6 Reasons Why Music Producers Fail at Selling Beats Online

Here are 6 reasons why most music producers fail at selling beats online.
Why Music Producers Fail at Selling Beats Online

Why Music Producers Fail at Selling Beats

  1. Wrong Mindset – You need to believe you make money from selling beats. You need to know that there are people online making good money selling beats and you can do it also.
  2. Expecting Results Without Hard Work – If you want to succeed you will need to work hard. Don’t just expect beat sells to just come to you.
  3. Limiting Customer Reach – Take advantage of all the online beat selling markets to find customers. Offer music services as well to help increase your income.
  4. Poor Marketing – Work on effective marketing for your beats and not spamming people.
  5. Not Interacting with Music Artist – Music artist are your customers. You need to work with music artist and build relationships. Don’t just tag them on Facebook and spam them with social media post.
  6. Not Taking Action – If you learn something new like marketing techniques, take action, and learn so you can improve the technique to make more money.

Tips by KC Beatz

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Do you agree with these tips? Do you have any helpful tips on selling beats?

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  1. Good tips here. I think #2 is huge and a lot of people don’t talk about it enough. Working hard not only on the marketing but producing too. Working on your craft, finding out what’s hot and making stellar beats consistently. The best marketing is a bomb ass product that people actually want. And always pumping out new beats (in different styles) is key. Gotta admit, this is a huge problem for me still but can make a huge difference in the # of sales you make.

  2. I work a full time job and really enjoy learning how to use FL Studio its hard because it’s time consuming and working different shifts is a lot on me at the age of 60 but thanks to hichipmakers and busy brats..you guys are the best thanks..