What Are Type Beats?

Learn what type beat instrumentals are, the pros and cons, benefits, and successful music producers who create them.

  1. What Are Type Beats
  2. Are Type Beat Instrumentals Popular
  3. What Types of Beats Are Popular
  4. Who Creates Type Beats
  5. Pros & Cons of Type Beats
  6. Should You Sell Type Beats
  7. Are Type Beats Wrong
  8. Are Type Beats Illegal
  9. How to Make Type Beats
  10. Popular Producers With Type Beats

What Are Type Beats?

Type beats can be helpful for music producers who sell beats online to help get your beats heard. By creating type beats you can use the name of popular music artists to gain more attention and serve an audience searching for those types of beats.

When having a large catalog of beats online. Including popular trending names can help some tracks stand out.

Type beats are very popular on YouTube which can lead to getting a lot of views and building an audience.

What Are Type Beats Instrumentals
What Are Type Beats

It can be helpful to view the Billboard Hot 100 to see what music is trending on Spotify, the radio, and online, and create the type of music that is currently trending.

Yes. Type beats are very popular for up-and-coming and veteran music producers because they have been proven to help get more listeners online. This is why so many music producers use them.

On YouTube, there are over 1,200,000 “Beat Type” related results.

Type Beats on YouTube

You will find similar results on popular beat selling websites like Airbit & Beatstars.

Beatstars Beat Type Beats
Screenshot of Beatstars Website

Hip Hop and Rap beats are the most popular music genre for type beats. The most 3popular instrumental type beats are Drake, J. Cole, Roddy Ricch, and more.

Here are some popular search terms related to type beats.

Search Term Monthly Search Volume
Type Beats 27,100
Free Type Beat 3,600
Drake Type Beat2,900
J. Cole Type Beat1,600
Roddy Ricch Type Beat1600
Travis Scott Type Beat1,300
Trap Type Beats1,000
Type Beats YouTube1,000
Future Type Beat720
Eminem type beat390
Post Malone type beat390
Metro Boomin Type Beat 170
Google & YouTube Search Volume to Hip Hop Type Beats

Who Creates Type Beats?

Type beats are commonly created by music producers selling beats online. Type beat instrumentals are commonly used in the Hip Hop music genre.

As selling beats online continues to become more competitive, producers are trying different marketing tactics to get their beats heard.

How Type Beats Change Hip Hop Production

Pros & Cons of Type Beats

Type beats have been around for a long time, and there have been ongoing discussions on whether type beats are good or bad.

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Use Popular Names to Get More Listens
  • More Listens Can Lead to More Sales
  • Narrow Your Focus to Popular Beat Types
  • Serve an Audience Searching for Type Beats


  • Oversaturated “Type Beat” Competition
  • It Can Be Considered Unoriginal & Less Professional
  • It’s Harder to Charge High Prices When Copying Style
  • Get Labeled a “Type Beat Producer”

Should You Sell Type Beat Instrumentals?

Yes. If you are a music producer selling beats online you should experiment with selling type beat instrumentals. You can use the name of popular rappers and music producers to help get more listens, which can lead to more track sales.

Type beats are simply a marketing tactic to help get more listeners.

Your beats don’t have to copy the style of other producers. You can simply create original beats, and categorize them in a certain music genre, and add a “Type” once you are done.

Adding a “Type” label may help the beat get more listeners.

You should test out all marketing tactics to see what brings the most success.

But in the long term, you should focus on building a brand and audience to not rely on the names of music artists.

Are Type Beats Wrong?

In researching this topic, I think there are two different groups of music producers who make type beats:

  1. Producers who directly try to copy the style of a beat or music artist because they know it’s popular.
  2. Producers who make beats with no specific person in mind, and add the term “type beat” to the title for marketing purposes.

I don’t think either is wrong. Some music producers may use type beats to gain the attention of music artists and then develop their own unique style.

Are Type Beats Illegal?

No, creating and selling type beats is not illegal. There is a gray area due to the fact that some beats use samples or vocals, which may be illegal without sample clearance. But no one owns a music genre or style of music, so you are free to make type beat instrumentals.

How to Make Type Beats

Here are the steps you should follow to create type beats:

  1. Find the type of beat you want to create.
  2. Use online tools to find the song BPM and song key.
  3. Study the song paying attention to the instruments, drums, and song structure. Find the instrumental version if possible to hear all the subtle elements.
  4. Start by making a loop in your favorite DAW.
  5. Add drums and instruments similar to the beat you want to create.
  6. Lastly, arrange the loops into a full-length beat adding and removing elements.

How to Make a Hip Hop “Drake Type Beat”

This video will cover how to make a Drake-type beat in FL Studio.

Bonus Tips for Creating Type Beats

1. Study the Style – Listen to tracks from the artist or producer you want to emulate. Pay attention to their beats, rhythms, melodies, and the instruments they use. The more you understand their style, the easier it will be to create a type beat that sounds similar.

2. Get the Right Software – There are many music production software options out there, from free apps to professional-grade software. Choose one that fits your budget and music skill level, and learn how to use it well.

3. Practice Beat Making – Just like any skill, making beats takes practice. Spend time every day creating different beats. Over time, you’ll get better and faster at it.

4. Explore Different Genres – Even if you’re trying to make a type beat for a hip-hop artist, don’t be afraid to explore other genres. You never know when a classic rock or jazz rhythm might inspire you!

5. Use Quality Samples – Good music starts with good sounds. Use high-quality samples, and don’t be afraid to tweak them to fit your beat.

6. Experiment with Tempo – Different artists and genres use different tempos. Don’t be afraid to speed things up or slow things down to fit the style you’re emulating.

The music producer Murda Beatz who has produced for Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, and more shared in a video that he uploaded type beats to YouTube when starting out.

“If I dropped a T-Pain type beat when you type in T-Pain’s name, and you’re going through pages on YouTube.

Your beats are going to pop up, so you’re going to get extra views. It’s going to draw traction to your page and to you, and that’s how I can build a brand off T-Pain. ” – Murda Beatz

Murda Beatz & Red Bull Remix Lab

Summary on Type Beats

Type beat instrumentals are beats that are labeled with the term “Type” to associate it with a certain style or sound of a popular music artist or music producer. Type beats is a marketing tactic used by music producers who sell beats online to help get more listeners with the help of the music artist’s name.

In the realm of hip-hop production, the concept of “type beats” has exploded in the music industry.

In its essence, a “type beat” is an instrumental track fashioned to emulate the style or sound of a particular artist or music producer.

This process can offer a track’s particular sound to an up-and-coming rapper, allowing them to create music that resonates with the same sound or vibe.

The rise of type beat producers has been fueled in part by advancements in music production software.

This innovation has empowered even the most aspiring producers to generate beats that echo the style of producers, major rappers, or any other artists, spanning many genres.

Whether these beats are inspired by trap music’s classic sounds or other genres’ basic sounds, the objective is to create an authentic type beat that mirrors the work of a well-known rapper or popular artist.

The music production landscape can be extremely competitive, making the ability to produce type beats a valuable skill for up-and-coming producers.

Even though most producers might aim to craft beats that sound similar to those of only the biggest artists, the clever use of a cool sample or the careful crafting of their own work can help producers connect with the appropriate artist.

In turn, can set the stage for them to become one of the biggest music producers in the future.

While making beats that emulate a specific artist may seem like merely imitating, the practice is an important tool in the evolution of music and a springboard for the creation of unique, new sounds.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming rapper searching for a beat that feels familiar or an aspiring producer looking to break into the scene, the world of type beats offers a creative, innovative, and exciting path forward.

If you are new to music production and trying to get your beats heard, doing type tracks may help get the attention of music artists.


What are your thoughts on type beats?

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