6 Free Guitar Tuner VST Plugins

Here are the best free Guitar Tuner VST plugins for musicians and guitarists to tune guitars in your favorite DAW. This list includes guitar tuner plugins for Windows and Mac.

These free guitar tuner VST plugins offer a variety of tuning options to help you get the perfect sound with your guitar. In this roundup of Guitar Tuner VST plugins, I’ve included features, images, and videos to see how the plugins work. I have downloaded hundreds of free VST plugins, and these are some of the best online options.

Best Free Guitar Tuner VST Plugins

  1. MTuner
  2. GVST GTune
  3. Chromatic Tuner
  5. Tuna
  6. T1 Audible Tuner VS
Best Free Guitar Tuner VST Plugins
Best Free Guitar Tuner VST Plugins

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1. MTuner

MTuner Guitar Tuner VST Plugins
MTuner Guitar Tuner VST Plugins

The MTuner plugin is a useful frequency analyzer, primarily beneficial for tuning guitars and other instruments. It features both a regular monophonic tuner and a high-definition polyphonic tuner, which speeds up the tuning process for guitars and basses.

This plugin is free, offering an effective and dependable choice for all music producers. The MTuner offers a straightforward, quick, and easily accessible method to take care of your instruments.


  • Free Frequency Analyzer Tool
  • Designed for Tuning Instruments
  • Includes Classic Monophonic Tuner
  • High-Resolution Polyphonic Tuner Included
  • Primarily for Guitars and Basses
  • Speeds Up The Tuning Process
  • Easy to Use


  • Designed for tuning instruments
  • Features a classic monophonic tuner
  • Speeds up the tuning process

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2. GVST GTune


The GVST GTune is a chromatic instrument tuner that functions similarly to hardware. It detects the pitch of a note being played and displays the corresponding Western scale note. Using LED-like indicators and a numerical readout, you can easily adjust the pitch of your instrument for quick and accurate tuning.

This free VST audio plugin is great for music production, broadcasting, and various forms of audio editing. It not only displays the current note but also its frequency for precise instrument tuning.


  • Automatically Detects Pitch of a Note
  • Displays Closest Corresponding Scale Note
  • “LED”-Like Indicators and Numerical Read-Out
  • Improved Pitch Tracking with “Hot” Signal


  • Automatically detects the pitch of the note played
  • Instrument tuning is quick and accurate
  • Also useful for broadcasting and general audio editing
  • Displays current note and frequency
  • Easy installation process
  • Offers hints for best usage


  • Could have inaccurate detection with noisy signals
  • Might not detect lower frequency notes as well

Learn More | Windows / Mac / Linux

3. Chromatic Tuner


The Nembrini Audio Chromatic Tuner is a quick and accurate plugin for musicians looking to tune their instruments with a plugin or an iOS app. Its wide, vibrant LED display shows tuning accuracy up to ±0.01 cent.

This compact tuner adapts to any pitch standard, with A=440 as the default setting. It also offers a drop/capo mode and automatic note transposition up and down a full octave.

The tuner works well with VST2, VST3, AAX, or AudioUnits. It requires an Intel-compatible or Apple Silicon CPU, 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, and Windows 7 or newer in a 64-bit DAW.

  • Fast, Accurate Tuning
  • Bright Full-Color LED Display
  • Available as an iOS App for On-The-Go Tuning
  • Capable of Calibration To Any Pitch Standard
  • Features Drop/Capo Mode for Auto-Transposing Notes
  • Compatible with VST2, VST3, AAX

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4. LOCKON ( Free Version )

LOCKON Guitar Tuner VST Software

The LockOn tuner plugin is an easy-to-use ultra-precision tuner with a simple design, created by studio engineers who were dissatisfied with other plugin guitar tuners. It offers enhanced tracking of ultra-low pitches on stringed instruments, providing both speed and high accuracy. Its dual strobe/cents-meter display allows for precise tuning.

You can choose between ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ tracking modes and it also provides options to display both sharps and flats. The free version features in-app banner ads for SubMission Audio store offers.

Compatible with any latest DAW supporting VST3, AAX, or AU.

  • Dual Strobe/Cents-Meter Display
  • Resizable User Interface
  • Tuning Ranges from C0 to B8
  • Fast & Slow Tracking Speeds
  • Formats: VST3, AAX or AU

Get Details | Windows / Mac

5. Tuna

Tuna | VST Plugins for Guitarists

The Tuna plugin is a simple and practical plugin designed for guitarists. Effective down to 40Hz. Its resizing feature and free availability in various formats like VST3, AU, AAX, and standalone make it a helpful plugin for all musicians.

If you’ve struggled with tuning your 5-string bass or your drop G guitar, Tuna offers easy solutions. Say goodbye to those guitar tuning struggles.

  • Can Identify Notes Down to 40hz
  • Available in VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone Formats
  • Compatible With iOS and iPad
  • Resizable Interface
  • Great for Tuning 5 String Bass

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6. T1 Audible Tuner VST FREE

T1 Audible Tuner VST FREE
T1 Audible Tuner VST FREE | Digital Guitar Tuner VST

The T1 Audible Tuner VST FREE is a helpful plugin for musicians and music producers. It serves as a quick reference for tuning through an audio signal. The tuner includes preset tunings for well-known string instruments like guitars and violins, as well as for lesser-known instruments like the Cavaco and the Woodrow.

This helpful plugin features a variety of signal types: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse, Pitch On, and Pitch Off. It allows users the flexibility to customize the length and volume. The Chromatic CO – B10 feature is also included.

  • Provides Fast Reference for Tuning through Audio Signals
  • Includes Preset Tunings for Multiple Instruments
  • Offers Various Signal Types: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse
  • Contains Two Modes: Pitch On and Pitch-Off
  • Supports Many Instruments Including Guitar, Dulcimer, Banjo, etc.
  • Features an Extensive Range of Tuning Options
  • Includes Volume and Length Controls

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Guitar Tuner VST Plugin?

A Guitar Tuner VST Plugin is a software interface that allows guitarists to tune their instruments directly from their computer. Similar to a physical guitar tuner, it reads the pitch of a note played on a guitar and tells the user if the note is flat, sharp, or in tune.

Why do I need a Guitar Tuner?

A Guitar Tuner is a convenient tool that allows you to easily tune your guitar from your digital audio workstation (DAW). If you are recording music or mixing tracks, you do not have to switch from your DAW to an external tuner.

What is the accuracy of these free Guitar Tuner VST plugins?

What is the accuracy of these free Guitar Tuner VST plugins?
The accuracy of a Guitar Tuner VST plugin depends on the specific plugin you choose. However, many of these free versions come very close to, if not reach, the professional-grade accuracy of a physical tuner. They are designed to be fine-tuned and sensitive to the exact pitch of your guitar strings.

Do these Guitar Tuner VST Plugins only work for guitars?

While they are designed specifically for tuning guitars, some Guitar Tuner VST plugins can also be used to tune other stringed instruments. It is recommended to check the specific tuning range and capabilities of each plugin for compatibility with other instruments.

Finding the right free guitar tuner VST plugin can help speed up the time spent tuning your instruments. These plugins are designed to meet the needs of guitarists, producers, and musicians who are looking for free and simple-to-use guitar tuning options.

I hope you found this list of free tuner plugins helpful. Good luck tuning.

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