Here Are The Pros & Cons of Offering Free Beats

Here are a couple of tips on offering free beats and free beat downloads for music producers selling beats online.

Free Beats & Free Beat Downloads

Offering free beat downloads allows potential customers to take a beat with them so they can write where ever they want, so they can decide if they want to buy the beat.

Tips For Offering Free Beats

Here are a few suggestions for dealing with free beats.

  • Include audio tags on all free beats.
  • Include terms and conditions on your beat selling website of what can and can’t be done with the free beat.
    – Be clear on the beat limitations and that they don’t own the rights to the beat.
  • Don’t give away WAV or tracked out files for free.
  • Don’t give away too many free beats. Selling beats is a business, make money off the service you provide.
  • Get something in return for your free beats, maybe require visitors email address to market to them in the future.

Tips by KC Beatz

Here is a second opinion on free beats by DJ Pain1.

What are your thoughts?

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