24 Best Free Drummer VST Plugins

Here are the best free drummer VST plugins to use with your favorite DAW. We’ve included Drummer VST plugins that work with Windows and Mac.

What Are Drummer VST Plugins?

Drummer VST plugins allow you to add drummer-like sounds to your music. They typically come with various presets, so you can find a sound that matches the style of music you’re trying to create.

These free drummer plugins offer a wide selection of drum kits and drum sounds for musicians, music producers, and drummers. No one option will be perfect, so check out the video previews to see which plugin is best for you.

Elevate your music production game with our handpicked selection of the best free VST plugins and VST instruments.

Best Free Drummer VST Plugins
Best Free Drummer VST Plugins

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Best Drummer VST Plugins

This article includes plugins that offer acoustic drums sampled from real drum kits and more digitally processed drums to offer a wide selection of options.

  1. MT Power Drum Kit
  2. Royotoms
  3. Organic Calfskin Kit
  4. Spitfire Audio Drums
  5. DrumKit1
  6. Cymbalistic
  7. Cherry Snare
  8. Black Noh Snare
  9. DPC 3
  10. Divine Kit
  11. Dark VX Kick
  12. Line of Legends
  13. Steven Slate Drums
  14. Jamstix 4
  15. Snare
  16. Sean Pandy Drums
  18. Drum Dream
  19. Monster Drum
  20. Speedrum Lite
  21. Additional Drummer Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each drummer plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. MT Power Drum Kit

MT Power Drumkit | Best Drum VST Plugins
MT Power Drumkit | Best Drum VST Plugins

The MT Power Drum Kit is a free drummer plugin that offers the powerful, high-quality sounds of an acoustic, realistic drum kit.

It is one of the best drummer plugins because it comes with pre-processed sounds perfect for pop, rock, and metal production.

Additionally, the plugin is easy to use and comes with various features that make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a drummer plugin.

This is a great alternative to Toontrack Superior Drummer, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Toontrack Ezdrummer, and Getgood Drums.

  • Acoustic drum kit sounds
  • MIDI Controller Support

MT Power | Windows / Mac / Linux

MT Power Drum Kit Preview

Best Drummer VST Plugins

2. Royotoms Free Drummer VST

Royotoms | Real Drum Set Sounds

If you want to create powerful, high-quality sounds without the need for hours of instrument preparation, check out Royotoms. This sampled rototom set is easy to use and can be tweaked to fit your sound perfectly.

Royotoms is one of the best drummer plugins for creating that classic rock sound for your music. So if you’re looking to create some old-school-sounding drums, give Royotoms a try.

Royotoms | Windows / Mac

3. Organic Calfskin Kit

Organic Calfskin Kit | Free Drum Plugins
Organic Calfskin Kit | Free Drum Plugins

Organic Calfskin Kit is the drummer’s personal studio, containing 18 different drum kits to play on. No drummer will ever be at a loss for what sounds to create with this plugin.

This is a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to working with thousands of multi-track samples, perfect for those who want to add an acoustic element to their music.

Organic Calfskin Kit | Windows / Mac

4. Spitfire Audio Drums

Spitfire Audio Drums | Best Drum Plugins
Spitfire Audio Drums | Best Drum Plugins

This is one of the most famous virtual drummer plugins available. It has an impressive drum library of sounds that can be used for various genres to create realistic-sounding drums.

Additionally, it comes with several features that make it easy to use, such as creating your own drummer by choosing from various presets.

If you’re looking for a virtual drummer plugin with many features and a great drum library, Spitfire Audio Drums is one of the best free options.

This is a free drumming alternative to paid plugins like XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Toontrack Ezdrummer, Toontrack Superior Drummer, and Getgood Drums.

  • Most Realistic Drum Sounds
  • Simple Interface
  • Great Sounding Drums

Spitfire Audio | Windows / Mac

5. DrumKit1

DrumKit1 Drum Plugin – Vintage Drum Sounds

If you’re looking for an authentic rock drum sound, DrumKit1 is an excellent option. This plugin is simple and has a big sound, perfect for rock songs.

The GUI has no controls, so you can plug it in and play. This feature makes it great for beginners or those who want something quick and easy to use.

Plugin | Windows

6. Cymbalistic

Cymbalistic | Best Drum VSTs
Cymbalistic | Best Drum VSTs

Cymbalistic is a sampled cymbal set that sports four stereo outputs, release time for each cymbal, volume and pan control for each cymbal, and amplitude dynamic range control.

This plugin is perfect for crafting realistic-sounding tracks. The hi-hat, ride cymbal, and crash cymbals are all meticulously sampled to provide the user with a faithful reproduction of the acoustic cymbal sound.

Additionally, the Chinese cymbals add an extra layer of flavor to the mix, and the amplitude dynamic range control allows the user to dial in just the right amount of sustain for each hit.

All in all, Cymbalistic is an excellent free drummer VST plugin that is sure to please even the most discerning of producers. So if you’re looking for a realistic and high-quality cymbal sound, then be sure to check out Cymbalistic.

Cymbalistic | PC / Mac

7. Cherry Snare

Cherry Snare | Drum Machine
Cherry Snare Drum Plugin

Cherry Snare is an acoustic snare sound that has been sampled for optimum realism. There are 208 samples in total, which can be edited and customized to your liking.

The plugin also features five-stroke techniques, up to 3 velocity layers, and up to 5 round-robin samples that will help to add real drummer sounds to your tracks.

Cherry Snare | Windows / Mac

8. Black Noh Snare

Black Noh Snare Drum VST Software
Black Noh Snare Drum VST Software

Black Noh Snare is a sampled snare drum with nine velocity layers. Every velocity layer has eight random-robin samples. The Silk controls let you torture the attack phase of the snare for each microphone independently.

If you’re looking for a snare that can give you some extra snap, then Black Noh Snare is worth checking out. It’s sure to add some extra bite to your drum sound.

Black Noh Snare | Windows / Mac

9. DPC 3


DPC 3 is a drummer VST plugin that enables musicians to create their own dynamic rhythms. It has a visual response that allows users to see how their beats are produced.

The logical layout of the plugin makes it easy to use, and the auto-mute group ensures that only the drummer VST plugins are muted when not in use.

DPC 3 is a great drummer VST plugin for those who want to create their own rhythms. It is sure to help add dynamics to any music project.

DPC 3 | Windows

10. Divine Kit

Divine Drum Kit | Best Drum VST Plugin
Divine Drum Kit | Best Drum VST Plugin

Divine Kit is an acoustic drummer VST plugin with multiple sound outputs. Drummer and producer John Haddad recorded it.

You may have to set up your DAW correctly to use the plugin, but it is worth it. The sound quality is excellent, and it is one of the best drummer VST plugins.

Divine Kit | PC / Mac

11. Dark VX Kick

Dark VX Kick
Dark VX Kick

Dark VX Kick is a sampled kick drum with four velocity layers, some round-robins, and a lot of flexibility. This kick is straightforward to handle, and it can be used to create powerful and punchy-sounding kicks.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and versatile virtual drum plugin, then Dark VX Kick is one of the best free drum VSTs out there that you should try out.

Dark VX Kick | Windows / Mac

12. Line of Legends

Line of Legends | Drum VST Plugins 2023
Line of Legends

Line of Legends is a drummer VST plugin with hip-hop-style drum samples. It has eight individual outputs to select the left and right outputs for drums in your mix.

The Punch and Release knobs help you sculpt the attack and decay of each sound. The Pan knob lets you position each sound in the stereo field to add more depth to your mix.

If you’re looking for high-quality hip-hop drums, Line of Legends is one of the top drummer VST plugins available that you should check out.

Line of Legends | Windows / Mac

13. Steven Slate Drums

Steven Slate Drums | Drum Sampler
Steven Slate Drums – Best Drum Software

This powerful drummer plugin gives you access to some of the best-sounding drums available. The plugin is easy to use and lets you customize your drum sound to fit your needs.

It comes with one incredible Deluxe 2 Kit, a Classic mix-ready processed Slate snare, and three unique kit presets to get you started. This plugin is great for sound design in Logic Pro.

  • Comes With MIDI Grooves
  • Incredible Sounding Drums

Steven Slate | Windows / Mac

14. Jamstix 4

Jamstix 4
Jamstix 4 – Metal Drum VST

Jamstix 4 is a virtual drummer VST plugin filled with high-quality, dynamic textures. It features velocity layering, natural ambiance mics, advanced sound accumulation logic, and an adaptive round-robin.

Additionally, the built-in mixer offers equalizers and compressors customized for drum processing. It also includes various expansions, like brushed kits, rod kits, electronic kits, metal kits, and more.

If you want to add realistic drummer parts to your tracks, then Jamstix 4 is one of the best drummer VST plugins you can get.

It will add an extra level of realism and depth to your music. Great free alternative to Native Instruments Studio Drummer.

Jamstix 4 | Windows / Mac

15. Snare


Snare is a drummer VST plugin intended for easy, simple, and straightforward sound shaping. The program has an intuitive design with plenty of helpful tutorials to get you started.

Despite its simplicity, Snare is capable of some pretty impressive sound shaping. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get started with drummer VST plugins, Snare is a great option.

  • Mimics drum hardware

Snare | Windows

16. Sean Pandy Drums

Sean Pandy Drums
Sean Pandy Drums – Best Drum Software

This drummer plugin allows drummers to play drums in various ways. Six-velocity layers and up to ten random-robin samples help you play the drums more naturally.

You can also get the machine gun effect with fast repetitions. This feature is perfect for electronic music producers who want to add drummer sounds to their tracks.

Sean Pandy | PC / Mac


Excite Snare Drum VST Plugin
Excite Snare Drum

This drummer VST plugin includes physical modeling algorithm tuning. This lets you adjust the sound to get it just the way you like it.

The plugin can produce a wide range of snare drum sounds, from classic to contemporary. If you need a drummer VST plugin that can create real drum sounds, then this is the plugin for you.

Plugin | Windows / Mac / Linux

18. Drum Dream

Drum Dream
Drum Dream – Drum Synthesizer

Drum Dream is one of the simplest drummer VST plugins available. It features four velocity layers for each instrument, making it easy to create realistic drum tracks for your music.

If you’re looking for a drummer VST plugin that is easy to use and sounds great, then Drum Dream is one of the best. It is sure to help you create realistic drum tracks for your music.

Plugin | Windows

19. Monster Drum

Monster Drum VST Plugin
Monster Drums | Drum Machine Sounds

Monster Drums is one of the simplest and easiest drummer VST plugins.

Every kit is pre-mixed, so you can start using it right away without having to tweak any settings.

It also uses minimal RAM, making it a good choice for computers with limited resources.

Each sound in every kit can be tweaked to your liking, and there is a master volume control for the entire kit and a master reverb and filter.

If you’re looking for a drummer VST plugin that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of tweaking, Monster Drums is a good choice for you.

It is sure to help you create great-sounding drum tracks for your music.

Plugin | PC / Mac

20. Speedrum Lite

Speedrum Lite
Speedrum Lite – Best Drum VST For Hip Hop

Speedrum Lite is an intuitive drummer VST plugin that provides an MPC-style pads layout with 16 pads. It also allows users to adjust the start and end of the sample and the high and low pass filter.

It has a voice mode that can be set to mono or polyphonic, making it perfect for those who want to create realistic drum tracks.

Additionally, the AHD envelope is fully adjustable if you need more control. Speedrum Lite is fully resizable, making it ideal for any project.

Link | PC / Mac / Linux Ubuntu

21. SM Drums

SM Drums SoundFonts
SM Drums | Virtual Drummers for Playing Drums

This free drummer SoundFont collection offers around 2.2 GB of multi-sampled drum kit sounds and templates for FL Studio and Reaper.

SM SoundFonts | PC / Mac

22. Beat DRMR


There are 178 drum kits in Beat DRMR, a free VST/AU plugin. It contains drum kits for Electro, Acid, Techno, and other styles.

  • 12 Drum Pads
  • Controls: Volume, Pan, Attack, Decay

Beat DRMR | PC / Mac

23. Drum8

Drum8 Free Drum VST

Drum8 contains 40 kits for diverse musical genres based on sampled drum sounds. In addition to kicks, snares, claps, toms, hi-hats, percussion, cymbals, and other sounds, the library also contains audio effects.

With its 8 pads and global controls, the plugin offers a compact and easy-to-use user interface. If you’re looking for a flexible and free drum plugin, then Drum8 is for you.

  • 8 Drum Pads
  • Controls: Gain, Filter, Reverb
  • 40 Preset Kits
  • Mix Ready Presets
  • Electronic Sounds

Plugin | Windows / Mac

24. Audiospillage Minispillage

Audiospillage Minispillage Drum Synthesizer

A powerful free plug-in from Audiospillage, Minispillage Drum Synthesizer creates unique percussive sounds. It produces excellent sound quality thanks to its high-quality 64-bit DSP engine.

The plugin was created by Audiospillage, a French company that specializes in music production and sound design.

The Minispillage plugin is perfect for creating background music for videos, games, or any other project that needs an infinite amount of short sounds.

  • High-quality audio
  • Exclusive percussion models
  • Electronic Drum Kit
  • ADSR envelopes

MiniSpillage | PC / Mac

What Is the Best Free Drum Plugin?

The most popular drum VST plugins are SSD 5.5 Free by Steven Slate Drums, Labs Drums by Spitfire Audio, MT Power Drum Kit by Manda Audio, and the SM Drums SoundFont Collection.

These drum VST plugins are free to download and offer a wide selection of drum sounds and features.

In conclusion, the world of virtual drums has opened up endless possibilities for musicians and producers alike.

With the huge collection of free drum libraries and virtual instruments available online, anyone can now create their own beats with ease.

Whether you’re a professional composer working in a studio or a hobbyist creating your own songs, a powerful drum VST plugin can be a great tool for creating the perfect kit and blending drum samples to create the perfect drum track.

With simple-to-use software instruments, percussion sounds, vintage kits, and electronic drum sounds, you can add a touch of cinematic music to your sound library and take your drum performances to the next level.

We hope you found this list of free drummer VST plugins helpful.

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