100 Best FREE Synth VST Plugins

Here are the best free synth VST plugins online. These Synthesizer VSTs can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

This large collection of synth VST plugins will provide you with hundreds of free synth sounds for your music projects. These plugins can be used with most music production software, and all these plugins will work best with a keyboard MIDI controller.

What Is A Synth Plugin?

A Synthesizer ( or Synth ) is an electric musical instrument that produces sound by generating audio signals. Synthesizers generate waveforms using subtractive, additive, oscillators, and frequency modulation.

A Synth VST plugin is a virtual version of a synthesizer that you can use with any VST supported software. There are three primary categories of synths which is Analog, Digital, and Hybrid.

Synth plugins are one of the most popular types of virtual instrumentation. They are often used in the production of modern music and film scores.

Best Free Synth VST Plugins
Best Free Synth VST Plugins

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Synth VST Plugins

We have included the best synth plugins that work for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each synth plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.


Tunefish4 VST Plugin

Tunefish4 is a very tiny virtual analog synthesizer. However, more importantly, it is developed to fit into about 10kb of compressed machine code while still producing an audio quality that can compete with commercial synthesizers. This is a great free alternative to Serum by Xfer Records.

Tunefish4 | PC / Mac

Tunefish4 Preview

Best Synth VST Plugins

Tyrell N6

Tyrell N6 VST Plugin
Tyrell N6

The Tyrell N6 is a longstanding freeware software synthesizer that many producers still use today. You can create a wide range of sounds with this synth. It’s great for adding color to your tracks.

It’s worth checking out the Tyrell N6 if you want an easy-to-use, great-sounding synth plugin.

Tyrell N6 | PC / Mac


Dexed VST Plugin

Dexed is a plugin synth that works on multiple platforms and supports various formats close to the Yamaha DX7.

Dexed | PC / Mac

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Helm VST Plugin

Helm is a powerful synth VST plugin that cross-platform. It offers 32 voice polyphony and an interactive visual interface. It is a cross-platform production software and a great alternative to Serum Xfer.

Helm | PC / Mac / Linux

Surge XT

Surge VST Plugin

Surge XT is a free, open-source hybrid synthesizer plugin. Features many synthesis techniques, a wide range of filters, an advanced modulation engine, a wealth of effects, and modern features such as MPE and micro tuning. This plugin is an excellent alternative to the Nexus plugin and Atmosphere plugin.

Surge XT | PC / Mac / Linux


Yonu60 VST Plugin

The Yonu60 Roland Juno emulation plugin is a fantastic Roland synth emulator. Roland’s classic synth is faithfully recreated in this plugin, including everything from LFO rate and delays time to ADSR envelopes and unison mode.

Yonu60 is a helpful plugin whether you’re familiar with Roland or just getting started.

Yonu60 | Windows


OB-XD VST Plugin

OB-Xd is based on Oberheim’s OB-X. It recreates the OB-X’s sound and behavior, but several things were added to the original design to extend its capabilities.

The OB-Xd was designed to sound just as good and rich as the original. It uses micro random detuning, which gives it a unique sound. The quality is on the same level as some of the synth instruments by Native Instruments.

OB-XD | PC / Mac / Linux

Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular VST Plugin
Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular is a modular software synthesizer that combines the freedom and flexibility of classic modular synthesis with the benefits of modern software implementation.

  • Fully modular, with many modules and patch cables, so you can do as you want.
  • It combines polyphonic voice and static effect processing in one window. You can have multiple MIDI notes playing multiple voices, mix them all down to a single stereo stream, and route that through a modular effect chain.

Sonigen Modular | Windows


ODsay VST Plugin

The ODsay synthesizer is an excellent emulation of ARP’s Odissey, one of the first analog synthesizers. This synthesizer has two oscillators and is duophonic, which means you can play two notes at once. This is a great free alternative to the Analog Lab VST plugin.

Due to its accurate emulation of the ARP Odissey, ODsay is an excellent option if you want an old-school sound.

ODsay | Windows


SubDuer VST Plugins

SubDuer is a triple oscillator subtractive synth aimed at versatility but has low CPU usage. It can do basic unison, ring-mod, and FM sounds and has built-in distortion, chorus/flanger, and delay.

SubDuer | Windows

SubDuer Demo

LinPlug Alpha 3

LinPlug Alpha 3 VST Plugin
LinPlug Alpha 3

Alpha 3 is the small brother of Alpha but shares the same engine and has fewer features. It also comes with a couple of presets to get you started and the manual of the full Alpha, which covers Alpha 3 too.

Alpha 3 | PC / Mac


TAL-U-No-62 VST Plugin

The TAL-U-NO-62 offers six voices that can be created simultaneously in this plugin, which is polyphonic.

Additionally, this plugin comes with band-limited oscillators, giving it a different and exciting sound from other plugins. There is also a synchronized LFO with five different waveforms, adding further variation to your sounds.

There is a low-pass filter with self-oscillation and a non-resonant high-pass filter. These two filters can be beneficial if you want to tailor the sound to your liking.

TAL-U-No-62 | PC / Mac

Rez 3.0

Rez 3.0 VST Plugin
Rez 3.0

Rez: A basic synth, but it is capable of an extensive range of sounds, so as a result, it inspires creativity.

It’s made from multiple chained filters that act as a single powerful filter, and it’s highly resonant, providing Rez with its distinctive character.

Top that off with distortion, a phaser, various oscillator modulations, delay, and a killer programmable arp + step sequencer, and you’ve got a powerhouse of a synth in a tiny package.

Rez 3.0 | PC / Mac

Rez 3.0 Demo


June-21 VST Plugin

June-21 emulates the classic sounds of a Roland synthesizer. It includes the same great features as the Roland Juno keyboard, plus several improvements that open up even more creative possibilities.

This emulator is still a work in progress, so it has its share of glitches. But it is an excellent plugin with great sounds.

June-21 | Windows


OS-251 VST Plugin

The OS-251 emulator has up to 24 polyphonic voices. It consists of three oscillators (Sin, Square, Saw), a square sub-oscillator, and a noise oscillator. A biquad low-pass filter (LPF) with Resonance and Frequency parameters is also available, as well as a biquad high-pass filter (HPF).

In addition to controlling LPF and amplitude, the LFO can also control Shape parameters. LFO synchronization is also supported.

OS-251 | PC / Mac / Linux


Synth1 VST Plugin

Synth1 is a software synthesizer. Functionally it is modeled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth.

Important: The website is in a different language. But this plugin has a lot of synth sounds. Video: Synth1 VST – Over 25,000+ Sound Presets

  • 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope
  • Four types of filters, distortion
  • 2 LFOs (synchronized with host)
  • Arpeggiator (synchronized with host)
  • Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger
  • Legato mode, portamento
  • 16 notes polyphony
  • 128 presets
  • Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc
  • Automation

Plugin | Windows

Juno 6

Juno 6 VST Plugin
Juno 6

This plugin is an analog synthesizer that emulates the sound of the original Roland Juno synthesizer via VST technology. It accurately recreates Roland’s vintage keyboard oscillators, filters, and envelopes.

Plugin | Windows

Poly 2106

Poly 2106 VST Plugin
Poly 2106

The Poly 2106 initially started as a recreation of an actual object of desire from the fashionable ’80s that was once part of music studios, but that was just the initial kick that propelled a seemingly more enthusiastic project which culminated into a knob infested creation with a solid vintage backbone.

Poly 2106 | PC


Phutura VST Plugin

A Roland keyboard emulator, Phutura is equipped with eight voices and three oscillators. An ADSR envelope and LFO are included, as well as a modulation wheel, pitch bender, and ADSR envelope. Besides the low resonant pass and non-resonant high pass filters, it also has a resonant low pass filter.

With this plugin, all interface controls can also be automated via MIDI.

Phuture | PC

Osiris 6

Osiris 6 VST Plugin
Osiris 6

Six voices polyphonic synthesizer.

Osiris 6 | PC

Osiris 6 Plugin Preview


Kx-PolyMod Synth VST Plugin

This is a modular polyphonic synthesizer with a stereo SF2 player. To build vintage leads or analog multi-purpose polyphonic instruments.

Kx-PolyMod | Windows

Kx-PolyMod Demo

Beat Black Mamba

Beat Black Mamba VST Plugin
Beat Black Mamba

Beat Black Mamba is a powerful bass library. It’s based on the Beat Zampler, developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine, and thus can load sfz files. This plugin is one of the best synth VST plugins on this list.

Beat Black Mamba | PCs / Mac


GTG-PD9 Free Synth VST Plugin
GTG-PD9 Free Synth Plugin

GTG PD9 is a phase distortion synthesizer. It is also dedicated to bass and lead sounds.

  • Two inter-modulating oscillators.
  • Pitch-mod.
  • Sub-Osc.
  • Delay, chorus, eq


GTF PD9 Preview

Trans Computer Maschine

Trans Computer Maschine VST Plugin
Trans Computer Maschine

Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer. They are modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.

Trans Computer Maschine | PC

Rolend PG-238

Rolend PG-238 VST Plugin
Rolend PG-238

The Roland PG-238 emulation plugin is an excellent addition to your arsenal. Despite being inspired by the actual units’ circuits, the software does not aim to sound exactly like the hardware synths. As a result, it does have a unique flavor that can complement certain sounds and styles of music.

Rolend PG-238 | PC


HYDi Synth VST Plugin
HYDi Synth Plugin

Initially developed for DC’12, this is a heavily revamped model HYDi can only be described as one thing – Quirky. The modulation section integrates most effects like a pre-patched modular, perfect for tweak heads.

HYDi | Windows

Sixth Month June

Sixth Month June VST Plugin
Sixth Month June

The Sixth Month June is a vintage-sounding synth, incorporating a triangle LFO and noise generator. Besides the VCF with cutoff and emphasis controls, there is also an arpeggiator, chorus, and unison effect.

Sixth Month June | Windows


Anti-Transpirant - Free Synth VST Plugin

Anti-Transpirant is a wonderful analog-sounding synth instrument for Windows.

Anti-Transpirant | Windows

Matrix 8000

Matrix 8000 VST Plugin
Matrix 8000

Offers 3 OSC with 7 Waves, Octave Tuning, Fine Tuning, PW, and 3 VCA Envelopes.

Matrix 8000 | Windows

Matrix 8000 Preview

Hydra PL

Hydra Synth VST Plugin
Hydra PL

Hydra PL is a digital/analog hybrid-style polyphonic synthesizer. It presents a vintage “knob-per-function” style GUI. Hydra was made to be versatile but with a focus on gritty pads and other polyphonic patches.

Hydra PL | Windows

Hydra PL Demo

Sucker Analog Synth

Sucker Analog Synth VST Plugin
Sucker Analog Synth Plugin

Sucker is a two oscillators synth.

Sucker Analog | Windows

Sucker Demo


TAL-NoiseMaker VST Plugin

TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has an entirely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability.

The synth also includes a small section with a reverb, chorus, and a simple bit crusher effect.

TAL-NoiseMaker | PC / Mac

Sun Ra

Sun Ra Synth VST Plugin
Sun Ra Synth

Ambient texture generator. It’s based on a dual synthesis engine, completed with several randomization options and a battery of built-in effects. It also features a good set of 24 presets.

Sun Ra | Windows

Satyr VA Synth

Satyr VA Synth VST Plugin
Satyr VA Synth Plugin

Satyr is a massive digital analog synth with comprehensive oscillator waveshaping and modulation methods.

Satyr Synth VST | Windows

Oberon Poly 4 VA Synth

Oberon Poly 4 VA Synth VST Plugin
Oberon Poly 4 VA Synth

Oberon is an attempt to imitate the classic analog polysynths. It has two unique oscillators with sync, two envelopes, LFO, and a special 2-pole double filter.

Oberon Poly 4 | Windows

Panzertank PM 4

Panzertank PM4 Synth VST Plugin
Panzertank PM4

Panzertank PM4 is a virtual phase modulation synth like the famous FM synthesizers.

Panzertank PM 4 | Windows

Superwave P8

Superwave P8 VST Plugin
Most Popular Free Synth VSTs

Superware is a virtual analog synthesizer emulation for VST hosts.

Superwave P8 | Windows

FortuneCookie VST Plugin

Fortune Cookie 2012 is a unique ‘VA’ synth (VSTi plugin) for various types of solo and more or less typical polysynth and strange FX sounds. It gains special uniqueness from its different sync modes and X-Torsion.

You can find the download link under the “Download Options” section.

Fortune Cookie | Windows

Analog Warfare VST

Analog Warfare VST Plugin
Analog Warfare Free Synth Plugin

Hybrid analog-style synthesizer with groove and CV sequencer, arpeggiator, FX, and a heap of routing options.

Analog Warfare | Windows

Podolski VST

Podolski Free Synth VST Plugin
Podolski Free Synth VST Plugin

Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analog synthesizer. It is a cut-down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, filter, envelope, and two LFOs. It also features a Zebra-style arpeggiator/sequencer plus chorus and delay effects.

Podolsk | PC / Mac / Lunix


TAL-BassLine VST Plugin

With TAL-BassLine, you can create acid-based sounds and effects. You can choose from a wide variety of presets to get you started.

TAL-BassLine | PC / Mac

Wavedraw VST

Wavedraw VST Plugin
Wavedraw – Wavetable Synth VSTs

Wavetable Synthesizer that allows you to draw your own waves.

Wavedraw | Windows


Kamioooka VST Plugin
Kamioooka ( Free Synth VST )

Kamioooka is a polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with a patch cable system. Ten module slots and seven types of modules are available. Freely combine modules and make patches.

Kamioooka | Windows

Kamioooka Preview


PG-8X VST Plugin

PG-8X is a virtual analog synthesizer with the standard 2-DCO – 24dB/oct filter design.

  • Up to 12 voice polyphony
  • Two DCO’s with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise
  • Hard Sync and Ring Modulation
  • Two exponential envelop generators
  • 24 dB resonant LP filter
  • HP filter (3 stages)
  • Stereo Chorus
  • Import and Export of JX-8P Sysex data

PG-8X | Windows

PG-8X Preview


Lokomotiv VST Plugin
Lokomotiv – Wavetable Synth VSTs

Lokomotiv is a software synthesizer for both Windows and Mac. It is designed to make your sounds more powerful and create a wide range of sounds easier.

  • Mathematically generated high definition Oscillator, but without using wavetable or interpolation.
  • Silky smooth 9 X detuned sawtooth wave.
  • Pulse wave with self PWM.
  • Shape morphing sub-oscillator.

Lokomotiv | PC / Mac

Lokomotiv Preview


Kairatune VST Plugin

Kairatune is designed to produce crisp and tight electric sounds for electronic music production. It’s designed and engineered to be as powerful and versatile as possible in its target role as your source for tight bass.

It has unique lead and shiny SFX sounds, but most importantly, it also makes all the effort to be simple enough to use, enabling you to add your personal touch and flavor to the sound and seek the perfect fit for your mixing preferences.

Kairatune | PC / Mac

Kairatune Preview



Oberheim’s OBXD emulates the OBX, OBXA, and OB8 synths. It replicates the original sounds while also adding some improvements.

You can use OBXD to emulate Oberheim OBX, OBXA, or OB8 synthesizers.

OBXD | PC / Mac

Helix ( Trial )

Helix - Best Free Synth VST

Helix is a unique synthesizer plugin, but with a sonic clarity beyond the competition, producing soaring leads, solid basses, and glimmering pads, but the main oscillators of Helix allow you to pick from hundreds of included waveforms or load your own

The waveform can be further bent and warped by two controls, A and B.

Helix | PC / Mac

Helix Preview


Sinnah VST Plugin

Sinnah is a synthesizer based on a single complex oscillator that includes five waveshapes. The harmonics level for all waveshapes, noise level, and a delay matrix with an increasingly spectral complexity. It also features a subtractive stereo filter to carve the sound spectrum, similar to an equalizer.

The band rejects filter also features gain and bandwidth controls. It has three filters: high pass, low pass, and band-reject (notch).

Sinnah | PC / Mac



Digits is a phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio’s CZ series but also takes that form of synthesis to the limit.

Create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, anything in-between. The interface is minimal and designed to enable the user to create sounds from scratch in record time, but if you’re too busy for that, don’t fret because it comes with over 70 presets that run the gamut from pads to stabs, leads, and basses.

Digits | PC / Mac

Digits Preview


RMPx VST Plugin

RMPx is a hybrid physical modeling and ensemble synth. It has excellent sound and is very inspiring.

The Phys-mod section especially enjoys being played with a touch-sensitive keyboard and can conjure up very acoustic-sounding patches that beautifully respond to your playing style.

RMPx | Windows

RMPx Preview


ASynth VST Plugin

This free synthesizer mimics the style of a classic Roland synth.

This plugin offers six voices of virtual analog synth sounds. Each voice comes with a circuit modeled filter as well as two oscillators.

Plugin | Windows

OP-X Free Synthesizer VST

OP-X Synth VST Plugin
OP-X Free Synthesizer VST Plugin

The OP-X Free has the same basic engine and sound as the full OP-X, while the available presets are limited to a few chosen ones, and the GUI only gives access to a few parameters.

OP-X | Windows

Minisynth Series VST

Minisynth Series VST

The Minisynth series collection consists of FRET, GRIT, and PEAK. As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push up users’ creativity first and give a steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers.

Plugin | PC / Mac


Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments

This bundle of over 300 presets for six awesome free synthesizer plugins: Zebralette, Tyrell N6 v2, Synth1, Tal Noisemaker, TAL elek7ro, and TAL u-no 62.

SIXPACK | Windows


FB-3300 VST Plugin

The FB-3300 is a plugin that simulates a KORG PS-3300 polyphonic synthesizer. It’s easy to use and has excellent sound quality.

FB-3300 | PC / Mac


Vital VST Plugin
Vital by Matt Tytel

Vital offers a range of free synth sounds, controls, filter responses, and shapes you can use to modulate your sound. These are one of the most popular synths you should consider.

Use velocity, aftertouch, and MPE control to change the sound of your instruments. If you want to add some human touch, use stereo modulation for extra-wide stereo effects.

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Vital | PC / Mac

Full Bucket Music Mono/Fury

Mono/Fury VST Plugin

Mono/Fury emulates the sounds of vintage Korg gear. It accurately recreates the sound of the Mono/Poly analog synth and features all of its controls.

Additionally, this free synthesizer has a monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action, four band-limited oscillators, a four-pole lowpass filter with self-oscillation, and an arpeggiator with a sync option for hosts.

Mono/Fury | PC / Mac

Odin 2

Odin 2 VST Plugin
Odin 2

The Odin2 software is a free and robust solution to produce and manipulate synth sounds. The sound of this device is excellent, with sounds for everything from basses to leads or effects.

This free synth should be considered. The high-quality emulations of legendary analog filters like the Moog-ladder or the Korg-35 to further shape your sounds.

Odin 2 | PC / Mac / Linux

GTG 44 S

Free Synthesizer VST Plugins - Best Synthesizer VSTs
GTG 44 S

It has a very fat sound, an old-school analog six-voice.

GTG 44 S | Windows


80-vox VST Plugin

This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synth. No presets, just like the real thing.

80-vox | Windows

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer VST Plugin
VK-1 Viking Synthesizer VST Plugin

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is a synth process that has three full analog oscillators, high and low pass filters, and an LFO for waveform generation. This plugin is a digital-sounding synthesizer that recreates the sound of an analog synthesizer.

VK-1 Viking | PC / Mac


1984 VST Plugin - Free Synthesizer VST Plugins - Best Synthesizer VSTs

1984 is a virtual synthesizer with an analog sound, and it is quite popular among producers of electronic music.

  • 2 Oscillators with many waveforms
  • 1 Filter section including cut off and resonance knobs
  • 1 Enveloppe section with ADSR
  • 2 Fx includes (echo/chorus) with sync
  • Main level output and panoramic controls
  • Including eight original presets

1984 | PC

U-He Diva Zebralette

Zebralette VST Plugin

This synthesizer is free and introduces how to create a bass sound.

Zebralette | PC / Mac / Linux

Full Bucket Music Fury-800

Fury-800 VST Plugin

The Fury-800 is a VST synth instrument that can produce rich harmonic sounds. It contains two band-limited DCOs and two waveforms with additive harmonics. This polyphonic synthesizer is modeled after the KORG Poly-800 from 1983.

The resizable user interface can be convenient, and MIDI Learn allows you to control all parameters.

Fury-800 | PC / Mac

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer

Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer VST Plugin
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer VST Plugin – Popular VST Synths

The Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer is a reproduction of the vintage 80s Realistic MG-1. It has a unique sound with a fat analog tone and tonal character.

The oscillator section provides a unique sonic experience. It includes features like the Bell tone ring modulation, glide, and auto-repeat note triggering.

Surrealistic MG-1 | PC / Mac / AU / AAX

Afrokeyz Lite

Afrokeyz Lite VST Plugin
Afrokeyz Lite

The Afrokeyz Lite is a keyboard VST plugin and synthesizer rompler plugin. You can download the plugin fast. No need for a plugin boutique.

Afrokeyz Lite | PC / Mac

Anubis 2

Free Synthesizer VST Plugins - Best Synthesizer VSTs
Anubis 2

The Anubis 2 plugin is a hybrid synthesizer that includes sound synthesis methods such as subtractive, FM, and additive.

  • 32 voices polyphonic
  • Unison up to 8 voices
  • Same waveforms as Dionysos with sync & FM
  • 3 layers multimode filter
  • 2 LFO
  • 1 Mod Envelope up to 32 stages
  • Drifting effect
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • 9×7 Digital Mod-Matrix
  • MIDI learn

Anubis 2 | PC

Artemis VST

Artemis VST Plugin

Artemis is a VST synth that offers two unison oscillators, a ring modulator, and two mod envelopes.

  • Two unison oscillators.
  • Oscillators sync and cross-modulation.
  • White/brown noise generator.
  • 2 HP/LP filters 12/24 DB in serial and parallels
  • 2 DADSR mod-envelopes
  • 2 LFO in free-run / Host BPM sync
  • LFO 1 can modulate LFO 2
  • Ring modulator
  • Delay
  • Resonator
  • Chorus
  • 6 x 13 digital modulation matrix
  • Audio routing
  • MIDI learn

Artemis | PC


Gnat VST Plugin

Gnat is a VST plugin for keyboards, utilizing analog and digital synthesis to produce a range of sounds, from light pads and strings to darker textures. The ADSR envelope and velocity filter allow for an even more customized sound.

The plugin includes 50 presets to get you started.

Gnat | PC / Mac

Athmonova 2

Athmonova2 VST Plugin

Virtual Analog Synthesizer Module.

  • 1 OSC
  • 1 Noise OSC
  • 1 Filter with LP/HP/BP/Formant
  • 1 Lfo with different Routings and Delay/Depth
  • 3x ADS/r Filter/Mod/Envelope
  • 1 Overdrive/Distortion
  • 1 Pingpong Delay
  • 1 Stereo Wider

Athmonova 2 | PC / Mac


VMP1 VST - Best Synthesizer VSTs
  • 16 Note Polyphonic / Mono
  • 4 Oscillators Saw / Square / Sine / Free
  • Free Wave oscillator has wave select
  • Tune for each oscillator + on/off switch
  • Feet select and volume for each oscillator
  • White noise level control
  • Midi Channel selector
  • Frequency Modulation Section
  • Filter Section
  • Filter selector
  • Low / High / Band Pass
  • Filter Controls

VMP1 | Windows

Moon Sono Sx VST

Moon Sono Sx VST Plugin
Moon Sono Sx

Features two VCOs with changeable waveform (sawtooth, triangle, square, pulse), one low-pass VCF, a VCA, two multimode LFOs for modulation. The Sono is a two-oscillator duo-phonic synth.

Moon Sono Sx | PC

Logana VST

Logana VST Plugin

This plugin uses physical modeling to emulate analog waveforms, but better.

  • Three analog-style oscillators with four waveforms: Sine, Saw, Pulse, Triangle
  • Noise generator with variable level and color (tone).
  • Modulation matrix and modulation envelope
  • LFO with Sine and triangle waveforms can modulate pitch or pulse-width on oscillators 1, 2, 3, or all of them
  • Lowpass filter with adjustable slope (12db, 24db, or 36db), cut-off, resonance, and a separate cut-off envelope
  • Amplitude envelop and overdrive distortion

Logana | PC

Pluton VST

Free Synthesizer VST Plugins - Best Synthesizer VSTs

Twelve voices polyphonic, Full MDI learn implementation, Envelope & LFO Host syncable.

  • 12 Voices polyphonic
  • 2 x Oscillator with four waveforms (Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse)
  • Noise Generator (White or Pink Noise)
  • ADSR Envelope for Amplifier
  • Full graphic envelope modulation. Synchronizable to the tempo of your host
  • 5×5 Modulation Matrix
  • Low-pass and Band-pass filters
  • LFO with five waveforms or Random or Off
  • Chorus effect
  • Vibrato. Glide
  • Mono Mode
  • Master Volume control
  • 70 Presets

Pluton | PC

Radium VST

Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments

Sixteen voices polyphonic, subtractive / FM 2 operators synth, MIDI learn implementation, Comfortable XY Pad, Auto Pan.

Radium | PC

Lektro VSTi

Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments

Lektro VSTI is a Phase Distortion Synthesizer with a lot of modulation capabilities.

  • 2 Phase distortion Oscillators
  • A Waveshaper
  • 3 LFOs, of which one can be used as a sub Oscillator.
  • An LFO waveshaper
  • A Randomizer
  • 2 ADSRs
  • A Tone Controller
  • A Filter with 13 different modes
  • A Delay

Lektro | Windows



RACK 2 is a powerful synth VST plugin that can create unique rhythms and melodies with algorithmic and generative techniques. Its sounds in real-time and processed live audio make it perfect for multi-track pieces.

You can also design your own synth patches with the 30+ built-in modules. There are 170+ official modules from Eurorack manufacturers and 2000+ modules in the VCV library if you need more options.

  • 30+ built-in modules
  • 170+ official modules from Eurorack manufacturers
  • 2000+ modules in the VCV library

RACK 2 | PC / Mac / Linux



Traveller is a monophonic synth inspired by Korg Synthe-Bass and its overall simplicity. It has one oscillator with six different waveforms (two of these are PWM-modulated square, and one is noise).

This plugin is perfect for those just starting to explore the world of synthesis, as it is straightforward to use and has a very intuitive interface. Even experienced users will find it a valuable tool, as it can create some fascinating sounds.

  • Monophonic synth
  • One oscillator with six waveforms
  • Simple, effective interface

Traveller | Windows



Pendulate is a unique and innovative synth that can create sounds never heard before. Its features include a chaotic oscillator, wavefolder, and an innovative modulation UI. Besides, it also has an envelope and LFO.

Because of its unique design, Pendulate can create sounds biting, searing, and gritty. Plus, it comes with 136 presets to get you started. This is a perfect tool for creating unique and exciting soundscapes.

  • Chaotic oscillator
  • Wavefolder
  • Innovative modulation UI
  • 136 presets

Pendulate | PC / Mac

Labs Synth Pads

Labs Synth Pads
Labs Synth Pads

This plugin is a washy ambient texture that will help build the background harmony or atmosphere. You can use it to create pads, soundscapes, and drones.

If you are looking to pad out the sound of an orchestra or film score, look no further – this plugin is easy to use and perfect for beginners and pros.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

Plugin | PC / Mac



OctaSine is a frequency modulation-based synthesizer plugin with four operators that can be routed flexibly. It also has four LFOs with multiple waveforms, one-shot and loop modes, and optional DAW BPM sync.

The ADSR envelope with algorithm slopes controls the overall sound. You can also add white noise to each operator for more sound options. Moreover, the routing options and LFOs allow you to create a wide range of sounds, from simple sine waves to more complex, evolving sounds.

  • Four operators with flexible routing
  • LFOs with multiple waveforms
  • ADSR envelop with algorithm slopes
  • White noise generator

OctaSine | PC / Mac / Linux



Charlatan synth is perfect for sound designers and music producers looking for high-quality sounds. Its two oscillators can be used to create a wide variety of sounds, and the unison mode allows for up to 7 voices to be played at once.

Its stereo noise generator is perfect for creating atmospheres and effects, and the ADSR envelope generators allow for a wide range of sound-shaping possibilities. The LFO also hosts tempo-synchronization, making it easy to create pulsing and rhythmic sounds.

But what really sets the Charlatan plugin apart is its three-voice modes: monophonic, monophonic legato, and 8-voice polyphonic. This gives you a lot of flexibility in using the plugin and allows you to create some truly unique sounds.

  • Two oscillators with saw, square, and noise waveforms
  • Stereo noise generator
  • Three voice modes: monophonic, monophonic legato, and 8-voice polyphonic
  • ADSR envelope generators
  • LFO with tempo-synchronized

Charlatan | Windows



ModulAir is a modular polyphonic software synthesizer that offers many features and possibilities. Its fully modular architecture allows for up to 18 modules per patch, and there are 55 module types available.

The ModulAir Voice module is polyphonic and can handle up to 64 voices of polyphony, while the master module is monophonic. Additionally, external signal processing is possible with this synth, making it even more versatile.

  • Up to 18 modules per patch
  • 55 module types
  • Up to 64 voices of polyphony
  • External signal processing

ModulAir | Windows / Mac



XenFont is a perfect synth for musicians who want to experiment with microtonal pitch bends and transpositions. Its two oscillators are also great for creating rich, hybrid sounds.

The dedicated control signal system makes it easy to modify the most important synthesis parameters. The ability to specify precise microtonal settings means you can always get the exact sound you’re looking for.

With the velocity modulation of harmonics, you can create dynamic sounds that change as you play. If you are looking for a versatile and powerful synth that you can use to create truly unique sounds, then XenFont is a perfect choice.

  • Precise microtonal tuning
  • Velocity modulation of harmonics
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful sound design capabilities

XenFont | Windows

Exakt Lite

Exakt Lite
Exakt Lite

This plugin is perfect for any producer who wants to add some classic FM synthesis to their tracks. The intuitive drag-and-drop envelope system makes it easy to create complex sounds, while the visualization of the resulting waveform helps you understand exactly what you’re creating.

Exakt Lite is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a free synthesizer VST plugin. It is sure to add some depth and complexity to your tracks.

  • Drag-and-drop envelope system
  • Visualization of resulting waveform
  • Classic FM synthesis

Exakt Lite | PC / Mac



Syntler is a great synth for creating some explosive sounds and rhythms. This synth is perfect for those who want to create some hard-hitting beats.

The three oscillators provide plenty of sound options, and the LFO is great for creating some wild sound effects. The 32 editable presets give you a good starting point, but you can also create your own sounds from scratch.

  • Three oscillators
  • 32 editable presets
  • 1 LFO

Syntler | Windows



If you’re looking for an intense synth plugin that can create deep, dark basses and aggressive lead sounds, Monique is a perfect choice. This powerful plugin comes with a special free filter routing that gives you endless possibilities for sound design.

Additionally, the continuous morphable oscillators and advanced modulation make it incredibly flexible. You can easily create any sound you can imagine with this powerful synth.

  • Special free filter routing
  • Continuous morphable oscillators
  • Advanced modulation and automation possibilities
  • Sequencer

Monique | Windows / Mac / Linux



This is a powerful synth with three oscillators and various modulation options. Its filters are particularly noteworthy, and the two LFOs offer a wide range of frequencies, making it easy to create complex modulations.

The extra modulator sources offer a wealth of possibilities for further sound shaping. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and flexible synth plugin.

  • 3 Oscillators
  • Wide range of modulation options
  • Great filters
  • 2 LFOs

BrainStormer | Windows



Crio is a powerful virtual analog/FM synthesizer that will let you produce stunning sounds with ease. It features one oscillator with a noise generator and three voices, including a sub-oscillator.

Plus, it has a slide tone control that can modulate the keyboard or tone from the LFO. MIDI learning is also supported in most of the controls. Altogether, this is a great free synth VST plugin that any serious producer should have in their arsenal.

  • Digital analog synth
  • 1 oscillator
  • Noise generator
  • 3 voices (sub-oscillator included)
  • Slide tone control

Crio | Windows



Cobalt is inspired by many of the hybrid synths of the 80s, so if you’re a fan of that era of music, you’ll definitely enjoy what this plugin has to offer.

Cobalt is perfect for beginners and experienced synth users with its straightforward interface.

  • Inspired by classic 80s hybrid synths
  • Straightforward interface
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced users

Cobalt | Windows



Kern is a powerful synth that can be used to create a range of sounds. It’s streamlined for use with MIDI keyboard controllers so that MIDI CC can control all parameters.

The synth also features 32 voices of polyphony, making it great for creating complex soundscapes. Additionally, the 4-pole zero-delay feedback lowpass filter gives you much control over the sound. Finally, the chorus effect adds depth and richness to the overall sound.

  • 32 voices of polyphony
  • 4-pole zero-delay feedback lowpass filter
  • Chorus effect

Kern | Windows / Mac

Analog Nexus

Analog Nexus
Analog Nexus

Analog Nexus is a vintage-style warp synthesis synthesizer with extended possibilities of modulation. This plugin is perfect for creating fat and strange sound landscapes.

Its features include four waveform oscillators, two effects (Reverb and stereo Delay), detune effect, and 64 presets. MIDI Learn allows you to control the plugin with your MIDI controller easily.

So, If you are looking for a powerful and simple-to-use synth, this plugin is a perfect choice. It is sure to become one of your go-to tools for sound design.

  • 4 waveform oscillators
  • 2 effects (reverb and delay)
  • MIDI Learn
  • 64 presets

Analog Nexus | Windows

Voltage Modular Nucleus

Voltage Modular Nucleus
Voltage Modular Nucleus

This plugin is a perfect way to add some life to your music. With over 130 presets, you’ll have plenty of options. The oscillator and filter modules are compelling, allowing you to create complex sounds.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and simple-to-use synth plugin, Voltage Modular Nucleus is great. It is sure to become one of your go-to tools for sound design.

  • Over 130 presets
  • Oscillator and filter modules
  • Amplifier

Voltage Modular Nucleus | Windows



This plugin sounds like something from a different world. With its lush Moog filter and two delays, it can create beautiful and ethereal sounds.

Its ADSR is also top-notch, perfect for creating long, evolving sounds. Its implementation of the KxStep EQ is ideal for those who want to add a bit of grit to their sound.

  • 2 delays
  • Lush Moog filter
  • ADSR envelope
  • KxStep EQ

KXPM23 | Windows



This powerful hybrid synthesizer allows you to combine classic subtractive, FM, or ring modulation synthesis techniques simultaneously.

With two independent oscillators, a wide range of waveforms to choose from, and each oscillator having its own filter, amp, and ADSR envelope controls, you can create unique sounds.

This is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable synth plugin. It is sure to become one of your go-to sound design tools.

  • 2 independent oscillators
  • ADSR Controls
  • A wide range of waveforms
  • FM & ring modulation synthesis

Plugin | Windows / Mac



This is a small but powerful virtual analog synthesizer. It’s perfect for creating a wide range of sounds with six voices, two oscillators, and a multimode filter.

The three envelopes and 1 or 2 LFOs give you plenty of control over the sound, and the arpeggiator and random generator add an element of chance to the mix. This is a great free synth for anyone looking for a powerful and flexible sound.

  • 6 voices
  • 2 oscillators
  • 3 envelopes
  • 1 or 2 LFOs

acidrack | Windows

Abakos PRO

Abakos PRO
Abakos PRO

Albakos PRO is a powerful synthesizer with two oscillators, allowing you to create complex sounds easily. It also features an arpeggiator, perfect for creating hypnotic melodies and rhythms.

Its onboard delay, tremolo, vibrato, and wah-wah effects add even more sonic possibilities, and the noise generator is perfect for creating atmospheric textures.

  • 2 oscillators
  • Arpeggiator
  • Onboard effects
  • Noise generator

Abakos PRO | Windows



This synth plugin is perfect for bass and high sequences, with its two oscillators and flexible amplitude modulation. It also features a resonant low pass filter, booster/exciter, delay, and reverb – making it perfect for adding depth and dimension to your sound.

Certainly, Alphatron is one of the best free synthesizer plugins around. It is sure to become an essential tool in your sound design arsenal.

  • 2 Oscillators
  • Flexible amplitude modulation
  • Resonant low pass filter
  • Booster/exciter

Alphatron | Windows



If you’re looking for an old-school synth with that classic analog sound, 5-SC is your plugin. It features a single oscillator with various wave shapes to choose from and an LFO modulation control for pitch, filter, and amp.

There’s also a portamento control for that classic sliding sound, and you can even add delay and reverb effects to your signal. Plus, with MIDI learn, it’s simple to integrate it into your DAW or live setup.

  • Single oscillator with multiple wave shapes
  • LFO modulation for pitch, filter, and amp
  • Portamento control
  • MIDI learn

5-SC | Windows



Boogaloo is the perfect synth for creating 80s retro sounds. It has an intuitive GUI that makes it simple to create the sounds you want. It also has a wide range of sound-shaping options, perfect for creating unique synth sounds.

If you are looking for a synth that can help you create classic 80s sounds, this plugin is perfect. It is sure to become an essential tool in your sound design arsenal.

  • Intuitive GUI
  • Wide range of sound-shaping options
  • Classic 80s sounds

Boogaloo | Windows

Alphatron SE

Alphatron SE
Alphatron SE

Alphatron SE is a fantastic synthesizer that offers a wide variety of features. Its hybrid design allows it to combine the best of both worlds, delivering a powerful and versatile sound perfect for any music producer.

The wide range of modulation options and the high-quality sound output make it one of the best free synth plugins available. It is sure to become an essential tool in your sound design arsenal.

  • Hybrid design
  • Wide range of modulation options
  • High-quality sound output

Alphatron SE | Windows


Ceres Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments
Ceres VST Plugin

VST audio filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak.) 1 envelope, 2 LFO, Bpm syncable, eight steps sequencer.

Ceres | Windows


Bleep VST Plugin
Bleep VST Plugin

Bleep is a free VSTi synthesizer plugin for Windows which is inspired by the sound of MOS Technology SID.

Bleep | Windows

Bleep Preview

Additional Free Synth VSTs

  1. MiniSpillage – Free drum synthesizer plugin featuring 64-bit DSP processing
  2. Crystal by Green Oak.
  3. Piky
  4. 1936
  5. 303-alpha

What Is A Synthesizer VST Plugin?

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates sound electronically using electronic circuitry such as oscillators and filters. It can imitate any instrument like piano, flute, or violin and create its own unique sounds. A synthesizer plugin is a virtual instrument that replicates an analog synthesizer.

Synthesizer plugins are often used in music production, but they can also be used for sound design and audio effects.

Most synthesizers generate sound using one or more oscillators, which are usually mixed together to create a timbre or tone.

A synthesizer can produce a range of sounds, from realistic instrument simulations to non-natural sounds. Synthesizers are often used to generate complex waveforms, such as the human voice and musical instruments.

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