43 presets in a 60 Mb download file.

What Is the Best Vst for Strings?

Some of the best VSTs for strings include EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Native Instruments’ Kontakt Sampler, and Spitfire Audio’s Sable Strings. These are all great options if you’re looking for high-quality, realistic-sounding string instruments.

Why Should I Use String VSTs?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use Strings VSTs in your music. First, strings add a level of sophistication and richness to your music that can’t be duplicated with other instruments.

Second, strings can be used to create a wide variety of textures and sounds, making them perfect for adding depth and nuance to your tracks. Finally, strings are often used to convey emotion and sentimentality, which can add an extra layer of feeling to your music.

What Are the Best String Libraries? 

The best string libraries for music production vary depending on your needs and budget. The Vienna Symphonic Library and the EastWest Hollywood Strings are both excellent choices for orchestral productions. If you’re looking for something more specialized, the Cinesamples Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato is an excellent choice for solo cello recordings, and the Spitfire Audio LLorph Kontakt Instrument is perfect for creating lush, cinematic soundscapes.

Of course, it’s also important to consider your DAW compatibility when choosing a string library. Many of the top libraries are available in multiple formats, so be sure to check which one will work best with your software.

What’s the Best Virtual Orchestra Plugin?

There are many great virtual orchestra plugins on the market, but one of the most popular is the Spitfire Audio’s Orchestral Modular. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile plugin that can create a wide range of orchestral sounds. It also has a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it ideal for both experienced producers and beginners.

How Do You Use String Plugins?

String plugins can be used in various ways to enhance your music production.
They can be used to create realistic string sounds for orchestral arrangements, add depth and texture to your tracks, or convey emotion and sentimentality. They can also be used to create synthetic string sounds, which can be helpful for experimental music or sound design.

To use a string plugin, simply load it into your DAW and route it to an available MIDI track. Then, use your MIDI controller to play the strings. You can also use a MIDI keyboard or sequencer to create more complex string arrangements.

What are the best free orchestral strings VST plugins?

Some of the best free orchestral strings VST plugins are Novo Modern Strings, Zilhouette Strings, Strings Pro, and Session Strings. These free string plugins offer high-quality ensemble and solo string sounds for various music genres.

How realistic do string VSTs sound?

The best free string VSTs produce highly realistic sounds. There are string VST plugins that are sampled from real string instruments.

Are there any free string VSTs that feature different mic positions?

Yes, some free string VSTs offer different mic positions to allow for a tailored sound. Novo Modern Strings and Zilhouette Strings are two such VST plugins that provide this feature.

What is the best free string ensemble VST with 4 mic positions?

Novo Modern Strings is one of the best free string ensemble VSTs that have 4 free mic positions. This plugin provides a rich, dimensional sound, ideal for orchestral scoring on a virtual stage.

Are there any string VSTs that include a violin section?

Yes, many string VSTs include a dedicated violin section. For example, Novo Modern Strings and Zilhouette Strings offer violin sections as part of their ensemble sounds.

In conclusion, string VST plugins offer advanced users and sound designers great tools to create classical music and cinematic music with added realism.

With access to multiple articulations, string sections, and instrument groups, users can accurately simulate the sound of real orchestral libraries and solo instruments, including vintage strings.

Free libraries of strings also provide a cost-effective option for musicians.

Including different articulations and playing styles, such as short articulation and solo bass, ensures that users can create a sound completely authentic to their needs.

I hope you enjoy these free string VST plugins. These VST plugins provide a range of options for creating dynamic and impressive soundscapes.

These plugins are great free alternatives to paid plugins like Output Analog Strings, Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Symphonic Elements Striiiings, Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings, and Spitfire Symphonic Strings.

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