5 Beat Naming Tips to Sell More Beats Online

Beat Naming Tips to Sell Beats Online

How you name your beats can impact your beat sells. Here are 5 tips to help.

Beat Naming Tips

1. Keep the Beat Names Simple

Don’t make beat names super long, complex, or make up words that people can’t pronounce. Keep beat names under 3 words if possible.


  • Fire
  • Dance
  • Party

2. Make Beat Names Easy to Remember

The beat needs to be good, but you want to make beat names easy to remember so if the visitor leaves your site, they remember the name of a beat they liked to purchase later.

3. Be Descriptive

If your beat has some type of feeling or emotion to it that you think a music artist is looking for, name the beat after that description or include it in the title.


  • Bounce ( Club )
  • Against the World
  • Taking Over ( Instant Hit )

4. Include Music Artist or Producer Names

There are some cases of music artist at looking for a certain type sound, so including a popular music artist or producer name can encourage people to give your beat a listen.


  • Thank you ( Drake )
  • Platinum ( Chris Brown Type )
  • Losing my mind ( Eminem / J.Cole )
  • Lil Wayne Type Beat

5. Use Popular Beat Titles

Think about different popular keywords and terms that you know will catch people’s attention to want to click the play button on your beat.


  • Hot 16 Bars
  • Superman
  • Watch the Throne
  • Stone Cold

Other Beat Naming Tips

  • No Samples – Test out ( No Samples ) in the beat name if a lot of your beats include samples because some music artist don’t want to worry about clearing samples.
  • Understand your audience – Research what your target audience are looking for and try to improve your beat names.
  • Test, Test, Test – Don’t assume you know everything. Test everything out to see what creates the best results. You may have some great beats, but because of bad naming, they may not get many plays, so testing out names may make a difference.

Beat Naming Don’ts

  • Don’t just names beats “Beat 101″, “Beat 102″, etc. Give each beat it’s own name to help gain interest from the listener.
  • Don’t make your beat names super long.
  • Don’t include your web address in the beat names. This gets annoying and is not a good user experience.

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Do you have any beat naming tips? Please share in the comment section below.

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  1. I love this article, you literally made it so easy for me to name my beats now.