9 Branding & Marketing Tips for Music Producers

Here are 9 helpful branding and marketing tips for music producers.

Branding and Marketing Tips for Music Producers

1. Define Your Brand

Before you begin the process of building you need to plan. Decide what your brand stands for. How will others will perceive you?

Begin by creating two lists, the first is your strengths, skills, and areas of expertise.

The second list is what you stand for, or what’s important to you. These are the personal values you hold important.

With these two lists—skills and values—you can begin to build your personal brand.

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2. Build with a Direction in Mind

Your personal brand is tied directly to the business or businesses you’ve built. Developing a strong personal brand means positioning yourself in the direction you would–and your business–would like to go.

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3. Think of Yourself as a Product

When you buy a product, you scrutinize its applicability to your need. You’re interested in its benefits, its features and its price. Anybody looking at you walks through a similar cycle of evaluation.

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4. Be Unique

To build a brand that everyone will remember, you have to create something unforgettable. There is no brand like the Kardashians out there and that is why they garner so much attention. Build your brand around something unique.

Even though the Kardashians have a lot of haters, they have enough people that love them to fuel their growth. Sell your brand as something that cannot be found elsewhere and you will find a larger following for it.

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5. Be Consistent

If you’re looking for long-term success, consistency is the secret ingredient. Developing and maintaining a level of trust with those who matter most to you and your business can be effectively reached through showcasing yourself consistently. Whether it’s online, in print, or face-to-face, prevailing consistency will allow you to gain trusted footing with your personal brand.

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6. Create a Website

Create a website (www.yourname.com),  that people can easily find. Use the website’s to blog to talk about yourself, and brand your image even further. Personal websites are great because it really lets other people get to know the real you.

Check out the Music Maker WordPress Theme.

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7. Don’t Hide Behind Your Business

Be proud of your business and what you do! Add your personal face to everything involved within your business.

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8. Be Everywhere

Easier said than done. You need to be out there on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. And it all needs to lead into your website where you are posting quality, helpful content designed to bolster your brand. You can build your brand visually all you want, but it isn’t a brand if it is not out there in front of people.

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9. Use Professional Photo of Yourself

You are going to use a photo of yourself in various places on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You want that photo to be professional and attractive. You also want it to convey the mood expressed by your brand. If your brand is about fun, then look happy and fun in your photo. You can pay somebody to take very professional photos of you. It isn’t necessary, but you’ll get better results.

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  1. I’m so glad I clicked on this post!!! It’s a lecture that would change my perspective of the music business over here in Africa
    …bless up

  2. Thanks man! This is some really good info, especially for where I am in my career. Understanding that you are your brand is essential when it comes to your business. Thank you again!

    “Live Everyday On Purpose with Purpose!”

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