4 Free Handpan VST Plugins

These free Handpan VST plugins offer a variety of sounds, loops, and percussive samples to help you create experimental tracks. This list includes handpan plugins for Windows and Mac.

In this roundup of free handpan VST plugins, I’ve included features, images, and videos to hear how the plugins sound. We also have tons of articles with more free VST plugins.

Free Handpan VST Plugins

  1. Ample Cloudrum
  2. Virtual Handpan
  3. H-drum
  4. Sim Handpan
Best Free Handpan VST Plugins
Best Free Handpan VST Plugins

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Instructions: Click the buttons to visit each plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Ample Percussion Cloudrum

Ample Percussion Cloudrum
Ample Percussion Cloudrum

The Ample Percussion Cloudrum is a Steel Tongue Drum plugin that produces relaxing tones.

This plugin offers two microphone positions, offering both stereo and mono modes. The Cloudrum includes four types of articulation and a Customized Parameters Control feature. Which allows you to control any controller with MIDI CC or automation.


  • Steel Tongue Drum With 3 Octaves Range
  • Size: 760 MB
  • Two Mic Positions: Stereo and Mono Modes
  • Open, Mute, Opened Release, Muted Release Articulations
  • MIDI CC & Automation


  • Unique Steel Drum Sounds
  • Offers a range of 3 octaves
  • 2 Microphone positions for a variety
  • Several articulation options
  • Enhances repetitive notes


  • Large file size
  • Limited to 3 octaves

View Website | Windows / Mac

2. Virtual Handpan

Samplescience Virtual Handpan
Sample Science Virtual Handpan | Free Handpan Plugins

The Virtual Handpan is a unique plugin that replicates the soothing, harmonic sound of a handpan. It contains 57 playable notes, far more than a standard handpan’s 9-note limit.

This plugin not only imitates the sound of a handpan, but also offers features such as various audio effects, volume controls, and 3 voice modes.


  • Melodic Percussion Instrument
  • Used for Relaxation & Meditation
  • 57 Playable Notes
  • Multi-LFO
  • Highpass & Lowpass Filter
  • 3 Voice Modes


  • Unique, artistic, meditative sound
  • Expands standard handpan’s range
  • 4 effect types
  • Standalone version available


  • User experience may differ by operating system
  • Only one handpan sound is sampled
  • Possibly too complex for less experienced users
  • Requires updated versions of Kontakt software
  • Not all functions are available in every version

Learn More | Windows / Mac

3. H-drum

H Drum
H Drum Handpan VST Sound Plugins

The H-Drum is a virtual hang drum plugin designed for producers. It provides amp and filter envelopes, control of velocity, and a tone set for sound quality tweaks.

With H-Drum, you can choose your MIDI channel, bend range, host sync vibrato, and delay selections. It also offers a tuning feature and MIDI learning controls.

  • Virtual Hang Drum
  • Amp and Filter Envelopes
  • Velocity Control
  • Tone Section
  • MIDI Channel Select
  • Bend Range Select
  • Host Sync Vibrato Section
  • Host Sync Delay Section

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Sim Handpan | Handpan VST Software
SIM HANDPAN | Handpan Virtual Instrument Plugins

The Sim-Handpan is a synth handpan plugin by PANArt. With Sim-Handpan, music producers can create handpan melodies in their favorite music software.

Download Here | Windows

How to Use Handpan Plugins

Here are 6 tips for using a handpan plugin for music production:

  • Explore Presets: Start by exploring the built-in presets of the handpan VST. These presets can give you a quick idea of the range of sounds and tones the plugin can produce.
  • Adjust Velocity Sensitivity: Handpans have a wide dynamic range. Adjusting the velocity sensitivity in the VST can help you mimic the nuanced playstyle of a real handpan player.
  • Utilize Layering: Layer the handpan VST with other instruments such as pads or strings to create a fuller, more textured sound. This can enhance the ambient and meditative qualities of your music.
  • Experiment with Effects: Apply reverb, delay, and other effects to the handpan sounds to create a more immersive and atmospheric soundscape. Subtle use of effects can significantly enhance the handpan’s natural resonance.
  • MIDI Mapping: Take advantage of MIDI mapping to assign different notes or scales to your MIDI controller. This can make it easier to play the handpan plugin in a way that feels intuitive and expressive.
  • Automation: Use automation to vary the intensity and dynamics of the handpan sounds throughout your track. Gradual changes in volume, pan, and effects can add movement to your tracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Handpan VST Plugins?

Handpan VST plugins emulate the sound of the handpan musical instrument. A percussive instrument known for its ethereal, calming sounds. These plugins can be installed in music software to add handpan sounds to music projects.

Why Are Handpan VST Plugins Useful for Music Production?

Handpan plugins allow music creators to add handpan sounds to their music without having to learn or buy a real handpan instrument. It also provides the flexibility to tweak the sound in ways that would be difficult or impossible with a physical handpan.

What Music Genres Are Handpan VST Plugins Typically Used For?

The handpan’s ambient sound makes it great for a wide range of music genres. This includes meditation, chill-out, ambient, new-age, world music, and even pop.

I hope you found this list of handpan plugins helpful. Experiment with the different options to see which ones best meet your needs.

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