15 Music Business Ideas & Services to Offer

If you are musically talented, you have the skills to offer music services online. Here are 15 music business ideas to help boost your income.

If you have been making music for a while, you may have acquired the skills and knowledge that people need. Use your skills and turn them into services to offer online.

Some musicians and music producers only want to focus on making music or beats.

Music Business Ideas & Services to Offer Online

But if it’s your goal to make music full-time, it can be hard to make a full-time salary off of music alone.

So, it’s best to start thinking like an entrepreneur and focus on creating multiple sources of income if you have various sources of income, like making music, offering services, and selling digital products.

These can all add up to help you reach your financial goals.

There are tons of ways to make money from music. But if you only focus on one aspect of music and nothing else. You are missing out on opportunities, and it may be harder to reach your financial goals. So, be open-minded to trying different things.

Let’s get into the list of online business ideas.

Table of Contents

  1. 15 Music Business Ideas
  2. How to Offer Music Services Online
  3. Bonus Tips for Offering Services
  4. Launch a Business Today

15 Music Business Ideas

Here is a list of profitable music business ideas for music creators.

1. Audio Mixing

If you’re good at mixing songs, there are people in need of your skills.

Music Services - Music Business Ideas & Services to Offer Online
Offer Audio Mixing Services – Photo by Thomas Le

Offer audio mixing at an hourly rate or flat rate for mixing down the music.

This service can include mixing songs, podcasts, audiobooks, voice-overs, and more.

This can include:

  • Vocal
  • Tuning / Editing
  • Noise Reduction / Removal
  • Reverb/Echo Removing
  • Equalization

2. Create a Music Blog

Create a WordPress Website
Create a WordPress Website – Photo by Ben Kolde

If you have a passion for writing and music, why not write about it?

You can write about:

  • Music News
  • Review Products
  • Share Music Production Tips

There are tons of ways to make money from a blog.

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Like adding banner ads, affiliate programs, sponsored posts, selling products, and more.

If you review products, for example.

Join the Amazon affiliate program, which is the biggest online store.

And you can refer people to the Amazon store, and if someone buys something, you can earn a commission.

Some people make thousands of dollars per month through affiliate programs.

3. Sell Beats Online

Sell Beats Online
Sell Beats Online with the Music Maker WordPress Theme

If you are a music producer, you already know this one.

But there are tons of music artists online looking for beats.

You can lease a beat multiple times or sell beats exclusively at a higher fee.

Selling beats online is highly competitive.

But if you can find the right audience and get a good amount of traffic to your website, you can make money.

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4. Create Online Courses

Create Online Courses
Learn How to Mix Music with Young Guru on Skillshare

If you have skills and knowledge, you can pass that information on by creating online courses.

You can create a single course and charge a one-time fee.

Or you can create a membership website where people pay a monthly fee to get Access to multiple courses.

If you don’t want to spend time creating a website, you can create a course and post it on a website like Skillshare.

Skillshare 2 Week Free Trial – Get Access to 35,000 online classes to learn music, design, and productivity.

When you post a course on Skillshare, you will earn money by how many minutes the course is watched each month.

5. Launch a YouTube Channel

Launch a Youtube Channel
Screenshot of Music Producer Curtiss King TV Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world.

Create tutorials, share tips, review products, do interviews, and more.

Thousands of people make a full-time income by creating YouTube videos.

You can earn money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

6. Audio Mastering

Offer Audio Mastering - Music Business Ideas & Services to Offer Online
Offer Audio Mastering

If you have skills at mastering audio, you can master both music, singles, and albums.

Tons of music artists who need audio mastering are releasing singles online.

This can include:

  • Volume Maximization
  • Equalization
  • Multiband Dynamic Compression
  • Warm saturation processing
  • Master Compression
  • High-Quality Audio Files

7. Songwriting

Offer Songwriting Music Services
Offer Songwriting Services – Photo by Brad Neathery

Believe it or not, a lot of music artists do not write their own songs.

If you have a talent for writing hooks, melodies, or verses, you can make money by writing songs for music artists.

When working with bigger music artists, you can get paid royalties if a song becomes popular.

8. Audio Editing

Maybe people do not have the time or knowledge to edit audio for themselves.

So this is a service you can offer that may be easy for you.

Audacity Audio Editing Software Program
Offer Audio Editing Music Services

Edit podcasts, voice-overs, narration, and tons of other audio recordings.

These services can include:

  • Noise Removal
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Normalization
  • Compression
  • Audio repairs and restoration
  • Converting Formats
  • And much more.

These things may be simple for you to do.

But there are tons of people online who don’t know how to do these things.

So you can offer this as an hourly or one-time service.

9. Create Custom Beats

You may have a beat store set up with tons of pre-made beats, but some music artists or businesses may be seeking a specific type of sound.

So you can offer custom beats and instrumentals as a service.

Make sure you have a page on your website so people can reach out to you and find out more.

It’s best to give them an idea of what you can do and the cost and make it easy for them to ask questions.

10. Start a Podcast

Start Music a Podcast
Start Music a Podcast – Photo by ConvertKit

Podcasts are extremely popular nowadays.

In your podcast, you can talk about music news, conduct interviews, and share your opinions.

You can make money through sponsorships, ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and more.

If you enjoy speaking and have a good microphone presence, this may be something to consider.

Here is what you need to start a podcast:

11. Create Background Music

Background Music Can Be Used in VIdeo Games
Background Music Can Be Used in Video Games – Photo by Ion Ipilov

There is a big demand for background music for movies, YouTube, video games, streaming, and more.

I mentioned in another video that there are instrumental tracks on audiojungle.net that have made over $300,000 in sales.

So, if you can create beats, you can create background music that can be used for a variety of projects.

12. Twitch Streamer or Youtube Streamer

Do Twitch Streaming
Do Twitch Streaming – Photo by Kadyn Pierce

Streaming has become huge over the last year.

Streamers can make money through ads, sponsorships, donations from viewers, and much more.

Businessofapps.com reports that expert streamers can make between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.

And those people are streaming around 40 hours a week.

An example of a music producer doing Twitch streaming is Timbaland.

You can watch Timbaland make beats live, critique music producer beats, and share stories of being in the music industry.

You can also find music artists streaming.

T-Pain has over 500,000 Twitch followers and streams pretty often.

Maybe streamers will re-edit their Twitch stream videos and upload them to YouTube.

So, they are using their video content on multiple websites.

13. Video Scoring

Create Music for TV & Movies
Create Music for TV & Movies – Photo by Jakob Owens

Music is pretty much used for everything related to video.

So you can offer services for scoring:

  • Movies
  • Commercials
  • TV Shows
  • Video Games
  • Documentaries
  • Animations
  • And more.

Don’t limit yourself to one thing.

The music producer Pharrell Williams has produced tons of hit songs you have heard on the radio.

But he also scored the Despicable Me movies, which led to his biggest hit song ever, “Happy.”

The happy song was huge when it was released.

Today, the official video for the song has over 700 million views.

14. Start a Record Label

Start a Record Label
Start a Record Label – Photo by Nick Hillier

If you make music or have a group of people who make music, you can create your own independent record label.

This will take a lot of work.

But if you can build a good solid fan base, you can make a good living without needing millions of fans.

It’s great to have your music on iTunes.

But it’s even better to sell your singles or albums directly on your website, where you get to keep all of the revenue.

Services like iTunes will take 30% of each sale.

  • So if an album is $10.
  • You will only receive $7.

And that 30% adds up fast if you get a lot of sales.

I’m not saying don’t use iTunes.

I’m suggesting having other options available to keep more revenue.

15. Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services
Offer Graphic Design Services for Music Artists – Photo by Faizur Rehman

I come in contact with talented music creators who have a variety of different creative skills.

From making beats to recording, web design, and graphic design.

So, if you have graphic design skills, you can focus on a target audience like a music producer, musicians, music artists, independent labels, and more.

You can design logos, album cover art, merchandise, and more.

How to Offer Music Services Online

You should create a website to promote your music services.

Here are examples of how you can offer music services using the Music Maker WordPress Theme.

  • Offer as many services as you like.
  • Create all the pages you want.
  • Payments are fast and easy, and you can accept payments through PayPal.

Services Frontpage Widget

Services Frontpage Widget
Services Frontpage Widget

Single Page Services Examples

Music Services

Music Services

Bonus Tips for Offering Services

  1. Research your competitor’s prices to see what they charge.
  2. Be open to negotiating the price of your services.
  3. Offer bundle deals. Example: If a customer buys 3 beats, give them a discount on a service you offer.
  4. Be professional – Repeat customers and customer referrals can be helpful to your music business.
  5. Make ordering a music service easy. Offer secure payments.
  6. Try to offer some “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy to help new customers feel comfortable spending money with you.
  7. Showcase completed customer work.
  8. Gather customer testimonials to help build trust.
  9. Offer rush jobs for an extra cost.

Launch a Business Today

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So those are 15 music business ideas that I hope inspired you in some way.

I encourage all of you to focus on creating multiple sources of income.

You don’t want to depend on one source for all your income.

Do you have any music business ideas?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

Mark Valenzuela is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in music production. In 2008, Mark founded Hip Hop Makers, a top resource for aspiring music producers and beatmakers. He specializes in content on music production, software, gear, and free music resources. Committed to empowering creators of all levels, Mark continues to inspire and help music creators pursue their dreams.

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