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  1. Im not being negative beware producers when you build your brand on leasing a lot of industry folks tend to stay away because your sound is to easy to get a hold of but you might make more money online!!!! I guess its your choice at the end of the day because you want to make money but going major if your beats are high price you could go years until a break but god is good!!! And if you work hard you never like the dude in this video said don’t doubt yourself ……!!! good luck!!!

  2. I have to give credit to him for leasing that many beats and making money. Being a brand owner and a producer, I see being an artist just like a brand. If you sell yourself short it devalues your brand.

    It also brings the market down with artist expecting to only pay $5-$10 per beat.

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  3. I think people like him make it hard for serious producers out there. I sales beats from 50 to $100.00 and I’m not selling beats everyday, but when I do I feel the hard works worth the payoff. Now if I pimped myself out like this guy and sold my beats for $5.00 I would sale everyday, but my music wouldn’t carry much value because content is being used by multiple artist and download for $5.00. Now what happens when a major artist wants a beat? He’s going to expect for you do have a $5.00 contract. This video kills this guys creditability as a producer and exposes the fact that he only has one motive and thats to sale cheap beats fast. Fuck this dude. Mark why did you post this whack ass dude on ya site.lol

    1. Hey Bryce,

      I know some people would hate on the video. I think there are pros and cons to everything. I posted it to start a conversation on the website, and it’s a topic people will check out.

  4. Lol @ bryce always crying it’s all about reaching his goals and being successful at it… Lol

    1. I guess if that makes him happy then thats all that matters. King my crying is always justified because its in the name of hiphop.lol

  5. I think the biggest misconception is that he is a producer. He isnt he is a beatmaker your not working to make a complete song your putting up a beat in mp3 format and just selling it no matter if the music is good bad or ugly. There is no working to help create concepts there is no making changes to the beat there is no track for track so that the final product sounds good. He is a good beat maker the difference needs to be known.

  6. Mark V, You found the guy i was talking about. Remember back in April 2013, You posted a topic titled “Producers Selling Beats For $10 to $25 (video)

    I didn’t wanna type his name back then out of respect. Remember i said there is this guy who sells 400 beats for $25 on a popular beat selling website. I remember your response was something like “That is around 6 cents per beat”. LOL.

    20,000 beats??? WOW…I’m trying not to be negative but I sure hope he reaps the benefits of this and have something to show for it someday (A pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of). There are producers probably sold 100 beats or less with good Branding, Marketing and Placements and making very good money even more money than this guy.

    Figure 20,000 beats, let’s pretend he sold all at $10, just pretend. That is $200,000 but look at the insane amount of beats that he had to sell. He could’ve had the power to reach $200,000 sooner if he had good marketing/pricing, selling/leasing way less beats.

    He really devalued himself. People, I know we as Beatmakers/Producers love what we do but this is a BUSINESS like Google, Yahoo, Apple, Pepsi etc…You fill in the blank_______. Can you imagine what would of happen if those companies had devalued themselves at the beginning when they were just starting out???

    You gotta be in control like a BOSS, Run your Business like a BOSS and live like a BOSS!!! Then you will get respect like a BOSS!!! Then you will be Successful like a BOSS!!!

    I’m done. PEACE!

    1. Ha. Yea, that 6 cents a beat is for sure a embarrassing number.

      I’m personally not mad at this guy. He has made a business out of leasing beats. Maybe he doesn’t care about getting big placements, and only wants to target to cheap music artist. He understands his audience, and that’s not everyone’s audience. Anyone that leases a $5 non-exclusive beat is not the type of customers you guys want.

      We live in a competitive world, and someone will always do the same thing that you do as a lower price. This will never change.

      But there are things you can do to help your success:
      – Build relationship with people
      – Market, Market, Market – There are millions of music artist in need of quality beats, find them.
      – Don’t worry about your competition, do better than them.

      1. You are right Mark V. If this is what makes him happy and if this how he finds his success, then oh well this is his life, not mine/yours. Yes, we do live in a competitive world.

        Piggy backing on what you said about “Someone will always do the same thing that you do at a lower price” You are absolutely right.

        Well for as many Apple stores/products out there, Take the product Apple iPad for example. There are just as many other companies selling lower priced tablets of their own brand on the market for those who can’t afford Apple Products and people buy these other brands. Big Business for these companies and successful.

        There are luxury car dealerships who sell cars to people who can afford them. So for as many luxury car dealerships there are many other brand car companies with lower priced cars, that sell to people who can’t afford luxury cars. All are successful. The list can go on and on about lot’s of top of the line products and there competitive lower selling counterparts. You fill in the blank_______.

        Hell I buy other brands of laundry detergent at a lower cost because I think that TIDE is too expensive but TIDE is still a successful brand and so are the lower priced brand detergents. There are customers for everything. So that goes to show we can all be winners and make money but in different ways and still be successful.

        Thank you for posting this because the conversations, replies and comments, it OPENED my closed mind. I have come around full circle. I agree with you Mark V, I’m personally not mad at this guy either, (NOT ANYMORE).

        I just know what works for him doesn’t work for me and that’s fine. So I’m gonna take care of my business and leave the next person’s alone. There is more than enough to go around for all of us. PEACE!

        1. HAHA. I’m happy the conversation has turned to detergent comparisons. jk

          I just think there are tons of opportunities out there for everyone to make some money. It won’t be easy, but nothing in life is.

          And @dabeat1, I want to thank you for your constant support on the site and sharing your thoughts and comments on the site.

  7. The Guy is the McDonalds of the leasing industry. He’s making the kind of money that folks on iTunes wish they had. I’m not mad at him at all. What some fail to realize is that his clients come back and buy exclusives between $99 and $150 so if you were to include those pricing in the mix, he may just be doing better than what we see financially.

    1. LOL. ” McDonalds of the leasing industry”. I love that.

      I find what this guy is doing to be really interesting. He is selling beats as a “digital product” that he can sell over and over all year round. That’s passive income monthly. This is how many people make good money each year by creating products they can easily sell over and over to their audience. Now at $5 a beat, it’s kind of questionable.

      But keep this in mind. For the angry birds game for you mobile device, it took 6 months to develop. It took teams of people to create it, and lets just say a crazy amount of man hours. They only sell it for $0.99. Yet, they made $71 Million in profit in 2012.

      There are audiences for both high priced exclusive beats, and audiences for people who are to cheap to pay for a exclusive beat.

  8. I think he’s doing a good thing for himself. I don’t think hes devaluing himself. He knows his target market and hes making money. His customers know him for that so they’ll keep going back to him.

  9. At the end of the day the only rule is its got to work for you. Dude seems to have found his path to success. We are starting a website http//wwww.kyngofdabeatz.com to showcase our production but not sure we are going to go the leasing tracks route