7 Best Free Saxophone VST Plugins

Here are the Best Free Saxophone VST Plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other music software.

8 Free Saxophone VST Plugins for FL Studio ( Best Saxophone VSTs )

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Instructions: Click each link below and look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software.

1. Iowa Alto Sax

Iowa Alto Sax - Free Saxophone VST Plugins for FL Studio.

Iowa Alto Sax is a sampled alto saxophone from the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios

OS: Windows

2. DSK Brass

DSK Brass VST Plugin

DSK Brass is freeware synth for creating brass sounds.

  • 2 layers, 23 waveforms
  • Octave select and micro-detuner
  • Effects (Delay, flanger)
  • Assignable Automation Capability

OS: Windows

Video Preview

3. DVS Saxophone

DVS Saxophone

Designed for expressive playing, careful attention was paid to the way ‘velocity’ and ‘pitch bend’ effect the filters, also the reverb has been configured to compliment the saxophone sound.

  • Velocity
  • Pitch Bend
  • Effect filters

OS: Windows

Video Preview

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4. DSK Saxophones

DSK Saxophones

DSK Saxophones is a Soprano and Tenor sax rompler.

  • 2 Saxophone types: Soprano & Tenor
  •  ADSR envelope control
  • Velocity curve selector
  • Reverb fx included
  • Available for Windows and Mac (32 and 64 bits)

OS: Windows

Video Preview

5. Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra

Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestr

The Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra is our attempt to help others who decide to teach themselves how to compose gain responsive, realistic tools.

  • Concert flute, clarinet, bassoon, F horn, trumpet, tenor bone*, bass bone, tubular bells*, xylophone*, glockenspiel*, timpani*, large percussion section, harp, piano, solo violin, and violin section, all using accurate ranges.
  • Percussion mapped close to MIDI standards to help ease compatibility
  • Each instrument is automatically mapped to a MIDI channel- just switch what channel the track is to switch instruments!

OS: Windows

Video Preview

6. Saxi Player

Saxi Player VST Plugin

Saxi Player provides Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone sounds.

  • Reverb effect
  • Attack/Release control
  • Tanging control
  • Expression cc

OS: Windows

7. SaxophoneZ

DSK SaxophoneZ
  • 3 saxophone type: Soprano, Alto & Tenor.
  • Velocity response.
  • Amp. envelope and micro-detuner.
  • HP/LP Filter.
  • 2 Fx (reverb & chorus).

OS: Windows / Mac

Video Preview

Free Saxophone Samples

We hope you enjoy these free Saxophone VST plugins.

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