How to Promote Beats on Instagram ( 7 Tips )

How to Sell Beats on Instagram

Here are a few helpful marketing tips for music producers on how to promote and how to sell beats on Instagram.

The advice in this article isn’t directly selling beats on Instagram, but tips to help you build a larger following to promote your beats and website too.

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How to Promote Beats on Instagram

1. Follow Popular Music Producers

Follow other music producers with huge followings to see what they are posting to understand how they got their following.

2. Repost Popular Content

If you see images on Instagram that is getting a lot of likes that your audience may like, repost it to share with your followers.

funny meme

People love funny memes and music equipment.

Install “Repost for Instagram” app to make this easy for you: iPhone / Android

Remember to give credit to the original poster.

3. Add Popular Hashtags to Your Posts

By adding hashtags to your post, your content will get grouped with other related images, which will help it to get discovered by new people and gain new followers and likes.

Search for people Instagram hashtags:

Tags you may want to use:

  • #beats
  • #artist
  • #beatsforsale
  • #rapp
  • #hiphop
  • #songs
  • #trap

4. Post at Peak Times

To make sure you get the most possible views, try to post at the peak times of day for Instagram.

The best suggested times by Huffington Post is 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Best Times to Post on Instagram

5. Include Your Website Link in the Bio

Your site link should be in your bio along with a short description of what you do.

Advance marketers use their bio area for marketing text and a link to a landing page to capture an email address.

Example: Sign up for our email list and get 3 FREE beats. Visit

6. Get Creative With Content

Here are six ideas for content to post.

Preview New Beats

Show Behind the Scenes

Show Off Your Music Equipment

Show Events You Attend

Promote Beats

Have Fun & Be Creative

7. Offer Limited Time Promotions

Once a month run a promotion encouraging people to buy beats in the next 7 days to get beats at a discounted rate.

Many businesses time promotions with a holiday to get creative. Example: Halloween Sale, Christmas Sale, etc.

Beat Promotions

8. Use High-Quality Graphics

Always make sure you are using high-quality graphics to look professional. We offer pre-made graphic templates to use. Check them out.




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I hope you find these tips to be helpful. Do you have any advice on how to sell beats on Instagram? Please share in the comment section.

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