How to Use Content Marketing to Make More Money

Here are content marketing ideas to promote your beats, products, and services to potential customers without coming off as a spammy salesperson.

One of the best ways to fail at selling beats, products, or services online is by asking people to repeatedly buy them.

Have you seen a person or business repeatedly attempt to get you to buy something that you’re not interested in? Does it work? Does it make you want to buy it? I assume not.

The correct way to market what you have to sell is to educate your customers on why they need your product in the first place.

This is where content marketing becomes handy.

Content Marketing Ideas to Sell Beats, Products, & Services

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when you promote your product or service without trying to sell it to people.

Here are some examples:

Think about Nike basketball commercials. They’re not asking you to buy their shoes. They create visuals and messaging that make you want their shoes because it’s part of a basketball lifestyle people want to be a part of.

Think about Apple commercials and how they promote their products. they promote features that will make your life easier while looking sleek and cool. They make people want their products.

So here are seven ways to use content marketing to promote your music, beats, services, and products.

1. Write Articles For Your Target Audience

If you’re selling beats, this kind of content is going to resonate well with your audience, since it’s made of music artists and aspiring musicians who may need a little help with the more technical part.

You, as a producer, can create articles such as “how to pick beats”, “how to create better mixes”, “how to put your single on Spotify”, “how to distribute your music” and so on.

These kinds of articles are going to help people while creating more engagement from your customers, so it’s very worthwhile.

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2. Interview Your Customers

Content Marketing Ideas - Interview Your Customers

It’s important to know who your customers are in the first place and what they’re doing with your beats. This always helps to create room for growth.

Interviewing your customers will create engagement from your followers since they’re going to relate with who’s being interviewed. Plus, it has the potential to bring your interviewed customers’ fans to check your page.

3. Create Tutorials

Musicians and aspiring music producers are always in need of a helping hand.

Creating tutorials is a great way to teach your customers and get them closer to your craft. Also, make sure you create tutorials about subjects you think are going to resonate well with your audience.

Some ideas for tutorials are: “how to record better vocals”, “how to mix vocals”, “how to master your songs”, “producing tips” and so on.

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4. Sharing Music News

Sharing Music News

An easy content type to share with your customers and followers is music news.

By sharing the news with your audience, you can measure the engagement and impact certain stories have on your customers, so you know what type of beat/trend they are currently looking for.

It creates more chances for your followers to check your website and social media profiles more often to get informed.

5. Show Behind the Scenes

Content Marketing Ideas - Show Behind the Scenes Articles

People always like to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Creating articles and videos showing your gear and the process of making beats will get your audience even closer to your craft.

There are tons of potential articles on this matter. You can show the tools you use to produce, your creative process, your music software, how you manipulate samples, and the list goes on.

6. Create Music Gear Reviews

Do Music Gear Reviews

Apart from showing off your gear, you can also review and give your point of view about it. This type of content is a sure shot to create user engagement since people are always looking to buy the best product for their needs.

You may also earn some extra money with affiliate marketing by giving your honest opinion and leading people to the websites and stores that sell the product you’re reviewing. Each time someone buys the product, you get a commission, so that’s another reason for doing reviews.

7. Freebies (Free Samples, Kits, Beats)

It’s always a good practice to give your audience some freebies like samples, kits, and beats. Make sure you share a gift with your customers and followers every once in a while.

You can also point them to other producers’ freebies they may find interesting. It can be a plugin you like, a sample pack, and so on.

Use these freebies as a method to build backlinks to your website, and as a way to capture email addresses to market too.

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Content marketing is important for your beat selling business to create engagement from your followers, be it in the form of blog articles or as social media posts.

You can create articles intended for musicians, interview your customers, create tutorials, review gear, and so on. There are lots of potential subjects to talk about.

Plus, make sure you share some freebies with your audience every once in a while. It’s a great practice to thank your customers and followers that way.

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Are you doing content marketing to promote your music or products?

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