20 Best Free Bass VST Plugins

Check out the best free bass VST plugins online that can be used with Reason, FL Studio, Ableton Live, and other music software.

Looking for some unique sounds to add to your music projects? View free VST instruments.

Best Bass VST Plugins

  1. Ample Bass P Lite II
  2. Labs Bass Guitar
  3. TAL–Bassline
  4. Bassline
  5. Dolphin Bassline
  6. Subdivine Lite
  7. MONSTER Bass
  8. Gorilla Bass
  9. 808 Bass Module 4 Lite
  10. Lo-Lo 808 Bass VST
  11. FunkBass
  12. FabBass
  13. Devil Bass Module
  14. DSK BassZ
  15. Bassline II
  16. Bass Module
  17. 4Front Bass
  18. X-SUB
  19. Monique
  20. OMB2
Best Free Bass VST Plugins - Best Bass VSTs
Best Free Bass VST Plugins

I have included bass plugins that work for Windows and Mac.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each bass VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Sound Ample Bass P Lite II By Ample Sound

Ample Bass P Lite II VST Plugin By Ample Sound
Sound Ample Bass P Lite II by Ample Sound | Sampled Bass Guitars

Sound Ample Bass P Lite II aims to bring the Fender Precision Bass sound to your studio.

The Ample Bass VST plugin is an electric bass VST plugin great for some groovier and more rock-centric bass sounds.

  • Two Sampling Cycles
  • Unique Fingerings
  • Velocity Layers
  • Modulation Wheel
  • Sampled Sounds

Ample Bass P Lite II | PC & Mac

Ample Bass P Lite II Preview

Best Bass VST Plugins

2. Labs Bass Guitar VST

Labs Bass Guitar
Labs Bass Guitar VST | Free Bass VST Plugin

Labs Bass Guitar is one of the simplest and most user-friendly bass VST plugins available. It comes with four presets, each with a unique sound, and seven controls to fine-tune your sound.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Four presets with unique sounds
  • Scoring Bass
  • Support For MIDI Keyboards

Labs | PC & Mac

3. TAL–Bassline

Best Bass VST Plugins

TAL-BassLine is a virtual analog bass VST synthesizer especially made for bass, acid sounds, and effects. It’s based on a robust core and has the usual controls of analog hardware synthesizers.

A unique -18dB low pass filter with many asymmetric and random components introduces a warm and analog sound. Very fast, nonlinear envelopes are also a part of this synth.

  • 23 Presets
  • Bandlimited oscillators
  • Sub-Oscillator
  • Resonant/Self-Oscillating
  • LFO
  • Waveforms: Sin, Tri, Saw, Rec, Noise
  • Nonlinear envelope
  • Simple Arpeggiator
  • 2x Unisono Mode
  • Panic Button
  • MIDI automation
  • Precise fader control
  • Supports all sample rates
  • 2x oversampling
  • Analog Bass Plugin

Plugin | PC & Mac

4. Bassline

Bass VSTs

If you’re looking for an authentic-sounding bass plugin, Bassline is an excellent option. It features a wave sample player, making it easy to get authentic bass sounds.

The plugin also includes a multi-mode filter and envelope trigger, making it versatile and easy to use. It is sure to become a go-to bass plugin for many producers.

  • Wave sample player
  • Multi-mode filter
  • Envelope trigger

Plugin | PC

5. Dolphin Bassline

Dolphin Bassline
Dolphin Bassline | Free Plugins

Dolphin Bassline is a must-have for bass lovers. It has a very user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started. You can ask it to output either saw waves or square waves.

It also has cutoff and resonance controls to fine-tune your sound. Plus, this plugin is excellent for creating thumping basslines.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Saw waves or square waves
  • Cutoff and resonance controls

Plugin | PC

6. Subdivine Lite

Subdivine Lite
Subdivine Lite | Best Bass VST Plugins

Subdivine Lite is a perfect plugin for 808-style bass sounds. It features six great-sounding presets, an adjustable drive, partly modifiable ADSR, and a fully functional pitch bend.

This plugin is limited but still very powerful and helpful. It’s perfect for creating 808-style bass sounds.

Subdivine Lite | PC & Mac



This is one of the unique bass VST plugins out there. Unlike other plugins that simply rely on presets, this plugin programs and samples each sound from scratch. This results in a much more unique and varied sound that can add something special to your tracks.

Plus, it comes with a simple but effective GUI that makes it easy to use. Besides, it also includes 25 presets, ranging from synth bass to electric and acoustic sounds.

  • 25 Presets
  • Simple but effective GUI

Plugin | PC & Mac

8. Gorilla Bass

Gorilla Bass
Gorilla Bass

This is a perfect plugin for creating heavy Reese basslines for drum & bass. It has multi-LFO, room reverb, highpass/lowpass filter, amplitude range controls, and three voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato.

The plugin allows you to have complete control over the sound of your basslines, making it a powerful plugin that any drum & bass producer should have in their arsenal.

  • Multi-LFO
  • Room reverb
  • Highpass/lowpass filter
  • Amplitude range controls
  • Three voice modes

Plugin | PC & Mac

9. 808 Bass Module 4 Lite

808 Bass Module 4 Lite
808 Bass Module 4 Lite

If you’re into electronic music, then you’ll love this plugin. It is perfect for creating those deep, thundering bass sounds that are so characteristic of the genre.

Its easy-to-use controls and 15 presets for electronic music make it an excellent choice for any producer or musician looking to add some extra low-end to their tracks.

The distortion control can add some extra grit and grime to your bass lines, giving them an even more authentic sound.

  • 15 Presets for electronic music
  • Distortion control for added grit

Plugin | PC & Mac

10. Lo-Lo 808 Bass VST

Lo-Lo VST Plugin

If you’re looking for an 808 bass that’s easy to use and perfect for professional use, look no further than the Lo-Lo.

This virtual instrument is based on the classic 808 bass sound, and it’s ideal for creating thumping basslines that will get any crowd moving.

The audio is clear and punchy, and the plugin is easy to tweak to get excellent sound for your track.

Lo-Lo | PC & Mac

11. FunkBass Bass Plugin

FunkBass Bass Plugin

FunkBass is a perfect VST for bass enthusiasts and producers looking for that funky slap bass guitar sound. The plugin comes with eight presets, including finger, slap, pick, chorus, fretless, fuzz, low, and sub.

The modulation section adds even more versatility, allowing you to create unique bass tones.

  • Eight presets
  • Attack/release envelope
  • Filter section with cutoff
  • Modulation section

Plugin | PC & Mac

12. FabBass

FabBass Bass Plugin | Best Bass Guitar VST

If you’re looking to add some old-school funk to your basslines, FabBass is the perfect VST for you. It provides a wide range of options for creating classic 1960s violin bass tones.

The pitch section, octave select, transpose select, and tune control all work together to give you ultimate control over your sound.

You can also use velocity and volume control to add even more depth and dimension to your basslines.

The classic seven-band bass guitar graphic EQ gives you even more options for shaping your sound, if that’s not enough.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, FabBass will give you your desired sound. That’s why it’s one of our top picks for the best free bass VST plugins.

  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • Pitch, octave, transpose, and tune controls
  • Velocity and volume control
  • Supports MIDI

Plugin | PC

13. Devil Bass Module

Devil Bass Module
Devil Bass Module

Devil bass module is a powerful bass synth VST for creating deep and high-vibrant basses in your musical creations.

With two oscillators offering eighteen different waveforms, one drawable envelope for the amp, and a filter with a selectable cutoff frequency, this bass VST is perfect for creating a wide range of unique bass effects.

The two-band equalizer and pressure knob allow you to fine-tune the low and high volumes, while the vibes selector and LFO offer further sound-shaping possibilities.

  • Two oscillators
  • Amp envelop
  • Two-band equalizer
  • Vibes selector
  • LFO
  • Pressure knob

Plugin | PC

14. DSK BassZ

DSK BassZ Bass Plugin

DSK BassZ is a free bass VST plugin. It comes with 24 different bass sounds, including acoustic and synth basses.

You can easily tweak the sound of each bass using the master section, which includes controls for level, pan, and fine-tuning.

Additionally, the amp envelope allows you to shape the attack and release of each note, while the velocity response ensures that your bass is natural and dynamic.

  • 24 Bass sounds
  • Master section with level and pan
  • Fine-tuning controls
  • Amp envelop for shaping the attack and release of each note
  • Velocity response for a natural and dynamic sound

Plugin | PC

15. Bassline II

Bassline II
Bassline II

Bassline II is simple to use and perfect for beginners and pros alike. It’s great for those who want to create their bass lines or those who just need a simple, effective bass sound.

Plugin | PC

16. Bass Module

Bass Module
Bass VST Instrument

Bass Module is a powerful bass VST plugin packed with 64 original bass sounds, perfect for any music style.

It also comes with 100MB of sample data, custom chorus FX, and an internal dynamic processor, perfect for any producer or musician.

  • 64 original bass sounds
  • 100MB of sample data
  • Custom chorus FX
  • Internal dynamic processor
  • MIDI Keyboard Support

Plugin | PC

17. 4Front Free Bass VST

4Front Bass
4Front Bass Guitar VST

4Front Bass is one of the most impressive bass VST plugins on this list. It’s small and versatile, making it perfect for various uses. The electric bass module is easy to use, and it can morph between a sample playback and a synthesizer.

The sound quality is excellent. This is why it’s one of the best free bass VST virtual instruments available, and it’s perfect for a wide range of genres, from rock to hip-hop.

Plugin | PC & Mac

18. X-SUB

X-SUB Bass Plugin

X-SUB is one of the most versatile synth bass VST plugins, and it’s definitely worth your time. It comes with 36 tuned 808 sounds perfect for genres like Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B.

But it’s not just limited to bass sounds – you can also use it to create bass synth leads, pads, and other cool sounds. That’s why it made our list of the best free bass VST plugins.

Great for electronic music producers.

  • 36 tuned 808 sounds
  • Perfect for Hip Hop, Trap and R&B
  • Bass synth leads, pads, and other cool sounds

X-SUB | PC / Mac / AU

19. Monique


Monique is a fantastic synthesizer for deep basses and aggressive lead sounds. The free filter routing and continuous morphable oscillators are unique and allow for the creation wide range of sounds.

The advanced modulation and automation possibilities make it easy to create complex bass sounds. Besides, the built-in effects add an extra layer of depth and character to your basses.

It also includes an arpeggiator, which is great for creating complex basslines.

  • 2 Oscillators with morphable waveforms
  • Filter routing options
  • Advanced modulation
  • Advanced Automation
  • Built-in effects
  • Morphable Oscillators
  • Arpeggiator
  • Synth Bass

Monique | PC & Mac / Linux

20. OMB2

OMB2 VST Instrument

OMB2 is a must-have for bass guitar enthusiasts. This plugin is incredibly realistic and allows you to customize your sound to perfection.

With 128 presets, a graphic EQ, flanger, delay, tremolo, distortion, and tone velocity controls, you can create any bass sound you can imagine.

The mod wheel is also programmable to create even more unique sounds. The MIDI learn feature allows you to control the plugin with your favorite MIDI controller if that’s not enough.

This incredible bass guitar plugin will give you endless possibilities for creating the perfect bass sound. You’re sure to be blown away by this plugin’s sheer power and flexibility.

  • 128 presets
  • Graphic EQ
  • Flanger
  • Delay
  • Tremolo
  • Distortion
  • Tone velocity controls
  • The mod wheel is programmable
  • MIDI learn feature


21. Hum808


If you’re looking for an 808 bass synth that goes beyond the basics, check out Hum 808.

This plugin offers additive and FM synthesis, allowing you to create various sounds.

There are three oscillators with five waveforms and a sample book with 70 samples that can be used in FM synthesis.

Its eight dedicated modulators allow you to modulate the sound in various ways. So, you can also sync the modulation to your DAW.

The five effects (distortion, compression, limiter, reverb, delay) and parametric equalizer give you even more sound-sculpting possibilities.

You’ll be amazed by the sounds you can create with this plugin.

  • Three oscillators with five waveforms
  • Additive and FM synthesis
  • Five effects
  • Parametric EQ
  • Sample bank with 70 samples
  • Eight dedicated modulators

Hum808 | PC

22. Bosphy Bass

Bosphy Bass
Bosphy Bass

Bosphy Bass is perfect for both beginner and experienced producers. It provides a natural sound that’s simple to use with a simple interface.

Bosphy | PC & Mac

23. BD-808


BD-808 gives you all the warmth and punch of the original analog bass drum, allowing you to create that classic 808 sound.

The plugin has several parameters that you can use to shape your sound, including tune, fine, accent, level, decay, and tone.

You can also use it as a bass synthesizer, making it a versatile tool for any producer.

  • Analog bass drum emulation
  • Parameters for Shaping Your Sound
  • It can be used as a bass synth

BD-808 | PC & Mac

24. Sound Magic Sienna Bass

Sound Magic Sienna Bass
Sound Magic Sienna Bass | Bass Guitar VSTs

If you’re looking for an acoustic bass guitar plugin that’s simple and sounds great, look no further. This lightweight plugin is perfect for those who want to add a touch of bass to their tracks without being overwhelming.

With two octaves of range, you’ll be able to cover all the bases with this plugin. It is sure to become a go-to for all your acoustic bass needs.

  • Simple to use
  • Sounds great
  • Lightweight
  • Two octaves of range

Sound Magic | PC

25. Project16 Picked Bass

Project16 Picked Bass
Project16 Picked Bass

This is a perfect bass VST plugin for anyone looking for that classic pick-style sound. The Rickenbacker 4001 bass was explicitly sampled for this plugin, and it sounds great.

  • Rickenbacker 4001 bass samples
  • Simple interface

Project16 | PC & Mac

26. Phat Bass VST

Phat Bass
Phat Bass | Free Bass VSTs

Phat Bass is perfect for those rich, deep basslines of the 70’s analog synths. With its two saw wave oscillators, detune control, and ability to sharpen one oscillator while flattening the other, you can create some truly fat basses.

  • Two saw wave oscillators
  • Analog Bass Plugin
  • Detune control
  • Ability to sharpen one oscillator while flattening the other
  • Synth Bass

Plugin | PC

27. DVS Megabass

DVS Megabass
DVS Megabass

DVS Megabass is one of the most popular bassline synthesizers on the market. It’s simple to use, yet it offers a wide range of sounds. One oscillator gives you the ability to create a variety of basslines, while the glide function makes it easy to create smooth transitions.

Its LP filter and chorus effects add depth and dimension to your sound. Finally, its overdrive effect can add some grit and attitude to your basslines. The plugin is sure to become a go-to for all your bass needs.

  • Simple to use
  • Wide range of sounds
  • One oscillator
  • Glide function
  • LP filter and chorus effects

Plugin | PC

28. DVS Bass

DVS Bass
DVS Bass

DVS Bass is a monophonic bassline synthesizer that features an innovative single-knob ADSR envelope control and a simple design to enable a wide range of bass to be created quickly.

Additionally, it comes with built-in presets that cover a wide range of genres, from dubstep to trap, and its neat sound makes it perfect for use in any production.

  • Simple, effective design
  • Innovative ADSR envelope control
  • Wide range of built-in presets

Plugin | PC

29. Project16 Fingered Bass

Project16 Fingered Bass
Project16 Fingered Bass

This is a fantastic sampled bass that was played with the fingers. It’s simple and easy to use, perfect for those who are just starting to produce their music as well as for professionals.

The quality is impeccable, and it’s one of the best free bass plugins out there.

  • High-quality audio
  • Sampled with the fingers
  • Easy to use

Project16 | PC & Mac

30. Djup


The Djup bass synthesizer plugin is based on eight classic Nordish bass models. These models provide a solid, powerful electric bass that can perform loudly in full legato without additional amplification or compression.

The filter, amp, and filter envelopes profoundly resonate, providing a rich and full sound. Its four effects (unison, chorus, wah-wah, and reverb) add many sonic possibilities.

The portamento effect in 3 modes is a great way to create smooth transitions between notes. The resizable GUI is a great plus, as it allows you to have better control over the sound.

  • Eight classic nordic bass models
  • Filter, amp, and filter envelopes are profoundly resonating
  • Four effects (unison, chorus, wah-wah, and reverb)
  • Portamento effect in 3 modes
  • Resizable GUI

Djup | PC

31. Synister

Synister VST Plugin

Modulation made easy.

Synister | PC & Mac

32. Steinberg Model E

Steinberg Model E VST Plugin
Steinberg Model E

Model E is a classic analog synth with an ultra-low CPU load.

  • 3 Oscillators
  • Noise generator
  • 6 Waveforms per oscillator
  • 2 Envelope generators
  • 2 & 4-pole LPFs
  • Filter modulation
  • Key tracking
  • Glide
  • Mono mode
  • Assignable velocity routing.
  • Stereo spread and Pan controls
  • 16 part multi-timbral
  • 64 voice polyphonic
  • 128 memories

Steinberg Model E | PC & Mac

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33. Sforzando

Sforzando TableWarp 2 VST Plugin

Superb mid-low range basses are perfect for beefing up your tracks.

Sforzando | PC & Mac

34. Sinnah

Sinnah VST Plugin

Sinnah is a synth based on a single complex oscillator that includes five waveshapes with increasing spectral complexity, harmonics level for all waveshapes, noise level, and a delay matrix.

  • 152 factory presets
  • Improved GUI
  • Noise and Harmonics controls
  • LFO with several selectable targets
  • 9 Waveshapes
  • MIDI controls ModWheel and Aftertouch
  • Sustain pedal sensitivity
  • Pitch bend range adjustable up to 48 semitones
  • Key tracking is assignable to Harmonics and ADSR envelope levels
  • Reduced CPU load, and DSP optimization
  • Unlimited custom color schemes using theme files
  • Fixed the click that happened to play in Mono Legato over a previously released note
  • Fixed ADSR repeat 2 and 3 that weren’t working
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of the box slider GUI controls

Sinnah | PC & Mac

35. TAL–Elek7ro

TAL–Elek7ro VST Plugin
TAL–Elek7ro | Bass Synth VSTs

TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth with some special features like oscillator hard sync and frequency modulation.

This synth is helpful for various sounds, from percussion to deep bass. Including improved alias-free oscillators, newly developed fast envelopes, and LFOs with a wide range from 0.1Hz to 400 Hz. A free routable envelope with attack and decay is available.

  • Two oscillators with hard sync, PW, and FM (saw, pulse, triangle, sine)
  • One sub-oscillator (saw, rectangle)
  • One noise oscillator
  • Mono mode, including portamento
  • Poly mode, up to 6 voices (not CPU optimized for poly mode)
  • Two free routable LFOs
  • Filter and amplifier ADSR envelope
  • Free routable AD envelope.
  • Mod-wheel and Pitch-Wheel support
  • Midi Learn for all pots
  • Velocity to filter contour intensity
  • Panic button
  • Analog Sound

TAL–Elek7ro | PC & Mac

36. Tyrell N6

TyrellN6 VST Plugin
TyrellN6 by U-He

TyrellN6 is a classic virtual analog synth with all the bells and whistles. Its oscillators are powerful and rich, its filters are top-notch, and its envelopes are deep and detailed.

The plugin comes with over 580 factory presets so that you can make great music right away. With this plugin, you’ll have everything you need to create great bass sounds, leads, and more.

  • Two oscillators with saw, square, triangle, and noise waveforms
  • Two filters with low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass modes
  • Three envelopes for amplitude, filter, and pitch
  • Noise Generator
  • Over 580 factory presets

TyrellN6 | PC & Mac / Linux

37. FreeAlpha

FreeAlpha VST Plugin

FreeAlpha is the small brother of Alpha, sharing the same engine but having fewer features. It’s been around since the mid-2000s and is free of charge.

It comes with a couple of presets to get you started and the manual of the full Alpha, which covers FreeAlpha, too.

FreeAlpha | PC & Mac

38. JuceOPLVSTi

JuceOPLVSTi VST Plugin

The OPL2 is a simple 2-operator digital FM audio chip from the late 80s, used in PC sound cards like the Adlib and original Sound Blaster.

This VST instrument allows you to program an emulated OPL2 chip.

JuceOPLVSTi | PC & Mac

39. BDX


BDX is a free bass drum synthesizer plugin.


40. Bass One

Bass One
Bass One

Bass One is a bass synthesizer plugin.

Plugin | PC

What Is A Bass VST Plugin?

A bass VST plugin is a virtual instrument used to produce a bass sound in VST supported software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, etc.

A bass plugin provides a low-frequency sound from a bass guitar, bass synthesizer, or other virtual instruments.

In music production, the bass guitar is often used to provide the low end of a song’s musical arrangement, which you can hear in Hip Hop, electronic music, and many other popular music genres.

The top paid bass VST plugins are Bass Slapper, Virtual Bassist Dandy, IK Multimedia Modo Bass, Native Instruments Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass, and Spectrasonics Trilian.

I hope you enjoy these free bass VST plugins.

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