How to Add a Free Pricing Table to Your Music Website Easily

Learn how to add a Pricing Table to your music website or beat selling website using a free WordPress plugin.

How to Add a Free Pricing Table to Your Music Website Easily

We also have a Free PDF of 50 Pricing Table Examples to get ideas on pricing, features, licensing, and more.

With this free WordPress pricing table plugin, you can easily add up to 5 columns, adjust colors, add buttons, and more.

Pricing tables are very helpful if you are selling beats online.

How to Create a Pricing Table [ Video ]

Step by step guide on why you should use a pricing table, how to create a comparison table, and pricing stats.

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What is a Pricing Table?

If you are selling beats, products, or offering music services online, a pricing table is a great way to display and compare pricing options.

Most beat selling websites have beat pricing tables because it gives visitors an easy way to understand licenses.

A WordPress pricing table can help you display the pros and cons of a specific license.

It can also help you make more money by highlighting why someone should pay more for a better license.

Pricing Table Examples

Here are a couple of examples of beat license tables to inspire you.

WordPress Price Table Tutorial

Music License Table Examples

Music Website Comparison Table

How to Add a Free Comparison Table to Your Music Website Easily

Beat Selling Website License Table

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Install Pricing Table WordPress Plugin

Here are the step by step instructions to add the pricing table plugin to your WordPress website.

  1. In WordPress click Add New under Plugins on the sidebar.
  2. Enter “Responsive Pricing Table” in the input on the top right and click enter on your keyboard.
  3. Look for the plugin by WP Darko. This plugin is fully responsive.
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Click Activate.

How to Make a Pricing Table in WordPress

Here are step by step instructions to create a pricing table. It is best to follow along with the video above.

  1. Click Pricing Tables on the sidebar in WordPress.
  2. Click Add New at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the name for the license table.
    1. Example: Beat Pricing Table
  4. Click the Add a Pricing Plan button 3 times.
  5. In the first title input enter Lease.
  6. In the Price, input enter 25.00, or whatever your lease price is.
  7. Click the Add Feature button.
  8. Copy a single line of sample text below and paste it into the feature input.
  9. Repeat these steps for the remaining list of features.
  10. Go to the next table section:
    1. Title: Premium
    2. Price: 69.99
    3. Features: Copy and paste sample text.
  11. Go to the next table section:
    1. Title: Exclusive
    2. Price: 500.00
    3. Features: Copy and paste sample text.
  12. On the right under Settings > Currency, enter your currency sign.
  13. Click Instant Preview to view the price table.
  14. Click the Publish button to make the table live.

Pricing Table Sample Text

Here is sample text you can use when creating your table. Edit the prices and features to meet your needs.

Lease – $25.00

  • Untagged MP3
  • Sell up to 3,000 units
  • Non-Exclusive Rights
  • Keep 100% Royalties
  • Instant Delivery

Premium – $69.99

  • Untagged WAV
  • Sell up to 12,000 units
  • Non-Exclusive Rights
  • Keep 100% Royalties
  • Instant Delivery

Exclusive – $500

  • Untagged WAV + Trackout
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Keep 100% Royalties
  • Instant Delivery
  • Exclusive Rights

Add the Pricing Table to Your Website

Once you create and publish your licensing table:

  1. Copy the Shortcode in the Shortcode meta box on the right.
  2. Paste the shortcode where you would like it to appear on your website. Like your beat store or pricing page.
WordPress Pricing Table Shortcode

Beat Selling Pricing Table Stats

I checked the top 50 beat selling websites on Google, and here are 3 interesting facts I found.

Most music producer websites have 4 or more beat license options.

  • 42% had 4 License Options
  • 32% had 3 License Options
  • 18% had 5 License Options

Most standard licenses start at $19 to $27. The most common exact price for a starting license was $25.

  • 43% – $19 to $27
  • 34% – $29 to $39
  • 11% – 50 to 100
  • 7% – Under $20
  • 5% – $40 to $49

Trackout or Stems Price

The most common price for tracked out beats at 37% was around $100.

This was for a premium license, with non-exclusive rights.

  • 37% – $100 for Trackouts
  • 17% – $65 to %75
  • 15% – $50 to $60
  • 12% – $79 to $89
  • 10% – $200
  • 7% – $120 to $150
  • 2% – Over $500

Free PDF – 50 Pricing Table Examples

View comparison tables from the top 50 beat selling websites on Google to get ideas on pricing, features, licensing, and more.

Download Free PDF

Question of the day:

Do you use a pricing table on your music website?

How much do you charge for a standard license?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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