18 Music Branding & Marketing Tips for Music Producers

Here are the best music branding and marketing tips for music producers and musicians. Learn how to create a music brand that stands out against your competition.

The world of music is constantly changing. Today, being a music producer means more than just making great beats.

It’s also about selling yourself and showing people who you are through your brand. This can be tricky, but we’re here to help. We’re going to share some cool tips and tricks that are working right now.

We’ll talk about things like how to use social media to get your music heard and how to make your brand stand out.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been making music for a while, these tips can help you reach more listeners and make a name for yourself in the music world.

Music Branding & Marketing Tips
Music Branding & Marketing Tips

Music Branding Tips for Music Producers & Musicians

1. Define Your Music Brand

Before you begin the process of building you need to plan. Decide what your brand stands for. How will others perceive you?

Begin by creating two lists, the first is your strengths, skills, and areas of expertise.

The second list is what you stand for, or what’s important to you. These are the personal values you hold important.

With these two lists—skills and values—you can begin to build your music brand.


2. Create a Strategy

10 Tips on How to Make Your Music Brand Stand Out

It’s important for any brand to have a clear and concise view of what their branding goals are and how to achieve them before anything else.

Make sure you put in the paper (or in a document) everything about your brand: what you do, how you want people to look at you, your requirements, etc.

It’s also great to brainstorm every once in a while, especially if you are working with a team.

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3. Creating a Voice for Your Brand

A brand voice is your brand’s own personality: it’s how your audience and the world are going to identify you. It should also be consistent from the start since it helps to make your brand more trustworthy.

Here is a great video about the basics of brand voice, which may apply to many types of brands:

4. Connect with a Visual Artist

Although there are plenty of music creators who think it’s easier and often cheaper to do their own artwork, do not do that if you’re not confident in your design skills.

If you are, then you can move on, but for everyone else, take the time to find an artist who can help you out, or buy premade designs to make things easier for you.

5. Be Unique

To build a brand that everyone will remember, you have to create something unforgettable. There is no brand like the Kardashians out there and that is why they garner so much attention. Build your brand around something unique.

Even though the Kardashians have a lot of haters, they have enough people that love them to fuel their growth.

Sell your brand as something that cannot be found elsewhere and you will find a larger following for it.

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6. Be Consistent

If you’re looking for long-term success, consistency is the secret ingredient.

Developing and maintaining a level of trust with those who matter most to you and your business can be effectively reached through showcasing yourself consistently.

Whether it’s online, in print, or face-to-face, prevailing consistency will allow you to gain a trusted footing with your music brand.

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7. Create a Music Website

Create a website with a personal domain name ( yourname.com ) so people can easily find it.

Use a blog to talk about yourself, and brand your image even further. Personal websites are great because it really lets other people get to know the real you.

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8. Be Everywhere

This is easier said than done, but you need to be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. And it all needs to lead to your website where you are posting quality, helpful content designed to bolster your brand. You can build your brand identity all you want, but it isn’t a brand if it is not out there in front of people.

When creating a social media account, be sure to keep your username simple. This will allow bloggers or just fellow users to easily identify and communicate with you.

Create a SoundCloud Account

One of the first things you should do once you feel your music is ready and worthy to be heard by others is head over to Soundcloud. It’s not just the fact that you’re able to upload music and have it heard by, well, anyone who happens to click on your link.

There is a massive community on this streaming service that can allow your music to spread to ears you might not have otherwise reached. Users can “like” songs and share them freely, create playlists with them, and even embed them on their own websites. This allows for your music to have an even bigger reach. Just make sure that you don’t share too much material.

The allure to upload everything you can with the hope of the “right” person hearing it is strong, but you need to resist it. Slowly but surely, share your music, work on getting it heard, and get that branding going strong. One of the last things you want to be seen as is someone who just gives everything away because then no one will ever pay for your work.

Connect With Other Music Producers & Musicians

If all goes according to plan with your Soundcloud page, chances are you will already be in contact with other producers. If not, let it happen naturally and organically.

Leave comments on their songs and follow them on their social media accounts. If you’re having trouble making a connection, then feel free to reach out if you’re ready to make an introduction. Depending on the music you create, you might be able to align yourself with a collective or crew that’s on the rise.

There are examples like Soulection, HuhWhat&Where, and many more that have grown exponentially over the past few years and helped established new artists.

You can check those groups out and see if you are a solid fit musically and aesthetically.

If you don’t, that’s totally fine too, because there are many others out there.

Create a Bandcamp Page

This goes right along with what I wrote about for Soundcloud, but Bandcamp is where you can make money. You’ll probably want to stick with Soundcloud as your primary streaming location to start. And then when that account is doing well, direct listeners to your Bandcamp page when you choose to release a single, EP, album, or mixtape.

It’s there that giving away free downloads will have the greatest impact because you’ll be able to get the most out of it: An email address. Be careful, though, because you can run out of free downloads rather quickly if your music gets picked up by bloggers. What you’ll want to do then is either keep the price low on the project or upload it to a file-sharing service. Doing this will keep fans, both new and old, happy and willing to share your music. And even if you’re not the type to release beat tapes or instrumental projects, you can always just offer streams of your beats and throw an email address on there for people to contact you to make offers.

Also, remember, you’ll need that artist connection to help with designing your main landing page and the artwork for your projects.

Stay Active On Twitter/Facebook, But Don’t Be Annoying

Some of the biggest mistakes a producer can make online occur on Facebook and Twitter. One example is someone who links their Twitter account to their Facebook, meaning every tweet they send out will be seen by their Facebook fans. This is a no-no because you do not want to be as active on Facebook as you are on Twitter. Basically, you’ll want to update your Facebook once or twice a day tops while you can tweet a good 10 to 20 times per day.

Your Twitter activity all depends, though, because you could get into a discussion with someone or live-tweet an event. The latter is actually an easy way to gain attention and further showcase your personality/brand. Just be sure that you are mindful of everything that you tweet and post on Facebook because people will take screenshots of something they deem offensive or hateful. Just keep it (reasonably) clean, and you should be fine.

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9. Build a Tribe

Don’t focus on generating sales. First, focus on building your community, or building your tribe. I’m not saying you should NOT generate sales.

However, building your tribe should be about building a community of followers who know, like, and trust you.

To build this tribe, encourage people to join your email list, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and otherwise connect with you to continue the conversation.

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10. Know Your Competition

Researching your competition gives you a tremendous advantage as it identifies stories or perspectives that people aren’t exploring, and allows you to create a new voice that appears distinctive and refreshing.

Remember that there’s a ton of clutter out there, but always room for someone confident enough to think a little differently.

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11. Know Your Target Audience

Your audience is your brand: that basically sums it all up. To attract more people and nurture your brand’s relationship with those who are already there, you have to know who you’re talking to.

Be sure to constantly research and create personas and target audience analysis.

A persona is basically a character you create based on your audience, with all kinds of information that may be relevant to your brand construction. It is, in fact, the first step to any great marketing plan.

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12. Use Professional Photos

You are going to use a photo of yourself in various places on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You want that photo to be professional and attractive.

You also want it to convey the mood expressed by your brand. If your brand is about fun, then look happy and fun in your photo.

You can pay somebody to take very professional photos of you. It isn’t necessary, but you’ll get better results.

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13. Be Creative & Bold with Visuals

Notice how the best brands in the world are not afraid to try a new approach or embrace in a controversial subject: sometimes gain requires risk-taking.

Acting with boldness towards your brand is the best way to leave a mark on people’s minds. It never fails to communicate a feeling of confidence to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Try creating a color palette for your brand’s visuals, or maybe even establishing a certain graphic style.

Some brands and musicians nowadays, for instance, are making heavy use of the 80’s / 90’s aesthetic to ensure they create a unique identity and be remembered.

14. Tell Your Story and Make It Compelling

Your brand is your story, presented to the world; So always try to emphasize that aspect. For example, you may be a musician or a music producer in the way to turn your passion into your full-time job. Document your path.

Make sure your audience is part of your story too by establishing a close relationship with them, like said before. Try talking with them instead of at them.

15. Establish a Close Relationship with Your Followers

Always make sure your followers know there are human beings behind your brand. It may sound silly, but many people forget to put this element into action, which makes their brand seem unnatural and robotic.

Put aside some time to talk to and listen to your audience.

16. Bring Something New to the Table

Innovation goes hand in hand with originality. One of the first questions you should ask at the very start of every project is: what is my brand doing that no other does right now?

Still, you don’t have to be tied only to this question. Make sure you try other concepts and possibilities for innovation. It could be for instance something that your brand stands out for or even a creative marketing plan; Just make sure to always try bringing something new to the table.

17. Show Your Face


I see way too many music producers online hiding their faces behind a logo or a photo of music gear. You need to stop that!

You need to work on building up your name and brand as a creator of quality music, and hiding your face doesn’t help this. You need to have a unique online presence to help stand out, and displaying your face can do that.

I have come across tons of faceless beat-selling websites / beat-selling profiles that I easily forget because they all look the same.

But if you add your photo on your site, and show some personality, you can help the visitor of your website ( or Facebook or Twitter page ) feel a better connection to you because you display that you are a real person.

I include my photo and information on this site because I want to connect with people. I know this is a must for me to succeed.

I need to know people, and I need them to know me. I’m working on my overall brand. I want people to think of Mark Valenzuela as a hard-working, helpful individual, that is talented at several things. This helps to build trust. I also need my face to be recognizable to be able to network with others.

So start promoting your face today!

Photo Tips

  1. Have a high-quality professional-looking photo
  2. Be professional
  3. Include something music related so people can tell right away what you do

18. Be Patient

Building a brand and fan base takes time. Even though you’re working your butt off, don’t forget to enjoy watching the process unfold!

Sonic Bids

Music Producer Branding Tips

KC Beats shares why you need to promote your brand to stand out.

  1. Promote what makes you different.
  2. Don’t constantly spam your audience.
  3. Get creative with your marketing ideas. ( 8 Ways Music Producers Can Use Instagram )
  4. Do things differently from everyone else to help stand out.
  5. Don’t only focus on sales, focus on brand recognition.

Create a clear and consistent strategy. Make sure originality and creativity is part of it too.

Try being innovative: think of what your brand has to offer that no other does.

Know your audience precisely and establish a close relationship with them. Boldness is key. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches or step into controversial territory.

Make consistency a part of your project; Create a brand voice that people will easily identify.

Your brand is your story, so emphasize that aspect.

Create strong and bold graphics and visual to ensure your brand leave a mark on people’s minds.

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In today’s world, a successful music career requires more than just impressive tunes; it’s about building a strong brand that helps people identify your unique style and relate to your story.

The key elements of this are a compelling personal brand, a powerful value proposition, and a strategic brand strategy. These create a lasting impression that turns listeners into real fans.

Social media, in all its different channels, plays a big role in promoting your brand image. An effective social media calendar can streamline your presence across various social media platforms, making your marketing materials consistently resonate with your audience.

Remember, your producer name or artist name should shine in every post, press release, or any piece of communication you share on your social media profiles.

There are innovative ways to strengthen your brand, like creating branded merchandise such as a distinct t-shirt design. This can help your fans remember your brand more easily. After all, your music tells a story, and the right branding can make it unforgettable.

Finally, remember that hard work underlies every success story. Your brand doesn’t develop overnight, but with consistency, creativity, and authenticity, you can build an exceptional music brand that stands out in the crowded music industry.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Always stay true to yourself and your sound. Authenticity is appealing and is more likely to attract a loyal fan base.
  2. Collaborate with other artists or influencers that align with your brand. This not only expands your reach but also enhances your brand’s credibility.
  3. Regularly engage with your fans on social media. Responding to comments or holding live sessions can create a stronger bond with your audience.
  4. Experiment with new marketing tactics. Maybe it’s a behind-the-scenes video, a music production tutorial, or a fan contest. Keep things exciting for your fans.
  5. Keep learning and evolving. The music industry is fast-paced, and keeping up with the latest trends can help your brand stay relevant.

Remember, your music is your product, but your brand is your business. Make sure they both sing the same song.

Do you have any music branding tips?

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

Mark Valenzuela is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in music production. In 2008, Mark founded Hip Hop Makers, a top resource for aspiring music producers and beatmakers. He specializes in content on music production, software, gear, and free music resources. Committed to empowering creators of all levels, Mark continues to inspire and help music creators pursue their dreams.

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