5 Best Free Trombone VST Plugins, Samples, & Soundfonts

Here is a collection of free Trombone VST plugins, Trombone samples, and Trombone sound fonts for music producers looking for free Trombone sounds.

In this roundup of free Trombone plugins and sounds, I’ve included feature lists, images, and videos to see the plugins in action.

Best Trombone VST Plugins

  1. VSCO2 Trombone
  2. Sonatina Trombone
  3. DSK Brass
  4. Aspen Bass Trombone
  5. Iowa Tenor Trombone
  6. Trombone Samples
  7. Free Trombone Loops
  8. Brass Samples Pack
  9. Carpenter Trombone
  10. Free Trombone SoundFonts

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Best Free Trombone VST Plugins
Best Free Trombone VST Plugins

1. VSCO2 Trombone

VSCO2 Trombone 3 VST Plugin
VSCO2 Trombone | Best Trombone Audio Plugins

The VSCO2 Trombone provides a genuine sound experience for those crafting music. This Trombone has been carefully recorded by the team at Versilian Studios and Sam Gossner. 

The VSCO2 Trombone delivers a broad array of trombone sounds, adding high-quality sounds to your musical projects.


  • Contains 5 Sound Groups
  • Real Trombone Samples
  • Sustain f and Sustain p Groups Included


  • Recorded in a professional studio
  • Sound flexibility with 5 groups
  • Contains 3 Sustain groups
  • Vibrato and Staccato groups available

View Website | Windows / Mac

2. Sonatina Trombone

Sonatina Trombone
Sonatina Trombone | Free Trombone VST Plugin Download

The Sonatina Trombone is a digitally sampled trombone plugin, perfect for musicians and producers. It has been edited from the popular Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library. 

This Trombone plugin lets you switch between four unique groups according to your music requirements. These groups include Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Trombones Sustain, and Trombones Staccato. Its adaptability helps in creating a wide assortment of music genres.


  • Originated from Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Library 
  • Availability of Four Sound Groups 
  • Simple Switch Between Sound Groups


  • Offers sampled trombone sounds
  • Carefully edited from a symphonic orchestra library
  • Availability of four trombone sound groups


  • Cannot fully substitute a real trombone
  • Limited to four trombone sound groups
  • Lack of customization options

Download Here | Windows / Mac

3. DSK Brass

DSK Brass VST Plugin
DSK Brass | Free Trombone Soundfonts

The DSK Brass includes a selection of 23 instruments, from saxophones to tubas. It offers two layers of sound, offering you plenty of possibilities.

The DSK Brass integrates effects such as delay and flanger to extend your sound collection. For musicians who need to automate their music, this plugin supports MIDI automation.


  • Offers 23 instruments
  • Offers sax soprano and sax tenor
  • Incorporates trumpet, Trombone, and tuba
  • Features octave select and micro-detuner
  • Delay & flanger effects
  • Allows MIDI automation

Get Details | Windows


4. Aspen Bass Trombone

Aspen Bass Trombone
Aspen Bass Trombone | Trombone VST for Beatmakers

The Aspen Bass Trombone, developed by Bigcat Instruments, is ideal for creating deep and spacious bass trombone sounds. The plugin has been designed for musicians and producers who wish to introduce a horn sound to their music projects.

With the Aspen Bass Trombone, you can access different sound ranges and intensify the depth of your creations.

Download Here | Windows / Mac

5. Iowa Tenor Trombone

Iowa Tenor Trombone
Iowa Tenor Trombone | High-Quality Trombone Virtual Instruments

The Iowa Tenor Trombone is a digitally sampled version of a real tenor trombone. The original music project was sampled in the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studio.

Read More | Windows / Mac

6. Sample Focus Trombone Samples

Sample Focus
Sample Focus | Trombone VST Samples

Sample Focus offers an extensive selection of royalty-free trombone sounds. This website offers over 120 unique trombone samples. This collection includes a wide selection of tones and moods, from energetic to classical and ominous to joyful. 

You can also find samples across various music genres like hip-hop and classical music. Each sample is labeled, detailing the key, duration, and artist. This makes the search for the right sound easier. 

  • Royalty-Free Trombone Sounds
  • Quickly Find Sounds
  • 120+ Free Trombone Samples
  • Clear and Energetic Sound Options
  • Includes Various Keys and Tempos
  • Covers Orchestra and Hip Hop Genres
  • Multiple Moods and Tones

Sample Focus

7. Free Trombone Loops

Looperman | Trombone VST Plugin Reviews
Looperman | DAW Plugins for Trombone

Looperman offers free trombone loop samples and sounds delivered by other music creators.


8. Brass Sample Pack

Brass Samples Pack | Trombone Sound Samples
Brass Samples Pack | Realistic Trombone VST

The Brass Sample pack by Beat Production offers a great collection of top-rated brass instrument samples, perfect for any musical project. 

Packed with over 70 realistic trombones, trumpets, and brass hits, this bundle becomes a valuable tool in creating beats. It comes fully loaded with sustained hits and additional sounds.

The convenience of integrating these samples with your digital audio workstation or controller makes it very easy to include brass sounds in your beats. It’s perfect for constructing deep, threatening horn stabs for a trap beat, trumpet hooks, or lush-sustained brass chords.

  • 70 realistic Trombones and Trumpets 
  • Brass Hits & Sustained Hits

Find Out More

9. Carpenter Trombone ( Kontakt )

The Carpenter Trombone is a top-notch Tenor Trombone Sample Library suitable for Kontakt. Recorded professionally in a top-tier studio, it utilized handmade Cloud JRS-34 ribbon microphones.

The user-friendly interface of the Carpenter Trombone provides control over dynamics, musical articulation changes, and built-in reverb, as well as the advanced adjustment of legato and sound release sample behavior.

It offers elements such as sustain, legato, and a variety of staccato articulations.

  • Solo Tenor Trombone Sample Library (2GB)
  • Detailed Tenor Trombone Recordings
  • Personal & Commercial Use
  • Control over Dynamics, Articulation, and Reverb
  • Sustain, Legato, and Multiples Staccato Articulations Included

View Website | Windows / Mac

10. Free Trombone SoundFonts

Sforznado VST Plugin
Virtual Trombone Software

You can install a free soundfont player and use trombone soundfonts to get quality trombone sounds.

  • Producer Feed – This pack has 28 cool sounds for the trombone, sax, and flute that you can use with your music projects.
  • Musical Artifacts – A collection of free sound fonts for a variety of music genres.
  • Zanderjaz – Free sound fonts ready to use in FL Studio or any other program that plays .sf2 SoundFont files.
  • Polyphone – Over 20 free brass instrument sound fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trombone VST?

A Trombone VST is a type of software that emulates the sound and the playing characteristics of a trombone. It is used in music production as a tool for programming trombone parts in a song or track.

Why Would One Use a Trombone VST?

Use a trombone VST to add a realistic trombone part to your track without the need for a live trombone player. It’s perfect for music producers or musicians who don’t play the Trombone but want to include the instrument’s sound in their music.

How Do I Install a Trombone VST Plugin?

Installation varies depending on the specific plugin and the operating system you are using. Still, generally, you will need to download the plugin file and then move it to your DAW’s VST plugin folder. After that, you will need to rescan your VST folder within your DAW, and the new plugin should appear in your list of available plugins.

I’ve Installed the Trombone VST, but It’s Not Showing up In My DAW; What Should I Do?

First, make sure that you’ve placed the plugin file in the correct directory and that you’ve rescanned your VST folder from your DAW. If the plugin is still not showing up, it might not be compatible with your DAW, or there might be an issue with the plugin file itself. In this case, try reaching out to the plugin developer for assistance.

Does a Trombone VST plugin replace a live Trombone player?

While a Trombone VST can reproduce the sound of a trombone to a high degree of realism, it is not a replacement for the skills and expressions of a live trombone player. A VST can be a feasible option when a live player is unavailable or if you are working within a tight budget. However, if it’s within your means, hiring a live trombone player can add a unique level of depth and feel to your music.

I hope you found this collection of free trombone VST plugins, samples, and sound fonts helpful.

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