10 Free Lofi Hip Hop Beat Websites for Free Lofi Music & Beats

Here are the best free Lofi Hip Hop beat websites to download free Lofi music and instrumentals as background music or tracks for your music projects.

If you are an emcee on a budget, you can visit these websites to get access to a large selection of free lo-fi beats and instrumentals. These websites offer Lo-Fi music and free Lo-Fi hip-hop beats to download as background music or rap.

You can use Lofi music on streaming services like YouTube or Soundcloud, or you can use it as background music while working or studying. Browse our category, which is filled with articles on free music samples, to inspire your next project.

Free Lofi Music & Lofi Hip Hop Beats

  1. Chosic
  2. Fesliyan Studios
  3. Pixabay
  4. Lofi Records
  5. Free Stock Music
  6. YouTube
  7. Beat Stars
  8. YouTube Studio
  9. Airbit
  10. Looperman
Free Lofi Music And Lofi Hip Hop Beats
Free Lofi Hip Hop Beat Websites & Free Lofi Music

Please check each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use their lofi beats for your music projects.

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1. Chosic

Chosic | Free Lofi Hip Hop Beat Website
Chosic | Free Lofi Hip Hop Beat Website

Chosic provides free Lofi music and Lofi hip-hop beats, electronic dance music beats, and trap beats. It has two types of music: Public domain music and Creative Commons Music.

Public domain music can be used free without attribution, even for commercial purposes.

Creative Commons music can also be used for commercial use, but it requires attribution when the music is used.

You can use the music in videos, podcasts, social media, games, Vimeo, TikTok, and presentations. The possibilities are endless.

The key features of Chosic include:

  • Free Lofi music to download
  • Music can be used commercially for monetization
  • Only a few tracks require attribution


2. Fesliyan Studios

Fesliyan Studios
Fesliyan Studios

Fesliyan Studios allows rappers to access the Lofi music uploaded by other users on the platform without facing any copyright issues.

Fesliyan Studios is a music platform for rappers, artists, and musicians to record and share music. The platform supports a wide variety of beats, including free Lofi Hip Hop beats that users can choose from.

You can download free Lofi music and use it for personal projects, but commercial use requires a license to be purchased on the website.

The key features of Fesliyan Studios include:

  • Free downloads for personal use
  • License required for commercial use
  • Wide variety of free Lofi music

Fesliyan Studios

3. Pixabay


Pixabay offers a wide range of free Lofi music and lofi hip hop beats for rappers to create their music projects.

You can browse through hundreds of tracks from artists across the globe.

You can browse music by genre or keyword, mood and download the tracks for free.

Pixabay has a large variety of music genres ranging from free rap beats, hip-hop, and electronic. With the mood filter, you can search for beats that suit your needs better, whether you feel laid back, hopeful, or bright. The key features of Pixabay include:

  • Quick audio previews
  • Favorite tracks
  • Free for commercial use
  • Search feature
  • No email required
  • Quick audio previews


4. Lofi Records

Lofi Records
Lofi Records – Free Lofi Instrumentals for Streaming

Lofi Records offers free Lofi beats for you to use for both YoutTube and Twitch. To use their music, you can play their YouTube channel or Spotify playlist while streaming and don’t have to worry about getting a copyright strike.

Or you can create a free account on their website to download the free Lofi beats from over 150 music producers.

Make sure you read their usage policy before using Lofi music. You must give credit in your video or project description to use the music.

The key features of Lofi Records include:

  • Free Lofi music to use on Twitch and Youtube
  • Attribution required for commercial use of downloaded music
  • Free Lofi music from over 150 different music producers

View Website

5. Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music
Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music offers free Lofi music and free Hip Hop beats, allowing users to download free Lofi music. The site has free music to use in any type of project.

You can search for free Lofi music by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and license.

The music can be downloaded for free on the site for personal or commercial projects.

The key features of free stock music include:

  • Free Lofi beats for any type of project
  • No strings attached free downloads
  • Search by genre, mood, instrument, duration, or license
  • Sort & Filter options

Visit Website

6. YouTube


YouTube is the ultimate powerhouse for finding free Lofi music. You can find millions of beats, including rap beats, hip-hop beats, and the list goes on.

Searching and finding free Lofi beats on YouTube is unbelievably easy, and it is arguably the most underrated source of free Lofi music.

You just need to search for free Lofi music on YouTube, and you’ll find hundreds of free Lofi beats added to YouTube every day, allowing users to access hundreds of beats.

You will need to check the video descriptions for free Lofi beats to find the download links.

The key features of YouTube include:

  • New beats are added every day
  • Hundreds of free beats to download
  • Freestyle rap beats download


7. Beat Stars


Beat Stars was created to inspire music collaborations between the artists writing songs and people composing music.

This leading platform brings together artists worldwide, providing a wide array of beats of all genres.

BeatStars provides free Lofi music for rappers and musicians.

The platform does not allow users to monetize free beats without purchasing them first.

The key features of BeatStars include the following:

  • Beats can be used for personal use only
  • A large selection of beats
  • Purchase required for monetization of free beats
  • An email address or a social media follow needed to download free beats
  • Sort beats

Beat Stars

8. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio
YouTube Audio Library – Free Lofi Beats for YouTube Videos

The YouTube Audio Library is a platform where content creators can search, sort, and publish royalty-free and copyright-free music.

YouTube offers a free music library that you can use for video projects on YouTube.

After setting up an account on YouTube, you can search for free Lofi music and hip-hop beats by keyword or genre.

The key features of YouTube Audio Library include:

  • Users should include full credits in video descriptions
  • Users cannot remix the music without consent
  • Users must contact the artist if music is used outside of YouTube

YouTube Studio

9. Airbit


Formerly known as MyFlashStore, Airbit is among the top players in the beat selling marketplace business, just like BeatStars.

The free Lofi music platform offers free beats to musicians and rappers who want free music for their projects.

The possibility of finding free Lofi music that you love is virtually never-ending, as it is one of the most popular beat platforms in the industry.

Countless producers from across the globe offer free Lofi beats, and thousands of music artists rush to Airbit every month to purchase beats.

Airbit offers a wide selection of Lofi hip-hop beats to download. You can use the paid premium beats for commercial purposes, but they cost money to download.

But there are tons of free beats to choose from.

The key features:

  • Royalty-free Lo-fi beats
  • Easy signup process
  • Free Lofi Beats mp3 download


10. Looperman – Free Lofi Hip Hop Beats


Looperman offers free Lofi samples, including Lofi instruments, melodies, and drum loops.

You can use these samples to put together your own Lofi hip-hop beats or have a vintage sound Lofi loop playing in the background of your music project.

The free Lofi music platform has a large number of free samples to offer. You can download and use free Lofi samples without paying anything.

The key features of Looperman are:

  • Free Lofi samples to use in your music
  • New free Lofi samples are uploaded every day
  • Samples are available in many genres and categories


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Lofi Music?

Lofi music is a type of electronic music designed to sound “lo-fi,” or low fidelity. This means that the sound is intended to be rough and distorted and often has a warmer, more mellow tone than other types of electronic music. Lofi music is often used for relaxation or study purposes, as the mellow sound can help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Is Lofi Music Free To Use?

Many of the websites included in this article allow you to download free Lofi music for personal and commercial projects. Please check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how you can use the free Lofi beats.

Can I Use These Lofi Beats For Commercial Projects?

The above-described websites provide free Lofi Hip Hop beats for non-commercial and commercial projects. However, some need only attribution, and others require you to purchase free beats before they can be used for commercial purposes. Please check out each website’s terms and conditions to see how the free Lofi music can be used.

I hope you enjoyed this list of websites for free Lofi music and free Lofi Hip Hop beats.

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