8 Reasons to Have Music Business Cards

Here is a list of reasons why music producers should have Music Business Cards. They are a great compact marketing tool to carry when out networking.

They are very underrated, yet the number one most used marketing tool that you can find almost everyone using.

Reasons to Have a Business Card

If you currently don’t have business cards. Here are 8 reasons why you need them.

8 Reasons to Have Music Business Cards

1. You’ll Look More Professional

A business card is something that is very cheap, that can do wonders to help with your business appearance. You having a business card shows that you are prepared and have invested in what you are doing.

If you are out at a meeting, conference, industry event, etc, and you are given a business card, and you don’t give one back. Odds are you will be frowned at because you will appear unprepared. Stay ready.

2. It’s Something to Give Out

Have you ever said to someone, “Check out my site at Blah Blah, and contact me”. That person may remember that information for a little bit.

But it may not stay with them for long. By handing out a business card, you have given that person something to refer back to at a later date.

Hopefully, they will contact you, or possibly hand the card over to someone else who is in need of your services or products.

3. You Can Stand Out

A good professional design can help you stand out because it will be easier to remember your name and the branding of your card.

A great design can also spark conversations, and small questions can lead to bigger discussions about your products and services.

4. It’s Convenient

Avoid writing your contact information on a piece of paper that can get crumbled up, and trashed.

With a business card, you stay prepared, with a name, number, web address, list of services, etc, available right away. Save yourself the inconvenience of writing your info on the back of something, and possibly writing incorrect information.

5. Helps When Time is Limited

Sometimes you only have a few seconds to introduce yourself. Giving out your business card in that short time can lead to future opportunities because they now have your website address and email for future conversations.

6. They Are Small

Business cards are small enough to fit in your wallet, so you can conveniently carry them around with you at all times.

They are pretty much tiny flyers that can provide a big impact. When you are out and someone gives you a big flyer.

If you are out and moving, are you going to carry this big flyer around?

No, you’re going to put it down somewhere. You can easily carry a business card, and it’s not an inconvenience for the person you are giving the card to.

7. It’s Affordable

You can get a decent amount of business cards for the price you spend on a meal for lunch. For example Next Day Flyers.com has business cards that start at $8.95 for 100 cards.

The 6 reasons above are more than enough reasons why you should get some business cards. But can you really argue with investing $8.95 to boost your marketing efforts. Invest in your craft!

8. It’s Effective

Every professional that has a business, or offers services and products has a business card. WHY? Because they work. Not only do business cards help to bring in new customers, but it also helps to bring them back.


Something so small such as business cards can help spread the word of what you are doing and lead to big results.

If you are trying to succeed in something that involves others, networking is a must, and business cards are a marketing essential.

After all these great points, you shouldn’t be thinking about whether or not if you need business cards. Your thought process should now be, what should I put on them, and where to get them.

What makes a good business card?

5 essentials for a good business card:

  1. Readable – If it takes me 10 seconds to find your web address or phone number, its not readable. Make it easy to find your info.
  2. Up to Date – Giving out cards with out dated info is a no, no. Don’t lose potential clients because they can’t get in contact with you.
  3. Memorable – Stand out! Plain designs aren’t impressive, and you will blend in with others.
  4. Make It Clear What You Do – If I get a card, I want to know what you do and why I should be interested. So make it clear.
  5. Crisp ( Not bent and damaged ) – Don’t hand out something that is beat up, and looks like trash.

Where do you get a design?

I’m glad you asked. Well you can search find a graphic design who may charge you $50 to $100 for a custom design. Or you can always get a high quality design from the Hip Hop Makers Store https://hiphopmakers.com/store.

Image is everything. What you give out represents you. If you give out something crappy, what does that say about you???

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

Mark Valenzuela is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, and educator with more than 15 years of experience in music production. In 2008, Mark founded Hip Hop Makers, a top resource for aspiring music producers and beatmakers. He specializes in content on music production, software, gear, and free music resources. Committed to empowering creators of all levels, Mark continues to inspire and help music creators pursue their dreams.

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  1. Excellent advice as always. And it’s extremely important to invest in the design of your cards. A cheap card that you don’t put any effort into says that you don’t put any effort into yourself. No one takes people like that seriously.

  2. These are great looking cards :-)

    I’ve been planning on printing some and i was wondering if free business cards are good enough for a starting business. any ideas?

  3. Really good advice and explanation of why they are so effective. But i do think that being creative with the design is essential. Instead of a business card for my final exhibition at university, i designed postcards. With an image that linked to my work, more so than a business card, which someone might pick up but later forget who’s work it related to.

  4. Alright…What is a good price to pay for business cards? Would it be OK to get them done at Staples? Kinkos?

  5. Like I put in the article, Nextdayflyers.com has some good prices, starting at $8.95 for 100 cards. I’m not sure how much shipping will cost in your area, but i think its worth a check.

    And as far as kinkos and staples, I’m not totally sure about them. I have never used them.

  6. Very nice! I usually use Print Place for my cards. They look great and they’re cheap too.

    Full Color business cards starting at $15.50 at PrintPlace.com

  7. yes!!! very effective!!! i totally agree. thanks for this acticle. i think everyone pursuing a career should have business cards.

    vistaprint.com also has great prices.


  8. Good advice and grate looking cards, thanks for sharing this.

  9. GREAT READ! they are needed

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