7 Tips to Selling Beats for Music Producers

Here are seven helpful tips on selling beats for music producers.

Tips for Selling Beats
Beat Selling Tips

Tips for Selling Beats

1. Make Beat Making Videos

Some music producers may not want to get in front of a camera, but making videos and sharing knowledge can help you to get exposure. There are many people online who want to learn. These people can become fans and potential customers.

In an interview with Boon Doc, he shared posting videos on YouTube helped tremendously with getting exposure. “People are posting and discussing my videos all over the internet.” He also shared posting videos helped increase beats sales, finding new music artist to collaborate with, and big names like Ryan Leslie getting in contact with him.

YouTube music maker Ronald Jenkees has over 385,000 subscribers. So creating videos can help with getting exposure.

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2. Participate in Music Forums

I have been in many music forums where individual producers have built great names for themselves. They do this in a couple of ways like having great answers to people asking questions, sharing music making tips, giving feedback, and producing good music. Participating in forums also allows you to keep updated with what is going on with music, learn new techniques, and get feedback on your music.

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In forums, try to be helpful and build a good name for yourself.

3. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Put a web address in your email signature, forum signature, social profiles, and on blogs when you leave a comment in the URL section. This helps me a lot, I leave a comment on other music blogs, and I can see traffic coming from all kind of sites because of it.

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4. Give Away Free Beats

People love free things. Free is an excellent way to get someone’s attention.

Many music producers offer free beats in exchange for an email address. Once you get someone’s email address, you can market to them to try to get them to buy beats.

Also, as a web designer, I have worked on many free projects in the past which has opened the door to many paying projects.

5.  Be Everywhere

Make your beats available everywhere. You don’t know where people may come across your music. Utilize sites like Airbit, BeatStars, Soundclick, Roc Battles, along with social sites. Make your music available online to listen to, and easy to buy. I recommend using all those sites to promote your website.

6. Join Online Beat Battles

Websites like Roc Battles have sections for beat battles that allow music producers to show off their talents. Every win you gain more points and the more points you get the higher you will show on the producer charts and get more exposure.

7. Network

I’m sure you have heard this before. It’s not what you know, it’s about who you know. You have to get your foot in the door, and meeting those right people can expose your music to the right person. So give your music to everyone, rappers, singers, managers, engineers, songwriters, musicians, etc. It’s a small world, you have no idea of who some people off the street may know.

When you’re out networking, please make sure you have the essentials like a business card handy with a name, current phone number, email address and a professional web address to stand out.


I know way too many music producers that are overly protective of their beats. If you plan on being a success in the music industry, those one or two beats should not be held on too like these are the beats that will determine your music success. Your skills of being able to continuously create good music is what will determine your success. Like Rsonist from the Heatmakerzs said in this video, your beats won’t be heard in your house. Get them into everyone’s hands that you can put them in because you don’t know where it will get you.

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Let me know what you think about this post.

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  1. Good post mark, I like how you incorporated older articles and still made it current. Very helpful info in here

  2. Mark,
    Great post! Very informative. I’m actually working on a project for selling beats on the internet and I’ll be sure to trackback to this post.

    I’ve been all over the place with stuff. Still gotta get that article to you.

    The site is looking good man.

    Hope you’re having a Happy Holidays and I’ll hit you up on email.

  3. Another killer way to gain exposure is to give away custom beatz at local hip hop events, or simply package them as a gift, custom made for “name your favorite local artist here”. Dump it to cd, wrap it and give it to them with a bottle of champaign, or whatever. Building up street cred by caring and doing for others. This is how we do it at our Denver Recording Studio.

  4. We spread publicity locally by making say 10 beatz, packaging each, wrapping in our studio’s promo paper, and having an intern give them out. But the beatz have a flaw, like a cough or cheesy ‘hi’ in them, and a little message inviting them to come by the studio for the clean version, which is waiting for free. Then they get coffee, a tour, and literature, along with their free beat. In the process, our Denver recording studio gets a great local reputation.

  5. Hi! Thank you for this post. Actually, I’m not very familiar with this topic but after reading your post, it’s clear now! Keep up the good posts like this. Take care!

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  8. 2, 3, 4 and 7 I feel, but im not puttin my beats or my style on the market ta be stolen by postin vids so ill pass on that advice. Finished product vocals and all can go up on the internet all day but an open beat is jus open season for beat biters

  9. First time hearing about this site, I’m love it, keep up the hard work King, Respect, be Blessed!

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  12. This article was a godsend! I’m going to sign up to those forums and will make a beat making video right away. Thank you for this article and for this site for it’s awesome resources (the 100 free drum sounds are my workhorse hip hop sounds) and articles like these. Grtz, OTNA.

  13. Really diggin your post and want to thank you for getting me interested in this. Keep your site running so I can keep myself motivated in this industry. Come see me if you need anything. Keep your site hot and I’ll be back!

  14. In my opinion this is like the producer’s bible. Lol. Great tip. Keep more stuff like this coming!

  15. These are really some great tips big ups! Any artists looking for reggae riddims check my site out (click on my name)!

  16. Good post mark, I like how you incorporated older articles and still made it current. Very helpful info in here

  17. Some great tips! I think you should also include social media in the list. YouTube and Facebook work wonders!

  18. Although this article is old, the method still works today. Thanks for the tips! I’m showing this to my friend now hopefully he’ll get his music across

  19. This was a Very goo article. I Would also suggest Branding yourself visually with a logo of some sort. Check out Some of My Beats at |www.MistaInstrumentalz.com | They come with a FREE T-SHIRT!

  20. Not only will you come up with some cool ideas, you just might create a new genre of music in the process.

    Online beat makers can also be extremely bad news if you have a slow internet connection. Try to find beats for sale or Soundclick rap beats can be extremely difficult if you do not know what you’re doing.

  21. 7. Go Out and Network – seems to be the hardest for me living in Oklahoma not to many artist serious with music & if they are it’s mainly country, Folk, or Blue Brass music, I tend to offer music mixing services.

    1. I hear you. But because of the internet you can pretty much network and build relationships much easier. Use the internet to your advantage.

  22. I make music , I made One R&b beat In which I used loops . which i had Purchased .
    and someone is willing to buy that Instrumental . Can i sell them ? is that legal ?

  23. thanks for the info bro very helpful. i have a question im a up and coming music producer i got my beats on souncloud and i have a few rappers interested in working with me and looking to buy my beats and i have a friend who also makes beats and when he first started he was selling his beats for 100$. but i feel like thats too much in a way but i just want to be certain like whats a good decent price to sell beats??

  24. Famous producers have stolen beats over the years they are still doing so it will never end

  25. Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else could I am getting that type of info written in such an ideal
    way? I have a undertaking that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been at the
    look out for such information.

  26. Personally, I would have mentioned Youtube in the “promote, promote, promote!!!” section.
    For producers, that is the #1 outlet to drive fee traffic to your website.

    Aside that, this is a real solid piece of information!