Music Production Poll Stats ( Over 10,000 Votes )

We have run over 30 music production polls and received over 10,000 votes.

Check out these poll results from fellow music producers on music production hardware, music software, making music, and more.

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Most Popular Music Production Software

FL Studio - Most popular music production software

Use a MPC to Make Beats

How many music producers use a MPC

Most Popular Music Producers

Music Producer Timbaland

Music Producer Kanye West

Music Producer DJ Premier

Samples vs. VST Plugins

Do Music Producers Prefer Samples or VST Plugins

Live Instruments

Do Music Producers Use Live Instruments

Mac vs. PC to Make Music

Do Music Producers Use Mac or PC for Music

How Many Beats Per Week

How Many Beats Do Music Producers Make Per Week

Average Time Spent on a Beat

How Much Time Do Music Producers Spend On A Beat

Average Record Collection Size

How Many Records Do Music Producers Own

Music Producer Conferences

Do Music Producers Attend Music Conferences

Apple iPad for Music

Do Music Producers User iPads for Music

Selling Beats Online

Do Music Producer Sell Beats Online

Time Spent on Music

How Much Time Do Music Producers Spend On Music Daily

Most Popular Keyboard Brands

M-Audio MIDI Keyboard

What do you think about these poll stats?

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  1. Wait, 84% don’t attend conferences? So, who attends them, then? Also, 55% own iPads but 63% use PC over Mac to make music? Wow.