12 Best Free FL Studio VST Plugins

Here are the best free FL Studio VST plugins for music producers looking to download popular free virtual instruments and audio effects.

I am able to see the most popular free VST plugins clicked on this website, and these are among the top plugins downloaded.

In this roundup of free FL Studio VST plugins, I’ve included feature lists, images, and videos for you to hear and see the plugins in action.

Best FL Studio VST Plugins

  1. Vital
  2. TyrellN6
  3. Keyzone Classic
  4. Graillon v2.8
  5. DSK Overture
  6. Ample Bass P Lite II
  7. Tunefish4
  8. DSK Brass
  9. VSCO2 Trumpet
  10. Ample Guitar M Lite II
  11. The Free Orchestra
  12. Labs Strings
Best Free FL Studio VST Plugins
Best Free FL Studio VST Plugins

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1. Vital

Vital VST Plugin

The Vital Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth provides a unique way to modify and create sounds. It lets you transform waves in fresh ways to establish distinctive sound patterns.

Vital takes a visual approach to synthesizing, providing animated controls, filter responses, waveforms, LFOs, oscilloscopes, spectrograms, and more. This visual perspective helps you understand what’s happening during the process of song creation.

Vital Synth also offers a straightforward, drag-and-drop modulation feature. This allows for experimentation in your sound design without causing permanent changes to your work.


  • Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth feature
  • Custom sound alteration available
  • Visual synthesizer features for improved control
  • Drag and drop workflow for simple modulation
  • Powerful tools for sound design 
  • Top-quality oscillators for clean sounds


  • Create unique sounds with spectral warping
  • Convert samples into wavetables
  • Built-in wavetable editor included
  • Visual synthesizer with animations
  • Quick, drag-and-drop workflow
  • Modifiable modulation curves and LFO shapes
  • Extra wide stereo effects


  • A monthly subscription fee is required for full features
  • Limited text-to-wavetable requests without a subscription
  • Immediate support is only available for subscribers
  • New features are not immediately provided to the public
  • Could involve a learning curve for beginners

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Free Vital Presets

2. TyrellN6

TyrellN6 | Best Free FL Studio VST Plugins

The TyrellN6 is a compact synthesizer sporting heritage from the u-he engine.

It is the digital adaptation of a hardware synth concept, celebrated for innovative modules, affordability, and analog sound.

The TyrellN6 features two oscillators, a ring modulator, an audio source mixer, a twin Diva filter, and plenty more.

It also accommodates up to 8 voice Unison, loopable or LFO-triggered analog ADSR envelopes, and a compact modulation matrix.


  • Compact, Sporty Synth Design
  • Two Oscillators, Noise, and Ring Modulator
  • Unison with Up to 8 Voices
  • Analog ADSR Envelopes
  • MIDI Learn/Unlearn for Hardware Control
  • Resizable and Skinnable User Interface
  • More than 580 Factory Presets Available


  • Compact and sporty design
  • Analog sound quality
  • Affordable synthesizer
  • Twin filter for supreme sound
  • 8-voice unison capability
  • Resizable and skinnable UI
  • More than 580 factory presets
  • Inspired by the popular Roland Juno 60


  • Limited depth of modulation matrix
  • Only two oscillators included

TyrellN6 – Learn More | Windows / Mac / Linux

3. Keyzone Classic

Keyzone Classic
Keyzone Classic

The Keyzone Classic is a flexible digital piano program developed by Bitsonic.

This program includes an assortment of piano sounds taken from popular models like the Yamaha Grand Piano and Steinway Grand Piano. 

The program also boasts basic electric piano and Rhodes piano sounds.

  • Piano plugin based on samples
  • Yamaha Grand Piano featured
  • Includes Steinway Grand Piano
  • Rhodes Piano is also an option 

Keyzone Classic | Windows / Mac

4. Graillon 2

Graillon – Best Free VST for FL Studio

The Graillon v2 is a voice-transforming plugin compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

This plugin presents a collection of standout features, such as Pitch-Tracking Modulation. This function changes speaker types, generates throat sounds, creates choruses, and deepens a voice to sound more masculine. 

The Pitch Shifter aspect effectively raises and lowers a voice, making it ideal for use with vocals. The Pitch Correction function produces a robotic sound in an instant.

It’s flexible, offering a selection of functions from creating a robotic voice and producing a growling effect to carefully shifting vocal pitch. Graillon can also be employed to deepen the tone of a voice and bolster the bass of monophonic pitched sounds.

  • Pitch-tracking modulation for voice enhancement
  • Clean Voice Transposing Pitch Shifter
  • Pitch Correction Module for Robotic Sounds
  • 23ms Latency for effective pitch shifting
  • New FL Studio Plug-In support on Windows

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5. DSK Overture

DSK Overture
DSK Overture | Free FL Studio VST Plugins

This plugin offers a selection of classic orchestra instruments in an easy-to-use format.

The tool includes four layers featuring 40 instruments, a drum set, and 10 built-in combos. Instruments consist of an acoustic piano, harp, celesta, and flute, as well as a range of horns, strings, and percussion.

The plugin offers extra features like an amp envelope, MIDI channel selector, panorama control, and mute control.

The DSK Overture includes effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus to boost your music.

With this plugin, you can play full four-layer sounds or use four different instruments within the same instance. This offers a broad range of musical options for your music projects.

  • Includes 40 classic orchestra instruments
  • Offers one drum set
  • Features 10 built-in combos
  • Provides MIDI channel selection
  • Includes panorama and filter control
  • Contains level, gain, and mute control
  • Comes with special effects: reverb, delay, and chorus
  • Supports MIDI automation and velocity response

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6. Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Bass P Lite II
Ample Bass P Lite II – Best FL Studio VST

This plugin offers top-notch samples from a Fender Precision Bass. With the added Manual Vibrato Wheel, crafted specifically for string instruments, and Capo function for easy key transposition, this plugin becomes more versatile. 

Equipped with a highly tailored guitar-playing algorithm, the plugin simulates an authentic guitar. 

It has the unique feature of perceiving and independently adding and refining articulations. These include actions like slapping on strings or the body to produce genuine sounds.

  • Sampled from a Fender Precision Bass
  • Produces Deep Fingering Noise
  • Controls Any Button, Knob with MIDI CC or Automation
  • Poly Legato and Slide Smoother Functions

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7. Tunefish4

Tunefish4 VST Plugin
Tunefish4 – Free FL Studio VST

The Tunefish4 is a compact virtual analog synthesizer. This synthesizer is ideal for use with Renoise, but it also works well with other digital audio workstations (DAWs).

The noise generator can produce any noise frequency with any bandwidth. The filters include Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and an improved Notch filter. The two ADSRs and two LFOs can be linked using a modulation matrix to virtually any important knob.

The supported effects include Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, EQ, and Formant. The effects stack allows for any combination of up to 10 effects.

  • Compact Virtual Analog Synthesizer 
  • VST/AU Plugin Available for Use 
  • User Interface Shows All Modulations 
  • Uses Additive Synthesis Wavetable Generator 
  • Supports Various Effects: Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb

Download Now | Windows / Mac / Linux

8. DSK Brass

DSK Brass VST Plugin
DSK Brass – FL Studio VST Download

The DSK Brass is a versatile plugin specifically designed for musicians. 

It offers two layers with 23 instruments. The set includes a collection of brass instruments like saxophones, trombones, and trumpets in various forms. 

The DSK Brass also comes with practical features such as an octave selector and a micro-detuner. It also offers built-in audio effects such as delay and flanger. 

This plugin supports MIDI automation, providing more capability and control over your music production. This mixture makes DSK Brass an extremely handy tool for any musicians looking to add a new aspect to their works.

  • Includes two layers of instruments
  • Comes with a set of 23 instruments
  • Trumpet and trumpet cup mute included
  • Trombone and tuba are part of the bundle
  • Micro-detuner and octave selector are provided
  • Features delay and flanger effects
  • Supports MIDI automation.

DSK Brass | Windows

9. VSCO2 Trumpet

VSCO2 Trumpet
Top FL Studio VST

The VSCO2 Trumpet is a plugin where a Trumpet was sampled, created by Versilian Studios, and expertly designed by Sam Gossner.

The plugin ensures variety by offering you seven distinct sound groups to customize your music projects.

These sound groups are inclusive of Sustain, Vibrato, Staccato, Mute 1, Mute 2, Sustain f, and Sustain p.

The VSCO2 Trumpet is user-friendly and perfect for music creators wanting to integrate the distinctive sound of a trumpet into their music projects.

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10. Ample Guitar M Lite II

Ample Guitar M Lite II
Ample Guitar M Lite II | FL Studio VST Plugin List

The Ample Guitar M Lite II offers a range of remarkable features for music creators looking to craft their own unique sounds. This sampled acoustic guitar plugin delivers a rich, lifelike sound with 866 samples sourced straight from the disk.

Its adjustable resonance and distinctive finger noise guarantee an even more vivid and lifelike sound.

This free plugin features sustain, hammer-on and pull-off, palm mute, and popping 5 articulations.

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11. The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra
The Free Orchestra | Free VST Plugins FL Studio

The Free Orchestra plugin offers high-quality cinematic instruments for music producers, all free of charge. This collection boasts a variety of sounds, including orchestral string staccatos, brave horns, luminous choirs, and haunting dystopian drone audio.

This plugin offers a total of 16 different instruments, featuring both delicate strings and powerful drums.

  • Features 16 diverse instruments
  • Range from delicate strings to powerful drums
  • Sound recorded in an authentic concert hall setting
  • Compatible with the free Kontakt Player
  • 1.5 GB Sample Library

Find Out More | Windows / Mac

12. Labs Strings

Labs Synth Strings
Labs Strings | FL Studio Plugin

The Labs Strings plugin delivers top-notch sound courtesy of 14 of the best string players in London.

All recordings were conducted at Spitfire HQ by the engineer, Harry Wilson, who made good use of an assortment of microphones, which included a classic BBC AXB1.

Learn More | Windows / Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are FL Studio VST Plugins?

FL Studio VST plugins are virtual instruments and effects that are integrated into the FL Studio digital audio workstation software. They allow users to enhance their music production process by providing them with additional features and tools that are not present in the basic FL Studio package.

What Is The Purpose Of Using Fl Studio VST Plugins?

FL Studio VST plugins are designed to enhance your audio production techniques in different ways, like adding special effects, controlling frequencies of your sounds, modeling analog audio equipment, and simulating real instruments.

Are All FL Studio VST Plugins Free?

No, not all FL Studio VST plugins are free. While there are many high-quality free plugins available, there are also paid ones that offer features and functionalities not found in free versions. The plugins mentioned in this blog are all free.

I hope you found this list of free FL Studio VST plugins helpful.

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