10 Best Free Cello VST Plugins

These are the best free cello VST plugins to use with your favorite music software. I have included Cello plugins that work with Windows and Mac computers.

In this article, I have included a round-up of the best cello plugins, a list of their features, images, and YouTube videos to show and hear how the plugins work.

What Is A Cello VST Plugin? A Cello VST plugin is a virtual instrument that allows you to add the sound of a cello to your music. It can be used to create classical music or add accents and texture to modern pop and rock songs.

Best Cello VST Plugins

  1. Sonatina Cello
  2. Cellofan
  3. DSK Overture
  4. The Free Orchestra
  5. VSCO 2
  6. Amplified Cello Quartet
  7. DSK Strings
  8. Cello Freebie
  9. DSK Virtuoso
  10. Karoryfer x bigcat Cello
  11. pocketBlakus Cello
  12. LABS Cello Moods
  13. Real Cello Mayhem
  14. Intimate Strings LITE
Best Free Cello VST Plugins
Best Free Cello VST Plugins

These plugins come with various features and settings that allow producers to play them without any prior experience with cello instruments. You can use these cello plugins for popular music production programs like FL Studio, Ableton Live, and more.

From the hundreds of free VST plugins I’ve tested, these are some of the best free cello VSTs available online to download.

I have downloaded and tested a number of these free cello sounds, and they are great tools to experiment with.

Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Cello VST plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Sonatina Cello

Sonatina Cello VST Plugin
Sonatina Cello VST Plugin by Bigcat Instruments | Best Cello VSTs

Sonatina Cello is a sampled cello with an incredibly realistic sound.

The four groups of samples: solo cello, celli sustain, celli staccato, and celli pizzicato, have been edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library, and they sound fantastic.


  • Sampled cello with realistic sound.
  • Four groups of samples: solo cello, celli sustain, celli staccato, and celli pizzicato.
  • Edited from the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra sample library.
  • Offers good articulation control.


  • Realistic cello sound for most parts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free, which is great for those on a budget.
  • It is good for specific uses like haunted house themes.


  • Sounds a bit synthetic and not quite like a real cello.
  • Higher ranges may sound unrealistic.
  • There is room noise in the samples that may require additional editing.
  • Samples only last for a set duration, which can be limiting.
  • All samples are at the same volume level, so changing velocity doesn’t change the attack.
  • Some parameters could be more adjustable, causing issues.
  • It requires some work to get the best results due to these issues.

Sonatina | PC & Mac

Best Cello VST Plugins

2. Cellofan

Cellofan Virtual Instrument by Soundkey
Cellofan Virtual Instrument by Soundkey

Cellofan is a cello VST plugin of which there aren’t many in the world. It provides cellists with attack and release controls for sound production, and slides for expressive qualities.

Plugin | PC


3. DSK Overture

DSK Overture
DSK Overture by DSK Music

DSK Overture is a cello VST plugin that comes with four layers and a wide range of features.

It includes an amp envelope, MIDI channel selector, panorama control, level control, gain control, filter amp envelope, MIDI automation, and velocity response.

The plugin comes with effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus.

Here is a video preview to see this plugin working first-hand.

The plugin offers realistic cello sounds and can be used for a wide range of music genres.

This cello plugin is also great for film and game scoring.


  • 40 Instruments
  • Amp Envelope
  • Panorama Control
  • Multimode Filter
  • Filter Amp Envelope
  • Audio Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Delay
  • Midi Automation
  • Velocity Response

DSK Overture | PC

4. The Free Orchestra

The Free Orchestra
The Free Orchestra by ProjectSAM

The Free Orchestra plugin is a must-have for any cellist, cello enthusiast, or cello player. It includes a cello, an amplifier, and a cello library.

The cello library is full of different cellos to choose from, each with its unique sound.

The cello amplifier gives you the ability to control the volume and tone of your cello, and the cello plugin is exceptionally user-friendly. You can even create your cello sound with the cello editor.


  • Includes a variety of cellos with unique sounds.
  • Comes with 12 cinematic instruments.
  • Offers a 1 GB library full of soft string sounds.
  • Compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
  • Recorded in a beautiful concert hall.
  • There are no license limitations for using the sounds in music projects.


  • It’s completely free, with no hidden costs.
  • The sounds come from high-quality cinematic instruments.
  • The library includes a wide range of orchestral sounds.
  • You can use it in commercial projects without worries.
  • Works with different music production hardware via Native Kontrol Standard.
  • Allows for quick matching of sounds to your music’s tempo.


  • Some users may find the Kontakt Player interface too small, especially on large monitors.
  • The library may be limited compared to paid versions.
  • Some strings may not be suited for dramatic passages as they are meant for soft, delicate sounds.
  • It could be complex to use for those not familiar with VST plugins.
  • Some users may experience difficulties integrating it with specific music production software.

The Free Orchestra | PC & Mac

5. VSCO 2


VSCO 2 is one of the best cello VST plugins available. It was initially released as raw samples. Over the years, many individuals and companies have created variations on VSCO 2.

VSCO 2 is an excellent plugin for cellists looking to create professional-sounding cello tracks.

It’s easy to use and provides a wide range of cello sounds, making it perfect for cellists of all levels.

  • 3 GB of Samples
  • 3,152 Samples
  • Cello Section
  • Concert Harp
  • Solo Violin
  • Violin Section
  • Viola Section
  • Solo Contrabass


6. Amplified Cello Quartet

Amplified Cello Quartet VST
Amplified Cello Quartet | Virtual Cello Instrument

Amplified Cello Quartet is one of the best cello plugins out there. It was recorded by Christian Henson Harry Wilson, with the celli in one room and the amps in another.

The amps were driven incredibly hard, allowing you to turn your strings up to 11.

You can also use effects pedals to get the sound you want.

Amplified Quartet | PC & Mac

7. DSK Strings

DSK Strings
DSK Strings by DSK Music

DSK Strings is a powerful cello VST plugin with two layers and 22 waveforms. The cello comes with effects like delay and flanger that can be controlled with MIDI automation.

You can select an octave and use the micro-detuner for fine-tuning.

  • 2 Instrument Layers
  • 22 Waveforms
  • Octave Select
  • Micro-Detuner
  • Delay & Flanger Effects
  • MIDI Automation
  • 4 Instrument Groups

DSK Strings | PC

8. Cello Freebie

Cello Freebie by Virharmonic Bohemian Cello | Stradivari Cello
Cello Freebie by Virharmonic | Performed by Virtuoso Cellist

This is a cello VST with a 1,372 sample pool and 4 round robins.

This allows for the cello to be played with a more realistic and human feel, as each time the cello is played, the sound will be slightly different.

It has a realistic and natural sound, making it perfect for those who want to add a cello to their music without hiring a cello player.

Plugin | PC

9. DSK Virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso | Cello Textures
DSK Virtuoso by DSK Music

DSK Virtuoso is a must-have plugin for cellists, composers, and producers looking to get the perfect cello sound. It features 40 cello instruments in 6 categories with ADSR, level, and pan controls.

You can also assign each layer to a different MIDI channel, making it easy to create cello parts that sound realistic and lifelike. It will quickly become one of your go-to cello VST plugins.

The plugin also has two send effects (chorus & delay) and one master reverb effect, giving you even more control over your cello sound.

The velocity response feature is also nice, ensuring that your cello parts sound natural and realistic.

  • 6 Instrument Layers
  • Assignable MIDI Channel
  • ADSR Controls
  • Level & Pan Controls
  • 40 Instruments
  • 6 Categories
  • Chorus & Delay Effects
  • 1 Master Reverb
  • Velocity Response

DSK Virtuoso | PC

10. Karoryfer x bigcat Cello ( Kontakt)

Karoryfer x bigcat Cello ( Kontakt Player ) 
 | Best Service Emotional Cello
Karoryfer x bigcat Cello ( Kontakt)

This is a cello VST plugin with an extensive range of features. The cello sounds realistic, and the sustains and pizzicato are convincing.

The plugin has four velocity layers that respond to how hard they’re struck or plucked against strings in different ways, which helps make them sound more realistic.

The staccato is also sampled with four round robins to avoid repetition, and the vibrato and legato controls are well-scripted.

The plugin also includes harmonics, slides, and percussive noise samples.

Karoryfer | PC & Mac

11. pocketBlakus Cello ( Kontact )

pocketBlakus Cello ( Kontact Player ) | Modern Cello
pocketBlakus Cello by VST Buzz

This is a free cello VST plugin that can be used in any DAW to give your cello tracks a real human feel.

It was recorded with a Rode K2 valve mic, and it comes with two patches – a “legato” patch for long sustained notes and a spiccato patch for short, choppy notes.

The spiccato patch has one dynamic layer with velocity-controlled dynamics to control phrase expression reasonably. Unconnected notes give an “on the bow” staccato feel, whereas connected notes give a more airy “off the bow” sound.

The library was recorded dry, so you can add your reverb to give the cello your own sound.

PocketBlakus | PC

12. LABS Cello Moods

LABS Cello Moods | Romantic Cello Virtual Instrument
LABS Cello Moods by Spitfire Audio | Realistic Sound

Cello Moods is a powerful plugin that allows you to transform your music with the dynamic sounds of cellist Alice Allen.

With four unique moods to choose from, you can easily create the perfect sound for your projects.

Cello Moods is focused and easy to use, featuring slider controls for expression, dynamics, and a knob that can be customized to a musician’s workflow.

I am a big fan of Plugins by Spitfire Audio. They offer a wide selection of free plugins with professional sounds.

  • 4 Moods
  • Cello Dynamics
  • Clutter-Free Interface

Labs | PC & Mac

13. Real Cello Mayhem ( Kontact )

Real Cello Mayhem String Instrument
Real Cello Mayhem | Real Mayhem

Real Cello Mayhem is the perfect way to add atmosphere and beauty to your tracks.

This free Kontakt library is simple to use but provides a variety of sounds that will result in energetic and intriguing tracks.

The four different recordings provide solo dry, dry stereo, drop it low, and six cello patches that give you a wide range of options to work with.

Free cello library for the Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

  • Royalty-Free Cello Samples
  • 6 Different Cello Recordings
  • Solo Dry
  • Dry Stereo

Real Mayhem | PC & Mac

14. Intimate Strings LITE ( Kontact )

Intimate Strings Lite | Solo Strings
Intimate Strings Lite by Ember Tone | Cello Plugins Kontakt Libraries

Intimate Strings Lite comes with four virtuoso string players, each lending their own unique, expressive voice to the mix.

With three round-robin neighbor borrowing and true legato, this library gives you unparalleled realism and flexibility in your music.

  • 4 Virtuoso String Players
  • Custom Kontakt Scripting
  • 3 NKI Files
  • 718 WAV Files

Intimate Strings LITE | PC & Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Cello VST Plugin?

The best cello VST plugin is the one that meets your specific needs. But if you’re looking for a cello VST with a more human feel, then Cello Freebie or Karoryfer x Bigcat Cello ( Kontakt ) are your best bet.

What Is the Best Solo Cello VST For Cello Sounds?

The best-paid solo cello VST plugins are Spitfire Solo Strings, Spitfire Solo Cello, Chris Hein Solo Cello, and the Contemporary Soloist. Sonatina Cello, Cellofan, and the Real Cello Mayhem Kontact library are the best free options.

What Is A Cello?

A Cello is a bowed string musical instrument that belongs to the violin family. It is typically played as part of an orchestra or chamber music group. The cello has four strings and is generally tuned in fifths, starting with C-G-D-A.

These free cello plugins are excellent free alternatives to paid cello plugins like Emotional Cello by Best Service, Bohemian Cello, Spitfire Solo Strings, Spitfire Solo Cello, SWAM Cello by Audio Modeling, Chris Hein Solo Cello, Contemporary Soloist, and Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato by Cinesamples.

I hope you found this list of free Cello VST plugins helpful.

Mark V.

Written By Mark V.

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  1. I’ve played cellos from baroque to modern, but I never thought I’d find a VST that could so accurately capture those nuanced ‘Slide Up’ and ‘Wobbly’ articulations we cellists love to use. Kudos to Spitfire for creating a virtual instrument that can keep up with a real cellist’s expressiveness.

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