Producer Talk: How Did You Sell Your First Beat?

How to Sell Your First Beat Online

Music Producer Talk is where music producers share info on the topic of the week. This weeks topic is How did you sell your first beat?

How to Sell Your First Beat

Here are some of the best tips left in the comments.

  1. Build trust… and to build trust you need to build a relationship with an artist. – Teodor
  2. I gave away a free beat, which led to a music artist buying 5 beats from me months later. – Kyle Smith
  3. Listening to the newest / hottest songs at the moment to create something catchy to attract artists to buy it. – Kevin Nguyen
  4. I would use accapellas over my beats and once they knew it was a made beat they liked them. – Chris
  5. I posted beats to my Soundcloud and YouTube, when someone contacted me about purchasing a beat of mine. – Aidan
  6. You have to make personal connections. This is the best way not only to get your first sale. – Crescendobeats

Contest Winner: Teodor

If you have tips on how to sell your first beat, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I got my first beat sell by focusing on making general type beat that was hot on the market, uploaded it on Youtube, Soundcloud and platform like Beatstars, Sellfy and Bandcamp to start to sell your beats. The tips here are listening to newest – hottest song at the moment on the market and try to learn something catchy to your music that will attract the artist/listener to buy it

  2. Talk to people! Most cities have bustling music scenes and vibrant undergrounds. Go to artist meetups and concerts and talk with aspiring creators, show as many people as possible, and make it clear that you make and are willing to sell. Don’t put your stuff online immediately, unless you’re in a really small town and it’s your only way to get your product out. Rather wait until you have a enough pull in the real world.

  3. 1:I Never did sell a beat till now, But i gave lot of beats to many artists for featurings…. from around the world ??
    2: Any producer have to be sure their beat is awesome before They Send some to artist IF They want to sell some, But my opinion is – you doing this with your heart, moneys are the last thing What you need for fame

    3: Im preffered

  4. I Actually Made A complete song out of my Pattern for a Musician who came to my studio. ?

    1. I’m actually looking for help on this if you don’t mind. We can work out a price for teaching me, I’d just really appreciate it

  5. I always say…this is an original beat, and with your talent and the time I spent on this track… we just might have a hit. And I need your half on the copyrights and etc…for publishing.

  6. Honestly, I realized that afrobeats was a new wave and since I’m from the islands the beat came natural for me. But I blended it with elements of an EDM beat. Ran a promo on BeatStars and it sold right away. So I guess what I’m saying is to pay attention to trends but also stay true to yourself and your sound.

  7. I got my first beat sale by, well, not even trying. I’ve been producing since late January of this year, but I never started off with the sole intention of making money. Sure I knew there was money opportunities in this industry, but I never thought that I would pursue it professionally, as I was only doing it because I enjoyed doing so. I was about 6 months in, posting beats to my soundcloud and YouTube, when someone contacted me about purchasing a beat of mine. I was breathtaken. I didn’t even market my beats as ones to be sold. My tips for all of you out there is to stay focused on your productions. Don’t worry about spending money to promote your beats on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. That is just a waste of time and money. Focus on getting better and better. It’s not all skill either, as luck is a factor as well, so don’t get mad at yourself if your still not gaining any traction or beat sales. General tips – Add popular, yet not completely misleading, tags to your YouTube beats. This pushes them so much more than if you leave it blank. Also make sure to leave contact and pricing information in your description of whatever platform you upload on. The idea is to make it EASIER for the customer. And start with reasonable prices, somewhere between $10-$15 for the lease of a beat and $20-$25 for the exclusive. Boost it from there. Lastly, I never started a website exclusively for Beat purchasing, but I highly recommend doing so, as I know numerous people that have made money by doing it. And there are free options for websites as well, so don’t feel as though you can’t get a websites. Alright guys, hopefully this helped a little, happy productions!

  8. I used Soundcloud,Soundclick,Reverberation,YouTube,AND Facebook and ended up making my first exclusive beat sell uploading to multiple sites helped me get that first sell????

  9. I researched different professional studios, and started contacting recording engineers. offering 3 free beats, inside it i enclosed my nondisclosure agreement to prevent 3rd party use without credit. Recording engineers have an already established relationship with a lot of artist. Building a relationship with recording engineers is a sure way to get your beats submitted without contacting full email boxes, or management. is a great place to get Loops, Midi, Drums, VSTs, And Expansions. As well as

  10. 1. First, I gave a beat away for free. My buddy Drew Harris, who is a professional audio engineer, had connected me to this rapper that goes by the name “Harlem Duke Hazard”, and I heard that he was looking for hot new music to spit to. I sent the beat to Drew first so that he could mix it, then Drew recorded Duke over the track a few weeks later. I liked Duke’s delivery, flow, and work ethic, so I sent him about ten to twelve beat snippets a few weeks later. Long story short, Duke was drawn to my sound, and he bought five beats off of me a month later.

    2. If you want longevity in your business, sell your craft. If you are stuck in the mindset of selling music to make money, you will not have long-term customers. Also, start promoting your music locally. Go to talent shows, house parties, small concerts, and poetry events. Network with local talent and try to get your music played at these events. The music business is grounded on relationships, honestly.

    3. You do not need a beat site to sell your music. You can sell your craft via email. Money will come, but you should be developing long-term relationships with artists. Ask first before sending your beat snippets to artists, managers, and such. And make sure to send mp3 files, not links!

  11. Hi I Dragan Tesla have been creating beats for more than 10 years now and never sold anything spent a lot of money on software and hardware in more than ten years!But i still do it for the love of music!

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  13. DON’T think about money. Just try to create your own sound and don’t be scared to get inspired by bigger producers.
    Build your own site and post everything you make.
    Learn how to mix and master tracks. When you’ll get true feedbacks you’ll begin to sell beats. When you’re selling a beat deal with the artist as an ARTIST instead of a consumer. Nowdays beat is not just the instrumental but what makes the artist inspired.

  14. Letting people listen to my mixtapes, I would use accapellas over my beats and once they knew it was a made beat they liked them.

  15. I was chilling with one of my friends and we were free styling, he told me he was having a difficult time making his own beats. I showed him a couple of the beats i made and he really liked them. he offered me $40 for just one beat, but since he was my friend i sold it to him 2 beats for $20. afterwards i was really excited, because it was the first beat i ever sold.

  16. I got more first beat sale through Soundcloud by messaging rappers if they are interested in my beats and if you ask me that’s the best way to have a paying customers for life!!!

    Important step in start selling beats online is to build trust. And to build trust you need to build relationship with artist. Don’t go and say ‘omg you so fye buy my beats’ instead say something like ‘Damn bro that track here is fye. I see the potential in you’ and that’s it. Don’t say anything about beats or shit just talk with em like you talk with your friends and if they ask you for beats then is your turn. If not you can try to ask em if they need any and if they need send em some and start working! That’s it! Nothing hard at all.

    I use Beatstars and Youtube to upload my beats. I communicate with rappers through soundcloud, instagram and twitter.

  17. You have to make personal connections. This is the best way not only to get your first sale but to keep bring in ghe cash flow. Instagram is my preferred way to reach out, but email works too. Negotiate your price and keep reaching out.

  18. 1 My first instrumental I sold it without “money” haha they did not pay me. and I made my website and that’s where I sold the first one.

    2 – A tip to all Beatmaker and Music Producer. (You always have to learn and grow and believe in yourself)

    3 One of the best websites for Beatmakers, Dj, Producers, Marketing Etc. is undoubtedly and to sell your beats I’am use

  19. When I sold my first beat I found that creating within my own capabilities, not saying that you should not try a variety of different genres, or even think outside the box so to say, but I believe that everyone has a special talent even within their own niche. So that’s what they should do or pursue but at the same time always staying relevant, always being aware of how music and the industry changes.
    After that, advertise however you can.