Best Free Reason Refills & Combinator Patches

Here are tons of Free Reason Refills, free Combinator Patches, and free Thor Patches to use with the Propellerhead Reason music software.

Tutorial: How to Use Propellerhead Reason

Free Reason Refills & Combinator Patches

1. Stereoklang Refills – Over 400 mb of free Reason refills. Synth sounds, vocals, and bass.

2. Peff Reason Refills – Over 35 refills that add up to over 100 mb.

3. 13 Reason Refills – 1001 Malstrom, samples, synthesizer sounds, drums, bass.

Free Reason Refills & Free Reason Combinator Patches

4. Reason Experts – Dubstep Bass Refills, House Loops, Malstrom leads, Subtractor leads, bass patches for Reason, Malstrom Bass patches.

5. 26 Thor Patches -Bass patches, Pad patches, and Synth patches.

6. Willbe Free Refills – Multi-sampled instruments for NN19/NNXT: Kawai Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Harp David, and Marimba Soft.

7. Mixter Refills Rhodes Refill, Old Records Refill, AmbientKit Refill, All-SUB Refill.

8. 134 Combinator Patches -134 Combinator patches from the XSynth Library based on the Subtractor & Malstrom for Reason. It also contains 3 RNS demo songs.

What Are Reason Refills?

Reason Refills are files that contain samples, patches, loops, and grooves that are in a specific Reason format. When you get Reason you receive both the Factory and Orkester Sound Banks of Refills which is a collection of different sounds like synths, strings, orchestras, drums, and more.

How to Use Reason Refills

Here is a video tutorial on how to use a Reason refill in your Reason music software.

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