6 SoundCloud Promotion Tips for Music Producers

Here are a few helpful SoundCloud promotion tips for music producers on how to promote and how to promote beats on SoundCloud.

Music Promotion Tips for SoundCloud
Music Promotion Tips for SoundCloud

Should you promote beats on SoundCloud?

Yes! You should have a profile and some of your beats on the site.

You should claim your music producer’s name on all social sites and use SoundCloud to promote your website.

If you do a search on SoundCloud for “Beats for Sale” you will find multiple producers with thousands of followers. Those are potential customers.

SoundCloud Promotion Tips

Promote your websites to get more traffic.

SoundCloud Promotion Tips for Music Producers

2. Have Quality Artwork

Upload quality thumbnails for all your beats. Good thumbnails will help to get more plays.

SoundCloud Promotion Tips for Music Producers

3. Tag Your Beats

There are sites online that make it easy to save MP3s from SoundCloud. So add audio tags to your beats to protect them from being stolen.

Include direct links to buy a beat in the description of the beat you upload. Many producers just include a link to their website, but make it easy for the listener to buy a beat by providing a direct link.

You can link directly to single beats with the Music Maker WordPress theme.

When adding beats to SoundCloud add the buy link and link to the beat in the description.

Buy Link
Include a Link to Buy on SoundCloud

5. Add Hashtags to Your Beats

By adding hashtags to your beats, your tracks will get grouped with other related beats, which will help it to get discovered by new people and gain new followers and likes.


6. Have High-Quality Graphics to Look Professional

Check out our design templates for SoundCloud.


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Watch this video by Serious Beats for SoundCloud marketing tips.

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Do you have any SoundCloud promotion tips to share?

Please share in the comment section.

I have more articles on how to sell beats.

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  1. Thanks Mark for this post. I didn’t know how it’s important to add a lot of hashtag on my beats on soundcloud I was thinking something like “No body cares”, you just change my mind.
    Also, you probably know since about two month ago soundcloud delete the groups, is there an alternative ?

  2. Thanks for the pointers man! :) Soundcloud is def a great place to promote and sell beats.

  3. I don’t have any social media or websites. How will I receive my money if I sell a beat?

  4. Mario, did you investigate ways like Paypal, or maybe even setting up a website ? Look at the top of this page and you’ll see Mark has provided a link that goes to the page about ‘How to make a website’.

    The Serious Beats vid is good. I’d slept on that one. Thanks for putting it up.

  5. how do i get started selling beats on soundcloud.

  6. i want to sale my beats

  7. I would like to know the same thing i made a few beats off bandpass.and would like to sell them if the want them

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