40 Best Free Drum Machine VST Plugins

Here are the best free drum machine VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

What Is A Drum Machine VST Plugin?

A drum machine plugin is a virtual instrument that simulates the sound of an electronic drum kit. It has been designed to imitate the sound of an actual drum set.

A typical drum machine plugin will have a variety of functions that allow you to create your own unique sound. You can adjust the volume, tune, decay, and tone of each parameter to get the perfect mix.

These drum machine plugins offer a variety of drum sounds sampled from different drum machines.

Discover a wide variety of free VST plugins to elevate your music production without spending a penny! Free VST Plugins & Instruments

Best Free Drum Machine VST Plugins
Best Free Drum Machine VST Plugins

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Drum Machine VST Plugins

We have included drum machine plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

  1. Roland TR707 Drum Machine
  2. Drum Pro
  3. Monster Drums
  4. Beat DRMR
  5. Drum8
  6. Speedrum Lite
  7. GB DrumBox
  8. Drumart SLD
  9. RC-808
  10. RT-7070
  11. RVK-808
  12. SUB
  13. Afroplugin
  14. Hell Drums
  15. Sitala
  16. DrumTROOP
  17. DRS0
  18. DR-910 VST Plugin
  19. JM-1
  20. T-Rex 606
  22. 606 KONCEPT
  23. T.REX 1982
  24. More Drum VST Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each drum machine VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Roland TR707 Drum Machine

Roland TR707 Drum Machine VST Plugin
Roland TR707 Drum Machine VST Plugin

707 is a 16 samples drum kit recorded from the Roland TR707 virtual drum machine.

  • LP filter
  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Synch delay

TR707 | Windows

Roland TR707 Drum Machine Preview

Best Drum Machine VST Plugins

Drum Pro

Drum Pro
Drum Pro

Drum Pro is a drum kit rompler containing some of the most prevalent vintage units. With 20 kits, you have different sound profiles to work with.

The global ADSR and reverb make it easy to spice up your drum tracks.

You also get 12 different pads, each of which can be individually panned and volume-adjusted. So, if you want to create a vast, spacious soundscape, Drum Pro is a great option.

  • 20 drum sample kits
  • Global ADSR and reverb
  • 12 pads

Plugin | PC / Mac

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Monster Drums

Monster Drum
Monster Drum

Monster Drums is a music producer’s best friend when creating new beats. Whether you’re looking for hip-hop, EDM, or anything in between, Monster Drums has a kit that will get the job done.

The user interface is straightforward, and each kit is mixed so you can use it immediately.

The best part is that every kit is unique, as each producer has given their signature kit.

New kit presets are released regularly, so you can always have the latest and most excellent sounds at your disposal.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular updates with new presets

Plugin | PC / Mac



Beat DRMR is a drum machine plugin with an impressive drum library that can be used for various music styles and sounds great.

The global and per-channel controls are sensible and intuitive, making it easy to create custom drum samples.

The pack includes a total of 2.136 sounds, providing a great starting point for creating punchy, electronic drum tracks.

  • 2.136 sound library
  • Global and per-channel controls
  • Sensible and easy-to-use interface

Plugin | PC / Mac

Drum8 Free Drum Machine VST


Drum8 is a sample-based drum plugin with an impressive range of features.

It comes with 40 drum kits containing eight unique samples to create a realistic and varied drum sound.

You can also tweak each pad’s gain, attack, and pan to get the perfect sound and use the choke function to prevent sample bleeding.

The global lowpass filter cutoff and room reverb add extra depth and dimension to your drum sound, making it perfect for any style of music.

  • 40 drum kits & sample libraries
  • 8 unique samples per kit
  • Tweakable attack, gain, and pan
  • Choke function
  • Global lowpass filter cutoff and room reverb

Plugin | PC / Mac

Speedrum Lite

Speedrum Lite
Speedrum Lite

Speedrum Lite is a simple drum-percussion MPC-style sampler that helps you create your grooves and beats in an easy and fun way.

You can load your samples by dragging and dropping them into the program or via the pad’s context menu.

The program also features a waveform view of the loaded sample to see what you’re working with.

You can also adjust the start and endpoints of the sample with the AHD envelope.

  • MPC-style sample loading
  • Upload custom sound packs
  • Waveform view of loaded samples
  • AHD envelop for adjusting start/endpoints
  • Add your own samples

Plugin | PC / Mac / Linux

GB DrumBox

GB DrumBox
GB DrumBox

GB DrumBox is a sample-based virtual instrument capable of reproducing the 8-bit sounds of a Game Boy with uncanny accuracy. This plugin has twelve drum kits, each with eight Game Boy samples.

You can adjust each channel’s volume, pan, and decay time. Additionally, the filter cutoff, reverb level, attack time, and modulation are applied globally to the whole kit.

  • 12 drum kits and drum libraries
  • 8 channels
  • Volume, pan, and decay controls
  • Global filter cutoff, reverb, attack, and modulation controls

Plugin | PC / Mac

Drumart SLD

Drumart SLD VST Plugin
Drumart SLD

Drumart SLD is an incredible drum machine plugin that offers a wide range of features for creating unique urban beats. With 84 different kits to choose from, you can create any type of beat you want.

The eight pads make it easy to create complex beats, and the DR envelope for each channel ensures that your beats will always sound great.

Plus, each channel’s gain and pan controls allow you to create a wide range of sounds.

  • 84 Different kits
  • 8 Pads
  • DR envelop
  • Gain control and pan control
  • Assignable outputs

Plugin | PC / Mac


RC-808 – Roland TR-808 Replica

RC-808 is a good emulation of the vintage TR-808 drum machine, allowing you to create those classic beats with ease.

It also comes with 16 additional instruments to give you the power to create any sound you want.

If you need a drum machine VST with a wide range of features, RC-808 is worth checking out.

It is sure to help you create some genuinely classic beats.

  • Vintage TR-808 emulation
  • 16 additional instruments
  • MIDI compatibility

RC-808 | PC / Mac



This drum machine is inspired by the classic TR-707. It offers an LP/HP filter compared to the standard high pass.

With 20 premade drum kits and the ability to customize each channel, you can easily create your sound.

It also has assignable outputs to route each channel to a different output for more mixing options.

This is an excellent option for those who want more control over their sound.

  • 20 premade drum kits
  • Customizable channels
  • Assignable outputs
  • LP/HP filter

RT-7070 | PC / Mac



RVK-808 is a powerful drum machine that recreates the classic TR-808 sounds.

It has 272 high-quality samples and comes with 17 different drum kits, making it perfect for creating a wide variety of drum samples.

You can also assign each sound to its output, which is excellent for live performances or for creating a more polished sound.

This makes it one of the best drum machine VST plugins for those who want more control over their sound.

  • 272 high-quality samples
  • 17 different drum kits
  • MIDI compatible

RVK-808 | PC / Mac



SUB is an analog drums module that features 18 analog drum samples.

  • 18 Analog drum voices
  • Mixer with Pan and Volume
  • Scalable interface

SUB | PC / Mac



Afroplugin is a great tool for making great African beats. This rompler comes with 120 sounds and ten presets to get started.

The sounds are great for Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Zouk, Compas, Afrobeats, and more.

If you want a drum machine VST that can help you create some unique beats, this is worth checking out.

You’ll be able to create any type of beat you want with this plugin.

  • 120 samples
  • 10 presets
  • 12 drum pads

Afroplugin | Windows / Mac

Hell Drums

Hell Drums
Hell Drums

This is a drum machine instrument library based on the TR-707 and TR-505 Roland Drum Machines, renowned for their incredible sound.

The library features 16 samples that have been recorded through an LP filter, distortion, chorus, and synch delay to create a truly unique sound.

The plugin is an excellent choice for those looking to create an old-school or lo-fi sound in their music.

It is one of the best drum machine drum plugins and drum samplers for those who want to create classic beats with a unique twist.

  • 16 samples based on the TR-707 and TR-505
  • LP filter
  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Synch Delay Effects

Plugin | PC



Sitala is a drum machine unlike any other. It features 16 pads and six controls that let you sculpt your sounds to perfection.

It is one of the best drum machine VST plugins if you need a plugin that offers various sounds and features. You’ll be able to create any beat you want with this powerful drum machine VST.

  • 16 pads
  • 6 controls
  • Huge range of sounds

Sitala | PC / Mac



This plugin comes with 20 free drum kits containing 128 triggers, 16 outputs, and universal drum placement on the first eight pads. You can control each pad’s volume, pan, attack, and release.

If you’re looking for a drum machine VST plugin with a lot of features and a great sound, this is worth checking out. It is sure to help you make some great beats.

  • 20 free drum sample kits
  • 128 triggers per kit
  • 16 outputs
  • Universal drum placement

Plugin | PC / Mac



DRS0 drum machine VSt offers the ability to create up to 4 different patterns with 32 steps each. Each pattern can have a 16-step accent track to add dynamics to your beats.

The machine also has a ‘Clock Matrix’ that allows you to add a swing to the step sequencer clock.

The interface is also resizeable, and the machine offers advanced multi-sound playback options.

  • Four patterns with 32 steps each
  • 16-step accent track
  • Clock Matrix for adding swing
  • Resizeable interface
  • Step sequencer

DRS0 | Windows

DR-910 VST Plugin

DR-910 - Free Drum Machine Plugins
Electronic Drum Machine VST Plugin

The DR-910 emulates the Roland TR-909 drum machine.

The TR-909, which has been used by artists such as Moby, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Jean Michel Jarre, The Chemical Brothers, Faithless, and many others, has rapidly become one of the most iconic pieces of equipment in the electronic musician’s arsenal.

Each sound segment: drum bass, snare drum, and more have been developed to sound and function as close to the original instrument as possible.

A reverb unit with separate send controls for each sound source, a compressor tailored to work with drum samples, and a Lo-Fi FX processor are extra features not included in the hardware version.

These extra features would enable the user to form the sound without the need for external plugins easily.

If you need to add external effects to the signal, each drum kit can be routed to four different stereo outputs that can be processed separately in the DAW.

  • 4 Stereo outputs
  • Mute & Pan
  • Built-in reverb unit
  • IDP circuit and a built-in compressor
  • 3 Independent Modes
  • Full MIDI support
  • Custom prototype for the Behringer BCR-2000
  • Low CPU Usage

DR-910 | Windows

DR-910 Demo


JM-1 VST Plugin
JM-1 VST Plugin

This plugin is a VST version of the Linn drum machine.

This musical instrument was created for the author to get rid of the Linn Drum Computer’s inferiority complex.

JM-1 | PC

JM-1 Demo

T-Rex 606

T-Rex 606 - Drum VST Plugin
T-Rex 606 | Free Drum VST Plugins

The T-Rex 606 is a rompler made from a Roland TR-606 drum machine VST.

  • 77 Samples included in this drum kit
  • Master volume.
  • Reverb.

T-Rex 606 | Windows / Mac

T-Rex 606 Demo



Drumsource is a powerful and easy-to-use drum machine that utilizes samples for its sounds.

With 24 sequences available, you can create intricate patterns and rhythms.

This plugin also comes with a sample package created by Mats Lindfors, giving you a great starting point for your drum sounds.

  • 24 sequences
  • Sample package by Mats Lindfors
  • Resizable GUI
  • 12 output channels

Plugin | PC



606 Koncept is a homage to the famous analog drum machine from the eighties.

It recreates the original 606 Drum Kit with its characteristic vinyl, tape-hiss, and sub-sound generators.

It also features multi-pitch sum mixers for each drum sound, multi-LFOs, room reverb, highpass/lowpass filters, and amplitude range controls.

It has three voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato.

  • Fully analog drum machine emulation
  • Multi-pitch sum mixers for each drum sound
  • Three voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato
  • Room reverb
  • Highpass/lowpass filters
  • Amplitude range controls

606 Koncept | Windows / Mac

T.REX 1982

T.Rex 1982
T.Rex 1982

If you want to experience the nostalgia of the 80s, this is the plugin for you.

It gives you control over 16 classic drum sounds, each with its volume and pan control to create your perfect mix.

You can also add 80-plus effects to your drums for an even more authentic sound.

  • 16 classic drum samples
  • Volume and pan controls
  • 80 plus effects
  • Vintage-looking GUI

T.REX 1982 | Windows / Mac / AU



If you’re looking for that perfect classic drum machine sound, look no further than ESL-110.

This plugin faithfully recreates the Boss DR-110, one of the most iconic drum machines ever made.

The plugin comes with a wide range of features, perfect for today’s productions.

These include an LP filter, reverb, pitch control, and multi-out support, to name a few.

  • Boss DR-110 modulation
  • LP filter
  • Reverb
  • Pitch control
  • Multi-out support

ESL-110 | Windows / Mac



XS-707 is a powerful rompler that accurately recreates the sounds of the classic TR-707 drum machine.

This plugin comes with over 1900 samples, 127 velocity layers, and 16 assignable outputs.

You can also use the LP/HP filter to shape your sound.

  • TR-707 samples
  • 16 assignable outputs
  • LP/HP filter

XS-707 | Windows / Mac

DVS Drum Sampler

DVS Drum Sampler
DVS Drum Sampler

DVS Drum Sampler is a free program for quick and straightforward programmed drumming. It consists of EQ settings on the channels.

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • EQ on each channel
  • Lightweight and consumes low CPU usage

Plugin | PC


DJinnDrum VST

DJinnDrum is a powerful but relatively simple program.

This sleek program can help you add some excellent percussion to your tracks, with a wide range of different drum samples to choose from.

This also features pitch control for some of its sounds, meaning you can tweak the drums to get them sounding just right.

The program comes in 32 and 64-bit versions, so it should work with most computers.

  • A wide range of drum samples
  • Pitch control for some sounds
  • 32 & 64-bit versions

Plugin | Windows / Mac

Tromine GT Drum Plugin

Tromine GT Drum Plugin
Tromine GT Drum Plugin

The Tromine GT drum vst plugin is a TR-808-style analog drum synth.

  • 16 Analog drum synthesizers: Bass drum, Snare drum, tom, conga, Claves, Rimshot, Maracas, Handclap, Cowbell, Crash cymbal, Wood Drum, Closed hi-hat, Open hi-hat.
  • 9 outputs
  • MIDI CC support
  • Automation support
  • Percussion Sounds

Tromine GT | Windows

Tromine GT Preview

VR-08 Free

VR-08 Free Drum VST Plugin
Virtual Classic Drum Machine

The Roland TR-808 emulation VR-08 free is free to download.

This VSTi comprises 2,134 samples sampled at 44.1 kHz from an old drum synthesizer.

The parameters were created to take advantage of this massive library and get as close to the TR-808’s original sound as possible.

Plugin | PC

Plugin Demo

Kicker Drum Plugin

Best Free Drum Machine Plugins
Kicker | Free Drum VST Plugins

The kicker is a bass drum synth.

Kicker | Windows

Easy-Drum o4 SE 909

Easy Drum SE 909

The Easy-drum o4 SE 909 VST plugin is a TR-909 Emulation with 32 patches.

Easy-Drum | Windows

Easy-Drum Demo

Transistor Drums 2

Transistor Drums 2 VST Plugin
Transistor Drum VST Plugin

Transistor Drums is a drum machine in the style of 808 and 909.

It employs various sound generation techniques: the kick drum VST plugin is analog-style, the snare drum is hybrid analog-style/sampling, the clap is granular sampled, and the rest of the drums are sample-based.

Not only does velocity affect volume, but it also affects the context EQ, analog parameters, and (to a lesser extent) the envelope.

A micro-tuning random generator is also included, which produces a slight difference in pitch and other parameters for each drum beat, resulting in a more sensitive pseudo-realistic tone.

Transistor | Windows

Transistor Preview

SD 2100

SD 2100 Virtual Drum Machine
SD 2100 Virtual Drum Machine

SD 2100 is an emulation of the famous Emu SP 1200 Beatbox.

SD 2100 | Windows

SD 2100 Preview


Rhythmus - Drum VST Plugin
Rhythmus VST Plugin

Rhythmus is a rhythm machine from the past.

An old rhythm machine influenced Rhythmus. Ten keys can play two different rhythm parts, resulting in approximately 20 other rhythmic loops, such as samba, mambo, tango, waltz, and rumba.

You can adjust the tune, speed, and pan of each rhythm part, such as the snare, bongo, cowbell, and hi-hat, when you click open.

These rhythmic parts can be combined with Tambourine, Guiro, and Quijada sounds.

  • 20 loops (samba, tango, waltz )
  • Tune, pan, and volume for each element

Rhythmus | Windows

Rhythmus Preview


reTromine VST Plugin
Acoustic Drum Sounds

reTromine is a virtual analog synthesizer in the Roland CR-78 style, with 15 drum samples.

  • 9 Outputs
  • MIDI CC support
  • Automation support

reTromine | Windows

reTromine Preview


TS-808 VST Plugin
TS 808 VST Plugin

The Roland TR-808 is emulated in software with the TS-808. Every voice is entirely schematic in the TR-808 service notes.

The majority of the voices have more parameters and variety than their hardware counterparts.

TS-808 | Windows

TS-808 Preview

T.Rex 64

T.Rex 64
T.Rex 64 | Drum Machine Plugins

This is a rompler with the sounds of Commodore 64C sound chip, giving you an authentic recreation of this classic machine’s built-in sounds.

The 8-bit sound is perfect for chiptune and retro game music but can also be used in other genres such as hip-hop and EDM.

The rompler comes with eight kicks, eight snares, two toms, one cowbell, one clap, two hi-hats, and various other sounds.

You can also control each sound’s volume, panning, and reverb. So, you can produce your unique drum sample kits with ease.

  • 8 kick drum samples
  • 8 snares
  • Two toms
  • One cowbell
  • One clap
  • Two hi-hats
  • Includes percussion samples
  • Volume, panning, and reverb controls

T.Rex 64 | Windows / Mac



Axon is an FM drum machine VST with ten voices. Each voice has two operators with eight waveforms. It also features unique FM and ring mod busses for global FM and ring mod.

MIDI output control is also included for driving external synths, drum machines, and samplers. There is also an internal stereo delay with low- and high-pass filters and playable feedback control.

If you’re looking for a drum machine VST plugin that can do more than just drums, Axon is worth checking out.

  • Two operators with eight waveforms per voice
  • FM and ring mod busses
  • Internal stereo delay
  • Low- and high-pass filters

Axon | Windows / Mac

Combat Loop Drum Machine

Combat Loop Drum Machine
Combat Loop Drum Machine

Combat Loop Drum Machine is a powerful and versatile VST instrument that lets you create great drum loops. It features velocity sensitivity, so your sounds will always sound natural.

The sounds are split across 7 octaves, giving you four sound kits to choose from. The four knobs on the interface let you control your sounds’ gain, pan, release, and reverb.

  • Velocity-sensitive drum sounds
  • 7-octave range
  • Four sound kits
  • Onboard reverb
  • Four knobs for controlling sound parameters

Combat Machine | Windows / Mac

Boxxy D

Boxxy D VST Plugin
Boxxy D VST Plugin

Boxxy D reproduces the sound of a Mississippi drum machine. This plugin often simulates bass drum instruments, which can be used in a variety of musical genres, including Dubstep Music.

  • Bass and Treble EQ controls
  • Stomp EQ controls EQ via velocity
  • ADSR envelop
  • Style switch
  • Octave switch

Boxxy D | Windows

Boxxy D Preview

DSK DrumZ MachineZ

DSK DrumZ MachineZ
DSK DrumZ MachineZ

This drum machine lets you play sampled drum machines. It comes with a wide range of kits and impeccable sound quality.

You can control the level and panning of each sound, and there are eight stereo outputs for a perfect mix.

There are 226 samples, 18 kits, and midi automation. The preset selector makes it easy to find the perfect sound for your track. It is one of the best drum machine VST plugins out there.

  • 226 drum samples
  • 18 kits
  • MIDI automation
  • 8 stereo outputs
  • Preset selector

DSK | Windows


KR5 – Free Drum Vst

KR5 is a five channels drum machine. Stimulated by its sequencer or via MDI, it can produce rhythms of different tempos.

Its sounds are very synthetic, and its features include a channel mixer, an equalizer, and a reverb effect.

This is a powerful drum machine, and its sounds can be used in various genres. If you’re looking for a drum machine VST plugin that can help you create some truly unique beats, KR5 is worth checking out.

  • 5 channels
  • Synthetic sounds
  • Channel mixer
  • Equalizer
  • Reverb effect

KR5 | Windows

Supermatic S-12

Supermatic S-12
Supermatic S-12 | Vintage Drum Machines

Supermatic S-12 is a vintage analog drum machine. The original sounds it produces have been digitized but with editable synthesis parameters intact to allow for further sound sculpting.

The plugin also features a vintage mono spring tank effect to add authenticity to the ’70s vibe.

The plugin can produce classic drum sounds while still allowing for modern creativity. It is one of the best free drum VSTs for producers looking to create vintage-sounding beats.

  • Vintage drum machine
  • 70s vibe
  • Mono spring tank effect
  • Heating parameter

Supermatic S-12 | Windows / Mac

MT Power Drum Kit

MT Power Drum Kit VST Plugin
MT Power Drumkit

The MT Power Drum Kit is a good free drum kit with high-quality drum samples.

Plugin | Windows / Mac / Linux

Steven Slate Drums

Steven Slate Drums VST Plugin
Steven Slate Drums | Free Drum VST Plugins

The Steven Slate Drums plugins are incredibly versatile, and they can cover a variety of styles.

A total of 135 snares, 112 kicks, 11 hi-hats, 14 crashes, 58 toms, six rides, four splashes, and 3 chinas are included in the sample content. This plugin is a great free alternative to the Addictive Drums plugin.

Plugin | PC / Mac

What Are The Top Paid Drum Machine VST Plugins?

The top paid Drum Machine VST Plugins are Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio, Superior Drummer VST, and Native Instruments Battery.

We hope you enjoy these free virtual drum machine VST plugins. These free drum machine plugins offer all the features and sounds you need for beat creation.

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