15 Best Free Online Virtual Drums for Aspiring Drummers

Here is a collection of the best free virtual drums you can play online without installing software.

This list includes online virtual drum sets, online drum machines, drum sequencers, and more.

Since all these virtual drums are browser-based, they work with Windows, Mac, Linux, and some mobile devices.

These virtual drums are fun to play and experiment with and don’t cost a dime to use.

Best Free Online Virtual Drums for Aspiring Drummers
Best Free Online Virtual Drums for Aspiring Drummers

Free Online Virtual Drums

  1. Musicca Virtual Drums
  2. Virtual Drumming
  3. Session Town Drums
  4. Real Drum Online
  5. Virtual Drums Online
  6. Virtual Drum
  7. WebAudio Drum Machine
  8. Drumbit
  9. iO-808
  10. Virtual Mixed Percussion
  11. Pattern Sketch
  12. Travis Barker Drum Kit
  13. Onemotion Online Drum Pad
  14. Vintage Virtual Drums
  15. Bookaboo Drum Kit

1. Musicca Virtual Drums

Musicca Virtual Drums
Musicca Virtual Drums

Musicca Drums is an interactive and immersive online drum set simulator that allows users to explore and learn the art of drumming in a fun, engaging, and accessible way. 

With a virtual drum kit at your fingertips, you can practice, create, and enjoy drumming without the need for physical equipment. 

Ideal for beginners and experienced drummers alike, Musicca Drums offers an intuitive interface and a variety of features to enhance your drumming experience.

Offers cymbals, crash, snare, bass drum, and more.

  • Play with a mouse or computer keyboard


2. Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming
Virtual Drumming Apps

Virtual Drumming is a captivating and entertaining platform offering a wide selection of online virtual drum sounds, perfect for anyone looking to dive into the world of drumming.

Virtual Drumming provides an engaging and enjoyable way to practice, learn, and create drum beats.

Featuring various drum sets, styles, and features, this platform offers a rich and diverse experience for drumming enthusiasts,

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3. Session Town Drums

Session Town Drums
Session Town Drums

Session Town Drums offers a fun and engaging online virtual drum set, perfect for drum lovers of all skill levels. 

With an intuitive interface and realistic drum sounds, users can practice, learn, and create beats in a user-friendly environment. 

Session Town Drums provides a convenient and enjoyable drumming experience for everyone.

  • High-quality drum samples: Enjoy realistic drum sounds sourced from professional drum kits for an authentic playing experience.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Play drums using your computer’s mouse, keyboard, or touch-enabled devices for a seamless experience.

Session Town

4. Real Drum Online

Real Drum Online
Real Drum Online

Real Drum is a highly engaging drums simulator app that brings the excitement of drumming to your fingertips.

With realistic drum sounds, a customizable drum set, and easy-to-use controls, users can practice, learn, and create beats in a fun way.

Perfect for drumming enthusiasts of all skill levels, Real Drum offers a convenient and immersive experience in any web browser.

This drum kit includes a crash cymbal, hi hat, snare drum, bass drum, ride, floor tom, and more.

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5. Virtual Drums Online

Virtual Drums Online
Virtual Drums Online

Virtual Musical Instruments Drums is an entertaining and accessible online drum kit simulator, perfect for drumming enthusiasts of all skill levels.

With an intuitive interface, realistic drum sounds, and user-friendly controls, users can practice, learn, and enjoyably create beats.

Accessible on any device with a web browser, Virtual Musical Instruments Drums provides a convenient and engaging drumming experience for everyone.

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6. Virtual Drum

Virtual Drum
Virtual Drum

Virtual Drum is an entertaining and interactive online drumming game, perfect for drum lovers of all skill levels.

With realistic drum sounds, an intuitive interface, and user-friendly controls, you can practice, learn, and create beats enjoyably and engagingly.

Accessible on any device with a web browser, Virtual Drum provides a convenient and fun drumming experience for everyone.

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7. WebAudio Drum Machine

WebAudio Drum Machine - Free Drum Machine Online
WebAudio Online Drum Machine

The WebAudio Drum Machine offers a virtual drumming experience that brings out the drummer in you! 

Unleash your creativity with a simple yet powerful tool designed to help you craft custom drum patterns with ease. 

Fun for aspiring musicians, music producers, and those who love to play with sound.

  • 15 virtual drum kits to explore different sounds and styles
  • 26 audio effects to add depth and dimension to your beats
  • Pitch controls for kick, snare drum, hi-hat, and toms to personalize your sound
  • 16-step sequencer for quick and easy sound pattern creation
  • 5 premade demos to inspire your creativity
  • MIDI controller support for seamless integration with your existing gear
  • Swing controls to give your beats a distinct groove
  • Drum fills to add variety and excitement to your creations

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8. Drumbit


Drumbit is an online drum machine that offers an easy way to create drum beats with just a few clicks. 

With its simple and intuitive interface, Drumbit makes it easy to select from a variety of drum kits and apply filters and effects. 

You can also adjust the volume and pitch of each sample in your track, as well as control the left-right distribution through panning. 

Additionally, the platform offers a 16-step drum sequencer, 20 browser shortcuts, and the ability to modify swing.

Drumbit offers a range of features to help you create your ideal sound, including 11 audio effects such as compressor, low-pass, and high-pass filters. 

It also offers an audio visualizer and 7 demos to inspire you as you create your beats. 

Once you’re finished, you can save your project files or export your drum loops as WAV files to use in your music production software.

  • Choose from 20 sound kits
  • Apply 11 audio effects
  • Utilize 20 browser shortcuts for quick and easy navigation
  • Modify swing for unique rhythms
  • Utilize a 16-step drum sequencer
  • Access 7 demos for inspiration
  • Visualize audio with the audio visualizer
  • Apply filters including compressor, low-pass, and high-pass
  • Control left/right audio panning
  • Save project files for future editing
  • Export WAV files for use in other projects


9. iO-808

iO-808 - Drum Machine Online

The iO-808 is a fantastic virtual drum machine that has been expertly recreated to bring back the classic sound of the original TR-808 hardware. 

With its easy-to-use interface and authentic recreation of every parameter found on the original 808 hardware unit, this web-based drum machine is the perfect tool for any musician or music enthusiast looking to create amazing beats.

  • 12 drum samples: With 12 different drum samples to choose from, you can create a wide variety of beats and grooves.
  • Create 2 patterns: The iO-808 allows you to create two drum patterns, giving you even more flexibility to create the perfect beat.
  • Adjust tone, decay, and volume: You can adjust the tone, decay, and volume of each drum sound, allowing you to customize the sound of your beats.
  • Faithful recreation: The iO-808 is a faithful recreation of the original TR-808 hardware unit, so you can enjoy the classic sound without having to track down a vintage piece of gear.


10. Virtual Mixed Percussion

Virtual Mixed Percussion
Virtual Mixed Percussion

The Virtual Mixed Percussion is a virtual drum machine that lets you play an assortment of percussion instruments online. 

With this musical instrument, you can explore the diverse range of sounds produced by various percussion instruments, including tabla, drums, cymbals, and bass drum. 

It is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, and all you need is a computer keyboard to get started.

Here are some of the features of virtual mixed percussion website:

  • Play a wide range of percussion instruments online.
  • Choose from various drum sounds like cymbals, snares, kick drums, triangles, crash, and more.
  • Select a song from the Virtual Piano search box or browse the music sheets.
  • Follow the letters in the music sheet, which refer to the keys on your computer keyboard.
  • Press the highlighted keys on your computer keyboard to play the song.

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11. Pattern Sketch

Pattern Sketch - Best Drum Machine Online
Pattern Sketch

The Pattern Sketch website is a fantastic online drum machine and sequencer inspired by the Roland TR-808 and TR-909. 

It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create amazing drum loops. 

This drum sequencer offers a wide variety of features that enable users to create, save, edit, and export drum loops effortlessly.

With 9 different sound kits available, including Dubstep, Electronic Music, Jazz, Live, Reggae, TR-808, TR-909, and Vintage Drums, the Pattern Sketch is a great tool for music enthusiasts who want to create beats across various genres.

Some of the impressive features of the Pattern Sketch include 16 drum tracks, up to 64 steps, and solo/mute controls, which provide users with endless creative possibilities. 

Additionally, the software comes with more than 15 premade patterns that can be used as a starting point or for inspiration.

The Pattern Sketch allows you to export your audio in WAV, OGG, or MP3 formats, making it easier to share your work with others.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • 9 different sound kits to choose from.
  • 16 drum tracks with up to 64 steps.
  • Export audio in WAV, OGG, or MP3 formats.
  • More than 15 premade patterns available.
  • Solo/mute controls for each track.

Pattern Sketch

12. Travis Barker Drum Kit

Travis Barker Drum Kit
Virtual Drummer

The Travis Barker Drum Kit is an exciting and interactive virtual drum machine, inspired by the legendary Blink-182 drummer himself. 

Perfect for aspiring musicians and fans of Travis Barker, this online drum kit allows users to play along with their favorite Blink-182 songs and create their own rock beats using their computer keyboard.

  • Authentic Travis Barker drum set design
  • Play along with Blink-182 songs
  • Customizable key settings to match drum set elements
  • Adjustable volume for each drum and cymbal
  • Requires JavaScript for optimal performance

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13. Onemotion Online Drum Pad

Onemotion Drum Machine - Free Drum Machine Online | Online Drum Pad
Onemotion Online Drum Machine | Online Drum Pad

The One Motion Drum Machine is a fun virtual drum machine that allows music enthusiasts to create, play, and explore drum beats right in their browsers. 

With over 20 drum kits to choose from, this free and easy-to-use app offers endless possibilities for creativity and fun. 

In the “Compose” view, you can easily use the step sequencer to add drums and experiment with different patterns. 

With the “Pads” view, you can switch to a drum pad interface and even connect external MIDI controllers for a more hands-on experience. 

Plus, the website supports a wide range of audio effects, including Studio, Gated, Hall, Chamber, Plate, and Church, giving your beats a professional touch.

For a more interactive experience, try the live drummer view, where an animated character plays back your drum patterns. 

You can also use the virtual drummer mode on your iPhone to simulate playing a real drum set. Explore other users’ creations by clicking on “Explore” and get inspired by their unique patterns.

  • Over 20 drum kits
  • Step sequencer and drum pad view
  • 6 audio effects
  • Undo and redo functionality
  • Live drummer view
  • Support for external MIDI controllers
  • Mobile friendly
  • Virtual drum kits


14. Vintage Drums

Vintage Virtual Drum Set
Vintage Drums

The Vintage Virtual Drum Set is an engaging and entertaining virtual drum machine that emulates the sounds and design of a classic 1960s drum set.

This online drum game allows you to play along with your favorite songs using the iconic drumsticks and sounds of legendary drummers from the past.

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15. Bookaboo Drum Kit

Bookaboo Drum Kit
Play Drums Online

The Bookaboo Drum Kit is a fun and engaging virtual drum machine designed for aspiring young drummers and music enthusiasts.

With its easy-to-use interface and realistic drum sounds, this online drum set allows users to play and create their own beats with just a few clicks of their computer keyboard or mouse.


We hope you found this list of online virtual drums helpful. Use headphones for the best experience.

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