25 Best Free Synth VST Plugins

15 Free Synth VST Plugins - Best Free Synth VSTs

Here are the Best Free Synth VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

VST Download Instructions:

  1. Click the name of each VST Plugin.
  2. Look around each website for the download link or button.
  3. Only download the VST plugin. Do NOT install any suspicious software.
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Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Free Synth VST Plugins

1. Anti-Transpirant

Anti-Transpirant - Free Synth VST Plugin 

ANTI TRANSPIRANT is a wonderful analogue sounding synth VST Instrument for Win XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

VST Plugin Preview

2. OP-X Synth VST – PC


The OP-X Free has got the same basic engine and sound as the full OP-X while the available presets are limited to a few chosen ones and the GUI only gives access to a few parameters.

VST Plugin Preview

3. Synth1 – PC

  Synth1 VST Plugin

Synth1 is a software synthesizer. Functionally it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth.

Important: The website is in a different language.  But this plugin has a lot of synth sounds. Video: Synth1 VST – Over 25,000+ Sound Presets

  • 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope.
  • 4 types of filters, distortion.
  • 2 LFOs (synchronized with host).
  • Arpeggiator (synchronized with host).
  • Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger.
  • Legato mode, portamento.
  • 16 notes polyphony.
  • 128 presets.
  • Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc.
  • Automation.

4. Poly 2106 – PC

Poly 2106  

The Poly 2106 initially started off as a recreation of a true object of desire from the fashionable 80’s that was once part of our studio, but that was just the initial kick that propelled a seemingly more enthusiastic project which culminated into a knob infested creation with a solid vintage backbone.

Plugin Preview

5. Osiris 6

Osiris 6 

6 voices polyphonic synthesizer.


6. Beat Black Mamba – Synth VST

Beat Black Mamba  

Beat Black Mamba is a powerful bass library. It’s based on the Beat Zampler, developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine and thus can load sfz files. Design by Cyan.

Synth VST Plugin Preview

7. Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE

 Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE

Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE is a collection of multi-sampled sounds captured directly from 3 different versions of the Commodore 64 home computer. It is a collaborative project between Bedroom Producers Blog and Rhythmic Robot.


8. Trans Computer Maschine

Trans Computer Maschine  

Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer. Modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.


9. HYDi


Originally developed for DC’12, this is a heavily revamped model – simply called Version 1.3. HYDi can only be described as one thing – Quirky. Like a pre-patched modular, perfect for tweakheads, the modulation section is integrated into most of the effects.




This is a bundle of over 300 presets for 6 superb freeware synthesizer plugins: Zebralette, Tyrell N6 v2, Synth1, Tal Noisemaker, TAL elek7ro, and TAL u-no 62.

11. Matrix 8000

Matrix 8000 - Free Synth VST Plugin  

3 OSC with 7 Waves, Octave Tuning, Fine Tuning, PW, 3 VCA Envelopes.


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12. Hydra PL

Hydra PL  

Hydra PL is a digital/analog hybrid style polyphonic synthesizer. Hydra was made to be versatile, but with a focus on gritty pads and other polyphonic patches. It presents a vintage “knob-per-function” style GUI.


13. Kx-PolyMod


Modular polyphonic synthesizer with stereo SF2 player. To build vintage leads or analogue multi-purpose polyphonic instruments.


14. Sucker


Sucker is a 2 oscillators synth.


15. TAL-NoiseMaker

TAL-NoiseMaker v.3.01  

TAL-NoiseMaker is an improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability. The synth also includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect.


16. Sun Ra

Free VST Plugins 

Ambient texture generator. It’s based on a dual synthesis engine, completed with several randomization options and a battery of built-in effects. It also features a good set of 24 presets.

17. Satyr VA Synth – PC


Satyr is a massive Virtual Analog synth with comprehensive oscillator wave shaping and modulation methods.

18. Oberon Poly 4 VA Synth


Oberon is an attempt to imitate the classic analog poly synths. It has two special oscillators with sync, two envelopes, LFO and a special 2-pole double filter.

19. Panzertank PM 4


Panzertank PM4 is a virtual phase modulation synth very much like the famous FM synthesizers.

20. Superwave P8

 VST Plugins

Superware is a virtual analog synthesizer emulation for VST host.

21. H G Fortune- Fortune Cookie VST

 Free Synth VST plugins

Fortune Cookie 2012 is a quite unique ‘VA’ synth (VSTi plugin) for various types of solo and more or less typical polysynth and strange FX sounds. It gains special uniqueness from it’s different sync modes and X-Torsion.

22. Analog Warfare VST

Analog Warfare VST 

Hybrid analog style synthesizer with groove and CV sequencer, arpeggiator, FX and a heap of routing options.

23. Minisynth Series VST

 Minisynth Series VST

The Minisynth series collection consist of three instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK.As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push-up users creativity first and give steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers.

24. Podolski VST

 Podolski VST

Podolski is a simple, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, one filter, one envelope and two LFOs, it also features a Zebra-style arpeggiator/sequencer plus chorus and delay effects.

25. TB-30X VST


TB-30X is a monophonic bass synthesizer for Windows. TB-30X

  • Sawtooth/square oscillator3 pole filter
  • Sub oscillator
  • Overdrive
  • Global volume control Portamento.

26. Wavedraw VST

Wavedraw VST 

Wavetable Synthesizer that allows you to draw your own waves.

26. Kamioooka – PC

Kamioooka - Synth VST Plugin

Kamioooka is a polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer with patch cable system. You can freely combine modules and make patches. 10 module slots and 7 types of modules (VCO/VCF/VCA/ADSR/LFO/MISC/SEQ) are available.

VST Plugin Preview

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What’s Your Favorite Synth VST Plugin?

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