1,500 Drum Samples (Single Hit Samples, Hip Hop Kicks, Snares)

Here are over 1,500 free drum samples to add to you sample collection.

Free Drum Samples

Free Drum Samples

Hip Hop 101 Drum Kit – Hip-Hop 101 Drum Kit contains over 250 fat one-shot drum sounds + 36 Drum Loops! All the sounds used in the drum loops below are included in this pack, plus much more!

Free SP1200 Acoustic Drum Samples – 45 Free SP1200 Acoustic samples.

Analogue Drum Sample Kit – contains 55 free MFB-522 drum machine sounds

Free Percussion Drum Sample – 44 percussion drum samples and loops

Free Hip Hop Drums – 30 samples of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Claps and Percussion

673 Samples Drum Kit – This drum kit contains 673 one-shot WAV samples:  151 kick samples, 125 snare samples, 92 tom samples, 68 hat samples, 41 cymbal samples, 196 percussions samples.

1017 Bricksquad Kit (Drumkit) 99MB

The Supreme Beat ( Sound Kit ) – Sound Kit Contains: 808’s, Claps, Hats, Kicks, Percussions Snares, Soundfonts, and more.

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