Leasing Beats vs Exclusive Rights

Here is a quick breakdown of the difference between leasing beats and selling beats exclusively.

What Are Beat Leasing Rights?

Leasing rights means when a music artist buys your beat they do not own the beat exclusively. The beat is usually lower in price because it will be sold multiple times to multiple music artists.

Leasing Beats vs Exclusive Rights

What Are Beat Exclusive Rights?

Exclusive rights mean the beat will only be sold once to a single music artist. That artist then owns the beat.

Which Should You Do?

You should test out both leasing beats and selling exclusive beats to see what brings in the most income for you. Here are a few pros and cons of leasing rights and exclusive rights.

Pros of Leasing Beats

Cons of Leasing Beats

  • Less money upfront depending on the number of beat sales
  • Viewed as less professional

Pros of Selling Exclusive Beats

  • More money upfront, but the price will vary depending on the music artist’s budget and your producing experience. If you have produced for a well-known music artist, it will be easier to sell beats for more money.
  • It’s viewed as more professional
  • When selling exclusive beats to professional music artists you can discuss royalties and publishing to make more money after the upfront payment.

Cons of Selling Exclusive Beats

  • Harder to sell because they cost more usually

Which Will Make You More Money?

This will all depend on you, your brand, website traffic, and who you network with.

Let’s say you sell exclusive beats for $500. But let’s say you only sell 1 exclusive beat a month. So that is $500.

If you lease Beats for $30 and sell 20 in a month that is $600. Also, you can sell those same beats again next month.

You should test to see what works best for you.

What are your thoughts on leasing rights vs. exclusive rights?

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If you want tips on selling beats check out How to Sell Beats Online.

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  1. Thank you for these tips, when getting started it helps a great deal because when you are making tons of beats (Hip Hop beats, EDM Beats, Instrumentals), you want to make sure you can capitalize off of all of your work. Showing the pros and cons of leasing is a great way to put it and leases can make you just as much money as exclusives even though they cost less. Good article from you guys.

  2. Thank you!!

    I prefer to sell the leases, they are more easily sold with exclusive rights.

  3. Very nice article. Very clear differences explained. Thanks!

  4. What happens if you lease a beat and then someone else wants to buy the exclusive rights?

  5. Hope with this article many rappers will make the difference between those Licenses Agreements

  6. These aren’t hard and fast. All of these are subject to the discretion of the licensor and their agreement. For Example, an Exclusive beat doesn’t necessarily equate to transfer of copyrights. Nor does it mean that only 1 artist is using the beat. Heads up guys: If you are thinking about buying beats online please read the licensing agreement before you buy.. #facts

  7. If you are a producer and a music artist buys a Beat for the Exclusive rights Is the producer Intitled to any royalties

  8. Great article. You definitely covered the the difference between different licences which makes it very easy for anyone to choose which license they need.

  9. Hey, so let’s say I sell 3 leases or so on a beat and then after that I receive an offer for an exclusive. How am I supposed to (Or am I supposed to) ensure that that the artist who purchased the exclusive is the only artist with the beat after having sold a lease to those other artists before?

  10. What happens if you lease a beat and then someone else wants to buy the exclusive rights? and If you are a producer and a music artist buys a Beat for the Exclusive rights Is the producer Intitled to any royalties

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