15 Best Free Horn VST Plugins

Here are the best free horn VST plugins for Windows & Mac. These top horn plugins are great for FL Studio, Ableton Live, and other VST-compatible DAWs.

I’ve gathered a list of free horn plugins, lists of features, screenshots, and videos.

What Is A Horn VST Plugin? Horn VST plugins are virtual instruments that mimic brass instruments such as Trumpets, Tubas, Saxophones, and other brass instruments.

Best Horn VST Plugins

  1. Labs Trumpet Fields
  2. VSCO2 Trumpet
  3. The Free Orchestra
  4. Big Bang Orchestra
  5. Iowa Soprano Sax
  6. Aspen Trumpet 1
  7. Sonatina Horn
  8. DSK Brass
  9. Iowa Tuba
  10. Spitfire Audio Discover
  11. Layers
  12. One Track Orchestra
  13. DSK Saxophones
  14. Serpo
  15. DSK Overture
Best Free Horn VST Plugins
Best Free Horn VST Plugins

From the hundreds of free VST plugins I’ve tested, these are some of the best free horn plugins available online to download.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Instructions: Click the red buttons below to visit each horn VST plugin. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Labs Trumpet Fields

LABS Trumpet Fields
LABS Trumpet Fields

The LABS Trumpet Fields is a unique horn plugin that brings the warmth and subtle dynamism of brass instruments to your music projects.

Recorded at Spitfire Studios, this instrument allows you to infuse your music with the sounds of two expert trumpet players.

  • Recorded on a dry stage at Spitfire Studios
  • Swirling, droning brass sounds for warmth and movement
  • Features two professional trumpet players
  • Includes granular elements like double-tonguing and slow bends
  • Offers five different reverbs for atmospheric beds
  • Formats: VST2, VST3, AAX, and AU

Plugin | PC & Mac

2. VSCO2 Trumpet

VSCO2 Trumpet
VSCO2 Trumpet

The VSCO2 Trumpet offers a realistic and easy-to-use sampled trumpet for all your musical needs. With VSCO2 Trumpet, you can add authentic trumpet sounds to your tracks.

It’s simple to use and great for music creators looking for a reliable trumpet sound.

Each sample is recorded with quality in mind, providing you with a range of sounds from the same instrument.


  • Realistic trumpet sounds
  • 7 switchable sound groups
  • Two mute sound types
  • Dynamic control options


  • High-quality samples
  • Versatile for many styles
  • Recorded by professionals
  • Authentic and reliable sound


  • Limited to trumpet sounds
  • Limited sound customization

VSCO2 | PC & Mac

3. The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra
The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra offers an extraordinary collection of 16 cinematic instruments, all for free.

With sounds from the acclaimed Symphobia series recorded in a beautiful concert hall and a brand-new interface for extensive control, it’s an essential tool for all music creators.

Experience a huge sample library with a 1.5 GB sample pool and bring your music to life with this comprehensive and versatile collection.

This plugin is one of my favorites because of its great sound quality.


  • 16 cinematic instruments ranging from soft strings to thunderous drums
  • Includes sounds from the acclaimed Symphobia series
  • Recorded in a beautiful concert hall environment
  • Brand-new interface with extensive instrument control
  • Works with the free Kontakt Player
  • 1.5 GB sample pool
  • Unique within the industry: use in free Kontakt Player
  • There are no license limitations for commercial use

The Free Orchestra | PC & Mac

4. Big Bang Orchestra

Vienna Symphonic Library Big Bang Orchestra
Vienna Symphonic Library

This free orchestral library lets you craft large-scale music pieces with a full orchestra sound, recorded at the famous Synchron Stage Vienna. 

This library provides an easy way to quickly produce large orchestrations and add powerful layers to your existing tracks. With a variety of articulations like staccatos and sustains, you can create dynamic and impactful music.

The included mixer presets range from “close” to “distant,” helping you achieve the perfect sound for your project. 


  • 1.4 GB of free sample content
  • Quick and expansive orchestration
  • Multiple microphone positions
  • Stereo and surround output
  • Compatible with NKS format
  • User-friendly Mixer Presets
  • Articulations for dynamic scoring

Vienna Library | PC & Mac

5. Iowa Soprano Sax

Iowa Soprano Sax
Iowa Soprano Sax

The Iowa Soprano Sax offers an authentic sampled sound of a soprano saxophone from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.

This digital soprano sax brings the rich and expressive sounds of this beloved instrument right to your music creation setup.

  • Realistic soprano saxophone sample
  • High-quality sound
  • Compatible with various music software

Iowa Soprano | PC & Mac

6. Aspen Trumpet 1

Aspen Trumpet 1
Aspen Trumpet 1

The Aspen Trumpet 1 offers a simple and effective way to add trumpet sounds to your beats.

This free plugin from Bigcat Instruments allows you to control how the trumpet sounds with easy-to-use features.

You can change how quickly the trumpet starts and stops, make the note last longer or shorter, and even add a reverb effect.

Plugin | PC & Mac

7. Sonatina Horn VST

Sonatina Free Horn VST Plugin
Sonatina Free Horn VST Plugin

The Sonatina Horn VST offers a simple yet effective plugin for music creators looking to add horn sounds to their projects.

The Sonatina Horn, by Bigcat Instruments, is a sampled horn instrument derived from the well-known Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library.

This plugin allows you to switch between four distinct horn groups: Solo Horn, Horns Sustain, Horns Sustain 2, and Horns Staccato. Each group offers a unique sound, providing a range of options for different musical styles.

Sonatina | PC & Mac

8. DSK Brass

DSK Brass
DSK Brass

The DSK Brass offers a comprehensive tool for music producers looking to add brass sounds to their tracks.

It comes with a variety of brass instruments, including various types of saxophones, trumpets, and horns.

The two-layer setup allows for complex sound creation, while the octave select and micro-detuner provide precise control over the pitch.

The included effects like delay and flanger let you customize the sounds further.

With MIDI automation, you can easily integrate these sounds into your music production workflow.

Plugin | PC

9. Iowa Tuba

Iowa Tuba
Iowa Tuba | Free Horn VST

The Iowa Tuba offers a realistic tuba experience drawn from high-quality samples created at the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios.

Iowa Tuba | PC & Mac

10. Spitfire Audio Discover

Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra Discover
Spitfire Audio Symphony

The Spitfire Audio Symphony offers a versatile orchestration experience with the BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover. 

This plugin is perfect for music producers looking for orchestra sounds. 

Featuring a concert grand piano, the Discover version brings the majestic sound of a Steinway Model D right to your studio. Compatible with major music production software, it’s designed for every level of creator, from beginners to seasoned composers.

The lightweight, easy-to-use plugin ensures that you have an entire orchestra at your fingertips, enabling you to produce rich, professional scores. 

  • 34 instruments, including a Steinway Model D grand piano
  • 47 techniques to add depth to your scores
  • Lightweight plugin, only 240MB
  • Compatible with major music creation software
  • Simple controls and NKS compatibility

Spitfire Discover | PC & Mac

11. Layers

Orchestral Tools Layers
Layers by Orchestral Tools

The Layers plugin offers an accessible and straightforward way to include orchestral sounds in your music. 

Layers is a free orchestral VST instrument that provides high-quality recordings of strings, woodwinds, and horns.

With just one click, you can generate full chords and blend different layers of sound using your MIDI controller

  • Free orchestral VST instrument
  • Full orchestral library including strings, woodwinds, and brass sections, each with several articulations
  • High-quality sound from contemporary orchestras

Layers | PC & Mac

12. One Track Orchestra

One Track Orchestra - FREE Orchestral VSTi
One Track Orchestra

The One Track Orchestra offers a quick and straightforward way for music creators to lay down orchestral ideas.

This plugin is completely free and allows you to add the sounds of strings, horns, woodwinds, and percussion to a single track in your DAW using just one MIDI channel.

With One Track Orchestra, you get a full orchestra’s range on different sections of your keyboard, with sounds changing based on how hard you press the keys.

One Track Orchestra | PC

13. DSK Saxophones

DSK Saxophone
DSK Saxophone

The DSK Saxophone is a versatile Saxophone VST instrument that brings the smooth and expressive sounds of the saxophone to your music production setup.

With options for both Soprano and Tenor saxophones, you can find the ideal sound to fit your musical style.

Adjustable settings like ADSR envelope control and velocity curve selector allow for detailed sound shaping, ensuring your saxophone parts fit seamlessly into your mix.

The included Reverb effect adds depth and dimension, creating a more realistic and immersive sound.

  • Soprano Saxophone option
  • Tenor Saxophone option
  • ADSR envelope controls
  • Velocity curve selector
  • Reverb effect

DSK Saxophones | PC & AU

14. Serpo


Serpo by JD TECH is a user-friendly free virtual instrument loaded with a collection of sounds.

This plugin makes it easy to bring a wide variety of sounds into your projects. From the warm resonance of an acoustic drum kit to the lively chimes of a steel drum, Serpo has you covered.

Serpo | PC / Mac / AU

15. DSK Overture

DSK Overture
DSK Overture

The DSK Overture offers a wide set of classic orchestra instruments perfect for music producers looking to add rich, orchestral sounds to their projects.

With DSK Overture, you get a 4-layer setup that includes 40 instruments and 1 drum kit, plus 10 internal combos.

Use control features like amp envelope, panorama, and levels to fine-tune each sound to your liking.

The advanced multimode filter and effects like reverb, delay, and chorus expand your creative possibilities.

With MIDI automation and velocity response, DSK Overture responds expressively to your play style.

DSK Overture | PC

I hope you enjoy these free horn plugins.

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