20 Best Free Violin VST Plugins

Here are the best free violin VST plugins that can be used with FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live, and other popular music software.

This roundup of free violin plugins includes a list of features, images, and video previews.

What Is A Violin VST Plugin? A Violin VST plugin is a virtual instrument that you can use in a DAW (digital audio workstation) to create the sound of a violin. You can find violin plugins that use audio recordings from real violin instruments and synthesized violin plugins that offer a more computerized sound.

Best Violin VST Plugins

  1. DSK Overture
  2. DSK Strings
  3. VSCO2 Violin
  4. Orchestral Strings One
  5. Sample Science French Violin
  6. Sonatina Violin
  7. Violins
  8. Labs Strings
  9. Layers
  10. Labs Strings 2
  11. Slinky Violin
  12. Sonatina Orchestra Module
  13. LDK1609 Violin
  14. DSK Virtuoso
  15. Virharmonic Violin Freebie
  16. Soul Capture Bohemian Cello
  17. LABS Frozen Strings
  18. Bigcat Cello
  19. Serpo
  20. The Free Orchestra
Best Free Violin VST Plugins
Best Free Violin VST Plugins

Violin plugins are a great option if you don’t own a violin and don’t have the time to learn how to play the violin. These virtual violins will be best when layered with other string VST plugins to add an extra layer of depth and complexity to your music.

From the hundreds of free VST plugins I’ve tested, these are the top free violin ones available.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Violin VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. DSK Overture

DSK Overture VST Plugin
DSK Overture

DSK Overture is a classic orchestra VSTi instrument available for PC. You can play full four-layer sounds or four different instruments in the same instance.

This plugin is a great choice because it includes a variety of highly expressive string instruments.

Includes 40 Virtual Instruments: Acoustic Piano, Harpsichord, Church Organ, Celesta, Glockenspiel, Vibes, Harp, Flute, Piccolo, English Horns, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Cello, Contrabass, Viola, Violin, Orchestra Drum Kit, and Full Sections.


  • Four-layer sound capability
  • Advanced multimode filter
  • Effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus
  • MIDI automation and velocity response
  • Amp Envelope
  • MIDI Channel Selector
  • Panorama Control
  • Advanced Multimode Filter
  • Fx (reverb, Delay & Chorus)
  • MIDI Automation
  • Velocity Response


  • Wide range of instruments
  • Can play multiple instruments together
  • Customizable sound with filters
  • Includes essential effects
  • Supports MIDI control


  • Only for PC, not Mac
  • Might be complex for beginners
  • Requires good computer performance

DSK Plugin | PC

DSK Overture VST Preview

Best Violin VST Plugins

2. DSK Strings

DSK Strings VST Plugin
DSK Violin VST Plugin

DSK Strings is a classic Violin VSTi instrument available for PC. You can play full two-layer sounds or two different instruments in the same instance.

It can create two layers, 22 waveforms, octave select, and micro-detuner Effects (Delay, flanger) plus midi automation. Included instruments: Cello, Contrabass, Viola.

  • Various Effects
  • Low Ram Consumption

DSK Plugin | PC

3. VSCO2 Violin

VSCO2 Violin & String VST Plugin
VSCO2 Violin Section & String | Free VST

Versilian Studios products have provided thousands of composers with the opportunity to explore new sonic landscapes and produce professional soundtracks over the past half-decade.

VSCO 2 is full of character and personality.

You will find textures and timbres that have never been captured before and probably will never be captured quite like this again.

Chamber ensembles and chamber strings with a clean, intimate sound; rarities such as bass recorder, ophicleide, a circular alto horn, and an ethnic xylophone.

Nearly every instrument has a variety of performers, articulations, and instruments to audition and explore.

  • Arco Vibrato
  • Arco Vib F.
  • Arco Vib P.
  • Pizzicato
  • Spiccato
  • Tremolo
  • Chamber Strings
  • Circular Alto Horn
  • Bass Recorder

VSCO2 | PC & Mac

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4. Orchestral Strings One

Orchestral Strings One VST Plugin
Orchestral Strings One | Violin Virtual Instrument

This excellent violin VST plugin can help musicians have the sound of an all-string symphony.

This open-source plugin was designed with live performance in mind, and it comes with a host of features to make playing strings more realistic and expressive.

The plugin comes with 14 violins, 10 violas, eight cellos, and six double basses, all sampled in high quality.

The Neo Hybrid Modeling Engine makes the full strings section sound even more realistic, and the innovative key switches and controller system make it easy to play live.

You can also switch between different articulations, like spiccato, staccato, pizzicato, legato, crescendo, and decrescendo, with the press of a button.

The built-in high-quality reverb and 64-step sequencer make it easy to add depth and character to your sound.

This is a great plugin for anyone looking to add realistic string sounds to their music.

It will add a new expression level to your performances that you never thought possible.

  • 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos, and 6 double basses
  • Neo Hybrid Modeling Engine
  • Innovative key switching and controller system
  • 64-step sequencer
  • Built-in high-quality reverb
  • Fully controllable legato system
  • Differe legato types
  • Modify effects in real time

Plugin | PC & Mac

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5. Sample Science French Violin

Sample Science French Violin
Sample Science French Violin

This violin VST plugin provides you with a charming and realistic-sounding virtual violin. It is perfect for adding character to any track and can produce a wide range of sounds.

This plugin has six different articulations, which you can use to create more realistic and expressive performances.

It also includes a room reverb, which can add depth and space to your tracks.

To shape the sound of the instruments to your liking, it features high-pass and low-pass filters and amplitude range controls, which are perfect for creating dynamic and nuanced performances.

It has three voice modes (polyphonic, monophonic, and legato), giving you more control over your sound.

  • Realistic sound
  • Six different articulations
  • Room reverb
  • High-pass and low-pass filters
  • Sample Based Playback
  • Three-voice modes (polyphonic, monophonic, and legato)
  • Low CPU usage

Sample Science | PC & Mac

6. Sonatina Violin Library

Sonatina Violin VST Plugin
Sonatina Violin VST Plugin | Solo Violins

Sonatina Violin is a sampled violin. Samples were edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library.

This virtual violin is a great free alternative to the Chris Hein Solo Violin VST plugin.

  • 1st Violins Sustain
  • 1st Violins Sustain 2
  • 1st Violins Tremolo
  • 1st Violins Staccato
  • 1st Violins Pizzicato
  • 2nd Violins Sustain
  • 2nd Violins Staccato
  • 2nd Violins Pizzicato
  • Violin Solos

Sonatina ST Plugin | PC & Mac

7. Violins

Best Violin VST Plugins

Violins is a plugin that features 13 different types of violins, each with its own unique sound.

The instrument interface allows you to control each violin’s vibrato, pizzicato, and other aspects. This means you can get the perfect sound for your music.

Its voice management interface gives you total control over each violin’s unison, glide, and pitch. At the same time, the filter section interface allows you to control the x-y pad of each filter.

The envelope interface controls the amp, filter, pitch, and user envelopes.

Its LFO interface gives you control over LFOs 1 and 2.

Even the modulation matrix interface is another cool aspect of this plugin that allows you to modulate the sound of each violin.

Last but not least, the step modulator and arpeggiator interfaces make it easy to record and play back your violin performances.

  • 13 different types of violins
  • Record and playback performances
  • Unique sound
  • Voice management interface
  • Envelop interface
  • LFO interface
  • Appregiator interface

Plugin | PC & Mac

8. Spitfire Audio Labs Strings

Labs Strings
Labs Strings

This violin VST plugin has a sound library, perfect for anyone and any situation. It delivers a clear, brilliant, and shiny sound that gives it a classical disposition.

You can use the ADSR envelope to control the dynamics of your playing.

The expression slider is also a great addition that allows you to control the sound further. If that’s not enough, you can also use the dynamic control slider to add even more expression to your playing.

While all these controls might sound confusing, they’re actually quite easy to use and don’t clutter the interface.

Plus, it has a great sound library that will help you get the most out of your playing.

This is one of my favorite string plugins due to its great sound quality.


  • A clean and focused interface
  • Expression and dynamic control sliders
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Lead Instrument
  • String Sound Library
  • Authentic Violin Sounds
  • String VST Library
  • Ultra-Realistic
  • Chamber Strings
  • Great For Sound Design
  • Sounds Real

Plugin | PC & Mac

9. Layers

Layers | Orchestral Instruments

Layers is one of the best and most widely used violin VST plugins for orchestral sounds.

As one might expect, it possesses a fully-featured orchestral sound set, with each string, woodwind, and brass section having its own distinct articulations.

The “simple one-touch access to major, minor, and suspended chords with multiple inversions” is a great time saver for those needing to quickly add an orchestral backing to their track.

The unique layering capability is top-notch, allowing the user to easily create rich and textured sounds.

The plugin also responds to MIDI controller input, making it easy to add dynamics and expression to your music.

Layers remain very easy to use despite all these features, with a clear and concise interface.

This VST puts pristine, high-quality orchestral sounds at your fingertips and is perfect for anyone looking to add extra depth and dimension to their music.

  • High-quality orchestral sounds
  • Unique layering function
  • MIDI controller input
  • Easy-to-use interface

Layers | PC & Mac

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10. Labs Strings 2

Labs Strings 2
Labs Strings 2 | Best Violin VSTs

String 2 is an add-on to the first iteration of Labs String, and as a result of Lab’s ongoing quest for a quality sound library, it features newly recorded string sounds to give you more options.

These samples were performed by fourteen of London’s best strings players and were captured in three different playing techniques-Pizzicato, Bartok Pizz and Swells Ensembles.

These newly recorded string sounds give you access to a more professional and higher-quality library, perfect for beginners and experienced music producers.

The interface has also been improved and is now much more user-friendly, making it perfect for those who are new to music production.

  • Three playing techniques
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great sounds
  • Authentic Sound

Plugin | PC & Mac

11. Slinky Violin ( Kontakt Instrument )

Slinky Violin
Slinky Violin

Slinky Violin is an eerie and enchanting plugin that will give your music a hauntingly beautiful sound.

Its velocity control feature allows you to adjust the volume of the sound, while the convolution reverb adds a level of depth and realism.

  • Velocity control
  • Convolution reverb
  • Easy-to-use interface

Plugin | PC & Mac / Kontakt / SFZ

12. Sonatina Orchestra Module

Sonatina Orchestra Module
Sonatina Orchestra Module

Sonatina Orchestra Module contains all types of orchestral instruments with 20 different articulations and a soloist for every major instrument.

These instruments were sampled from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, a free sample library.

You get a lot of options to choose from to create your own sound.

Additionally, its percussion section is quite big, with a grand piano, harp, and choir, perfect for film scoring and game music.

  • 20 Different articulations
  • Big percussion section
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Realistic and clean sounds
  • Solo instruments

Plugin | PC

13. LDK1609 Free Violin VST

LDK1609 Violin
LDK1609 Violin

This violin VST plugin is supposed to recreate the sound of a sampled acoustic violin.

It includes articulations like staccato, legato, pizzicato, and more, which adds to the realism of the sound.

The VST comes with 250 different violin samples, which were all recorded in a single velocity layer. This gives the user more control over the sound of the instrument.

Therefore, it is possible to create more realistic-sounding tracks.

Its pleasant tone and natural sound make it one of the best violin VST plugins on this list.

  • Realistic sound
  • 250 different violin samples
  • Six articulations

LDK1609 | PC / Mac / AU

14. DSK Virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso VST Plugin
DSK Virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso is a multi-MIDI-channel module oriented to classic orchestra instruments.

With DSK Virtuoso, you can play great combinations of 6-layer instruments or play a composition of up to 6 different parts through the MIDI channel selectors.

  • 6 Instrument layers
  • MIDI channel is assignable to each one.
  • ADSR, level, and Pan control for each layer.
  • 40 instruments in 6 categories.
  • 2 Send Fx ( Chorus & delay).
  • 1 Master reverb Fx.
  • Velocity response.

DSK Virtuoso | PC & Mac

15. Virharmonic Violin Freebie

Virharmonic VST Plugin

The team at Virharmonic has produced some free beautiful violin virtual instruments, and they call it the Violin Freebie, all you need is the free UVI player to host them.

  • All articulations are chromatically sampled.
  • Pizzicato: Four dynamic layers from soft pp to harsh ff with 4 round robins.
  • Spiccato Rhythm: 16th note repetition with a lot of grit – Tempo synced with natural 120 BPM and 4 round robins. Singular dynamic layer.
  • Tempo Syncing

Virharmonic | PC / Mac / AU / AAX

16. Soul Capture Bohemian Cello

Soul Capture Series Bohemian Cello
Soul Capture Bohemian Cello

This Cello Freebie is a taster of our “Soul Capture Series Bohemian Cello”, which will be released in 2016.

  • All articulations are chromatically sampled.
  • Pizzicato: Four dynamic layers from soft pp to harsh ff with 4 round robins.
  • Spiccato Rhythm: 16th note repetition with a lot of grit – Tempo synced with natural 120 BPM and 4 round robins. Singular dynamic layer.

Soul Capture Bohemian | PC & Mac

17. LABS Frozen Strings

LABS Frozen Strings VST Plugin
LABS Frozen Strings

LABS Frozen Strings was the spark of inspiration that led to the making of one of Spitfire’s most renowned libraries — Albion V Tundra.

With just six strings players recorded dry on a cold day in January 2015, Christian Henson set out to create a sound of stark beauty that would fit against low, grey skies.

LABS | PC & Mac

18. Bigcat Cello

Bigcat Cello VST Plugin
Bigcat Cello | Violin Sample Libraries

The Bigcat Cello is designed to be as flexible as possible, with controllable, expressive vibrato and legato controls applied to close-miked samples.

Sustain, staccato, and pizzicato samples are included with up to four velocity layers and four round robins. Also, with the Native Instruments Kontakt version.

This is a great alternative to the Joshua Bell Violin Kontact sound library.

Bigcat Plugin | PC & Mac

19. Serpo

Serpo VST Plugin
Serpo VST Plugin | Classic Orchestra Instruments

There are many original sounds in the Serpo VST plugin produced by a wide range of musicians worldwide. It’s simple and easy to use.

This plugin includes Violin, Trumpet, Vocals, Grand Piano, Organ, Rhodes Pianos, and more.

Serpo | PC / Mac / AU

20. The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra VST Plugin
The Free Orchestra | Orchestral Instruments

The Free Orchestra VST plugin offers one gigabyte of cinematic sounds taken from ProjectSAM’s acclaimed libraries.

The plugin provides a variety of string instruments, brass clusters, and percussion sounds.

These sounds work with the Free Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Similar to the Emotional Violin VST plugin, but FREE!

  • 1 GB Sound Library
  • 12 Cinematic Instruments
  • High-Quality Orchestra Sounds
  • Easy-To-Use Interface with Quick, Musical Controls
  • Works with The Free Kontakt Player
  • Great For Orchestral Music

The Free Orchestra | PC & Mac

21. One Track Orchestra

One Track Orchestra - FREE Orchestral VSTi
One Track Orchestra | Orchestral Instruments

The One Track Orchestra VST plugin offers a variety of orchestra sounds, such as Violins, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Cellos, Pizzicato, Flutes, and more.

One Track | PC

22. Edirol Orchestral

Edirol Orchestral
Edirol Orchestral

Edirol Orchestral is a high-quality orchestra sounds plugin. It has a huge library of acoustic sounds and offers a comprehensive solution for music producers who want premium sounds for their productions.

It also offers excellent articulations, such as vibrato, tremolo, pizzicato, and spiccato, to give you a realistic and natural playing experience.

To customize your playing experience, It allows you to assign different MIDI controls. So, you can use it according to your needs and preferences.

  • High-quality orchestra sounds
  • Low CPU usage
  • Multiple outputs

Plugin | PC

Free Violin Samples

Here are a couple of links for free violin samples and authentic violin sounds.

  • Free Sound – This website has hundreds of free violin string samples to download.
  • Looperman – This site offers a vast collection of royalty-free violin loops, samples, and sounds uploaded by other musicians.
  • Philharmonia – Thousands of free recordings of Philharmonia musicians are available to download.
  • Sample Focus – Offers free Violin samples and loops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Violin VST?

The best violin VST plugins are Edirol Orchestral, DSK Overture, DSK Strings, The Free Orchestra, Labs Strings, and the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra plugin. These Violin VSTs are the most searched and downloaded violin plugins.

How Do I Get the Violin in FL Studio?

FL Studio FLS Strings Instrument

To use the FLS Strings instrument in FL Studio, in the browser window, search for FLS Strings and drag it to the pattern window.

To get other violin instruments in FL Studio, download a violin VST plugin, add it to the VST folder on your computer, and rescan the plugin folder in FL Studio.

What Is the Best Solo Violin VST?

The top 5 best solo violin plugins are the Sonatina Violin, Labs Strings, Virharmonic Violin Freebie, DSK Overture, and The Free Orchestra plugin, which are all free. These plugins offer great violin sounds that are sampled from real violin instruments.

How To Install Violin VST Plugins?

If the Violin VST plugin is a .dll file, add the .dll file to your VST plugin folder. Then, rescan the VST plugin folder in your music software for the violin plugin to appear.

Some Violin plugins for Windows will have a .exe file to install, and Mac-supported Violin plugins may have a .pkg or .dmg file. If you get either of these file types, run the installation program, then rescan your VST plugin folder in your music software for the violin plugin.

These violin plugins are great alternatives to paid plugins and sound libraries like the Agitato Grandiose, Adagio Violin, Hyperion Strings Elements, and more.

I hope you enjoy these free violin VST plugins. These plugins are great for sound design, film scoring, pop producers, and more.

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