115 Best Free Drum VST Plugins

Here are the best free drum VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

We have included a variety of drum VST plugins that will give you a wide selection of new free drum sounds.

We’ve included drum machine plugins, drum synths, drum sequencers, percussion drums, virtual drum kits, and more.

Explore our ultimate list of the best free VST plugins for the best audio production tools without breaking the bank!

Best Free Drum VST Plugins
Best Free Drum VST Plugins 2023

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Drum VST Plugins

We have included drum plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

  1. Line of Legends
  2. 707
  3. Drum Pro VST
  4. Steven Slate Drums
  5. Spitfire Audio Drums
  6. DR-910
  7. Monster Drums
  8. Beat DRMR
  9. DJinnDrum VST
  10. Drum8
  11. Speedrum Lite
  12. Drumart SLD
  13. ErsDrums VST
  14. DSK mini DRUMZ 2
  15. DSK DrumZ AkoustiK
  16. DigiDrum Pro
  17. GTG DPC 3
  18. CM-505
  19. JM-1
  20. VR-08 Free
  21. Tromine GT Drum Plugin
  22. Drumatic 3
  23. MT Power Drum Kit
  24. KickMaker VST
  25. TheDrumSource
  26. 80+ Drum VSTs

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each drum VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Line of Legends

Line of Legends - Drum VST Plugin
Line of Legends

The Line of Legends is a hip-hop drum kit. The interface is divided into eight sections (Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap, Toms, Hi-hat, Ride, Crash).

Each section uses its own individual output for easier handling in a productive environment.

  • 47 high-quality samples
  • Eight individual outputs
  • Punch knobs for attack sculpting
  • Percussion drum library
  • Release and Pan knobs (not labeled)

Line of Legends | PC / Mac

Line of Legends Preview

Best Drum VST Plugins

2. 707 Drum Machine

707 Drum VST Plugin - Drum Machine VST

707 is a 16 samples drum kit recorded from the Roland TR707 drum machine.

  • LP Filter
  • Distortion
  • Chorus
  • Synch delay

707 | Windows


Drum Pro VST Plugin - Best Drum VST Plugins
Drum Pro VST Plugin

The DRUM PRO is a free drum VST plugin that is simple to use and allows you to create high-quality drum tracks with ease. Boasting a vast library of different types of drums, it is perfect for any genre of music.

This drum plugin has a drum sequencer. You can also change the tempo, pitch, and other things for different drums.

  • Includes Drum Libraries

Link | PC / Mac

4. Steven Slate Drums

Steven Slate VST Plugin - Best Acoustic Drum VST
Steven Slate Drums – Best Acoustic Drum VST

The Steven Slate Drums is a great drum plugin if you are looking for something that will suit a variety of styles.

It includes 135 snares, 112 kicks, 11 hi-hats, 58 toms, 14 crashes, six rides, and four splashes.

It offers a new ultra-sleek resizable GUI and analog processed and raw samples. It will give your drum loops professional and polished drums.

This plugin is a great alternative to the XLN Audio addictive drums plugin, Toontrack superior drummer plugin, and the Toontrack EZdrummer plugin.

  • Includes MIDI Grooves
  • Incredible Sounding Drums
  • Rock, Vintage, & Metal Drum Libraries
  • Premium Drum Kits
  • Mix Ready Presets
  • Raw Samples
  • MIDI Controller Support

Link | PC / Mac

5. Spitfire Audio Drums

Spitfire Audio Drums VST Plugin
Spitfire Audio Drums VST Plugin

Spitfire Audio Drums is one of the most popular drum VSTs available. It offers an impressive library of sounds that can be used for various genres to create real drum sounds.

It comes with several features that make it easy to use, such as tweaking drum sounds by choosing from various presets.

Spitfire Audio | PC / Mac

6. DR-910

DR-910 - Free Drum Machine VST Plugins | Electronic Sounds
Electronic Drum Machine VST Plugin

The DR-910 emulates the Roland TR-909 drum machine. Each audio segment: bass drum, snare drum, and more have been developed to sound and function as close to the original instrument.

The plugin offers a reverb unit with separate send controls for each sample source. A compressor tailored to work with drums and a Lo-Fi FX processor are extra features not included in the hardware version.

If you need to add additional audio effects, each drum can be routed to different stereo outputs that can be processed separately in your DAW.

DR-910 | Windows

DR-910 Demo

7. Monster Drums

Monster Drums VST Plugin
Monster Drums

Monster Drums is a free drum rompler plugin with various music genre sounds ranging from Rock, Pop, and Jazz.

It offers a realistic drum library and an easy-to-use interface that is great for beginners and pros.

If you are looking for a drum plugin with a wide variety of drum sounds, the Monster Drums plugin is great.

Link | PC / Mac

8. Beat DRMR

Beat DRMR VST Plugin

The Beat DRMR is a free drum VST plugin that provides access to over 175 punchy drum kits for various music genres.

If you are a producer of Electro, Techno, Detroidt, Minimal, Acid, or another style that needs punchy drums, this plug-in will do the trick.

Beat DRMR | Windows / Mac

9. DJinnDrum VST

DJinnDrum VST Plugin

This drum VST plugin features a dry sample library that may require EQ and effects to get the most out of it. While it doesn’t have the “ride” or “crash” sample, it does offer pitch control for some sounds.

  • Vintage Drum Sample Library

Link | Windows / Mac

10. Drum8

Drum8 VST Plugin

Drum8 is a plugin that features 40 drum kits for various music genres. It has 320 sounds, including kicks, snares, claps, toms, hi-hats, percussion, and cymbals.

The drum plugin is simple to use with global control and individual controls per sample. It is also versatile, with an 8-pad configuration.

Plugin | PC / Mac

11. Speedrum Lite

Speedrum Lite  | Free Drum Samplers
Speedrum Lite | Free Drum Samplers

Speedrum Lite is a drum sampler plugin with an MPC-style pads layout. It offers low and high pass filters, voice mode (mono or poly), and the start and end of an audio sample can be adjusted.

The user interface is resizable. It’s a great drum VST plugin for those looking for something with a familiar feel.

Link | PC / macOS / Linux

12. Drumart SLD

Drumart SLD VST Plugin
Drumart SLD

Drumart SLD is a free drum plugin that contains 84 drum kits focused on urban music.

Link | Windows / Mac

13. ErsDrums VST

ErsDrums VST Plugin
Best Free Drum VST Plugins

ErsDrums consists of ten drum samples: Two Kicks. Two Snares. Two Blips. One Clap. One Claves. One Hihat (Open/Closed). One Crash.

Link | Windows

ErsDrums VST Preview

Best Drum VST Plugins

14. DSK mini DRUMZ 2

DSK Mini DrumZ 2 VST Plugin
DSK mini DRUMZ 2

DSK mini DRUMZ 2 is a vintage drum rompler. It offers twenty classic drum kits. All the sounds were fixed and audio levels were corrected.

Link | Windows

15. DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

Best Free Drum Plugins
DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

This drum plugin offers acoustic drums with 85 high-quality drum samples, and eight stereo outs, and offers MDI automation.

Link | Windows

16. DigiDrum Pro

DigiDrum Pro - Best Free Drum VSTs
DigiDrum Pro

DigiDrum Pro is a five-part drum and percussion plugin suitable for most music genres.

The plugin offers 27 classic drum and percussion samples, and full VST automation of every sound editing control.

Link | Windows

17. GTG DPC 3

GTG DPC 3 VST Plugin

DrumSampler. Pads playable by mouse. Individual reverb send. Auto-mute group. Visual response. Logical layout.

GTG DPC 3 | Windows

18. CM-505 Drum Sounds

Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments

12 Pad Drum Synth. One Stereo, six Mono Outputs. Generates waveforms.

CM-505 | Windows

19. JM-1 ( Vintage Drum Kits )

JM-1 VST Plugin
JM-1 – Best Drum Machine VST Plugins

This is the virtual drum machine expressed as VST. This musical instrument was produced in order that the author might wipe away the inferiority complex of the Linn Drum Computer.

JM-1 | Windows

20. VR-08 Free

VR-08 Free Drum VST Plugin
Virtual Classic Drum Machine

VR-08 free consists of 2,134 samples sampled at 44.1 kHz from an old drum synthesizer.

To get the closest possible sound to the TR-808’s original sound library, the parameters were created to take advantage of this massive library.

Link | Windows

Plugin Preview

21. Tromine GT Drum Plugin

Tromine GT Drum Plugin
Tromine GT Drum Plugin

Tromine GT drum vst plug-in is an analog drum synth modeled after the TR-808.

The plugin offers 16 analog drum synthesizers such as the Bass drum, Snare drum, tom, conga, Claves, Rimshot, Handclap, Cowbell, Crash cymbal, hi-hat, and more.

  • Nine Outputs
  • MIDI CC Support
  • Automation Support

Tromine GT | Windows

Tromine GT Demo

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22. Drumatic 3

Drumatic 3 VST Plugin
Drumatic 3

Drumatic 3 is a virtual analog drum synthesizer. All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow enormous flexibility and variation.

  • Graphical envelopes for amplitude and modulation
  • Load / save presets for single sounds
  • Simple but effective effect section for each sound with distortion and bit crusher, and a filter.
  • 6 Stereo outputs, assignable for each sound.
  • All parameters can be automated (midi-CC not yet supported)

Plugin | Windows

23. MT Power Drum Kit

MT Power Drum Kit VST Plugin
MT Power Drumkit VST Plugin – Metal Drum VST

The MT Power Drum Kit is a free drum sampler offering the powerful, high-quality sounds of an acoustic, realistic drum kit.

MT Power Drum Kit has samples that have been specially recorded and processed to make them ideally suited for use in pop, rock, and metal productions.

This popular drum VST plugin is a great alternative for the addictive drums plugin, superior drummer plugin, and GetGood drums.

  • Acoustic Drums Sound Library

Plugin | PC / Mac / Linux

24. KickMaker VST

KickMaker VST Plugin

KickMaker is a synthesizer designed specifically to create good kick drum samples. It uses four independent oscillators and a wide range of effects, allowing one to create perfectly customized beats.

  • Four independent oscillators
  • Each oscillator has its own ADSR curve
  • ADSR curve for mixed-signal

Plugin | Windows / Mac

25. TheDrumSource

The Drum Source

TheDrumSource is a sample-based drum machine VST instrument with a sequencer. It looks and “feels” like a classic (x0x) hardware drum machine. The built-in sample browser makes it very easy to navigate through your samples. You can quickly change a sample with the previous and next sample buttons.

  • Support for Many Sample Formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG
  • Built-In Sample Browser
  • Sequencer Has 24 Sequences for Patterns
  • Gui Can Be Resized to Suit Your Screen
  • Each Channel Has Pan, Volume, Pitch, Length Knobs, & Swing
  • A Quick Button to Change the Next and Previous Sample
  • Twelve Output Channels

Plugin | Windows / Mac

26. Sean Pandy Drums

Sean Pandy Drums VST Plugin
Sean Pandy Drums

Sean Pandy Drums is a VST/AU drum rompler plugin with Kick, Snare, 4 Toms – and a Sub Blower that will do exactly as its name suggests.

Every drum consists of 6 velocity layers and up to 10 random-robin samples, which means you should get no machine gun effect even with fast repetitions. Great drum plugin for sound design in programs like FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

27. Cherry Snare

Cherry Snare VST Plugin
Cherry Snare

Cherry Snare is an acoustic snare drum VST created for musicians who do not have access to a physical snare drum. This free drum VST offers 208 high-quality snare drum samples, and five different stroke techniques.

Cherry Snare | Windows / Mac

28. Cymbalistic

Cymbalistic VST Plugin

Cymbalistic is a drum VST plugin that contains 68 stereo drum cymbal sounds. It includes a hi-hat, ride cymbal, crash cymbals, Chinese cymbals, and more.

The plugin offers four stereo outputs and an amplitude dynamic range control.

Cymbalistic | Windows / Mac

29. GB DrumBox

GB DrumBox VST Plugin
GB DrumBox

The GB DrumBox offers an old-school drum sound. This drum plugin contains twelve drum kits, with eight samples each.

The plugin allows you to adjust each drum’s volume, pan, and decay time. The filter cutoff, reverb level, attack time, and modulation are applied globally.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

30. Royotoms Free Drum VST


This free drum VST plugin includes eight rototoms sets with three velocity layers and two round-robin samples for each layer.

The drum samples are all dry, so you will need to add audio effects to make them sound better. But the raw drum sounds are nice and would be great for various genres.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

31. 808-ROMpler

808-ROMpler VST Plugin

The 808-ROMpler plugin is a simple bass drum sampler that comes with 16 808-style kick drums. It offers an ADSR envelope control to shape the sound you need for your Trap beats.

808-ROMpler | PC / Mac

32. Black Noh Snare

Black Noh Snare VST Plugin
Black Noh Snare

The Black Noh Snare plugin is a sampled snare drum with nine velocity layers. Every velocity layer has eight samples. The plugin lets you control the attack phase of each microphone independently.

Black Noh Snare | Windows / Mac

33. Organic Calfskin Kit

Organic Calfskin Kit VST Plugin
Organic Calfskin Kit

This free drum plugin offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for working with multi-velocity drum samples. It includes seven drum kits played with varying tools for a total of 18 unique drum kits.

Organic Calfskin Kit | PC / Mac OSX

34. Divine Kit

Divine Kit VST Plugin
Divine Kit

The Divine Kit plugin is an acoustic drum VST made from samples recorded by producer John Haddad. The drum samples are high-quality, and the drum plugin is easy to use. It is sure to give your music projects a professional sound.

Divine Kit | PC / Mac

35. DrumKit1

DrumKit1 VST Plugin

DrumKit1 is the perfect choice for simplicity and straightforwardness. An ideal drum plugin for rock songs, it has a small design and a big sound.

It is very simple to use since there are no controls on the GUI. If you don’t want to fiddle with settings, this is perfect for you.

Plugin | Windows

36. TS-808

TS-808 VST Plugin

The Roland TS-808 emulates the Roland TR-808 in software. Each voice in that instrument’s service manual is entirely schematic.

Compared to their hardware counterparts, the vast majority of voices offer more parameters and variety.

TS-808 | Windows

TS-808 Preview

37. 808 E DRUM

808 E DRUM VST Plugin
808 E DRUM VST Plugin

Featuring 128 patches, the 808 E DRUM VST plug-in is a six-voice drum synthesizer. You can create beats and drum loops easily without needing to use any samples.

Plugin | Windows

38. Boxxy D

Boxxy D VST Plugin
Boxxy D

The Boxxy D drum plugin reproduces the sound of a Mississippi drum machine. This drum plugin simulates bass drum instruments, which can be used in a variety of musical genres.

  • Bass & Treble Controls
  • ADSR Envelop
  • Style Switch
  • Stomp EQ Controls EQ
  • Octave Switch

Boxxy D | Windows

Boxxy D Preview

39. Kicker Drum Plugin

Best Free Drum Machine VST Plugins
Kicker Drum VST Plugin

The Kicker Drum plugin is a free bass drum synth.

Kicker | Windows

40. Drum Dream

Drum Dream VST Plugin
Drum Dream

The Drum Dream plugin is a drum rompler with four velocity layers on each instrument. It is a great drum plugin for those who need a light drum app that doesn’t eat up their computer’s CPU.

Plugin | Windows

41. T-Rex 606

T-Rex 606 VST Plugin
T-Rex 606

Just like Roland TR-606, this drum plugin reproduces the sound of that drum machine. You’ll get dry drum sounds out of it, and they’ll have a drum machine quality to them.

There are only seven samples in this plugin, but they are all high-quality.

Because it’s a rompler, you can tweak the drum library to your heart’s content and get them to sound exactly how you want.

T-Rex 606 | PC / Mac

42. reTromine

reTromine VST Plugin
Acoustic Drum Sounds

The reTromine plugin is a virtual analog synthesizer in the Roland CR-78 style, with 15 drum samples.

reTromine | Windows

reTromine Demo

43. Dark VX Kick

Dark VX Kick VST Plugin
Dark VX Kick

Dark VX Kick is a sampled kick drum with four velocities and a lot of flexibility. It can be used to create powerful and punchy-sounding kicks. Dark VX Kick is a high-quality, versatile kick drum VST plugin, and is worth checking out if you’re looking for free drum vst plugin.

Dark VX Kick | Windows / Mac

44. Easy-Drum o4 SE 909

Easy Drum SE 909
Easy-Drum o4 SE 909

The Easy-drum o4 SE 909 is an emulation of the legendary TR-909 with 32 preloaded patches. It contains all of the controls from the original and faithfully recreates its characteristic analog drum sounds.

This opens up a world of new possibilities for producers and DJs that need authentic hardware sound in a software format.

Plugin | Windows

Plugin Demo


Excite Snare Drum Vst Plugin
Excite Snare Drum VST Plugin

This drum VST plugin includes a physical modeling algorithm that lets you adjust the sound. This plugin can produce a variety of snare drums, from classical to contemporary. The plugin is great for people who need a real drum sound for their snare drum.

Plugin | PC / Mac / Linux

46. Jamstix 4

Jamstix 4 VST Plugin
Jamstix 4 – Virtual Drummer Plugin

Jamstix 4 is a plugin that allows you to produce quality drum tracks without needing a drummer. Drum sounds are easy to find in the software as it provides an intuitive environment for any amateur producer.

The drum plugin comes with a mixer that provides you with the option of customizing equalizers and compressors. It offers expansions for various types of drums: brushed, rod, electronic, metal, etc.

Jamstix 4 | PC / Mac

47. Transistor Drums 2

Transistor Drums 2 VST Plugin
Transistor Drum VST Plugin

Transistor Drums is an incredibly powerful electronic drum machine with a design that’s inspired by the iconic sounds of the 808 and 909.

It can be used to create a wide array of sounds and musical styles, perfect for live performances.

The drums are composed of different sound generation techniques.

The kick drum VST is analog-style, the snare drum is a hybrid of sampling and analog-style, the clap is granular sampled, and all other drums are sample-based.

A microtuner is also included, which produces slight changes in tone and other parameters for each drum beat.

  • Electronic Drum Kit

Transistor | Windows

Transistor Demo

48. SD 2100

SD 2100 Virtual Drum Machine
SD 2100 Virtual Drum Machine

The SD 2100 plugin is a high-quality emulation of the famous Emu SP 1200 Beatbox. You can use it to create classic Hip Hop beats and samples that evoke your favorite old-school memories.

SD 2100 | Windows

SD 2100 Demo

49. Snare

Snare VST Plugin

This Snare plugin is a free drum plugin that is intended for easy, simple, and straightforward sound shaping. Despite its simplicity, Snare is capable of some pretty impressive sound shaping.

Snare | Windows

50. Rhythmus

Rhythmus - Drum VST Plugin

Rhythmus offer ten pads to play two different rhythm parts, resulting in approximately 20 other rhythmic loops, such as samba, mambo, tango, waltz, and rumba. When you open it, you can adjust the volume of the different percussion instruments.

Rhythmus | Windows

Rhythmus Demo

51. 808 E-DRUM

808 E-DRUM VST Plugin
808 E-DRUM

808 E-DRUM is a plugin that lets you make 808 beats with just one mouse click. You can adjust the attack, sustain, and release levels of each drum to get the beat you want.

You can alter the pitch and decay of each sound, use reverb, and shape your drums in this plugin.

E-DRUM | Windows

52. RC-808

RC-808 VST Plugin

RC-808 is a free plugin that contains a variety of 808 bass drums, claps, cowbells, crash cymbals, hi-hats, and ride cymbals.

You can use the 16-step sequencer to create some more complex drum patterns. You can also use reverb, delay, and distortion to give your drums some extra oomph.

Plugin | PC / Mac

53. RVK-808

RVK-808 VST Plugin

RVK-808 is a drum ROMpler that replicates the classic TR-808 and comes with 272 quality samples. It can be plugged into any DAW for use.

The plugin has an intuitive layout that lets you quickly find one of the many sounds. Besides just audio files, there are other features such as “looping” and “phaser”.

Plugin | PC / Mac

54. Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack

Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack VST Plugin
Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack

This virtual modular platform lets you process live audio, create rhythms and melodies with algorithmic and generative techniques, complete multi-track pieces, and design your own synth patches.

VCV Rack | PC / Mac

55. 808 Bass Drum

808 Bass Drum VST Plugin
808 Bass Drum VST Plugin

808 Bass Drum is a free plugin that recreates the TR-808 sound. A free plugin for 808 bass drums is available for both Windows and Mac users. It accurately recreates the original sound and is a great option if you’re looking for something free.

Plugin | PC / Mac

56. BPB Analog Kicks

BPB Analog Kicks VST Plugin
BPB Analog Kicks

BPB Analog Kicks is a free sample pack containing 200 different kick drums. They sound great with compression and EQ. BPB Analog Kicks is a free 808 that sounds like royalty. It’s one of the best plugins available on the market, and it’s free.

BPB Analog Kicks | Windows

57. RT-7070

RT-7070 VST Plugin

The RT-7070 has an 808 sound that is perfect for music producers looking for that classic sound. It is very simple to use and offers many presets to help you find the one you want. It’s one of the best free 808 VST plugins because it’s versatile. You can use it for a wide variety of genres, including hip hop, trap, and even rock.

RT-7070 | PC / Mac

58. BD-909

BD-909 VST Plugin

The BD-909 is a free download that gives you all the classic sounds of the TR-909, including some extras. BD-909 is a free plugin for Windows and Mac and it’s popular because of its versatility.

BD-909 | PC / Mac

59. SUB

SUB VST Plugin

Sub is a free vintage plugin with 18 analog drum sounds. It’s really easy to make a beat.

The pan and volume in this plugin can be adjusted to get the perfect sound for your track. It’s ready to be loaded and used in DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase, and Pro Tools.

SUB | PC / Mac

60. Devil Soundz

Devil Soundz
Devil Soundz

Devil Soundz is a drum sampler that allows you to load 16-bit WAV files and assign them to different parts. This gives you precise control over the sounds of each instrument, letting you create custom percussion tracks with ease.

The 11 parts make it easy to create realistic-sounding drums and add extra flair and smoothness to the WAV samples. The reverb effect is also nice, giving your drums more depth.

  • 11 separate parts
  • 16-bit WAV support
  • Reverb effect

Devil Soundz | Windows

61. Afroplugin


Afroplugin is a powerful drum kit rompler designed for making great African beats. It comes with 120 sounds, ten presets, and more than enough features to get you started.

This is a perfect partner for your sequencer if you want to add some African flavor to your tracks. It is sure to bring some life and energy to your music.

  • 120 drum sounds
  • 10 presets
  • 3 drum pads
  • Powerful sound engine
  • African flavor

Afroplugin | PC / Mac

62. BPB Cassette Drums

BPB Cassette Drums
BPB Cassette Drums

The BPB Cassette Drums plugin is a unique and fun way to create new drum patterns. This free plugin features three virtual instruments, each with its user interface.

The instruments are 32-bit & 64-bit compatible, making this plugin a great addition to any music producer’s toolkit.

  • 3 virtual instruments
  • 32-bit & 64-bit compatibility
  • Easy to use user interface

BPB Cassette | PC / Mac

63. MiniSpillage


This drum synthesizer is a free and powerful plugin for unique percussive sounds. Its high-resolution 64-bit DSP engine can produce excellent quality sound.

The exclusive percussion models and synthesis algorithms produce unique sounds that can be customized to your liking. You can also control the sound with the ADSR envelopes and the fluid real-time control.

The clean and intuitive GUI makes it easy to navigate and use, and the efficient, optimized design makes it run smoothly on your computer.

  • 64 bit DSP engine
  • High-quality sound
  • Exclusive percussion models
  • Customizable sound
  • ADSR envelopes

MiniSpillage | PC / Mac

64. 606 KONCEPT


This is an homage to a classic analog drum machine from the eighties. It comes with several different sound generators, including a vinyl noise generator, a tape hiss generator, and a sub sound generator. Each of these can be mixed to create a unique sound.

Additionally, it features a multi-pitch sum mixer and a multi-LFO that can be used to modulate the sound of the drums. Certainly, This is an ideal plugin for those who want to create a retro drum sound.

  • Analog drum machine emulation
  • Multi-pitch sum mixer
  • Multi-LFO

606 KONCEPT | PC / Mac

65. Chow Kick

Chow Kick
Chow Kick

Chow Kick is a free kick drum synthesizer based on creative physical modeling of old drum machine circuits. It has a fully-customizable pulse shaper and a resonant filter with several nonlinear modes.

It also includes MIDI support, which makes it simple to tune in. This plugin is helpful for you if you want to add some extra punch to your drums.

  • Fully-customizable pulse shaper
  • Resonant filter with several nonlinear modes
  • MIDI support

Chow Kick | PC / Mac / Linux

66. Sitala


Sitala is a streamlined drum sampler plugin that makes it easy to create your drum beats quickly. With sixteen sample slots, each with a set of six control knobs, you can easily tweak the sound of each sample to create just the right sound for your drum track.

The built-in file browser makes it easy to find the perfect samples for your beat, and the sample trimming and beat slicing features make it easy to get just the right sound. If you are looking for blazing-fast workflow and ease of use, Sitala is the perfect drum sampler plugin.

  • 16 sample slots
  • 6 control knobs per sample
  • File browser for easy sample selection
  • Sample trimming and beat slicing

Sitala | PC / Mac

67. SnareBuzz


SnareBuzz is a free audio plugin used as a psychoacoustic effect to bring realism and life to your tracks. It stimulates the sound of a drum skin being hit with a stick that can help add more energy and excitement to your music.

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra oomph to your drums, SnareBuzz is worth checking out. It is sure to give your tracks the boost they need.

  • Sound of a drum skin being hit
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for beginners and pros

SnareBuzz | PC / Mac

68. DrumTable


DrumTable is a virtual drum that can be used anywhere in your project. The wave sample of DrumTable provides decent quality and good sound options. You can add distortion to your drum with the help of this plugin.

Moreover, the preset management system of DrumTable is good. Additionally, the interface of this plugin is simple to use.

  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Preset management system

Plugin | Windows

69. SnareBuzz 2

SnareBuzz 2
SnareBuzz 2

This plugin is a valuable program for giving your drums an authentic, crisp sound. It can be used to tighten up the snare or add psychoacoustic effects to your drum tracks.

This plugin comes with five different snare drums, five different studio settings, and various mic distance and mixes controls. It also has a level meter and support for Catalina.

This is for you if you’re looking for a plugin that can help you get the perfect snare sound. It is sure to give your tracks the boost they need.

  • 5 different snares
  • 5 different studio settings
  • Mic distance and mix controls
  • Level meter
  • Catalina support

SnareBuzz 2 | PC / Mac

70. DrumTROOP

DrumTROOP | Best Drum VSTs

This is a drum kit rompler coming with 20 free drum kits. The 128 triggers on every kit make it possible to create realistic-sounding drum tracks. Furthermore, the 16 outputs allow flexibility when routing the signal to different channels.

The pads are sensibly laid out and simple to use. The sound quality is outstanding, making DrumTROOP a great choice for anyone looking for a free drum plugin.

  • 20 free drum sample libraries
  • 128 triggers on every kit
  • 16 outputs
  • Sensibly laid out pads
  • Good sound quality

Plugin | PC / Mac

71. Hell Drums

Hell Drums
Hell Drums

Hell Drums can easily become one of your go-to plugins for making trap beats. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to tweak the sounds to your liking.

Plus, the 16 different samples give you a lot of flexibility in creating your unique beats.

  • 16 different samples
  • Simple interface
  • Synch delay

Plugin | Windows

72. Musyng Kite Standard Drums

Musyng Kite Standard Drums
Musyng Kite Standard Drums

This plugin is a General MIDI drum kit that is the easiest to use. With only a few clicks, you can add drums to your music.

The sounds are of high quality, and the interface is very user-friendly. This plugin is perfect for those who need a quick and easy way to add drums to their music.

  • General MIDI drum kit
  • High-quality sounds
  • User-friendly interface

Musyng Kite | PC / Mac

73. T.Rex 1982

T.Rex 1982
T.Rex 1982

If you’re looking for that classic 80s drum sound, look no further than T.Rex 1982. This plugin recreates the sounds of the iconic LinnDrum drum machine and comes with 16 classic sounds that you can tweak to your heart’s content.

Besides, you also get a master volume control, an integrated algorithmic reverb, and the “80s Plus” effect (a special lowpass filter that adds even more of that classic 80s sound).

The vintage-looking GUI will take you back to the good old days. The plugin is very low on CPU usage, so you can use it without bogging down your system.

  • Sounds of the classic LinnDrum drum machine
  • 16 tweakable classic sounds
  • Master volume control

T.Rex 1982 | PC / Mac

74. XS-707


The XS-707 is a great-sounding plugin, and it’s straightforward to use. It has a clean, user-friendly interface with all the controls you need right at your fingertips. The 16 assignable outputs allow you to route each sound to a different mixer channel for individual processing.

Moreover, the LP/HP filter gives you control over the sound of the drums, and its pitch bend knob allows you to add some expressiveness to your playing. It is good for anyone who is looking for a great-sounding, easy-to-use drum plugin.

  • Simple interface
  • 16 assignable outputs
  • LP/HP filter
  • Pitch bend knob

XS-707 | PC / Mac

75. mini DrumZ

mini DrumZ
mini DrumZ

This is a vintage drum machines rompler that sounds like 20 drum machines. It gives you quick results and high-quality sounds. Another plus point of this plugin is its user-friendly interface.

If you are looking for a drum plugin that sounds like classic drum machines, then this is for you. It will give your tracks that vintage sound you are looking for.

  • Vintage drum rompler
  • 20 drum sounds
  • Quick results
  • High-quality sounds

Plugin | Windows

76. DVS Drum Sampler

DVS Drum Sampler
DVS Drum Sampler

DVS Drum Sampler is a program designed for quick and simple drum programming. The low CPU usage makes this program ideal, while the 16-bit WAV file gives you the ability to have high-quality audio.

Moreover, the easy-to-use interface makes this program perfect for anyone just starting out. So this program is excellent for beginners who want to get into drum programming.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Low CPU usage
  • 16-bit WAV file support

Plugin | Windows

77. ESL-110


The ESL-110 is a sampled Boss DR-110, a classic drum machine. Its features include an LP filter, reverbs, pitch and amplitude range controls, multi-out support, and VST3 support.

This plugin’s wide range of features makes it perfect for beginners and advanced users. Indeed, it is one of the most simple drum VSTs available.

  • Sampled Boss DR-110
  • LP filter
  • Reverbs
  • Pitch and amplitude range controls
  • Multi-out support

ESL-110 | PC / Mac

78. DrumBox LM

DrumBox LM
DrumBox LM

DrumBox LM is a 12-pad triggered drum kit that comes with reverb, filter, and distortion effects. It comes with four presets and a 150-drum sample library. Plus, you can load your WAV files into the plugin.

The plugin is one of the best drum VST plugins online. It will give you the best results that you are looking for.

  • 12 pads
  • 4 presets
  • 150 drum samples
  • Reverb

Link | Windows

79. Combat Loop Drum Machine

Combat Loop Drum Machine
Combat Loop Drum Machine

This plugin lets you create beats and rhythms using various drum sounds. So, you can create your drum kits using the samples included in the plugin, or you can import your samples.

This plugin is velocity-sensitive, so you can create different sounds by hitting the keys harder or softer. It also includes a loop editor to create your loops and rhythms.

  • Import samples
  • Velocity-sensitive
  • Loop editor

Combat Loop | PC / Mac

80. Atlas


Atlas is an analog drum module with six different drum sounds, five knobs to edit the parameters, and a unique feature called “Midi input for keyboard playing.”

If you are looking for an analog drum machine, this is the one for you. It is perfect for anyone who wants to create drum kits or edit existing ones.

  • 6 Different drum sounds
  • 5 Knobs to edit the parameters
  • Midi input for keyboard playing

Atlas | Windows

81. Voc-Drum


Voc-Drum is a nine-voice drum kit that allows you to create your own custom kits and play sounds in real-time through a user interface inspired by classic drum sounds. You can also load your samples into the plugin and use them in your kits.

Voc-Drum is one of the best drum VST plugins. So, if you are looking for a great plugin to create your drum kits, then this is the one for you.

  • 9 voice drum kit
  • Classic user interface
  • Custom kits

Link | Windows

82. Supermatic S-12

Supermatic S-12
Supermatic S-12

Supermatic S-12 is a vintage analog drum sounds that recreates the sounds of classic drum kits from the 70s. Besides, its editable synthesis parameters allow you to create your unique drum sounds.

Moreover, the free version of this plugin includes a mono output and the vintage mono spring tank effect. You can overdrive the VCAs and add variability to your sound with the heating parameter.

  • Vintage analog drum sounds
  • Mono output
  • Vintage mono spring tank effect included
  • Heating parameter to add variability

Supermatic S-12 | PC / Mac

83. T.Rex 64

T.Rex 64
T.Rex 64

This plugin gives you the ability to recreate the classic sounds of the Commodore 64C. It includes various sounds, including kicks, snares, and hi-hats. You can also control each sound’s volume, panning, and reverb.

This is one of the best drum VST plugins and an absolute choice for any chiptune enthusiast. It is sure to give you the best results for your music.

  • Controllablevolume, panning, and reverb
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Variety of different sounds

T.Rex 64 | PC / Mac

84. 8kut

8kut VST

Designed for DJs and live performers, 8KUT is a free, 8-band frequency cutter. With the 8 pads, cut frequencies from low to high mids to treble.

  • 8 Bands Frequency Effects
  • Phase Inverter
  • Midi Automation Support
  • 40 Factory Presets

8kut | PC / Mac

85. Rhytmus


Rhythmus is an old-school rhythm machine that gives you access to 20 loops of different styles, such as samba, tango, and waltz. You can tune, pan, and volume for each element to get the perfect sound for your track.

This is worth checking out if you’re looking for free drum plugins with a more modern sound. You’re sure to find a drum sound that you like with Rhythmus.

  • 20 loops of different styles
  • Tune, pan, and volume controls for each element

Rhytmus | Windows

86. X-SUB


X-SUB is a virtual bass module perfect for any music producer’s toolkit. This powerful bass module features 36 tuned 808 bass sounds, onboard ADSR controls, and a built-in reverb effect.

The modern, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create professional-sounding bass lines in minutes. If you’re looking for a free drum VST plugin that can give your track the perfect bass line, X-SUB is worth trying.

  • 36 tuned 808 bass sounds
  • Onboard ADSR controls
  • Built-in reverb effect
  • Simple interface

X-SUB | PC / Mac

87. BD-808


This is a faithful emulation of the original TR-808 Bass Drum, down to the finest detail. This program allows you to fine-tune the sound of your drums and create an authentic 808 bass drum sound.

The parameters are easy to use and allow you to get the perfect sound for your music. With MIDI-control, you can use the BD-808 as a bass synthesizer, making it even more versatile.

  • Emulation of the original TR-808 Bass Drum
  • MIDI control for easy sound tweaking
  • Create authentic 808 bass drum sounds

BD-808 | Windows / Mac

89. Lo-Lo

Lo-Lo VST Plugin

If you’re looking for an authentic 808 experience, then Lo-Lo is the perfect VST plugin for you. With 20 gritty 808 sounds to choose from, Lo-Lo provides everything you need to create hard-hitting beats.

The onboard effects make it easy to add just the right amount of spice to your sound. The great sound quality ensures that your tracks will sound professional, making this a great free drum VST plugin to have in your arsenal.

  • 20 authentic 808 sounds
  • Onboard effects for added punch
  • Great sound quality

Lo-Lo | PC / Mac



This virtual instrument gives you access to 140 samples of some of the most famous vintage analog drum machines. This makes it ideal for those who want to get the pristine drum sound for their tracks.

With its easy-to-use interface, it is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. If you’re looking for a free drum VST plugin with an impressive range of sounds, this tool is a great choice.

  • 140 vintage analog drum machine samples
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Pristine sound quality

LEL UDS | Windows

91. EXD-80


This drum synth is a flexible and powerful tool for creating drum and percussion sounds. It features 8 modules, each with its sound character. The modules can be chained together to create complex and unique sounds.

This VST also features 4 stereo output pairs, each with its stereo effects section. It also comes with 128 user drum kit patches to get you started. If you’re looking for a free drum VST with high flexibility, this is for you.

  • 8 modules with their sound character
  • 4 stereo output pairs
  • 128 user drum kit patches

EXD-80 | Windows

92. Nasty Looper

Nasty Looper
Nasty Looper

Nasty Looper is a drum machine that gives you vast possibilities for creating rhythms and grooves. With 16 pad cells, a built-in Break Sequencer, and a brick wall limiter, Nasty Looper is perfect for any producer looking to add some extra flavor to their music.

If you’re looking for a great drum plugin, Nasty Looper is one of the best free drum plugins available. It will help you take your music production to the next level that much faster.

  • 16 pad cells
  • Built-in Break Sequencer
  • Brickwall limiter

Nasty Looper | Windows

93. Sound Magic Drum One

Sound Magic Drum One
Sound Magic Drum One

This high-quality drum kit plugin is easy to use and takes up very little space on your computer. It uses the latest modeling technology to produce realistic drum sounds.

It also comes with a user evolution plugin that gathers user feedback to improve the quality of the sounds. If you’re looking for a top-quality drum plugin that is easy to use, this is the perfect tool.

  • Realistic drum sounds
  • User feedback helps to improve sound quality
  • Takes up very little space on your computer

Sound Magic | Windows / Mac

94. transistor drums

transistor drums
transistor drums

Transistor Drums is a sample-based drum kit that offers ten drum slots, each with its own set of controls for tweaking the sound. This includes character selection, tuning/pitch, attack & decay, distortion, panning, and level.

There is also a random generator for creating randomized patches. Transistor Drums is worth checking out if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful drum VST plugin.

  • 10 drum slots
  • Random patch generator
  • Character, tuning/pitch, attack & decay, distortion, panning, and level controls for each drum slot

transistor drums | Windows

95. BiT BOX


With over 500 classic 8-bit chip sounds, BiT BOX is a must-have for any musician looking to add some 8-bit flavor to their tracks. It will give your music that extra bit of quirkiness and charm.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find the sound you’re looking for, and the randomization functions make it fun to explore new sounds. You must want to check out this great 8-bit drum plugin.

  • Over 500 classic 8-bit sounds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Randomization functions

BiT BOX | Windows



This basic drum sampler is perfect for beginners and pros alike. It has great sound and is easy to use. You can use it to create your own drum tracks or use it as a plugin in your DAW.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective drum plugin, this program is worth checking out. You’re sure to love the great sound and user-friendly design that this free drum VST plugin offers.

  • Basic drum sampler
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound quality


97. Axon


Axon is an FM drum machine with a Neuron Sequencer. The seven-node hexagonal counter sequencer makes it easy to create complex rhythms. The seven FM percussion-tuned voices are also capable of melodic expression.

With full MIDI output control, you can drive external synths, drum machines, and samplers. The full internal mixer and stereo delay make it easy to create rich, complex sounds. It is great for anyone looking for a powerful yet simple drum machine.

  • 7 node hexagonal counter sequencer
  • 7 FM percussion-tuned voices
  • MIDI output control (VST only)
  • Full internal mixer
  • Stereo delay

Axon | Windows / Mac

98. DSK DrumZ MachineZ

DSK DrumZ MachineZ
DSK DrumZ MachineZ

This plugin gives you access to a library of 226 samples, 18 kits, and 8 sound slots that you can use to create your drum beats. The program also features level and pan controls and 8 stereo outputs for a more professional sound.

With a preset selector and MIDI automation, you can easily create custom drum patterns that fit your specific needs. If you want a powerful and versatile plugin, you must want to check out this tool.

  • 226 drum samples
  • 18 kits
  • 8 sound slots
  • Level and pan controls
  • 8 stereo outputs
  • Preset selector

DSK | PC / Mac

99. QuirQuiQ


QuirQuiQ is a synth that kicks it up a notch with digital style envelopes for an ultra-modern sound. Its resizable GUI makes it perfect for any size studio, and with a tiny CPU footprint, it’s perfect for on-the-go music-making.

If you’re looking for a powerful drum plugin that will take your tracks to the next level, check out QuirQuiQ. It is sure to impress with its amazing sound and easy-to-use features.

  • Resizable GUI
  • Tiny CPU footprint
  • Digital style envelopes

QuirQuiQ | PC

100. 808 Bass Module 2 Lite

808 Bass Module 2 Lite
808 Bass Module 2 Lite

This powerful 808 bass ROMpler allows you to easily create 808-style bass lines. With 10 presets for electronic music, it’s easy to find the perfect sound for your track.

The LFO rate and depth controls allow you to create custom bass lines. The LFO waveform, LFO source, and LFO destination provide a wide range of options for creating unique bass drums.

The Glide knob allows you to create smooth transitions between notes, while the attack & release controls allow you to create custom bass lines with a wide range of dynamics. This is a great tool for any producer looking to create 808-style bass lines.

  • 10 presets for electronic music
  • LFO rate and depth controls
  • LFO waveform, LFO source, and LFO destination
  • Glide knob
  • Attack & release controls

808 Bass Module 2 Lite | PC / Mac

101. 808 Bass Module 4 Lite

808 Bass Module 4 Lite
808 Bass Module 4 Lite

This is an easy-to-use program that helps you to add grit and rumble to your productions. It contains 15 ready-to-use and freshly designed layered presets, to give you the power to create thumping bass lines.

You can easily control the Cut-Off, ADSR, and LFO modulation to create the effects you want. The Distortion control adds extra grit and crunch to your bass lines. The Glide Time Control gives you the ability to create smooth transitions between notes.

  • 15 layered presets
  • Cut-off, ADSR, and LFO modulation controls
  • Distortion control
  • Glide time control
  • User-friendly interface

808 Bass Module 4 Lite | Windows / Mac

102. Subdivine Lite

Subdivine Lite
Subdivine Lite

Subdivine Lite is a great-sounding 808-type bass instrument with adjustable drive, ADSR, and pitch bend. It has six presets that can be used to create a variety of sounds.

Despite its limited features, it is still a very powerful and useful tool for creating music. If you’re looking for a simple but effective drum VST plugin, this is worth checking out.

Great for hip-hop, electronic music, and all types of modern music

  • 6 presets
  • Adjustable drive
  • ADSR
  • Pitch bend

Subdivine Lite | PC

103. Sound Gadgets

Sound Gadgets
Sound Gadgets

With 20 different audio gadgets, this is a powerful tool for creating unique sounds. Whether you’re looking for a snare, a kick, or sub-bass, this drum VST has you covered.

The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create custom sounds. This is worth checking out if you’re looking for a versatile and user-friendly drum plugin.

  • 20 different audio gadgets
  • Easy to use interface

Plugin | PC / Mac

104. KSHMR Essentials Kick

KSHMR Essentials Kick
KSHMR Essentials Kick

If you want to take your kick drums from lame to fame, this plugin is for you. It gives you 8 ways to shape your kick. You can adjust the sub-bass frequency, mid-frequency, and air high-frequency.

You also have transient shaping for a harder punch. You can also adjust the width of your kick because wider is always better. So go ahead and try this great free drum VST plugin.

  • Adjust the sub-bass, mid, and air frequencies
  • Transient shaping
  • Tape saturation/distortion
  • Width control

KSHMR | Windows / Mac

105. Analog Kick

Analog Kick
Analog Kick

Analog Kick is the perfect plugin if you’re looking for an authentic analog kick drum sound. With its 10 original handcrafted samples, it can provide you with the perfect kick sound for any genre of music.

Because it uses a truly analog sound source, you can be sure that your kick will sound just as good as the real thing. Analog Kick is extremely lightweight and easy to use, so you won’t have to waste any time figuring out how to use it.

  • 10 original handcrafted samples
  • True analog sound source
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Analog | Mac

106. EKD


EKD is an electronic kick drum with a wide range of sounds and tones.

The pitch section allows you to adjust the sound to get the perfect kick, while the envelope section lets you control the length and Decay of the sound.

The filter section lets you add resonance to the sound. In contrast, the MIDI learn function allows you to control the sound with a MIDI controller.

This plugin is a great choice for those who want to add a bit of punch to their music.

  • Pitch section
  • Envelope section
  • Filter section
  • Adjust the drum tone
  • MIDI learn function

EKD | Windows

107. B-2 KICK


B-2 KICK is an incredibly powerful synth specifically designed to create kick drum samples. However, its capabilities don’t stop there. It can also be used to create other types of percussive sounds.

With an easy-to-use interface and an inbuilt audio recorder, this synth is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional-sounding kick drums. You’re sure to be impressed by its wide range of features and capabilities.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Inbuilt audio recorder
  • Create professional sounding kick drums

B-2 KICK | Windows

108. Kick-n-Snare EX

Kick-n-Snare EX VST Plugin
Kick-n-Snare EX

Kick-n-Snare EX is a powerful drum rompler that provides you with an extra set of drum sounds. The extra controls for kick and snare separately allow you to create more focused and intense patterns.

The harshness control gives you the ability to add extra grit and distortion to your sounds. If you’re looking for a free drum VST plugin with a bit of extra punch, Kick-n-Snare EX is worth checking out.

  • Separate controls for kick and snare
  • Extra set of drum samples
  • harshness control

Kick-n-Snare EX | PC / Mac

109. KickMe! Too

KickMe! Too
KickMe! Too

This VST plugin is easy to control and gets punchy and fat kicks. With its MIDI control, you can create perfect bass drum samples for your music that will add power and depth.

The easy-to-use interface makes it perfect for beginners and pros alike. If you’re looking for a great free drum VST plugin, this tool is worth checking out. It is sure to help you take your music to the next level.

  • Easy to use interface
  • MIDI control
  • Punchy and fat kicks
  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike

KickMe! Too | Windows

110. Kickboy 2

Kickboy 2
Kickboy 2

Kickboy2 is a powerful bass drum generator that features two oscillators with noise, 32 waveforms, four kick envelopes, and four multi-envelopes. The program also includes octaves for each kick, two filter envelopes, and two amp envelopes.

With its 64 presets, Kickboy2 is perfect for creating a wide range of bass drum samples. If you’re looking for a free drum VST plugin that can help you take your music to the next level, this tool will be a great choice.

  • Two oscillators with noise
  • 32 waveforms
  • Four kick envelopes
  • Four multi-envelopes
  • 64 presets

Kickboy 2 | Windows

111. GnomeKick


If you’re looking to add some extra thud to your kick drum, GnomeKick is the perfect plugin. It is a free kick drum generator that is designed to add extra thud and body to your kick drums.

With its analog knob, you can add analog-like modulation to fatten up the oscillators, giving your kick drum extra oomph. Check out this free drum VST plugin to add some extra power to your kick drums.

  • Analog modulation for the extra thud
  • Great for fattening up kick drums

GnomeKick | Windows

112. Korzenie Kick

Korzenie Kick
Korzenie Kick

Korzenie kick is a plugin that allows you to create realistic and powerful kick drum sounds. It has three layers, each with its pitch and volume envelope. This helps to create realistic-sounding kicks with a lot of depth and power.

You can also control the attack and decay of each layer, giving you a great deal of flexibility and control over the sound of your kick drums. Don’t forget to check out this great free drum plugin.

  • Three layers
  • Pitch and volume envelopes
  • Attack and decay control

Korzenie kick | Windows

113. DRS0


DRS0 is an advanced drum machine that allows you to create complex drum patterns. It also has a clock matrix, which allows you to add a swing to the sequencer clock.

There are multiple sync options and remote pattern selections. The interface is resizeable and there are advanced multi-sound playback options. With 4 patterns and the ability to loop and select the next pattern, you can create professional-sounding tracks.

  • Advanced drum machine
  • Clock matrix
  • Swing function

DRS0 | Windows

114. KR5


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use drum machine that can be triggered by its sequencer or via MIDI, KR5 is worth checking out. It is a five-channel machine that offers a wide range of sounds for you to choose from.

This program is great for beginners or those who want to create simple beats quickly with a straightforward interface. You must want to try it out if you’re looking for a great free drum plugin.

  • 5 channels
  • Wide range of drums
  • Simple interface
  • MIDI support

KR5 | Windows

115. Kick Machine

Kick Machine
Kick Machine

With two oscillators and 16 waveforms each, this drum VST plugin is a powerhouse for creating modern kicks and bass samples. The pitch envelope allows you to create evolving kick drums.

At the same time, the filter envelopes allow you to add punch and snap to your bass sounds. The built-in effects add even more versatility to this already feature-packed plugin.

  • 2 oscillators with 16 waveforms each
  • Pitch envelope
  • Filter envelopes

Kick Machine | Windows

116. SM Drums SoundFonts

SM Drums SoundFonts
SM Drums SoundFonts

This SoundFont drum collection offers drum sounds and templates for FL Studio and Reaper.

SM SoundFonts | PC / Mac

I hope you enjoy these free drum VST plugins.

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