25 Best FREE Online Drum Machines

Here is a collection of free online drum machines to play within your web browser.

What is an Online Drum Machine?

An Online Drum Machine is a browser-based version of a drum machine or drum step sequencer that can be used to create drum patterns.

An online drum machine is an alternative to hardware and does not require any software installation. Users can choose from a catalog of drum sounds to create unique drum patterns.

These are the best online drum machines that require no software installation. Simply click one of the links below to visit the website and play with the different drum sounds.

Best Free Drum Machine Online
Best Free Drum Machine Online

Watch the video below to see how all the drum machines work and sound.

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Best Online Drum Machines

  1. HTML5 Drum Machine
  2. iO-808
  3. Launch Pad Intro
  4. WebAudio Drum Machine
  5. Drumbit
  6. Sampulator
  7. Pattern Sketch
  8. Sub Chill
  9. Onemotion
  10. Beatmaker
  11. Typedrummer
  12. orDrumbox
  13. WebSynths Grooves
  14. Acid Machine 2
  15. 808 Cube
  16. Roland 808 & 303 Studio
  17. Sample Stitch
  18. Groove Pizza
  19. Wambox
  20. Infinite Drum Machine

1. HTML5 Drum Machine

HTML5 Drum Machine - Free Drum Machine Online
HTML5 Drum Machine by DreamPipe

The HTML5 Drum Machine is an online emulation of the vintage Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Drum Machine.

It has five drum kits, including Hip Hop, Electro, House, Techno, and Acoustic.

Each drum kit includes 13 drum samples that can be tuned.

To play the HTML5 Drum Machine, select the drum kit you want to use to play this drum machine.

Click the play button, then click one of the drum sample names. The red dot on the top indicates which drum is selected.

Then click the steps below to add the drums.

Then click another drum name and the steps to add the drum sounds.

Repeat these steps to add multiple drums.

You can also tune and adjust the volume of individual drum samples.

If you click Pattern B, you can create a second drum pattern.

To export your drum pattern click the “Export Pattern as WAV” button to begin recording, then click the play button. Switch between your two patterns. Click stop when you are done. Then click download recording.

  • 5 Virtual Drum Kits: Hip Hop, Electro, House, Techno, and Acoustic
  • 13 Drums Per Kit: Kick, Close Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hat, Snare Drum, Shaker, Clap, Crash
  • 16-Drum Step Sequencer
  • Export WAV Files
  • Create 2 Drum Patterns
  • Drum Fills
  • Tune Each Drum Sound

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Preview HTML5 Drum Machine

Best Online Drum Machine & Online Drum Sequencer Websites

2. iO-808

iO-808 - Drum Machine Online

The iO-808 is a recreated web-based version of the classic 808 drum machine.

This easy-to-use web-based drum machine comes with 12 drum samples, allows you to create two drum patterns, and can adjust the tone, decay, and volume of each drum sound.

With authentic recreations of each parameter found on the original 808 hardware unit, this site is worth checking out if you are a fan of vintage hardware.

  • 12 Drum Samples
  • Create 2 Patterns
  • Adjust Tone, Decay, Volume


3. Launch Pad Intro

Launch Pad Intro
Novation Launchpad Intro

Novation Launchpad Intro is an online player that lets you remix audio loops in your web browser.

Blend drums, bass, vocals, percussion, FX, melodies, and more to create unique tracks.

There are eight sound packs which include 48 samples each.

The sound kits include sounds for Hip Hop, Trap, Dance, House, Electronic Music, and more.

  • 8 Sound Packs & Drum Kits
  • Blend Drums, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, FX, Melodies, and more.

Launch Pad Intro

4. WebAudio Drum Machine

WebAudio Drum Machine - Free Drum Machine Online
WebAudio Online Drum Machine

The WebAudio MIDI Drum Machine allows music producers to produce unique drum patterns quickly and easily.

With 15 included free drum kits and 26 audio effects, you can experiment with different sounds and patterns. You can adjust the pitch of each drum and save or share your creations with others.

You can explore the 16-step sequencer, which lets you quickly lay down sound patterns on a grid.

Includes five premade demos if you need some inspiration!

  • 15 Virtual Drum Kits
  • 26 Audio Effects
  • Pitch Controls for Kick, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Toms
  • 16 Step Sequencer
  • 5 Premade Demos
  • MIDI Controller Support
  • Swing Controls
  • Drum Fills

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5. Drumbit


Drumbit is a web-based drum machine powered by HTML5 and works with all modern browsers.

With Drumbit, you can choose from a wide selection of sound kits, apply filters and room effects.

The controls allow you to adjust individual volumes and pitches of the samples in your track and control the left/right distribution through audio panning.

When you’re finished creating your drum loops, you can save them for later editing or record them as an audio file.

  • 20 Sound Kits
  • 11 Audio Effects
  • 20 Browser Shortcuts
  • Modify Swing
  • 16-Step Drum Sequencer
  • 7 Demos
  • Audio Visualizer
  • Filters: Compressor, Low-Pass, High-Pass
  • Audio Panning
  • Save Project Files
  • Export WAV Files


6. Sampulator


The Sampulator is a fun online beatmaker that puts music production in the hands of everyone.

The website’s intuitive design makes creating beats and sample tunes incredibly straightforward.

Just play with your computer keyboard, and choose from a range of 46 samples, like vocal stabs, keys, pianos, percussion instruments, and drum samples.

Premade demos help get your creative juices flowing, and you can record and playback loops as short as 2 bars or up to 16 bars, with a time signature of either 4/4 or 8/8 tempo.

  • 46 Samples
  • Samples include vocal stabs, keys, guitars, percussion instruments, and drum samples.
  • Use Computer Keyboard
  • 5 Premade Demos
  • Create 2 to 16 Bar Loops
  • Record & Playback Loops
  • Time Signature Options: 4/4 or 8/8
  • Solo & Mute Tracks
  • Online Drums Keyboard


7. Pattern Sketch

Pattern Sketch - Best Drum Machine Online
Pattern Sketch

The Pattern Sketch is an online HTML5 drum machine and sequencer influenced by the Roland TR-808 and Roland TR-909.

This drum sequencer gives users access to 9 sound kits (including Dubstep, Electronic Music, Jazz, Live, Reggae, TR-808, TR-909, and Vintage Drums ), the ability to export audio in WAV, OGG, or MP3 formats, and more than 15 premade patterns.

The creative possibilities of Pattern Sketch can be further extended with its 16 drum tracks, up to 64 steps, and solo/mute controls.

  • 9 Virtual Drum Kits: Dub, Electronic Music, Jazz, Live, Reggae, Hip Hop, 808, TR-909, Vintage
  • Export Audio: WAV, OGG, MP3
  • 15+ Premade Patterns
  • 16 Drum Tracks
  • Up To 64 Steps
  • Solo & Mute Controls

Pattern Sketch

8. Sub Chill – Trap Drum Machine

Sub Chill - Best Free Drum Machine Online
Sub Chill – Trap Drum Machine | Drum Pad Machine Beat Maker

Sub Chill is a simple replica of the 16 MPC pads with 16 drum samples and sound effects.

You can play samples by clicking the drum pads with your computer mouse or pressing the keys on your keyboard.

There’s no sequencer. This website lets you play drum samples.

It can be fun to play with when you have downtime.

Sub Chill

9. Onemotion Online Drum Pad

Onemotion Drum Machine - Free Drum Machine Online | Online Drum Pad
Onemotion Online Drum Machine | Online Drum Pad

Onemotion Drum Machine is a free online drum sequencer. The website offers over 20 drum kits.

The “Compose” view is a step sequencer. If you click “Pads”, you can see a drum pad view.

You can click into the step sequencer to add drums and press the play button to hear the drum patterns played back.

You’ll get an animation of a character playing back the drums if you click the drumsticks.

Animated Drummer
Animated Drummer

The website also supports external MIDI controllers, so you can play the drums with a keyboard or midi drum controller.

Click “Explore” to see patterns created by other music creators.

There is also a virtual drummer mode where you can wave your iPhone like a drumstick, and it will play drum samples like you have a drum set in front of you.

  • Over 20 Drum Kits
  • 6 Audio Effects: Studio, Gated, Hall, Chamber, Plate, Church
  • Drum Pad View
  • Undo & Redo
  • Live Drummer View
  • Support External MIDI Controllers
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Virtual Drum Kits


10. Beatmaker

Best Free Drum Machine Online
Splice Beatmaker

Splice Beatmaker is an online drum sequencer that lets you experiment with samples and loops from the Splice website.

Click the drum icons on the far left to preview the available samples. The icons on the lab indicate what type of sample the track is.

When you select one of the samples, the lower section of the page changes with the available samples in that category.

So if I click the high hat icon, available high hat samples appear on the lower half of the page.

So you can mix up various drum samples to make a beat.

  • 9 Premade Demos
  • Preview Splice Samples
  • Pre-Defined Tempos
  • Virtual Drum Kits

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11. Typedrummer

Typedrummer - Best Free Drum Machine Online
Typedrummer by Kyle Stetz

Typedrummer creates drum patterns based on the text you type into the input.

The way the website works is that each letter in the alphabet is assigned a drum sound.

So when you type a message like Visit HipHopMakers.com

It plays drum samples assigned to all those letters and loops the drum track.

There is also a second option to switch to a different set of samples.

If you click the “Share This Beat” link, it will give you a custom URL to share your message and drum pattern.


12. orDrumbox

orDrumbox - Free Drum Machine Online

The orDrumbox is a free online drum sequencer.

It has 7 Drum Kits, including 808s, vintage drum sounds, Acoustic sounds, percussions, and more.

Click into the squares to add the drum sounds.

There are 27 premade drum rhythms.

On the lower half of the screen, you can adjust the filter, echo, pitch, and velocity.

  • 7 Drum Kits: 808s, Vintage drum sounds, Acoustic, Percussions, Etc
  • 27 Premade Drum Patterns


13. WebSynths Grooves

WebSynths Grooves
WebSynths Grooves

WebSynths Grooves is an online drum machine that features hundreds of drum samples and premade patterns.

  • 100+ Drums: 808s, 909s, Rock, Latin, Vintage, Electronic Music
  • 16 Drum Pads
  • Tap Tempo
  • Export As WAV


14. Acid Machine 2

Acid Machine 2
Acid Machine 2 | Online Drum Sequencers

The Acid Machine 2 is an online drum machine with two simulated 303 synths. Great sounds for electronic music.

  • 3 Drum Kits: 808, 909, DD8 Kit
  • Pattern Mode & Song Mode
  • MIDI Learn
  • Export To MP3
  • Two Acid Synths
  • Create 32 Patterns Per Instrument

Acid Machine 2

15. 808 Cube

808 Cube
808 Cube

808 Cube combines the Roland 808 drum machine and the Rubik’s Cube to create an interactive 3D drum sequencer.

To begin playing, click on one of the squares. That square will become colored and play a drum sound at that designated step.

You can then rotate any face of the cube to shuffle up your beat – just like solving a Rubik’s cube.

The 808 drum sounds include a cowbell, hi-hat, cymbal, snare drum, percussion, and bass drum.

You can add your own custom samples by dragging audio files into the browser window.

  • Tap Tempo Button to Adjust BPM
  • Shuffle Randomizes the Rubik’s Cube
  • Load Custom Samples
  • Press the Up or Down Keys to Change the Pitch

808 Cube

16. Roland 808 & 303 Studio

Roland 808 & 303 Studio
Roland 808 & 303 Studio

The Roland 808 & 303 Studio emulates the sounds of Roland’s most popular musical instruments.

This website has multiple sequencers that can be accessed by clicking the menu links at the top.

To play one of the sequencers, click the start button.

Click on the step sequencer to add or remove drum sounds.

There is a knob at the bottom to adjust the tempo.

You can play with multiple sequencers and combine their sounds.

If you create something you like, you can click the record button to record the pattern and export it as a WAV file. The website allows you to create shareable links.

  • 7 Sequencers: SH-101, TB-303, SP-404, TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909
  • Record Drum Patterns
  • Export As MP4

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17. Sample Stitch

Sample Stitch
Sample Stitch | Online Sampler

Sample Stitch is an online sampler that has sliced up three songs from popular music producers for you to recreate in your browser.

The songs are by J. Dilla, 9th Wonder, and the song Otis.

To play the samples, press the keys on your keyboard.

Each sample flashes animated text. You can record yourself replaying the samples by pressing the record button.

To switch the samples, click the menu on the top.

Sample Stitch

18. Groove Pizza

Groove Pizza
Groove Pizza

Groove Pizza is an experimental drum sequencer. The website’s theme is pizza related, and you add sounds by creating shapes.

What you see on the bottom is a step sequencer. Adding steps to the step sequencer will create shapes in the circle.

Each corner of a shape is a step in the sequencer. The circle has three layers of shading, representing the step sequencer’s three drum tracks.

So you can draw a shape in the circle, and you will see the steps added to the step sequencer.

At the bottom, you can change the volume, the swing, the number of slices, and the BPM.

If you create something you like, you can download a WAV file, export a MIDIt file, or finish the track on the SoundTrap website.

  • Premade Presets
  • Export MIDI
  • Download WAV File

Groove Pizza

19. Wambox

Wambox Online Drum Machine

Wambox is a online drum sequencer with over 30 drum kits.

There are virtual drum kits for Trap, Hip Hop, Rock, Club, House, and more.

To add or remove sounds, click on the squares.

On the right, you can use the sliders to adjust the volume, pitch, reverb, pan, and apply delay effects.

You can also press the number pads on your keyboard to play drum sounds.


20. Infinite Drum Machine

Infinite Drum Machine
Infinite Drum Machine

The infinite drum machine is an experimental drum sequencer that lets you create beats using sounds from around the world.

These sounds include percussion instruments, animal noises, sound effects, vocals, and more.

You can preview the sounds by dragging the circles over the colored dots.

There are four available tracks to create a pattern.

Drag the circles to change the sounds. Click the dots in the sequencer to add or remove sounds.

The shuttle icon will randomize the pattern and sounds in the sequencer.

You can click the filter icon to sort and filter the sounds.

In the filter view, you can click the shuffle button again, and it will randomize sounds with the filtered sounds.

  • Large Sample Library
  • 4 Tracks
  • Shuffle Button

View Website

21. Genius Home Studio

Genius Home Studio
Genius Home Studio

The Genius Home Studio is a free online drum sequencer that lets you record vocals and upload your own samples.

  • 4 Beat Presets
  • Upload Custom Samples
  • Record Vocals
  • 2 to 32 Bars
  • Export to WAV
  • 15 Drum Samples
  • 8 Melody Samples

Genius Home Studio

22. BeepBox


The BeepBox is an online sequencer with over 150 instruments.

These instruments include synths, pianos, guitars, strings, brass, and percussion.

On the side, you can adjust the scale, key, tempo, rhythm, and more.

If you create something you like, you can create a shareable link to post online.

  • 5 Virtual Drum Kits
  • 100+ Musical Instruments


23. Super Looper

Super Looper
Super Looper

Super Looper is a music-making app that lets you create music with drums, chords, bass, and leads.

When you click the screen, you will hear the samples play and see colorful animations.

Moving around the screen, you will hear different sounds and musical instruments.

  • Record 8 Bar Loops
  • Export MP3
  • Shareable Link

Super Looper

24. E-909 Euclidean Rhythms

E-909 Euclidean Rhythms
E-909 Elements Euclidean Rhythm Composer

The E-909 Elements Euclidean Rhythm Composer is an experimental drum machine.

The lower half of the page is a visual of the step sequencer.

To modify the drum rhythms, you can change the steps, pulses, and offset.

On the lower half of the page, you can adjust the tempo, volume, and reset.

E-909 Euclidean Rhythms

25. Online Sampler

Online Sampler
Online Sampler | Online Drum Machine

The Online Sampler is a online drum sequencer.

To add drum sounds, click on the steps and click play at the bottom.

You can create up to 8 drum patterns which you can see on the bottom left.

There are six available drum kits, including LA, Detroit, New York, Madrid, Berlin, and more.

If you click the example button, the player will load different drum rhythms to get an idea of what the drum sequencer is capable of.

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26. Musicca Online Drum Machine

Musicca Online Drum Machine
Musicca | Best Online Drum Machines

The Musicca online drum machine is a simple drum sequencer.

It includes 20 presets for Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, and more.

Click the play button to start the sequencer, then click the steps to add and remove sounds.

Experiment with the different drum kits.

The presets will change the drums, tempo, and swing settings.


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I hope you have fun playing with these free online drum machine websites.

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