13 Best Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins

Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins for FL Studio ( Best Arpeggiator VSTs )

Here are the Best Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

Tutorial: How to Install VST Plugins

Best Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins

Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

Podolski – Windows / Mac


Podolski was created in 2005 and still going strong. Podolski is a free, straightforward, CPU-efficient virtual analogue synthesizer. One oscillator, one filter, one envelope and an arpeggiator / sequencer. Simple, but with a few tricks up its sleeve. Create high quality sounds with ease.

  • Oscillator with variable symmetry (sawtooth to triangle, PWM) and glide
  • Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), mono, legato and arpeggiator modes
  • 4 envelope modes: ADSR or HDSR, linear or exponential. Sustain has Fall/Rise control
  • Multimode filter: lowpass, bandpass or highpass with drive and FM
  • Combination arpeggiator / 16-step sequencer with extra modulation source
  • Skinnable UI
  • Over 520 factory presets

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Arptron – Windows


A hybrid phase distortion arp-synth with 2 cross fading oscillator sections, part VA, part phase distortion.

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ARPG8R – Windows / Mac


ARPG8R can work with any VST instrument you like, ARPG8R has 32 step pads. You can create your own arpeggio pattern, ARPG8R has 5 arpeggio modes (Up, down, updown, rand, and manual). also Polyphonic Chord mode, Shuffle and gate function control the groove dynamically. they are important effect in electronic music. is a MIDI arpeggiator.

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RandARP – Windows

Best Arpeggiator VST Plugins

RandARP is a VST plugin arpeggiator with many randomization features, allowing incoming notes or chords to be manipulated in various rhythmic ways. All standard arpeggiator parameters like number of octaves, note length and note order are included, but the plugin also offers complete randomization of the velocity, gate, shift and swing parameters. In addition, you can specify a note probability and randomize the note order, the octave order, and the number of octaves. All the randomization features allows you to create more interesting and unpredictable arpeggiated sequences.}

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Hypercyclic – Windows / Mac


LFO-driven, midi-mangling arpeggiator.

  • An LFO-driven MIDI arpeggiator, gate effect and step sequencer
  • For mangling sustained MIDI input chords
  • The output of which can then drive other MIDI instruments
  • Acts either as a VST or Audio Unit plugin for your DAW, or as a standalone application
  • The original hypercyclic won 2nd place in the KVRAudio.com Developer Challenge ‘07
  • The sweet spot for hypercyclic is the narrow border between chaos and regularity. Or, in other words, how to induce a certain pleasant randomness and syncopation, yet forcing everything to align again on the bar or beat boundaries

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Drumper – Windows

Syntler - Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins for FL Studio

Drumper1.5 free VSTi Groove, fx and arpeggio synth.

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ARPE2600va – Windows


This amazing softsynth has a multitude of Frequency Modulation options which enable it to create some truly awesome sound effects. PWM, Sample & Hold, virtual Spring Reverb, Ring Modulation, and a dedicated Noise Generator are all there! Also, there is Oscillator Sync and Filter Color (to adjust between LowPass and HiPass filter types).

You can have up to 12 patch routings with a very user-friendly (and visible!) drop-down menu interface.

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Dirty Harry – Windows


Dirty Harry is an unashamedly DIY lofi synth based on samples of dlM’s two home-made, lo-fi noise-makers, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM.

  • 20 unique waveforms sampled from dlM’s home-made lofi synths, the Atari Punk Console and the BugBrand WOM.
  • 3 oscillators, syncable to osc1 and ring modulatable with each other.
  • Each osc can be routed to the filter independently.
  • 2 tempo sync LFOs with many waveforms, can modulate filter cutoff, each osc pitch and the contact depth and wet level.

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ArpLite2 – Windows


ArpLite2 treat an input chord as one block, and generate an arpeggio by expanding a block with an octave.

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ApolloV3 – Windows


16 step, step sequencer / arpeggiator with midi out.

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Nova3 – Windows


Nova3 is a VST 2.4 Generative Sequencer plugin inspired by Otomata.

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ODsay – Windows


ODsay is an ARP Odissey emulation.

This instrument is inspired by the Arp Odyssey. Duophonic synth with 2 sync VCO (6 waveforms), 1 noise generator, Sample and Hold, 1 sine or square wave LFO, 2 filters (LP and HP), 1 VCA and 2 envelopes (1 ADSR and 1 AR), portamento and so on. Everything is editable, tweakable and that gives many possibilities. 1 echo added. The sound is excellent, easy to modulate, with a nice analogue touch. From noises to fat and full leads, it is a must-have.

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Tonus 2620 – Windows


Tonus 2620 is a ARP 2600 emulation. This emulation is inspired by the real unit circuits but is not aiming to sound accurate to the hardware synth. No presets just like the real thing.

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