1,000 Free Drum Fill Samples & Drum Fill Sample Packs

Here are the best free drum fill samples and drum fill sample packs for music producers looking to add some variety to their beats. With drum fill samples, you can turn simple beats into epic tracks, add depth to your music, and create standout transitions.

A drum fill sample is an audio snippet extracted from a drum sequence that bridges gaps between a track’s main rhythmic sections. Just as a paragraph might use transitional words, songs can use drum fills to smoothly shift mood or pace.

Best Free Drum Fill Samples

  1. Vinyl Drum Fills
  2. SampleRadar Free Drum Fill Samples
  3. Pixabay Royalty-Free Drum Fill Sounds
  4. Sample Focus Free Drum Fills
  5. GhostHack Free Drum Fills
  6. Looperman Free Drum Fill Loops
  7. Sample Swap Fills & Rolls
  8. Drill Drum Fills + One Shot Kit
  9. FL Presets Fantastic Drum Fills Samples
  10. Producer Spot Multi-Track Drums
  11. Free EDM Snare Fills
  12. Liquid Vinyl Drums
Best Free Drum Fill Samples
Best Free Drum Fill Samples

Are you on the hunt for more free drum sounds? Explore our free music sample articles for more free downloads.

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1. Vinyl Drum Fills (50)

Vinyl Drum Fills
Vinyl Drum Fills

The vinyl drum fills kit offers a collection of 50 classic drum loops to advance your music production.

Sourced from pure acoustic instruments, these drum fills are designed to seamlessly integrate into your tracks, providing an authentic and dynamic touch.

This pack delivers high-quality sound that can make a difference in your creations and is ideal for music creators looking to add a hint of vintage flair to their beats.

  • 50 Free drum fill samples
  • Authentic acoustic instrument recordings
  • Classic drum loops for a vintage vibe

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2. SampleRadar Free Drum Fill Samples (459)

SampleRadar Free Drum Fill Samples
SampleRadar Free Drum Fill Samples

Conveniently organized into nine tempo-themed folders, these samples cater to diverse musical needs.

All files are in WAV format, ensuring easy integration into any DAW or sampler.

  • Collection of free drum fills
  • Adds rhythm and variation to tracks
  • 9 Tempo-themed folders for easy selection
  • WAV format
  • Royalty-free

Sample Radar

3. Pixabay Royalty-Free Drum Fill Sounds (51)

Pixabay Royalty Free Drum Fill Sounds
Pixabay Royalty Free Drum Fill Sounds

The Pixabay website is a comprehensive collection for music creators in search of unique drum-fill sound effects.

Hosting 51 distinctive drum fills, the platform allows easy downloads to integrate these beats into your projects.

These effects, ranging from the iconic “Amen Break” remake to innovative solos by Prettysleepy Art, cater to various musical tastes and genres.

All sound effects are royalty-free, allowing you to use them without copyright concerns.

  • 51 Diverse drum fills sound effects
  • Royalty-free beats


4. Sample Focus Free Drum Fills (36)

Sample Focus Free Drum Fills
Sample Focus Free Drum Fills

The Sample Focus Free Drum Fills provides a diverse range of drum fill sounds, all curated for music creators who value quality.

With varying tempos and styles, you’ll easily find the perfect sound to complement your musical projects.

As the premier community-driven sample library, Sample Focus consistently adds new sounds, ensuring fresh content for its users.

  • Variety of drum fill sounds for diverse needs
  • A curated selection of high-quality samples
  • Unique sounds by various artists
  • Royalty-free downloads for easy integration

Sample Focus

5. GhostHack Free Drum Fills

GhostHack Free Drum Fills
GhostHack Free Drum Fills

The GhostHack free drum fill kit is a versatile collection designed to boost the rhythm section of any music track.

Tailored for creators who venture into EDM, Hip-Hop, and other genres, this pack promises to infuse tracks with dynamic energy.

These drum fills are designed to merge the natural sound of acoustic drums with the modern flair of electronic beats.

By incorporating these drum fills, you can effortlessly boost your music and achieve that polished professional touch.

  • Ideal for genres like EDM and Hip-Hop
  • Enhances energy and excitement in tracks
  • A mixture of acoustic and electronic drums
  • Provides realism and punch
  • Great pack for improving drum loops


6. Looperman Free Drum Fill Loops (91)

Looperman Free Drum Fill Loops
Looperman Free Drum Fill Loops

The Looperman website offers an expansive range of drum loops and samples contributed by the music creator community.

Designed for music creators, this collection spans a wide array of genres, from trap and afrobeat to heavy metal and synth-vaporwave.

You can easily use these free sounds with your tracks to give them a unique flavor.


7. Sample Swap Fills & Rolls (59)

Sample Swap Fills Rolls
Sample Swap Fills Rolls

Sample Swap is a handy resource for music creators on the hunt for unique drum loops, breaks, fills, and rolls.

Dive into this collection and discover a wide variety of sounds, from conga rolls to ethno fills, tailored to add that extra flair to your music.

  • High-quality 16-bit 44khz WAV samples
  • Variety of fills and rolls for versatile use
  • Accessible drum loops and breaks for different music genres

Sample Swap

8. Drill Drum Fills (VOL 2) + One Shot Kit (100)

Drill Drum Fills VOL 2 One Shot Kit
Drill Drum Fills VOL 2 One Shot Kit

The drill drum fills sound kit is a valuable asset for music creators looking to elevate their tracks with dynamic drum fills.

Offered by LJS, this second volume features 100 fills, each labeled with its BPM, making it easy to integrate into any project.

The package provides unique fills and includes tutorials on time-stretching them to fit your tracks perfectly.

Plus, as a bonus, users receive a one-shot kit, all of which are 100% royalty-free.

  • 100 Drum Fills with BPM labels
  • Time-stretching tutorials included
  • Bonus one-shot kit added
  • 100% Royalty-free

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9. FL Presets Fantastic Drum Fills Samples (600)

FL Presets Fantastic Drum Fills Samples
FL Presets Fantastic Drum Fills Samples

The FL Presets Fantastic Drum Fills Samples kit is a comprehensive collection designed to improve your music production journey.

This free pack, curated by the FL Presets Team, boasts over 600 high-quality drum fill samples suitable for various genres, including hip-hop, EDM, and rock.

The diverse selection ensures you have the right fill for every musical need.

Plus, with an organization based on BPM, you can effortlessly find samples for your projects.

Among the samples, you’ll discover gems from renowned packs like the MusicRadar drum fill sample and the free Spicy Rolls pack by Samplar.

  • Over 600 versatile drum fills
  • Perfect for multiple genres: EDM, rock, hip-hop, and more
  • Organized by BPM for easy use
  • Diverse instruments enrich the fills
  • Designed to fuel inspiration and creativity

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10. Producer Spot Multi-Track Drums (5)

Producer Spot Multi Track Drums
Producer Spot Multi-Track Drums

The Producer Spot multi-track drums sound pack offers a rich assortment of drum loops to invigorate your music projects.

Thoughtfully curated, this pack is brimming with 4 ending sessions, 5 fills, and 5 groove sessions, summing up to a total of 167 distinct loops.

Whether you’re looking for the crisp sound of hi-hats or the rhythmic beat of live kicks, this collection has got you covered.

Recorded at a versatile 120 BPM, these high-quality WAV and AIFF files are suitable for a range of music genres.

With a total size of 378 MB, this pack ensures you have a wide array of choices at your fingertips.

  • Contains 167 loops in both WAV and AIFF formats
  • Features 4 ending sessions
  • Includes 5 fills and 5 grooves sessions
  • Comprehensive range: hi-hats, toms, cymbals, live kicks, and more
  • Recorded at 120 BPM for versatility
  • High-quality sound for professional use

Producer Spot

11. Free EDM Snare Fills (72)

Free EDM Snare Fills
Free EDM Snare Fills & Drum Fills

The free EDM snare fill kit from New Loops is a must-have for music creators looking to infuse their tracks with dynamic build-ups and transitions.

This collection seamlessly offers a variety of snare rolls, fills, and captivating effects to elevate your EDM compositions.

Whether you need snappy one-shots or the perfect snare fill, this pack’s 72 WAV files have got you covered.

Plus, recorded at a dance-friendly 128 BPM, these sounds effortlessly align with the tempo of your EDM tracks.

With a convenient download size of 68 MB and a royalty-free license, these sounds are ready for instant use.

  • Includes 35 snare rolls and fills
  • 18 snare one-shots
  • 19 Unique sound effects
  • Royalty-free

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12. Liquid Vinyl Drums (154)

Liquid Vinyl Drums
Liquid Vinyl Drums | Drum Solo Fill

The Liquid Vinyl Drums by Sound Scientist is a specially curated drum kit designed for music creators with a passion for that classic vinyl sound.

Transport your tracks back in time with over 100 hand-selected drum sounds sourced directly from vinyl records.

This pack not only offers a broad spectrum of drum elements like kicks, snares, and hi-hats but also includes percussions, fills, and some melody loops to sprinkle in that authentic hip-hop vibe.

And with all samples in WAV format, integrating them into your workflow becomes a breeze.

The Liquid Vinyl Drums are free to download and will undoubtedly give your creations a unique edge.

  • Over 100 drums sampled from vinyl
  • Includes kicks, snares, and hi-hats
  • Additional percussions and fills for depth
  • Bonus melody loops for added flavor
  • Convenient WAV format for easy integration
  • Tailored for the hip-hop genre
  • Generous pack size of 20.34MB

Learn More


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drum fill sample?

A drum fill sample is a short, pre-recorded soundbite of drum rhythms. These samples can be seamlessly integrated into a track, typically providing transitions between song sections or enhancing particular moments within a piece.

Why are drum fill samples important in music production?

Drum fill samples enhance music by providing dynamic transitions between song parts. They can evoke emotion, introduce variety, and create anticipation within a track, ensuring a richer and more engaging listening experience.

How can I integrate these samples into my music projects?

You can incorporate drum fill samples into your projects using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Simply drag and drop the sample into your timeline, ensuring it aligns rhythmically with the rest of your track. Adjust its pitch, speed, or effects as needed.

Are these samples compatible with all music genres?

Absolutely! While drum fills originate from genres like rock and jazz, these samples have been crafted to fit a wide range of musical styles. Whether you’re producing electronic, hip-hop, pop, or even classical, there’s likely a drum-fill sample suitable for your needs.

Can I modify or tweak the drum fill samples?

Yes, most producers tweak samples to fit their specific track needs. Using your DAW, you can adjust the pitch speed, add effects, or even layer samples to create a unique sound.

Do I need advanced software or equipment to use these samples?

While professional-grade DAWs offer extensive editing capabilities, many free or beginner-friendly software options can effectively handle Drum Fills Samples. You don’t necessarily need advanced equipment to start, just compatible software and a keen ear for music.

How do I ensure the samples fit seamlessly into my track?

It’s essential to align the sample rhythmically with your track. Adjust its tempo and ensure it matches the song’s key. Using EQ and other effects can help blend the sample smoothly with the rest of the track.

I hope you found this list of free drum fill samples and free drum fill sample packs helpful.

They are great options to add some variety to your beats.

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