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Music Polls

Music Polls

Windows or Mac for Music Production

Poll: Windows or Mac for Music Production

Both Windows and Macs are popular for music production.

Best Music Production Software

Poll: Best Music Production Software

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Favorite Music Producer

Poll: Favorite Music Producer

Dr. Dre is rated the top-rated Hip Hop music producer.

How Long Do You Spend Making a Beat?

Poll: How Long Do You Spend Making a Beat

The average music producer spends 5 or more hours on each beat.

How Many Beats Do You Make Per Week?

Poll: How Many Beats Do You Make Per Week

The average music producer makes 1 to 2 beats per week.

Do You Have a Music Producer Name?

Poll: Do You Have a Music Producer Name

Related: How to Create a Music Producer Name

How Many Hours Per Day Do You Work on Music?

Poll: How Many Hours Per Day Do You Work on Music

Related: How to Become a Better Music Producer

What is Your Favorite Akai MPC

Poll: What is Your Favorite Akai MPC

The Akai MPC 2000 XL is the top-rated MPC.

What is Your Biggest Problem as a Music Producer

Poll: What is Your Biggest Problem as a Music Producer

The most common issue for producers is “Getting their music heard”.

Article: 50 Tips on How to Market Beats

Do You Sample?

Poll: Do You Sample

Related: Free Music Samples

Do You Make Music Full Time?

Poll: Do You Make Music Full Time

Only 18% of website visitors make music full-time.

Samples vs. VST Plugins vs. Reason Refills

Poll: Samples vs. VST Plugins vs. Reason Refills

Related: Free VST Plugins

Do You Own an Akai MPC?

Poll: Do You Own a Akai MPC

61% of voters own an MPC drum machine.

How Many Records Do You Own?

Poll: How Many Records Do You Own

32% of voters own over 500 records.

What Type of Music Do You Make?

Poll: What Type of Music Do You Make

Do You Sell Beats Online?

Poll: Do You Sell Beats Online

Related: How to Sell Beats Online

How Many Beats Have You Sold in the Last 3 Months?

Poll: How Many Beats Have You Sold in the Last 3 Months

Do You Own Beats by Dre Headphones?

Poll: Do You Own Beats by Dre Headphones

Guitar Center vs. Sam Ash

Poll Guitar Center vs. Sam Ash

Guitar Center is the most popular place for music equipment.

Do You Use Autotune?

Poll Do Use Autotune?

Related: Free Autotune VST Plugins

Which Are You: Music Producer or Music Artist?

Poll Which Are Your-Music Producer or Music Artist

What Do You Want More of On This Site?

Poll What do you want more of on this site

Top Voted Music Keyboard Brand

Poll Top Voted Music Keyboard Brand

Are You Using Live Instruments?

Poll Are You Using Live Instruments

Do You Make Beat Making Videos?

Poll Do You Make Beat Making Videos

Do You Provide Hooks With Beats?

Poll Do You Provide Hooks With Beats

Do You Make Beat CDs to Promote Beats?

Poll Do You Make Beat CDs to Promote Beats

Do You Attend Music Producer Conferences?

Poll Do You Attend Music Producer Conferences

Do You Blog to Market Beats

Poll: Do You Blog to Market Beats

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  1. Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock, RZA man It’s a toss up and yea as far as myspace producers check out AEON, he has worked with Tanya Morgan, Mickey Factz and did a bunch of ill remixes

  2. Dre is my all-time favorite hands down, but Timbo, Scott Storch, Just Blaze, and the Rza are all in my top grouping. Lately I’ve been feelin’ what the Runners are doing as well. Nice poll…



  3. Timbaland has a very cool sound i wonder for how much time people will still feel is beats:D

  4. Have u seen this nice polling system? May be able to use it in site’s right column to make it easy as a quick click…

  5. Just Blaze, kanye or Scott Storch. Hard one. But i vote for scott storch

  6. DJ Premier got my vote but someones gotta give some votes to RZA and Trackmasters! with 0 no way same with Ski thats cold some one hook it up. :) lol

  7. Yall Dont know ish about Music.


    Do your research, HE DID THRILLER!

  8. man my two favorite producers ainnt even on the list…..9th wonder and Zaytoven

  9. Who is voting?Kanye rated higher than marly marl!Yall all wack!

  10. Why is kanye always rated so high? How is rated better than legends of hiphop like pete rock or marley marl I mean who or what super power machine is behind him? His beats don’t make go D@mn wish I had that instrumental!

  11. FL Studio gets the most votes as favorite music making software? The artist formerly known as “Fruity Loops”……really? Yeah granted it’s an “alright” program to start out with when you’re about 13 but for us grown ups…..surely we can do better!

  12. Reason 5 and to chop up my samples, recycle. i dont like Fruity loops at all. reason feels more hands on along with my mpd 26 and casio for the midi controllers

  13. FL Studio feels like a video game. ur right its for just starting out. but if you are trying to work with a software that feels like a real studio go with reason.

  14. Yeah i started out usin Fl, but I’ve been usin reason only for about two years now. Its funny, when i was usin it people would dog me out sayin I need to upgrade. Now look.

  15. I myself prefer FL Studio over Reason and Cubase and such based purely on how good of a workflow I have in it. Its not to complex of a DAW to understand and If you try hard enough you can get an amazing sound out of it. Seems like it has a bad rep thou for sounding cheap and what not thou I don’t see it?

  16. I doesn’t matter if you use an mpc or a bucket and some drum sticks. An artist is an artist. These clowns go back and forth about whats best. Mad because they dont have the same drive or desire or talent of the folks out there trying to make it rubbing two pennies together and perfecting the skills like pros. So here’s the skinny ,”shut up and make music or just shut up and let the real artist remain sucker free.”

  17. fl studio is a bomb-ass program I use all the time. but it really doesn’t matter what program ur using course it’s always about the sound ur going to come out with and if u know what u are doing..music.

  18. reason and pro tools….in that order…

  19. fl studio check my music to see what it can do

  20. Fruity Loops is too complex for me- I have no idea how to get what i want out of that program- so for simplicity’s sake I use Cubase.

  21. I’m surprised Pro tools isn’t up there. isn’t it said that pro tools is the industry standard?

  22. I hate how people constantly sh*t on Fruityloops. That program costs almost the same as the other ones. They just released version 10 of it, and that’s saying a lot. There’s a lot of big-name producers, 9th, Lex Luger, and em’ who still haven’t switched on finding fame. Most of these fools slamming it never even used it in their life. Just ‘cos others say it’s sh*t and they just jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps your brain’s too slow to understand the program. How about that?? Like 9th said, “It’s the man, not the machine”

    P.s. I know FL *iggas that’s sh*tting on your favorite Pro Tools producers

  23. FL is the sh*t! Watch the space and you’ll see what I can do with it, soon..

  24. i am a producer…not that good anyway but i need samples…and people to guide me in producing real beat out for people…i use fruity loops

  25. Seems Like Everybody Is On The Bandwagon For Dre, Don’t Get Me Wrong Dre Is Good But Dj Quick’s Beats Are Better. I Like That Soul/ Funk Style That Quick Puts Into His Beats. His Beats Sound More Authentic, More Musical Quality

  26. Maschine ;)

  27. NI Maschine

  28. I voted the MPC 200XL, but want to get that NI Maschine so bad!

  29. haha yeah was thinking … Maschine

  30. I just want one of those rings!

  31. PC is dope because damn near every VST gets cracked for it… Macs run better but not as much software is cracked for it… If you can afford thousands of dollars worth of VSTs Mac all day…

  32. I use PC because I have Sonar but honestly it doesn’t matter what format you use. And most are still going to use a mac or pc with their hardware because DAW setups are still fairly standard for recording.

  33. TIME on June 14th, 2011
    PC is dope because damn near every VST gets cracked for it… Macs run better but not as much software is cracked for it… If you can afford thousands of dollars worth of VSTs Mac all day… <—what he said

  34. i think all yall r crazy. just make music its kida like love. it s a war but someone has to fight it peace. one lonely man.

  35. @Sai

    I agree with you.

  36. Every time that I went to Sam Ash they had no real knowledge of the products..Every time! However, when I would go to Guitar Center they would be on it & they remembered my name..lol! I guess when you dropping $5,000 per visit they would remember…lol! Keep up the good work Mark the site is looking better than ever!!!

  37. There aren’t as many independent music stores as it used to be in my area.

  38. C’mon guys where the real gearslutz shop.

  39. I don’t even think there are enough Sam Ash to compare against GC…?? AT least that I’ve noticed But GC is my choice.. My 2nd home.

  40. i’ve alway love going there. sometime i dont even buy anything. i like to go there for inspiration and next thing i know i come back and purchase some equipment. all of my equipment is from sam ash

  41. why would you buy gear from GC or Sam Ash if you can get it online for MUCH cheaper??

  42. Just go in store to test out gear and then buy it online…

  43. ebay and Zzounds all the way!!

  44. I WILL NEVER EVER GO TO guiTARGET for anything… they are the McDonalds of buying music gear… extremely overpriced. they always “have to order” the real gear… like duh it’s the information age. I can order the stuff myself… FOR CHEAPER… At least sam ash trades gear (something I can’t do on eBay or amazon) SAM ASH all the way!!!!

  45. its simple pc for making beats and mac for editing and mixing sessions everybody gets a little bit of the pie

  46. I have 3 Macs and a couple PCs… I completely switched to Mac because the PCs were too damn unstable and stability is critical in music recording and production. ONly con is, I wish FL Studio had a native version for Mac, so I still use it sometimes through Parallels Desktop for Mac (Windows installed on Mac).

  47. I love sam ash. every time I go there to buy anything they are on it. Gc the employees don’t know anything, it’s like they hired some fired Walmart employees that said they make music. But I guess every location is different.

  48. I have an old school Ensoniq ASR-10 sequencing keyboard and a Roland VS-1680 Digital Workstation. Aside from a Mac computer, I need to know what other essentials do I need to get up and going I.E Pro Tools software, F.L,midi box…etc? Thanks

  49. I’ve done professional work on both, and there are possitives to both platforms, but I prefer Mac. Out of all the audio problems I’ve had, I can always solve a problem much faster on a Mac than on a PC. And I use both almost every day. For affordability, PC is the way to go. Dollar for dollar you’re going to get more for your money on a PC.

  50. I’ve been arguing this point with people for years. You’ll get better bang for your buck with a PC any day of the week.

    I have no problems with Macs. I use them almost daily.

    When it comes to getting things done on computers, it shouldn’t matter which OS you’re on as long as you know your application. Cubase is Cubase whether PC or Mac.

    Use the money you save building a PC and buy some software.

  51. Just like 9Th Wonder Says: “It’s the man, not the machine”.

    You can have 10 MPC with 1000 plugins and Protools all together, if you don’t master them, it’s worthless…

    You can be the next big hit with pratically any DAW in the market, including FL Studio. (which in my opinion is very professional).

    I’ve been using Reason for a while, but I still get some cool ideas from the fast pattern sequencer from FL :P

  52. I think that people are going to learn to use it more tastefully.

  53. haha i don’t listen to the radio…just letting you know..im sure theres still a million youtube rappers and unknown rappers that use it…its far from dead

  54. Man, I didn’t really get fruit loops. Reasons is my number 2. But Maschine is my sh*t.

  55. Reason / Record for now.

    I don’t see the hate for FL. The company, Image Line, is made up of some very kool people. They sent me a free copy when I was doing sounds. They keep making it better and better.

    I agree with the comments above, It’s the man, not the machine. You start mastering a program and you can do wonders with it, no matter which program you end up on.

    Don’t follow the crowd, follow what works for you personally. If that’s working with hardware, cool, if it’s working with FL, great! The proof is in the output.


  56. I know I need to step my game up and make more beats but I’m working on getting a new technique. It takes me longer to actually complete a track verses just laying down a bunch of ideas.

  57. I guess, When you start it’s good to make a bunch of beats per week, because you’re practicing. But as you develop your skills and get better and better, and more serious about this, you come to a point that you’re more productive if you spend more time in 3-5 tracks per week and actually finish them, with all the mixing&mastering. And once you start to learn really how to mx&master you just want to spend more time adjusting those tracks so they sound better. Just sayin’…

  58. im from the UK, and if ur making 1 or 2 beats a week then use this poll as motivation and not hate!, im averaging 2 a day and i work 2 full days a week..loving this tho, keep it up guys!

  59. unless you are throwing together a bunch of sloppy-ass beats you should really only be making 2-3 a week, unless you’re a bum that doesn’t have a job or go to school. If you really know how to mix and master a track then you know the time you have to put in to get your sh*t sounding right

  60. Honestly, I’d say I only do about 1 to 2 GOOD beats per week, and that’s all broken and bounced down.

    I will say that I lay out probably 30 to 40 ideas without question. Whether it’s a quick drum idea or a melody that strikes at any given moment, I’ll lay it out and revisit it later.

    I agree with you iLiveProductions – solid mixing can make a mediocre beat sound crazy, while garbage mixes can make a dope beat sound, well, not so dope.

  61. Who the f**k makes 40 beats in a week??

  62. I use to make allot of beats all the time but now, I make 1 sometimes 2 beats a week. Sometimes I get in the “Zone” where I make about 2 or 3 a day but that’s rare.

  63. Less than one! But I put a lot of work into a single beat. Quality over quantity is always better.

  64. even if you live in the studio , still only 1-2 for mixing & mastering

  65. 10 a week, i work 5 days a week have a wife and 2 kids. I knock out 2 a day on my lunch break at work. Small akai keyboard,with my macbook and ableton live, and my ipad and beatmaker 2 with imported wav samples that make it bang! Barely get to touch my studio at home! But hey thank the Lord for mobile hardware these days!

  66. Yea… Even though I make only like 1-2 beats per week, Im still learning.

  67. I could come up with my main sequence in a matter of minutes. But it takes time making it to a full beat. Muting tracks, changing it up and making it all flow. I like to take my team and listen to my beat in till I’m ready to track it out.

  68. I can create all the sounds and sequences within 15 to 30minutes average. And the song can be laid out in like 5minutes, but i usually come back like a day later to trim, clean up and perfect it. maybe delete or sound, or trim a sound, or change the intro, or in worst case, add a sound

  69. Take my sweet time…i’ll work fast if I have to just to give the artist something to work with. I like to leave the beat and come to it…but it really all depends on u

  70. it takes between 10 to 30 minutes to create the idea, but it may take one hour or several days depending on the beat.
      to adjust the levels, remove or add tracks. to do a pre-mix.

  71. i spend about 30 min getting down the best melody i can come up with including chords. main melody , hook , and bridge. in the next hour i spend mixing down and adding effects and variations between notes. i spend time tweaking the sound to its best performance to the song. i spend another 30 mixing down the track. another 30 then adjusting the volumes and equalizing the sounds, compressing what needs to be compressed, adding effects, adjusting the effects, and using my ssl4000 to master the track

  72. Oh and i like to use the right drums for every trakc so i spend another 30 picking out the right drum patterns and the right drum effects to make the track full

  73. ^AceDaProducer you are pretty spot on with the way I do things. I never understood why people want to brag about how fast they can put something together. Like Dre said “Takin’ my time to perfect the beat, and i still got love for the streets!” :)


  75. My best beats take about 30 minutes. When it sounds right it moves quicker. An average beat goes for an hour or more.

  76. I spend as much time as it takes to get the project complete. There are some beats I’ve spent 15-30 minutes on and that’s all because the vide was right, I knew exactly how the beat needed to sound before i sat down to create it and the sounds were already mixed and tuned the way I needed them to be. It’s easy to create when you have the ideas flowing through you and the sounds are already there ready to go…

    Then there are times when you sit down and you are creating everything from the ground and up and it takes you a few hours even days to complete it.. everyone is different

    Also you have to take into consideration what a beat really is to people.. for some its 4 bars of work others its a complete 4 minute beat with arrangements and all and for most its bars of work

  77. Listen people reaper is the best program hands down. This program can run any vst and any program as a vst. This is a must try software

  78. Hip Hop

    Rock / Metal

  79. Yo change the Poll’s choice for a max of 5 choices or sum’, cause there may be more producers out there who don’t focus their selves on only one genre. Btw where is reggae/dancehall bro?

  80. I am a producer, so whatever style of music the artist request, I’m going to make it happen. As a producer that is your job. Never get content and drive in one lane.Are love is music, so total exspression comes with the craft.

  81. the vote mpc 2000xl for the easy use
    but the best swing it’s mpc 3000/30 of course!

  82. Just pick up a instrument and learn and

    all this other software talk won’t matter

    don’t get me wrong some software is a lot simpler than others but sh*t the beatles did there sh*t on 4-tracks and that sh*t

    still being talk about too this day by engineers.So it don’t matter what you use
    just know the science behind a compressor or a slapback delay you dig!!!!

  83. If you making more than 5 beats a week I guarantee your beats sound like azz

  84. Yes I Myself Started Out Using Garageband, Then Using,logfic & Reason, After Someone Showed Me How Much Stuff U Can Do In Fl Studio That Is Now My Main Daw It Overall Has No Limit Of What You Can Do In It Than What The Others Have I Really Like The Statement Darius Thomas Made People Are So Big On Names It Really Is About Make The Best Of What U Have You Really Have To Master What Ever It Is U Are Using And Researching As Well Finding The Best Sounds Or Instruments Rather Virtual Or Live That Fit’s Your Needs So That You Can Get That Quality Sound That Your Looking For

  85. FL Studio. I’ve learned enough to be able to alter anything I create or sample to my will. Seriously… Buying a name does not make any better of a product than changing the packaging does. Secondary… I’ve come to really like Studio One. And referring to SugarKing… I am one of those FL n*ggas that’s sh*tting on your favorite Pro Tools producers. All-day. Every single day. Without fail and holding down a full-time job. It’s the man, not the machine. Just like in the guitarist world (which I’m also a part of), It is no more the guitar than it is the player.


  86. Still in college but working to make a living of what I love.. Music :)

  87. Sh*t is hard with 5ive kids!!! and a nagging a** wife!!! f**k it tho I’ll succeed!!!!

  88. i think my standard of music would drop as i wouldn’t have much time to evaluate the track like i do when im driving to work/bored at work/driving back from work

  89. I still work my 9 to 5. But I bring in an extra $800 cash monthly from my music. It’s a small grind, but it helps out a lot.

  90. I Do It Mostly For Fun And Creating Music I Want To Hear Instead Of Listening To The Garbage That Comes On The Radio. I Dj, Produce, Write, Mix And Master.

    I Just Enjoy Learning Every Aspect Of Creating A Record, From Finding The Perfect Kick To Mastering The Entire Song.

    I Don’t Really Desire To Get Involved In The Music Industry Because I Like Making Real Music And Just The Everyday Life I Live Now Influence The Type Of Music I Create.

  91. Im currently working with a artist by the name of MIll MAJAH he has a facebok also…….

    But its dso hard to make money off making beats thats why I started making ringtones…….

  92. I’m a FL/Cubase user, but i gotta admit, FL is not solely for beginners, its more of a beat making software. With Fl, you can make any professional beat.

    But for mixing and mastering, use cubase. Pro Tools is more of an industry software(Movie Editing and all that sh*t).

    It all depends on how good u are with the individual software though. I have a friend who mixes to perfection with Fl

  93. I been rappin for over a year and a half, I just started working on my first mixtape and I’m always working on that bit. I write lyrics as I eat my grits, take test and roll my tree. I kick a freestyle every other moment of the day but I have yet to make a cent. It’s coming though keep an eye out and get at me

  94. I would love to go full time. Just not possible st this time

  95. I spend too much time working/listening/studying music. Spend my breaks in between classes either making beats on my laptop or listening to music for inspiration ha. Then come home and dedicate most of my night to it.

  96. I don’t really have a set time because a lot of the artist I work with it’s more on a full project level for production and recording. They set up blocks in my studio we working and complete as much as we can within the session.

  97. I dont make a beat every day, I go through manic cycles of production, sometimes I may take a few days off & just live life to gain inspiration. Sometimes I turn my equipment on & everything just comes flowing together harmoniously. Something as creatively driven & detail oriented as music production can really have no set time constraints or schedule, When its time its time.

  98. At least 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week minimum…there’s no way I’m gonna work 40 hours for someone else and not myself…period.

  99. I use FL Studio and Reason. FL studio is limitless when it comes to the creative process. I hate the disgruntled folks that talk about FL…now of course, the stock sounds aren’t great, but I don’t use any. I use my own drums and I run my VSTs through FL. In the studio that I work at, we run pro tools and I’m familiar with that as well. But I think people that purchase programs to “fit in” are LAMES…make music for yourself, not for “my beats will sound dope because I use such and such.”

  100. my first program i started off with is fl studios and now use logic to be honest i feel its what you do with the programs it dosesn’t matter what you use if you play an instrument you will know how to get yourself around any program! i still use fl studio and logic like 9th said “its the man not the machine” and like any studio you can go anywhere cause of the name but at the end of the day its the effort the hard yards and time you put in determines the outcome!!!

  101. for beats I use iMaschine and Akai Synthstation.. iMashine is cool especially if you have Maschine or Mikro.. There’s also Garageband and FL Studio Mobile. the iPad is dope for being mobile and wanting to create ideas on the fly.. I recommend it

  102. I use FL studio mobile to capture any ideas I may come up with while away from the studio. Then recreate when I get in the lab

  103. No not interested at the moment. Ill wait a few gen for when they are incredibly powerful and then get one perhaps but right now imo its just too early

  104. Beats by Dre are made to make everything sound as good as possible, so I think it would actually be harder to mix/master with them? I’m sure they’re nice to have for listening to a finished product, but not for producing.

  105. I think the sound is undeniable but a little over-branded and not sure if its worth the price.

  106. No. I Think They Are Seriously Over Priced. I’ve Heard Them And Don’t Get Me Wrong, They Sound Great. The Price Is Crazy High. I Think You Are Paying For The Name More Then Anything Else. But If That’s What You Want Then Go For It. I’d Rather Use That Money To Buy Some Bose Headphones Instead, But That’s Just Me.

  107. Man these head phones are just really base-heavy. The average ear doesn’t know what good headphones consist of. These had phones can’t touch Bose headphone line. I know I’m going to piss someone off with this statement, but let’s keep it real. The only reason this sh*t is selling is that dre name behind them and if it wasn’t, you would look pass this.Same theory applies with apple products. We all know the galaxy s III is sh*tin on the new iphone.lol

  108. I think they are over priced myself but I still own a pair sadly lls!I wish they were more like 100-150!

  109. I went to go buy a pair but then I got turned on to the Bose Ae2 headphones and they sound just as good if not better than the Beats for about $100 dollars cheaper. And the Bose doesn’t hurt my ears like the Beats did during long periods of use.

  110. No beats by dre for me. A few years ago before I bought my monitors I bought a pair of Grado SR-125s – those are sick. Much better than beats studios and cheaper too. Great for mixing without monitors. Ppl tell me Senheisers are good too.

  111. No but I think I should put something on Datpiff.com one of these days !
    Could help….

  112. Datpiff may be the move!!! Good looking out! I mean you got thousands of people on there everyday so the consistency is there to help get traffic to your beats…

  113. I use to but the game is so messed up and I don’t need cats jacking beats so I don’t deal with it. I just let people know about my website and let them stream from there. It’s only a handful of rappers that understand the business and are willing to purchase beats. The other have are just trend artist doing it because it’s what they see.

  114. I jst got my Studio Headphones today used $150 on EBay cause I had sold some stuff I was about to throw away. They are great sounding and cool BUT $300 not worth it unless you got money hha!
    Even $150 is still high but cause I sold an old jacket and old mixer it’s the only reason why I own a pair.

  115. I don’t. I figured the internet is really all i need. There are great websites such as which lists the dopest opportunities to get your beats heard.

  116. Beat CD’s are still a part, you still have to work the web, and network in your area.

  117. No, because in my country these conferences don`t exist. I like your site very much, you inspire me to keep going and making beats. Peace

  118. yes and they are very helpful, but you know how everything is music goes.(catch 22) The always have some fee to attend these events and they never include transportation.lol

  119. The Dynamic Producer Conference

  120. Yes, and I learned a lot. You want to always stay up on your business.

  121. I am absolutely of your opinion @Versus

    This Site let the Producers in Country like Switzerland and everywhere in Europe be updated.

  122. Yes full time if you include recording, mixing and mastering along with production and writing:))

  123. haha i see all these producers that mix with these headphones.

  124. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was
    entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t believe just how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  125. I chose Reason because it was the easiest to learn at the time. I love the rack concept and the use of CV. I still use FL Studio (demo version) for scratches.

  126. MPC4000 & MPC5000 for me are both just phenomenal and I will never sell either of them, ever. I wish I could even buy at least 2 more brand new back ups of each because I would. If you haven’t used the MPC5000 because of something you heard, you are missing out.

  127. F*ck that machine man it’s nothing compared to a MPC.

  128. Roland fantom X6 is my weapon of choice lol

  129. I learned on a mpc4000 then i purchased a mpc1000 but i would like to try one of there new software machines being digital is so much faster when it comes to tracking out beats!

  130. I had the MPC1000, sold it few years back. looking to add another MPC to the studio set up soon. Probably going to add the Ren or MPC2500 still deciding.

  131. Had a 1k, 2kXL, and a 2500 before switching over to the Maschine (:x)

  132. I just recently sold my MPC 1000 and picked up the NI Maschine MK2, but I am in the market for an MPC 2500 or the 5000 if the price is right. It’s nice to be able to getaway from the computer screen and just work with your electronic instrument. :)

  133. I am confused I am software head but I dont know what to get a MPC REN Or MASCHINE..

  134. I own a 2500 with the HD,DVD drive & memory add-ons and im stilll thinking about bitin the bullet to cop that jjos to prolong the life but i gotta say as much as i love Maschine –
    I can’t bring myself to get rid of the mpc – ever.
    if you aint got one and you love this thang called hip hop – GET ONE!


  135. I’ve grown up watching my cousin “Focus…” work on an MPC, yet… I’ve never used one myself. I recently purchased an MPK25 that has pads similar to an MPC, although, I barely use them. I like the bounce of the keys opposed to pads. One thing I do like about the pad is the sensitivity. What’re other MPC points that you all love?

  136. I bought an MPC 60 in 1988, Los Angeles, CA. It’s still the sh*tt!

  137. Yes you will need to have multiple streams of income coming from your music though in order to keep it that way. I’m a artist who just so happened to produce, write for other artist, do graphics, direct music video’s

  138. I still dont get why people love that cheap produced and overpriced hifi headphones.
    If you want studio quality headphones there are just a few brands like AKG, Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic. Just stick to quality brands from Europe (or more like Germany and Austria) like for mics AKG, Neumann or Brauner.

  139. No way, i better get me an acoustic guitar or something useful.

  140. Very cool man!!!

  141. I have had MPC 1000 / 2000 / 2000XL and 4000
    I have sold all of them except the MPC 4000. This beast is a WORKHORSE and never lets you down but here is a strong learning curve. Infinite options to tweak sample while the sequencer is playing etc.. I lived and breathed for many years on the 2000 and 2000XL and both were fantastic machines (I produced the entire Last True Family Man Sony LP on only MPC 2000XL and NOTHING else at all. It is amazing and I was using it also to loop breaks and not just Kicks snares etc.. If you looping on MPCs there are tips and tricks to help you get through I suggest you check MPC Forums as these guys are the kings on info. But today my 4000 is the captain of my entire analog studio as it also handles perfect sequencing of all my analog gear and you can handle program changes etc.. right from the Seq window. I loved the MPC 1000 but even with the JJ Op system, it was just too cryptic for me and too many curves to get where I wanted.
    For quick ready-to-start workflow I suggest 2000 / 2000XL For deep production 4000 and for all-around great features with another option for internal HD (like 4000) I suggest 1000. MPCs RULE

  142. Yes indeed FL studios all the way for me. It’s user friendly and powerful when using the right sounds.

  143. Run a poll of which producers produce which genre of hip hop the most.

  144. I’m a Reason Fanatic Hands Down. Our Projects, which are mostly jazz based tend to get pretty complex and the last thing we need is to have to stop and think through the processes while creating the songs. Reason always keeps it flowing.

    My second choice is Sonar Platinum, mostly for post. It’s powerful and improving all the time. My one complaint about it (and I’ve been a user since Pro Audio 9) is that – for me – I’ve never been able to compose a song from Start to Finish without the program getting in the way – which takes me back to Reason, which is content to hide beneath the creativity, stepping in to lend a hand when needed and then getting back out of the way…

    I talk about these and other issues on my blog, “Encouragement for the EntreMusician” at

  145. The RZA is just dope ! ! ! & I Am Too ! ! !

  146. I’m a MPC Guy I Rock the MPC4000 In Most of my production (Drums Mostly) Ren & Studio I also have an MPC2000XL Sometimes I use The MV-8800 But mostly for R&B Tracks

  147. 1-2 beats a week tops, when you are serious about quality and the potential for creating an opportunity for your present /future. If your doing it just for some likes on line then a snare, kick and hats thrown together takes no time especially if you just dragging and dropping waves into a track. Create from scratch, be original and take time to mold your art (mix/master), what you in a hurry for? You feel better when create your sound and not just a beat and the industry will acknowledge you when your turn is opened.

  148. good day mark thank you for the free sounds pc is the go for me i use a toshiba satellite lap top and stainberg software qu base and sequel3

  149. Mostly 2-3 hours, but sometimes I have my days where I take about 30minutes lol

  150. I spend most my time doing music ? or right now learning a mac OS x. Still use my laptop PC, but had to upgrade to workflow. Long story with PC on mac right now, but it getting taken care of. I’m a professional drummer in Vegas, and other instruments so music is life and love it. But now for me after years of developing my other craft I won’t stop until I achieved what I’ve put into hard work and self learning and little guidance. Don’t talk about it, be about it.

  151. No I don’t actually use headphones to produce I use headphones only to watch some significant details for my mastering like everybody I believe do. But beats by dre headphones are really cool and best for the specific job for me …and I think it’s not just me believing this ;)

  152. Wait, 84% don’t attend conferences? So, who attends them, then? Also, 55% own iPads but 63% use PC over Mac to make music? Wow.

  153. Does making a beat mean composing the basis, the full song, or all of that and mixing?

  154. Presonus Studio One is super intuitive. I was a Logic/ Reason user but gotta copy of SO & amazed at how the interface is easy to understand as it speeds up my workflow whether recording, producing or mixing.

  155. I stratted on the 2k classic and have Maschine studio. Now I love maschine but if I have to work and something is going on with my computer it’s nice to have hardware. I sold my 2k but now I have a 4K in the mail. I used my friends 4K years ago and it’s just cool and quick at everything. Plus the fact it has 24 bit I don’t have to process any sounds I’ve bought that came 24. To me Maschine studio and 4K are pretty much the same especially how I use them because I don’t loop I’ll save chords and notes and build my own instruments out of old $50 keyboards and records and put everything together inside the box whether it’s an MP or Maschine. That way I have quality sounds ready to go. The jjos Mpcs are cool but the 4K is to the point. The 5k is dope but the 4is actually easier to get around with.

  156. Reason is the king of daw. I love reason. Thanks!

  157. I go with PC mainly for the performance you get per buck… If money ain’t an issue go the Apple route. I have a MacBook, building a PC desktop…

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