30 Best Free Lo-Fi VST Plugins to Create LoFi Music

Here are the best free Lo-Fi VST plugins to create a vintage Lo-Fi music sound. We have included LoFi plugins that work with both Windows and Macs.

This article includes the best Lofi VST instruments and effects commonly used in Lofi music, such as pianos, Rhodes, vinyl crackling effects, bass guitars, and much more.

What Is A LoFi Plugin?

LoFi plugins are effects processors that can simulate the sound of vintage LoFi music gear. They can be used to add Lo-Fi effects to your music or to create LoFi beats from scratch.

Create amazing music without spending a penny using free plugins. The Best Free VST Plugins

Best Free Lo-Fi VST Plugins
Best Free Lo-Fi VST Plugins

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Best Lo-Fi VST Plugins

Check out the entire list to see all the lo-fi sounds and lo-fi audio effects available.

  1. Izotope Vinyl
  2. Keyzone Classic
  3. Tape Cassette 2
  4. HY-Lofi2
  5. Room Piano
  6. Lo-Fi Keys VST
  7. Piano One
  8. Vinyl
  9. Ample Bass P Lite II
  10. Milli Vinylli
  11. 4Front E-Piano
  12. Vinylizer
  13. DPiano-A
  14. TAL–BassLine
  15. RhodeZ
  16. Line of Legends
  17. Nostalgic Saturation
  18. TAL–Elek7ro
  19. Vinyl Simulator
  20. 4Front Rhode
  21. Additional LoFi Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Lo-Fi plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl VST Plugin
Izotope Vinyl VST Plugin

Izotope Vinyl is a Lo-Fi VST Plugin that imitates everything from scratches to the dust and noise of analog vinyl. Lo-fi audio effects are used to give your music that signature 80s hip-hop tone. You can get an analog vibe with a few new tricks.

There is no setup required; you can tweak the settings on-the-fly, and browse menus right from your hardware controls. This Lo-Fi VST Plugin is available for both Windows and Mac.

  • Light on CPU
  • Zero Learning Curve
  • Clean User Interface
  • Create a Lo-Fi Audio

Izotope Vinyl | PC / Mac

Izotope Vinyl Preview

Best Lo-Fi VST Plugins

2. Keyzone Classic

 Free LoFi Piano | Free Lo-Fi Plugins
Free LoFi Piano | Free Lo-Fi Plugins

Keyzone Classic is a free LoFi VST plugin that can help you create LoFi music. Keyzone Classics has numerous presets to choose from and can make some excellent LoFi-sounding tracks.

The plugin is one of the best sample-based Lo-Fi VST plugins available and is perfect for those who want to create Lo-Fi music on their computer. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Keyzone Classic | Windows / Mac

3. Tape Cassette 2

Tape Cassette Tape 2 | Free Lo-Fi Plugins
Tape Cassette Tape 2 Lo-Fi Hip Hop Plugin | Best Lo-Fi Plugins

Tape Cassette 2 is a Lo-Fi plugin built to emulate the richness and crackling of an actual cassette tape. The plugin includes a range of Lo-Fi sound effects like analog tape saturation, wow & flutter, and real sampled noise from an actual Type 1 cassette.

You can also control the low pass range to give your track more or less Lo-Fi character. This is one of the best lo-fi plugins for both Windows and Mac.

This is a great free alternative to paid plugins like Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II, Baby Audio Super VHS Lo-Fi Plug-in, Texture by Devious Machines, Waves Retro Fi, DAW Cassette by Klevgrand, and XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color.

  • Cassette Impulse Response
  • Real Sampled Noise Sounds
  • Oversampling Effects
  • Great audio quality

Tape Cassette 2 | PC / Mac

4. HY-Lofi2

HY-Lofi2 VST Plugin
HY-Lofi2 | Best Lo-Fi Plugins

HY-Lofi2 is an effect plugin that processes audio to give it a low fidelity sound. It combines a bit quantizer, distortion/waveshaper unit, and a filter section with high pass and low pass filters.

If you’re looking for one of the best LoFi plugins out there, HY-Lofi2 should be your go-to choice. It’s available for both Mac and Windows.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

5. Room Piano

Room Piano VST Plugin
Room Piano

Room Piano is a lightweight piano plugin that can add a LoFi touch to your tracks. The plugin has been sampled in 2 velocities every three semitones to keep it CPU friendly.

The plugin is based on an upright acoustic piano 24-bit stereo recording. This can help LoFi producers to have an acoustic-sounding LoFi piano in their arsenal.

  • Room Reverb
  • 3 Voice Modes
  • Multi-LFO
  • Highpass & Lowpass Filter

Room Piano | PC / Mac

6. Lo-Fi Keys VST

Lo-Fi Keys VST
Lo-Fi Keys

Lo-Fi Keys VST is a minimalistic piano plugin with an elegant and easy-to-use design. It features both a traditional digital keyboard and an upright piano.

Lo-Fi Keys is an excellent option if you’re looking for a great plugin with authentic Lo-Fi piano for a Lo-fi sound.

Lo-Fi works with all supporting VST programs, including FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Garage Band, Reason, and Reaper.

  • 4 Instruments
  • 9 Presets

Lo-Fi Keys | Windows / Mac

7. Piano One

Piano One VST Plugin
Piano One

This is a free VST plugin that recreates the sound of a Yamaha Concert Grand. It uses hybrid modeling technology to create a realistic sound. It has 32 polyphony limited and actual modeling and soft pedal samples.

It also has a built-in professional Reverb Engine that simulates resonances with the environment and soundboard, adding extra realism to the sound.

Piano One | PC / Mac

8. Vinyl

 Vinyl VST Plugin

If you’re looking to add a bit of LoFi charm to your projects, Vinyl is the plugin for you. It recreates old vinyl recordings’ dust noise and frequency response, giving your beats an authentically LoFi edge.

It also features adjustable dust emulation to control how much LoFi grit you want to add to your sound. With VST automation and MIDI learning, it’s easy to integrate Vinyl into your workflow.

Vinyl is one of the best LoFi-sounding plugins around, and it’s a great way to add vintage charm to your beats.

This is an excellent free lofi alternative to paid plugins such as the Initial Audio Analog Pro Lo-Fi plugin, AudioThing Vinyl Strip, Goodhertz Wow Control, Waves Abbey Road Reel ADT, D16 Group Decimort, and the Goodhertz Vulf Compressor plugin.

  • Emulate Vinyl Records
  • Lo-Fi Effect

Plugin | Windows

9. Ample Bass P Lite II

Ample Bass P Lite II VST Plugin
Ample Bass P Lite II

This is a free bass guitar VST plugin that gives you the sound of a Fender Precision Bass. It’s perfect for LoFi beat production, as it gives you the authentic sound of a real bass guitar.

This plugin is worth checking out if you’re looking for a LoFi bass guitar sound.

Ample Bass P Lite II | Windows / Mac

10. Milli Vinylli

Milli Vinylli VST Plugin
Milli Vinylli

Milli Vinylli is an old vinyl sound generator that can help you create LoFi music with ease. This plugin allows you to adjust levels of variation depending on the generator.

Additionally, it comes with volume knobs for each noise generator, so you can easily customize the sound. You can also set the noise density on the clicks, dust, and friction generators.

  • Add Noise to Audio Tracks
  • Add Tape Hiss, Vinyl Crackle

Plugin | Windows

11. 4Front E-Piano

4Front E-Piano VST Plugin
4Front E-Piano

4Front E-Piano is an excellent Lo-Fi VST plugin for reproducing the sound of a DX-7 type e-piano. The plugin is simple and has a small file size, making it a good choice for LoFi beat production.

If you’re looking for a LoFi e-piano plugin, 4Front E-Piano is an excellent option.

4Front E-Piano | PC / Mac

12. Vinylizer

Vinylizer VST Plugin

Vinylizer is a Lo-Fi VST plugin that simulates vinyl sounds. It has a primary interface with just a few controls. But with those controls, you can create some clear vinyl sounds.

You can simulate the noise dust, the record decentralization, the high-frequency damage, the rotational speed, and the typical stop effect of a turntable. You can also adjust the stop time.

Vinylizer is a free LoFi VST plugin that’s very easy to use and sounds great, perfect for adding vinyl sounds to your music.

Plugin | Windows

13. DPiano-A

DPiano-A VST Plugin

DPiano-A is an acoustic piano that is easy to use and has a simple interface. This plugin can easily stimulate your creativity, creating beautiful LoFi beats.

The piano has a warm and natural sound, perfect for LoFi productions.

DPiano-A | Windows

14. TAL–BassLine

TAL–BassLine VST Plugin

TAL-BassLine is a powerful LoFi VST plugin that provides users with an arsenal of sounds perfect for bass and acid effects. The plugin is fast, efficient, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add LoFi elements to their beats.

TAL-BassLine’s filter is unique, providing a warm and analog sound, perfect for LoFi music. You can download TAL-BassLine for free on both Windows and Mac platforms.

TAL–BassLine | Windows / Mac

15. RhodeZ

RhodeZ VST Plugin

RhodeZ is a LoFi VST plugin that features 6 Rhodes electric pianos variations. It also has Velocity response, amplitude envelope, and micro-detuner for each variation.

The plugin also includes HP/LP Filter to control the high and low frequencies.

RhodeZ | Windows

16. Line of Legends

Line of Legends VST Plugin
Line of Legends

Line of Legends is a hip-hop drum kit that features 47 high-quality samples. It also has punch knobs for attack sculpting, release, and pan knobs that give you much control over the sound.

If you are looking for a LoFi VST to help you create LoFi music, this plugin is for you.

Line of Legends | PC / Mac

17. Nostalgic Saturation

Nostalgic Saturation VST Plugin
Nostalgic Saturation

Nostalgic Saturation is an easy-to-use audio plugin that gives your music warmth, noise, and character. It gives you the tools to turn your music into a cozy, nostalgic listening experience.

You can take the plugin into experimental territory using the wow & flutter parameters and spin your sounds into a frenzy, or use the tape saturation parameter to heat the sounds into a distorted cacophony.

Nostalgic Saturation is one of the best LoFi VST plugins available for musicians who want to create LoFi music.

Nostalgic Saturation | Windows / Mac

18. TAL–Elek7ro

TAL–Elek7ro VST Plugin

TAL-Elek7ro is a virtual analog synth with unique oscillator hard sync and frequency modulation features. It includes improved alias-free oscillators, newly developed fast envelopes, and LFOs that make it ideal for a wide range of sounds, from percussion to deep bass.

Additionally, it features a free routable envelope with attack and decay to add even more flexibility to your sound design.

TAL–Elek7ro | PC / Mac

19. Vinyl Simulator

Vinyl Simulator VST Plugin
Vinyl Simulator

If you want to add an organic texture to your music, Vinyl Simulator is really for you. This LoFi VST simulates the sound of a vinyl record being played, providing your tracks with that old-school feel.

Additionally, it’s one of the simplest LoFi plugins, making it an excellent option for beginners.

Plugin | Windows / Mac

20. 4Front Rhode

4Front Rhode VST Plugin
4Front Rhode

4Front Rhode is a LoFi VST plugin that recreates the classic Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos. Its gentle overdrive gives your LoFi music a vintage sound.

If you’re looking for a LoFi plugin with vintage appeal, 4Front Rhode is an excellent option. It’s available for both Windows and Mac.

4Front Rhode | Windows / Mac

Additional Free LoFi VST Plugins

Here are more lo-fi plugins that are worth checking out.

  1. Chow Tape Emulator – You can emulate numerous reel-to-reel tape machines using this plug-in.
  2. TapeSound – Nine sound loops of tape noises and hums come pre-loaded in TapeSound.
  3. Dreams – This lo-fi plugin adds both real and semi-real vinyl noise.
  4. SL473 – A vintage vinyl disc cutter emulator.
  5. Scratch it! – Produces vinyl scratch and tape stop effects.
  6. Mystique – Simulator for an analog tape machine.
  7. VinylSound – It comes preloaded with 13 sound loops of actual vinyl record clicks and pops.
  8. Soft Piano
  9. Origin
  10. Krush
  11. DSK Saxophones

In conclusion, these free LoFi VST plugins can add warmth, analog filtering controls, and replicate a vintage gear sound for your music productions.

They offer a range of tape emulation, cassette tape characteristics, and vinyl modules to add life and audio artifacts to your sound sources.

These versatile plugins also provide several effects, and built-in presets for a streamlined workflow and creative ideas.

Most importantly, they allow many producers to get started with LoFi music production without investing in expensive analog gear.

Try out these plugins, and discover the classic sound of J Dilla and other iconic music producers.

These free lo-fi VST plugins are great alternatives to expensive plugins like DSP SketchCassette II, Baby Audio Super VHS, Devious Machines, Yum Audio Lofi Flux Machine, Vinyl Strip, and the DAW Cassette plugin.

We hope you found this list of free LoFi VST plugins helpful. These are great free plugins to create lo-fi beats, electronic music, or use for sound design.

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