Beat Placements vs Selling Beats Online

Beat Placements vs Selling Beats Online

Here are the pro and cons of beat placements and selling beats online.

Getting album placements is very similar to selling beats online.

Here are some pros and cons of getting an album placement.

Beat Placements “Pros

  1. Leverage Music Artists Name – If you get a major album placement you can leverage a music artists name to help you get more placements.
  2. Cash Advances – Major label music artists you will usually give a cash advance for a beat.
  3. More Money Upfront – Major label music artists have higher budgets to pay more for beats.
  4. Accomplishment – There is a great level of pride with getting a major album placement.

Beat Placements “Cons

  1. It’s Hard – Getting album placements is much harder. Each album has limited spots available and you are competing with a lot of music producers.
  2. Legal Paper Work – You will probably need a lawyer for all the legal documents you will have to sign like music contracts, royalties, publishing, and more.
  3. Music Artist Sitting on Beats – Not all music artist will pay a cash advance. Some will say they want a beat, but you have to wait until their album gets closer to being finished to find out if your beat makes the final cut.

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