25 Best Free Drum Synth VST Plugins

These are the best free drum synth VST plugins for Windows & Mac. Explore the top drum synth plugins great for FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and other music software.

In this collection of free drum synth plugins, I’ve included details of each plugin’s features, screenshots, and videos to demonstrate how the plugins function.

What is A Drum Synth VST Plugin? A drum synthesizer plugin is a software designed to create synthesized drum sounds. Unlike sample-based plugins, it generates percussive sounds using synthesis techniques, allowing you to manipulate aspects like tone, pitch, and decay.

Best Drum Synth VST Plugins

  1. MiniSpillage
  2. Kickboy 2
  3. 606 KONCEPT
  4. BD-808
  5. Chow Kick
  6. Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack
  7. Tromine GT Drum Plugin
  8. Drumatic 3
  9. 808 E DRUM
  10. Kicker Drum Plugin
  11. KickMaker VST
  12. B-2 KICK
  13. CM-505 Drum Sounds
  14. Supermatic S-12
  15. reTromine
  16. EXD-80
  17. Axon
  18. QuirQuiQ
  19. DSK DrumZ AkoustiK
  20. TS-808
Best Free Drum Synth VST Plugins
Best Free Drum Synth VST Plugins

Having downloaded and tested hundreds of free VST plugins, these are some of the best free drum synth VST plugins.


MiniSpillage | Best Drum Synth VST
MiniSpillage | Best Drum Synth VST

This drum synthesizer is a free and powerful plugin for unique percussive sounds. Its high-resolution 64-bit DSP engine can produce excellent quality sound.

The exclusive percussion models and synthesis algorithms produce unique sounds that can be customized to your liking.

You can also control the sound with the ADSR envelopes and the fluid real-time control. This drum synth plugin is one of my favorites because of its features.

  • 64-bit DSP engine
  • High-quality sound
  • Exclusive percussion models
  • Customizable sound
  • ADSR envelopes

MiniSpillage | PC & Mac

Kickboy 2

Kickboy 2
Kickboy 2

Kickboy2 is a powerful bass drum generator that features two oscillators with noise, 32 waveforms, four kick envelopes, and four multi-envelopes.

The program also includes octaves for each kick, two filter envelopes, and two amp envelopes.


  • Two oscillators with noise
  • 32 waveforms
  • Four kick envelopes
  • Four multi-envelopes
  • 64 presets

Kickboy 2 | PC

606 KONCEPT Drum Synth VST


This is an homage to a classic analog drum machine from the eighties.

It comes with several different sound generators, including a vinyl noise generator, a tape hiss generator, and a sub-sound generator. Each of these can be mixed to create a unique sound.


  • The original 606 Drum Kit sounds
  • Vinyl, tape, and sub-sound layers
  • Room reverb and filter effects
  • 3 voice modes are available


  • Emulates classic 80’s drum machine
  • Varied sound texture options
  • Creative pitch and mixing controls
  • Includes multiple LFOs
  • Polyphonic and monophonic modes


  • It needs at least 4 GB RAM

606 KONCEPT | PC & Mac



This is a faithful emulation of the original TR-808 Bass Drum, down to the finest detail. This program allows you to fine-tune the sound of your drums and create an authentic 808 bass drum sound.

The parameters are easy to use and allow you to get the perfect sound for your music. With MIDI control, you can use the BD-808 as a bass synthesizer, making it even more versatile.


  • Emulation of the original TR-808 Bass Drum
  • MIDI control for easy sound tweaking
  • Create authentic 808 bass drum sounds

BD-808 | PC & Mac

Chow Kick

Chow Kick
Chow Kick Drum VST Free Download

Chow Kick is a kick drum synthesizer plugin based on creative physical modeling of old drum machine circuits.

It has a fully customizable pulse shaper and a resonant filter with several nonlinear modes.

It also includes MIDI support, which makes it simple to tune in. This plugin is helpful for you if you want to add some extra punch to your drums.

  • Fully-customizable pulse shaper
  • Resonant filter with several nonlinear modes
  • MIDI support

Chow Kick | PC / Mac / Linux


Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack

Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack VST Plugin
Autodafe Drum Kit for VCV Rack

This is a virtual modular platform that lets you control audio, create rhythms and melodies with algorithmic techniques.

VCV Rack | PC & Mac

Tromine GT Drum Plugin

Tromine GT Drum Plugin
Tromine GT Drum Plugin

Tromine GT drum VST plug-in is an analog drum synth modeled after the TR-808.

The plugin offers 16 analog drum synthesizers, such as the Bass drum, Snare drum, tom, conga, Claves, Rimshot, Handclap, Cowbell, Crash cymbal, hi-hat, and more.

Tromine GT | PC

Drumatic 3

Drumatic 3 VST Plugin
Drumatic 3

Drumatic 3 is a free virtual analog drum synthesizer plugin. All sounds are 100% synthetic and allow enormous flexibility and variation.

  • Graphical envelopes
  • Load & save presets
  • Bit crusher & Filter
  • 6 Stereo outputs

Plugin | PC

808 E DRUM

808 E DRUM VST Plugin
808 E DRUM VST Plugin

Featuring 128 patches, the 808 E DRUM VST plug-in is a six-voice drum synthesizer.

Plugin | PC

Kicker Drum Plugin

Best Free Drum Machine VST Plugins
Kicker Drum VST Plugin

The Kicker Drum plugin is a free bass drum synth.

Kicker | PC

KickMaker VST

KickMaker VST Plugin

KickMaker is a synthesizer designed specifically to create good kick drum samples.

It uses four independent oscillators and a wide range of effects, allowing one to create perfectly customized beats.

  • Four independent oscillators
  • Each oscillator has its own ADSR curve
  • ADSR curve for mixed-signal

Plugin | PC & Mac


B-2 KICK | Best Free Drum Synth VST Plugins

B-2 KICK is an incredibly powerful synth specifically designed to create kick drum samples. However, its capabilities don’t stop there. It can also be used to create other types of percussive sounds.



CM-505 Drum Sounds

Free VST Plugins for FL Studio / Free VST Instruments

12 Pad Drum Synth. One Stereo, six Mono Outputs. Generates waveforms.

CM-505 | PC


Supermatic S-12

Supermatic S-12
Supermatic S-12

Supermatic S-12 is a vintage analog drum sounds that recreates the sounds of classic drum kits from the 70s. Besides, its editable synthesis parameters allow you to create your unique drum sounds.

  • Vintage analog drum sounds
  • Mono output
  • Vintage mono spring tank effect included
  • Heating parameter to add variability

Supermatic S-12 | PC & Mac


reTromine VST Plugin
Acoustic Drum Sounds

The reTromine plugin is a virtual analog synthesizer in the Roland CR-78 style with 15 drum samples.

reTromine | PC



This drum synth VST is a flexible and powerful tool for creating drum and percussion sounds. It features 8 modules, each with its own sound character. The sound modules can be chained together to create complex and unique sounds.

This VST also features 4 stereo output pairs, each with its stereo effects section. It also comes with 128-user drum kit patches to get you started.

  • 8 modules with their sound character
  • 4 stereo output pairs
  • 128-user drum kit patches

EXD-80 | PC



Axon is an FM drum machine with a Neuron Sequencer. The seven-node hexagonal counter sequencer makes it easy to create complex rhythms.

The seven FM percussion-tuned voices are also capable of melodic expression.

With full MIDI output control, you can drive external synths, drum machines, and samplers. The full internal mixer and stereo delay make it easy to create rich, complex sounds.

  • 7-node hexagonal counter sequencer
  • 7 FM percussion-tuned voices
  • MIDI output control (VST only)
  • Full internal mixer
  • Stereo delay

Axon | PC & Mac




QuirQuiQ is a synth that kicks it up a notch with digital-style envelopes for an ultra-modern sound.

  • Resizable GUI
  • Tiny CPU footprint
  • Digital style envelopes

QuirQuiQ | PC

DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

Best Free Drum Plugins
DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

This drum plugin offers acoustic drums with 85 high-quality drum samples and eight stereo outs and offers MDI automation.

Link | PC


TS-808 VST Plugin

The Roland TS-808 emulates the Roland TR-808 in software. Each voice in that instrument’s service manual is entirely schematic.

TS-808 | PC

Korzenie Kick

Korzenie Kick
Korzenie Kick

Korzenie Kick is a plugin that allows you to create realistic and powerful kick drum sounds. It has three layers, each with its pitch and volume envelope.

You can also control the attack and decay of each layer, giving you a great deal of flexibility and control over the sound of your kick drums. Don’t forget to check out this great free drum plugin.

  • Three layers
  • Pitch and volume envelopes
  • Attack and decay control

Korzenie kick | PC


KR5 | Drum Synth VST Download

KR5 is worth checking out. It is a five-channel machine that offers a wide selection of sounds for you to choose from.

  • 5 channels
  • Wide range of drums
  • Simple interface
  • MIDI support

KR5 | PC


DSK DrumZ MachineZ

DSK DrumZ MachineZ
DSK DrumZ MachineZ

DSK DrumZ MachineZ gives you access to a library of 226 samples, 18 kits, and 8 sound slots that you can use to create your drum beats.

The program also features level and pan controls and 8 stereo outputs for a more professional sound.

  • 226 drum samples
  • 18 kits
  • 8 sound slots
  • Level and pan controls
  • 8 stereo outputs
  • Preset selector

DSK | PC & Mac



Voc-Drum is a nine-voice drum kit that allows you to create custom kits and play sounds in real-time through a user interface inspired by classic drum sounds.

You can also load your samples into the plugin and use them in your kits.

  • 9 voice drum kit
  • Classic user interface
  • Custom kits

Link | PC


BiT BOX | Drum Synth VST Free Download

With over 500 classic 8-bit chip sounds, BiT BOX is a must-have for any musician looking to add some 8-bit flavor to their tracks.

  • Over 500 classic 8-bit sounds
  • User-friendly interface
  • Randomization functions


I hope you found this list of free drum synth VST plugins helpful.

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