How to Sell Beats on Twitter (6 Marketing Tips)

Here are a few helpful marketing tips for music producers on how to promote and sell beats on Twitter.

How to Promote & Sell Beats on Twitter

Important Tip: Avoid Spamming
My tips are going to go the route of promoting yourself and your brand which will get people to listen to your beats rather than spamming people on Twitter asking them to buy your beats.

How to Sell Beats on Twitter

1. Content Marketing

You should have a blog or a website that you can add helpful articles too. You should write content that is directed towards potential customers.

Promote that content on Twitter to get people to come to your website. Your website should have beat players on the sidebar and beat related links to get visitors to those beat related pages.

Content Marketing

2. Network with Others

Retweet, comment and build relationships with other music makers on Twitter.  By building relationships and supporting others, you will get back the same support from others who will promote and share your content and beats.

3. Search for Potential Customers

You can do a search on Twitter for “I Need Beats” and you will find tons of potential customers looking for beats.

Reply to those people or direct message them.

Also, search for #beats and you will find some people as well.

4. Offer Limited Time Promotions

Once a month run a promotion encouraging people to buy beats in the next 7 days to get beats at a discounted rate.

Many businesses time promotions with a holiday to get creative. Example: Christmas Sale, Halloween Sale, etc.

Beat Promotions

5. Retweet Helpful Content

Retweet articles and tweets that will be useful to your audience. Sharing informative content will position you as helpful, informative, and will help to build trust with customers.

Retweet Content

6. Share Videos

Create videos to help promote your brand, music, and gain new fans.

Video Examples:

  • Beat Making Videos
  • Instrumental Videos
  • Behind the Scene Videos

Helpful Articles

Additional Twitter Marketing Tips

  • Include your website address on your profile.
  • Have professional graphics.
  • Post consistently.
  • Always spell check.
  • Be professional.
  • Add hashtags to your tweets, but don’t over do it.
  • Best time to tweet?  12 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m, Monday to Friday –  via The Huffington Post

Twitter Tools

  • Twuffer – Twuffer allows you to compose future tweets.

Helpful Twitter Infographics

6 Twitter Tips

6 twitter tips

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Tips

Best Times to Tweet

Best Times to Tweet

Why People Share

Why People Share

Twitter Marketing Graphics

Our store has website and social marketing graphics to help you look professional.

Sell Your Music & Products

Create a website to sell music, beats, and products. Build an online brand. View Template »

Music Maker WordPress Theme - Sell Beats Online

Do you have tips for selling beats on Twitter? Please share below.

We have more articles on how to sell beats.

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  1. This was good. There is some gold in these 6 tips. I think beat makers (and MC’s) miss out when they a)aren’t on Twitter and b) when they don’t utilize Twitter to its full extent. Thanks for this.

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