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How to Make Beat Making Videos

Here are my helpful tips on How to Make Beat Making Videos for music producers.

How to Make Beat Making Videos

First, let’s start with if you should even make beat making videos.

In my post How to Promote Beats on YouTube, I shared that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, the first is Google. Google owns YouTube, so you should utilize them both to help build your brand and promote your beats.

But do beat making videos help your brand or help with selling beats?

Yes! If you are trying to make music into a full-time career, you should always work on building your brand name and establishing yourself as a leader.

Think about your favorite music producers: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Pharrell, and DJ Premier. These guys have all built names for their selves and their names alone make people listen to songs if they are involved.

Music Producer Examples

Ryan Leslie has over 188,000 YouTube subscribers. His first videos 9 years ago were beat making videos. Ryan Leslie Makes “Addiction” is his most popular video on YouTube with close to 5 million views.

More music producers who built a huge audience with beat making videos: Mysto and Pizzi, Ronald JenkeesBoonie Mayfield, Cardiak, Jahlil Beats.

How to Make Beat Making Videos

Here are my 3 steps to make good beat making videos.

Step 1. Start with a Good Beat First

Make Your Beat First

Let’s be real, if your beat sucks no one is going to care about your beat making videos. So I suggest you make an awesome beat first, and then make a beat making video for it.

I believe quality is more important than quantity.

An okay beat making video can get a few hundred views, but a great beat making video can get thousands of views.

But isn’t this cheating?

Kind of, but so what. Go back and look at some of your favorite beat making videos. All those beats aren’t made from scratch. You will see some music producers replaying elements that have already been recorded.

Popular videos on YouTube are edited well and entertaining. That’s the magic of video editing. You can edit the video to make yourself look professional and make the process of making beats look easy for you.

Step 2: Remake the Beat on Camera

Remake Beat on Video

Go back and re-shoot yourself playing different elements of the beat.

By doing this, you can get different camera angles, video close-ups on music equipment, and clips of you looking like a pro.

Video Recording Tip: Aim for high-resolution video and good lighting to help your videos look professional.

 Step 3. Get Creative with Video Editing

Edit Video

Create a final video that shows off your musical talent and that is also entertaining to your viewers.

Video Editing Tips

  • Study your favorite beat making videos for editing ideas.
  • Add high-quality graphics to look professional.
  • Short videos perform better than long videos. So try to edit your video down to the good parts.
  • Choose quality over quantity.

Beat Videos with Good Editing

Beat Making Video Ideas

  1. Remix popular songs
  2. Make beats with samples from different things like video games, movies, records, etc
  3. Create beats with sounds from unique objects, like toys, household items, etc
  4. Make beats on mobile devices

Video Equipment

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Do you have tips on how to make beat making videos? Share in the comments!

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